Sunday, November 15, 2020

Charlie's Journey Continues

We had the perfect fall weather for this past week. Blue skies, and warm temperatures. The photo below was taken last Sunday, and by this Sunday, most of the leaves are now on the ground. 

The dogs have had a pretty good week. There were a couple of days where Sugar wasn't feeling well. I think it was just a bad restaurant review - she eats everything and pretty much anything. Thankfully by the end of the 2nd day, her appetite had fully returned. Sugar is really a nice dog, and she's now available for adoption via Lab Rescue. I've had no inquiries on her, and I think it's because her age is said to be 15 years old. I truly believe that's wrong, and she's more like 11 or 12, but not 15. I know what 15 years old looks like, and she's not it.  

Speaking of 15 year old's. That brings me to Charlie. 
In a previous post I'd mentioned for the first time, I wasn't going to take Charlie to be groomed. He's really been showing his age the last few months, and I just thought it was too much for him. So, after talking it over with our groomer Irina, she told me to bring him when I returned to pick up Max and Todd, and she'd trim him up for me. And so I did and she quickly trimmed up Charlie as she sat in her driveway. 

I appreciated Irina doing that for Charlie, and me too. You might recall that Irina was the one that originally found the lump on Charlie's bottom (anal-gland-carcinoma) more than 2 years ago. At the time it was removed, we were told it would probably return. We beat those odds, because the vets gave us a timeline of 6 months to a year before it would be back. Unfortunately, when Irina was trimming up Charlie, she found that the lump on his bottom has returned. I'd seen it, but will admit to hoping that I wasn't seeing what I thought I was. 😞
I discussed it all with our Holistic Vet, and we're not going to change anything we're doing for him. Charlie is feeling pretty well, he has a good appetite on most days, and is up and around. I feel like we're in a good place as our journey, this wonderful journey we have together, continues. 💓

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Another week where I've gotten **nothing** much done at home. I am sure that I've mentioned before that I am a political and news junkie -- And back in July, even though I have no paid vacation left, I decided to take the day after the election off work so I could stay up way too late and watch the returns and the day after news reports. And that was exactly what I did. Even after I'd gone to bed on Tuesday night, I woke up a few times to get the updates. There was no shortage of them, that's for sure. I was glued to the TV all day Wednesday. 

Then on Thursday as I ran the boys to Irina to be groomed, (40 minutes away) and I ran a few errands, I listened on satellite radio.
~The flag in our town center on Thursday~

As always, our groomer Irina, did a great job on Max and Todd. You may recall that last time Todd was groomed,  he jumped off the table, and when Irina caught him, he bit her forearm. This time Irina said more than once how cooperative and good Todd was. **I'll mention here that I gave him .5 mgs of melatonin before we left home. I guess it worked.... 

~Todd says, "you did what?" 

By Friday, I was feeling a bit saturated by all the news and turned off the TV and did a few things around the house. I even took some time to enjoy what was a perfect and blue-sky-day outside . 

It's now Saturday and even though the votes are still being counted, I'm so glad we at least know what the majority of the ballot results are. We are worn out! 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Good-Bye October!

Are you feeling a fall chill in the air? We certainly are! 

It just seems like all of the sudden the leaves have changed and are falling. And can I just tell you how happy I am to have October in the rearview mirror?  In so many ways, it was a long, difficult and emotional month. But as November starts, I am feeling so much better and I have some of my energy back. I've just finished my 3rd or 4th round of antibiotics, I've lost track, but I guess they worked. I only missed one day of work last week so that says something too. Knock, knock, knock on wood, just in case. 😊

Today I was home by myself, for the first time in a long time. Being home alone, there just seemed to be so many possibilities of things to do. 

I did do some baking - pumpkin bread. 

After cleaning up the kitchen because no one was here to do it for me, I got an early start on fixing dinner. I was feeling a bit chilled, time to turn on the heat or close that window and so I warmed up in bed and did some reading which ended with a nap. What a lazy day!

Aside from being lazy, all the dogs seem to be pretty well. 

~George waiting for breakfast~

New girl Sugar has settled in really nicely. She's really a lovely dog and gets along really well with our crew. Now that she's learned to leave the cats alone, we've been able to give her more freedom in the house. But we still keep an eye on her because she is a counter-surfer and is a bit of an escape artist too.  Sugar did return to the vet for a follow-up to recheck her ears and skin, and she got an "all clear." With that, she is now available for adoption. 

