Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Old Lady" MILLIE Arrives at Golden Pines

~Cissy, planning an escape?~
A short work week has brought a new arrival at Golden Pines.  On Monday I was contacted by the rescue and asked about helping to spring a senior girl from a shelter in a neighboring county from where I live.  Coincidentally, other "confinement facilities" are right next to the animal shelter.  Appropriate or ironic or both?
But the timing worked perfectly. I had taken yesterday afternoon off work, and even though I had self-made plans, I was happy to have a good reason to change them.
~An "Old Lady" in the shelter~
Picked up as a stray, and named "Old Lady" by the shelter, because, they said, "she's an old lady" is estimated to be about 12 years old (not too old!).  This past Saturday, the shelter took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with cystitis, mammary tumors, and with two large tumors that the vet feels are inoperable, she has been given a "cautious prognosis."  And with the time for her owners to come forward to claim her having passed, it is now time for Old Lady to start a new life.
That new life began with a new name.  So, two old ladies talked about it on the hour drive home.  After trying on several names, we have settled on the name Millie.  It's a name she responds to, and it just seems to fit her. 
~Old Lady's response to the name Millie~
Because Millie is not feeling well, intros to our crew have been very limited.  I'll do longer intros through the day today. The plan for Millie is for her to see the vet for a full check up, which is scheduled for Saturday. Once we have all of those test results, the coordinator for the rescue will look for another foster home for Millie - Because she can't stay here......can she? 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Straight Lines

Below was the scene a couple of days ago in the kitchen. The pups were patiently waiting for what is one of the most important parts of their day....
It's also a perfect example of why I haven't walked a straight line through my house in years.
And I'm okay with that.
~A satisfied Rhett after breakfast~
I hope you have a good weekend!  Free from the dreaded "cone of shame" Todd's is off to a good start!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Unhappy Scottie

The first really cold weather of the season has arrived. I am not quite ready for it, but it is November and the cold and the frost had to come sometime.

Todd being true to his Scottish heritage doesn't mind the chillier weather. He is dealing with a sore ear the last couple of days.  He's on medications for it, but is still scratching at it.  I put an e-collar on him (or the "cone of shame!) to keep him from making it even more sore.
So, I doubt that he's noticed the cooler temperatures today because he wants nothing more than to get that annoying e-collar off.
But he's just daring any of the other dogs to make fun of him because he's wearing it!
I wonder if that's what Rhett was doing?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Perfectly Executed?

Okay, it's been much too serious around here lately.  So, here's some random photos from the past week, that aren't the best - But there's a little bit of canine-mischief going on at our house.

Lets start with Jake.  He started out by posing for a few photos. 

Afterwards, I started taking pictures of Georgie. when I turned around, he was up on his feet and headed at a pretty good pace towards the road.  I caught him before he got there.
Not to be outdone, a few minutes later, Rhett (below) AKA, the escape artist, glanced over his shoulder as I was taking his picture, and did the same thing.  Carl was able to catch him.

On the other side of the yard, there's Todd.  He's been out of the news lately but he has been totally consumed the last couple of days by what's around the corner of our barn.  A mouse maybe?
When he's not standing innocently in a corner he's been randomly digging holes. At least we think it's him. He's a terrier, so it has to be him, right?  However that face really does speak innocence, doesn't it?  Is that possible with a Scottie?
Not to be left out, our cat, the lovely Ms. Yellow knocked over a small container of dry food that was on the counter.  I caught her batting it off the counter and onto the waiting dogs below. Maybe she thinks I bought the wrong brand of cat food. Or maybe she was simply feeding the masses.
But at least she didn't knock over this beautiful dessert a friend brought over for us. 
And speaking of eating.  It takes me to Rhett this morning. What have I been saying about his being a mischief maker? Rhett and Cissy are fed in the office. This morning I did as I always do, I set down Cissy's bowl, then Rhett's - Cissy for whatever reason followed me out of the office and somehow the door closed and when I went to open it, I realized it was locked, leaving Rhett alone...With two breakfasts.... By the time I got the door open, both bowls were (of course) empty. I can't say for sure, but I really thought I heard some chuckling coming from Rhett's side of the door.  But Cissy of course got another full breakfast.  In looking at it all, I'm pretty confident these were plots that were perfectly devised, planned and executed!