Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hard Work!

Real life took the drivers seat this week, which in turn caused tumbleweeds to blow around my blog this week.

It all may have taken me away from blogging, but there was nothing that was going to keep me from getting Todd to his grooming appointment on Thursday.
And there was nothing that was going to keep Todd from trying ... get off the obnoxious bow afterwards and to try and get rid of that pretty smell.
AFTER he checked out the corner of the yard again ... Just like he was doing in our last post.
It's hard work that really wears out a Scottie!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Focus of a Scottie

There are many national days to celebrate -- National Cookie Day, National Pie Day, and even National Get Over it Day.  But it's difficult to see how all of those could even begin to compare to National Puppy Day, even though the pie and cookie day might come close.  So today, we celebrate our puppy, Todd.
~Todd, June 2011~
Todd doesn't care about any of the celebrations.  He has been far to occupied with what's going on in the corner of the yard by the barn.  He was there last evening.
  And he was there this morning.  
 I was home early from work, and after a quick pit-stop he had to check out what he may have missed.
I'm guessing Todd didn't miss anything. I told him that but I don't think he believes me.
Because he's still out there.  The Goldens would have long forgotten about whatever it is.  But not Todd. He has the focus that only a Scottie can have!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Maybe Tomorrow

The calendar may have said today was the first day of spring, but Old Man Winter wasn't going away that easy. Today about 3 inches of wet, sloppy snow fell.  Maybe tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to say spring, Todd can play with his favorite red ball instead of sitting on it!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

All That Matters

My day off work is spent catching up.  It included the holistic vet coming and seeing Gus. We're both happy with how he's doing.  He's been with us for just shy of 10 months now, a milestone considering there were some who never thought we'd see one month. I've decided that each day with Gus is a milestone, and we're grateful for these "days of grace" with him. Despite eating twice as much as the other dogs, Gus is noticeably thinner than he has ever been because of the loss of muscle mass. He has increasingly more difficulty getting around than before, and needs us to help him more. A symptom that the degenerative myleopathy (DM) is progressing. But Gus keeps trying and there is no doubt he's just as happy as he was the first day he came to us.  That's all that matters.