Saturday, July 4, 2015

Four Days

I have been off work since Thursday and we pretty much had no plans for the long weekend, other than our usual catch up on things around the house.  It was also time that had been set aside to catch up on the dogs summer haircuts.
Todd was first up on the list, and sat still long enough with the bow on for me to get his photo not once...
but twice...
Josh and Sunny were taken to the groomers as well. 
~Sunny pre-grooming~
Sunny's experience at the groomer could be a post all its own.  I took both Josh and Sunny to a new groomer, because I wanted to stay on "good terms" with the one who regularly sees Charlie and Todd.  So I'll  just say that I don't think Sunny will be going back to the "new place" again.  Long time readers of this blog know that Sunny can be "difficult" in two kinds of situations.  One is when he doesn't want to do something, and the other is when he's nervous. His being groomed fit that perfectly. It's too bad that Sunny doesn't like to have his picture taken, because he looks great. (I will add that yes, I can and do groom the goldens, but even I have problems doing anything more than brushing and trimming Sunny).
~Best photo of Sunny afterwards~
However, Sunny bypassing me and going straight to the door afterwards, the looks on the faces of the two groomers and especially their short and restrained comments about how "Sunny didn't like his nails trimmed, feet touched, tail messed with, that he hated the dryer and that he could live life happily for the rest of his life without another bath," said perfectly how it had gone.  

There were no comments at all on how Josh did.  That had to be good news, right?

Back at home, the success of the week has come with our newest addition, Bella. We felt that part of the problems with Bella and our dogs was coming from her just not feeling well. Throughout the week, it was easy to see that she was feeling better and becoming more relaxed.  So with that, we very slowly began closing the space between her and our dogs.  It took a lot of praise, a lot of treats that yesterday resulted in this...Bella is the one in the middle of the photo below.
Yes, Bella is still a little growly around our dogs, in particular when she's sleeping and eating.  But I think and really hope she's going to be okay here at Golden Pines.  
~Bella on Friday~

I hope you have an enjoyable, memorable and safe July 4th celebration!  
~Main Street in "My Town" 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Full Plate

~My hydrangeas are in bloom~~
Its been  a very busy and very full weekend that began with Cissy and Josh both running after a deer on our morning walk. Usually this isn't a problem, but it became one when Cissy came back limping, and holding up her left leg.  Oh no...  Fortunately Cissy just happened to have a vet appointment where unfortunately the vet confirmed that her knee has a torn cruciate.  I'm not sure what the next step will be.  I'm hoping that with rest, restricted activity and medications, we can *maybe* avoid doing surgery to repair it. At the moment, Cissy is not able to walk real well, so we've put Gus's harness on her to help her get up and around.
~A carefree moment for Cissy last weekend~ 
Then of course there's our new addition, Bella.  She has come to the rescue via an owner who had recently moved to this part of the country. They said "they had no room for Bella in their new home, and couldn't give her the care she needs, or afford to take her to the vet."
Then Bella became sick. It is times like this when I try very hard to not judge people, but am just grateful they contacted the rescue and they were/are there for her when she needed someone.  As you can see (below) Bella is on quite a cocktail of medications.
However, on her third day, it's easy to see that Bella is feeling a lot better physically...
And emotionally too.  She still isn't thrilled with her new pack mates, but it is getting better.
Bella & Charlie, with a new summer hair 
So, I'm hopeful and trying to remain optimistic--for both Bella and Cissy.     
~Todd on Saturday, watching Bella~ 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Four Years and TWO Plus Ones

~Todd, June 25, 2011~
I've been going through all the files of photos that have been transferred onto my new computer, and deleting the ones I don't want to keep. Its been a fun trip down memory lane that has reminded me that it was four years ago, plus one day, that Todd arrived at Golden Pines. It goes without saying that he was the perfect addition to our home and we cannot imagine our lives without him!
~Todd getting acquainted with Sam~
In keeping with the plus one theme, today we welcomed a new addition named Bella.  She's about 8 years old, and comes to us with multiple health issues. She has spent the past several days hospitalized and so it's easy to see that she's tired and not feeling all that well.
~Bella during the ride to Golden Pines~
With people, Bella is a perfect lady and is eager for attention.  But with the dogs, even though the dogs ignore her, she's reactive when they are around.  So, for today we decided to forgo the one on one meetings to give her time to rest and settle in.  It has been a long, tiring day for all of us and I'm trying to be hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day for Bella.    

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Berries and Buddy

Under the hot sun and humidity I continued with the berry picking, while the Berry Patrol continued their berry eating.  Yesterday we added Todd to the group.  He isn't as crazy about the berries or as good at pulling them off the canes as the other dogs, but he keeps up.
This morning it was Sheba (below).  We are pretty much at the end of the season for them now. There are a few here and there, but we'll let the birds, bugs and spiders have what's left.  
~Sheba--Berry picking is hard work!~
This is probably a good thing since homemade cobblers like the one I made this morning are a favorite this time of year.  My favorite recipe is one that I like because it's simple, quick, and pretty good. (Recipe here)

And speaking of eating, Buddy is a dog that lives to eat!  This makes getting him to take his allergy pills, a snap.  This also means that Buddy will eat anything that even remotely looks edible.  I'd noticed a few days ago some white around his mouth that looked like he'd gotten into something.  I wiped his face and it didn't come off.  A couple more times I'd try to scrub it off with no luck. Finally I took him outside to get a good look at whatever it was that couldn't be washed off. It was then that I saw what it was...  Because of his allergies, Buddy hasn't had any hair around his mouth because he was constantly rubbing his nose and face, and now, it's finally growing back!  (Sorry about all that hard scrubbing Buddy!) But it does show that the itchiness, especially on his face, has gone away and the allergy pills really are working!
~Fuzzy hair growing back on Buddy's face!~
I hope its been good weekend for you too!