Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Stars Eddie and Todd

My week ended with a fun night out with a good friend, that began at a local restaurant.  I've only one word to describe dinner - Delicious! 
~Part of my dinner - parmesan crusted mac and cheese with smoked ham~
After dinner, we went to see Eddie Izzard who is celebrating his book, "Believe Me."  In his trademark comedy style, he frankly and honestly recounted the highs and lows of his personal and professional life.  I was taken by Eddie telling about how being lousy at something didn't stop him from doing it. In fact, it often had the opposite effect, especially when it was something he felt strongly about; it drove him to work harder and to become better at whatever it was. A lesson to remember!   My friend has been a devoted Eddie Izzard fan for a very long time, and this was the second time I've gone with her to see him. And I have to admit that the show left me with an understanding of what's at the core of who Eddie Izzard is, and (Vicki) I’m becoming one of his devoted fans too.

It was a late night, but it was an early start on Friday because it was Todd's turn to be the star.  He returned to the vet. 
~A prisoner inside the mobile crate~
The staples in his neck have been removed, but his back-leg is still an issue. On Wednesday he started crying and holding up his leg again after he'd been jumping up. So, I made sure the vet had enough time to take a second look. But of course at the vet, he didn't show any signs of limping or favoring that back-leg.  My thoughts about what it could be and the vets are totally different because she's unable to illicit any kind of response when she examines Todd.  But he's been put on an anti-inflammatory medication for two weeks, and if that doesn't help, we'll take it to the next level of taking x-rays to try and figure it out.  Until then we're to keep him crated, and not allow him to jump up.
I think we'll be doing those x-rays. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Worst of Times, The Best of Times

Setting aside that both Carl and my brother were both sick last week, there were other moments that were the best and the worst of times.
~The full and beautiful blue-blood moon this past week~
The best of times began with Lucky finding his new forever home. Priscilla came and loved Lucky, as did her Yellow Lab, Gabe.  At the end of their first week, aside from Lucky doing a little cat-chasing things have gone pretty well.

The worst of times was after Lucky left.  Looking back at it, I think there was relief that Lucky was gone, leaving the dogs all feeling a bit frisky and playful. Whatever it was, Todd's Napoleon complex reared its head when Jameson stood over him to get him to play, and Todd took offense to it. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but Todd ended up with a gash in his neck.  By Monday it seemed to be healing nicely, but there was some redness on the edge of the wound, and Todd was limping.  Off to the vet on Monday evening after work.

The best is that the vet thought that Todd's wound will heal without any problems, but to make sure, she put 5 staples in it and put him on an antibiotic. I think he's looking a little bionic-frankensteinish.  .
Todd's limp was a whole other topic. He didn't limp a single time at the vet. But he did when I got him home, and set him onto the ground. Thinking that it's a soft tissue injury we have put Todd on crate rest.

There were a few other "worst of times" that I won't bore you with that included having to work the two days I'd scheduled to be off.  It left no spare time.
~On my way to work~ 
However Saturday was a reminder of the best of times.  We celebrated two years with our boy Jake. Two years ago he left a county shelter where he'd been taken to be euthanized because he was unable to walk.  Jake is slower now than he was even a few months ago and needs more help getting to his feet than he did before. But even at about 14 years old now, he still has that same spark that the shelter saw and felt should have a chance.

And speaking of spark - Long time readers will recall that when I first met Jake, he accompanied me to see Selma mansion. This 110 year old mansion is a pristine picture of the Old South. At the time I got Jake, Selma was a victim of time and severe neglect and vandalism. But like Jake, it was also "rescued."  The new owners of Selma have spared no expense whatsoever in its rebirth. Two years later, work is still continuing, but it is once again a beautiful and stunning home.
(click here to see for yourself on their Facebook page)
And Selma, like Jake is full of spark and life on the inside and out.

Finally, despite the really cold temps, Jake and I celebrated the milestone with an ice cream cone.  It was a good day that gave me a much needed reminder to remember the best of times and not to dwell on the worst. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hoping It Will Pass!

Cold temps, but warming sun made for a recharging day at home on Thursday.
~Eva, soaking up the sun~
We have a busy weekend ahead.  I'm taking a little road trip to pick up the lovely Molly who will be with us while her owners go on a two week cruise to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  You will remember Molly as a former foster girl that was adopted this past summer.

But before that, our newest arrival Lucky will be meeting "Priscilla" who hopes to take him home. He has done pretty well settling in this past week. But unfortunately, he's developed separation anxiety. Thankfully it's limited to just his non-stop-barking and he's not become destructive. I'm hoping it will not escalate, and once he firmly settles into a new life and new routine, it will pass.

I've not felt well the last several days. I hope that whatever it is, will pass as well.
Enjoy your weekend!   

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Thursday - Friday - Hello Lucky!

It was non-stop last week. By Thursday, things typically start to slow down for us, but it didn't. I was at the vet on Thursday with Jameson for a pre-adoption check up.  He got a good report from the vet, and this coming week, he'll be available for adoption through the rescue. We are enjoying having him here, and I look forward to helping him find his way to his new forever home.
Sad news came on Friday afternoon as I was leaving work when I heard from the family that adopted Kingston from us, via Lab Rescue in August.  He has made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge after 5 short months with them.  I am truly heartbroken that they didn't have more time with him. But they felt, as do I, immense gratitude for the time they had him as part of their family. We have lit our candle to help him find his way and wish him god-speed until we see him again.
~Kingston on the day we met in June 2017~
The day didn't end there and it was Eva's turn at the vet. Kingston was lost because of total renal failure. We've been struggling to keep Eva's kidney's disease from progressing, so his loss reminds me to remain determined to do all we can for her. When these test results are returned, Eva will be seeing the holistic vet who will come up with a treatment plan for her.
~Eva on her way home from the Vet~
As we rounded the corner to Saturday there was no time to slow down.  It brought another unexpected and unplanned arrival from Lab Rescue. We have welcomed a 13 year old boy named Lucky.
In November his owner had to enter a care facility and passed away in December. It's unknown where Lucky was during that time, but he ended up at a local shelter.  A kind shelter worker opened her home to Lucky during the holidays, and Lab Rescue was contacted. He's been moved several times since then, and this coming Saturday Lucky is supposed to meet what **might be** his new family. 

He panted and paced much of yesterday and last night as well and wouldn't eat or drink as he tried to find his place. So, we set up a crate for him this morning, and he settled down and slept much of the day.  The rest really helped and Lucky ate a small meal and drank water this evening and seems brighter and content. So now I am waiting to see a tail wag, just to be sure.