Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buddy and a Road Trip

A day off work took me to Lancaster Pennsylvania.
~Crossing the Susquehanna River~ 
My friend Sidney recently lost her Golden Retriever and has been feeling down.  So, since she's unable to come and visit me because of work, I went to see her.  With me on this trip was Buddy.
I thought that she would enjoy meeting him, and I thought that he needed the chance to be "the star" for awhile. I was right, it was a good visit, not just for them, but for me too.
~An Amish Farm~
It was a whirlwind trip that of course included lunch.  
~Cheddar Bacon Scone and Tomato Bisque Soup~ 
And a few other stops like this one at a Mennonite bakery. The cupcakes (below) may not have been the Georgetown Cupcakes I enjoyed a couple of weeks ago, but they were pretty good and were less than half the price!
With a winter storm on the way, our visit came to an end much to soon. Buddy and I were back on the road for the two hour drive home just as it was getting dark. Thankfully there was only bad weather for the last half-hour and we arrived home safely.  Today we're awaiting another snowstorm to that is predicted to bring "accumulation."  We'll see.  
Finally I'll add that Buddy is doing pretty well these days. He is a happy, energetic and playful boy! I thought that we had resolved Buddy's allergies, that are mostly food related. A couple of weeks ago, I took the next two photos that showed how his skin has healed, and how he is now sporting a new, shiny, soft and healthy coat.
But for some reason, he had a bit of a set back.  He began chewing and pulling out some of what had just grown in.
So, just for now, he's again wearing a "cone of shame."  He doesn't mind at all, and he isn't letting it keep him from having fun and playing games with Todd!    
Even if Todd always wins!  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Perfect Visitor

With my van unexpectedly in the shop the past few days making it work with one car and a mid-day snow storm on Wednesday only added to the hectic pace of the week. Unfortunately some people don't slow down despite the snowy roads and accidents happen, like the one below that wasn't far from home.
~During our snowstorm yesterday~
Beau returned to the dermatologist for a check of his ears this week. There has been some progress in getting rid of the chronic ear infections, but not enough. He'll do another 4 week round of the strong antibiotics and medication which hopefully will be enough.
~Beau waiting for the Dermatologist~
In between his appointment Beau spent time in our office.  The last time I brought him into work, he had to be taken back out to my van because of periodic "woofs?" that were heard through the office.  This time, he must have known that the car was not nearly as comfy as my van and Beau was the perfect visitor and charmed everyone!
~Resting in between appointments~
 Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope you've had a good week!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Onward Gus Goes

Doctor E., the holistic vet came on Thursday to see Gus. The disease (degenerative myelopathy) is progressing faster than I'd hoped it would. Gus can (still) get to his feet, even though one back foot knuckles under.
~Gus on Thursday~
He doesn't realize where he's placing his feet, so this makes finding his balance a little tricky. Another increasing problem is that once Gus gets onto his feet and gets going, he's not able to control how fast he's moving and can't stop himself. This is why twice this week he has unfortunately tumbled head first down the two outside steps. Thankfully Gus has not hurt himself, but we're no longer allowing him to be around the stairs by himself.
Dr. E and I discuss at each of her visits Gus's quality of life. We both agree that it's still good for him, even though there are physical changes and he can't get up and move around as easily as he once did. So as Gus stumbles ahead, falls down, gets up, barks at me because I'm not getting his dinner to him fast enough and tries to chase the lovely Ms. Yellow, he is still happy. And onward we go, spoiling him, and giving him everything he wants.
Except the cat of course!  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Cupcake Kinda Week

Its been a cold and busy week that started with a bit of freezing rain, that made some of our back roads impossible to drive on.
It also began with our computers crashing at my office. My co-workers and I were initially reluctant to go (mostly) paperless in our office about 3 years ago.  But now we're pretty dependent on the computers to tell us everything from what treatment the patients need to when they should come back. By Wednesday the server was repaired, and we were no longer left looking clueless when someone asked what time their appointment was.

All of this was made a little bit better by the Doctor bringing us a box of Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcake is a very well known cupcakery based in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  With lip-smacking variations like chocolate salted caramel, key lime and strawberry that are topped off by the bakery’s dense yet buoyant "signature swirl" of icing, how could you not feel better?
While the edible cupcakes helped at work, another kind of "cupcakes" helped when I got home after the long day.
Cupcake Todd
Cupcake Josh
Cupcake Charlie, who will be seeing the groomer very soon.  
Cupcake Sheba....
You get the idea.
~Cupcake Gus~ 

So true.......