~Sugar on her way home after getting the all clear at the vet~

Our other foster for Lab Rescue, Buddy will also be available for adoption in the coming days too. We've completed 5 sessions of acupuncture and the rescue feels, as do I, that he's ready to make the next steps forward to a new forever home. He's a nice boy, and despite not being able to get around that well, I'm hopeful that someone will fall in love with this charming boy and want to make him part of their lives. 

~Buddy having acupuncture on our front porch in September~

And speaking of adoptions, Leo is still doing really well. Annie could not be happier and I don't think Leo could be either. 

~Leo at home!~

It's a busy week ahead for us. Past due grooming appointments for both Max and Todd. 

This will be the first time that Charlie will not be going with them. But I think a day at "the spa," even though "Irina" takes her time with them, it'll all just be too much for Charlie. The photo below came up on my "memories page" on Facebook and is from October, 2010. It's a fun Halloween memory with missed faces! 

~October 2010, Charlie, with Sammy in the middle, Hamlet and a corner peak of Rudi~

 I hope you had a good Halloween and are doing well! I've missed you and reading your blogs!

~Our driveway on Tuesday~

  Now that I'm finally feeling better and have more energy, I look forward! to catching up on your news!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Forever Home for Leo

I am still not feeling the best, but I'm hopeful that despite a "flare up" this past week, that a shot (ouch) and new medications will all work together to kick this stubborn infection and I won't have to see a specialist. Paws crossed! 

Behind the scenes, I have been talking to and meeting perspective family's for Leo. I have had this vision in my mind of the kind of home I'd hoped and wanted to find for Leo. But no one we've met were really family's I could be excited about. Looking at the photo below, can you see why? Notice how Leo is walking on the leash that's being held too tightly.

One lady (a widow) in particular was a bit too eager, and I kept finding ways to discount her. She lives more than 2 hours from me, and finding a place and time to get together was a bit of a challenge, so I kept putting it off  -- Added to the more than a week when I was totally out of commission, helped to delay our meeting. 

But I have to confess that I liked her. We'd had a few good chats on the phone, and her home visit report had nothing but positives things to say about her. She was persistent about getting together and meeting Leo. Her son lives just over an hour from me, and so when I'd run out of excuses, I agreed to bring Leo to meet her. 

I'll confess, that I was being selfish and I didn't want this meeting to go well and I didn't want to like her, and I didn't want Leo to like her either. He'd not really seemed to like the others that he'd met and he never wanted to go with them for a walk, and he always tried to get back to me. That didn't happen this time. Leo liked Annie, and he liked her son too. When they went for a walk, Leo was happy to go with them.

With that, I couldn't deny it. Annie was exactly who I was looking for, for Leo. She has trained dogs and given AKC's Canine Good Citizen tests, has done agility, she and her husband had Labs and Goldens, and she's had (Jack Russell) terriers too. On my way home afterwards, I felt that meeting with Annie was like meeting a friend. It was relaxed, and I enjoyed getting to know her a bit better. Leo enjoyed the visit too.

Annie sent me this message after our meeting...

Hey Kim, I want to thank you for coming to my son's house in Arlington so I could meet Leo. I know we said we would talk in a few days, but I want you know that I loved him. I absolutely would love to be Leo's forever home and now I just want to hear back from you what you think. I've had dogs my whole life. I have had multiple dogs. I've had big dogs, I've had dogs that have been destructive and afraid of storms like Leo, and I have loved them through all of that and I would love Leo through all of his storm fears too. I would love to have him in my life. Give me a call when you decide. I'll understand if you don't think it will work with me. Just let me know. 

So, after another week of dragging it out, on Thursday, Leo and Annie became official. Leo was adopted by Annie. 

Annie, on your right, Leo middle, and Annie's friend after signing the adoption contract

Leo loved Annie just as much the second time as he did the first, as did I. Leo walked so nicely with her on the leash - Unlike he had with others we'd met. The two really had connected.

I love Leo's that Leo's tail is up and he seems relaxed and happy to walk with Annie

When it was time to go home, Leo walked off with Annie and her friend, and he never looked back at me. It was a good sign. It was how it was supposed to be. It was how it should be. 

I'll miss Leo.

Post adoption updates have all been good. Leo is doing great, eating, having fun meeting Annie's friends and is even sleeping on her bed with her at night.