Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bella Waiting and Dreaming

Off early this morning on a little road trip with Bella to Culpeper, which is not far from Charlottesville.  I've been e-mailing with a retired couple about Bella over the last several months. "Retired Couple" spend their winters in Florida, and spring, summer and fall in Virginia.  Unlike some rescues, the Golden Retriever Rescue I volunteer with allows the foster homes to decide who will adopt their dogs from the approved applicants that contact us.  Because of Bella's diva-moments, I'm pretty specific about the kind of home and family that I think will fit her best. And Retired Couple certainly check all those boxes and then some - They loved her, and as you can see in the photo below, the feeling was mutual!  
~Is love in the air with Bella and Retired Couple?~
The only glitch is that the husband is having a hip replacement surgery between now and the middle of June, so they wouldn't be able to adopt Bella until early July.  I asked the adoption coordinator from the rescue her thoughts, and she is suggesting to say to them that "IF she's still available when they're ready, I would love to place Bella with them. However, I need to remember to keep Bella's options open until its time for her adoption."  The Adoption Coordinator is right. I can't imagine anyone else better than Retired Couple who would be more perfect for Bella. But for now I guess we wait and see what happens.  Until we know, Bella is fine here with us, as she waits and dreams about her very own forever home.

I wonder what Todd dreams about?  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stinky and the Twins

My train traveling husband returned via plane on Tuesday.  He said that he enjoyed traveling by train and would like to do it again.
~View from the train on the second night~
While in Washington he visited Mount St. Helens
And he said he'd forgotten how beautiful the state of Washington is.
Back at home, our foster kitten, Mohawk, or Stinky as I've been calling him saw a specialist.  For the two months that he's been here, he's had "bowel upset" the entire time.  The diagnosis after seeing the internist is "Irritable Bowel Disease."  We're changing up his food (for the 3rd time) and putting him back on medications in hopes that it'll do the trick.

In the photo below you'll notice that Jake and Josh (on the right) ) are looking a bit like twins.
At 14 years old, Josh's arthritis is starting to take a toll on him and he often needs help getting up on his feet.  Acupuncture and cold laser don't seem to be helping, but the daily pain medications are easing his discomfort.  To help him to stand up and keep him mobile he needed and I wanted a harness.  The one I have and like the best is being used by Jake, so I needed to order another one.  Unknown to me, back in January, another blogger (who I will let remain anonymous) sent us an online gift that I didn't find out about it until I decided to get a harness for Josh - And Her generous gift was the exact amount I needed to buy it -- It was meant to be!  I cannot thank "Her" enough for thinking of us and making a difference for Josh, as well as the others that will use the harness after him.

I've no doubt Todd would agree -- But for now he just thinks it's funny that they're wearing matching outfits!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Scottie Comic Relief

Carl has been out of town all week visiting his brother in the state of Washington.  He decided that instead of flying, he would take the Amtrak train across the country.  A nearly 4 day trip.  There are people that think this would be great fun, however, I am not one of them.  He made it to Washington, and said the trip while a long one, was one he enjoyed.  I guess that's what matters.
~The train station at Harper's Ferry~
On the homefront, I have to admit, that its not been the best week for us. Sunny developed a large lump on his chin.
Getting in touch with and arranging a time with our new "mobile vet" proved to be a bit of a challenge. We were finally able to meet him in a parking lot.  Mobile Vet doesn't think it's tooth related, but rather from an injury on his cheek that's gotten infected.  Sunny thanked Mobile Vet for seeing him by snapping at him.  Mobile Vet returned the gesture by giving Sunny 2 antibiotics that are upsetting his stomach. But the medications are working, and the lump is much smaller.
~A rare photo of camera-phobic-Sunny through the window~
Not to be outdone Jake also has an upset stomach.  I'm not sure what's caused it.  But after a couple of nights of letting him outside several times, along with a bland diet I can tell he's feeling better.  

Usually single-parenting and dogs with upset stomachs aren't a problem.  However, I was also pretty under the weather this last week and stayed home from work.  Something I never do.
However, today I am finally feeling better -- But how could I not with this kind of Scottie-comic-relief?

What would we do without Todd?

Friday, April 15, 2016

George's Bucket List

The most unassuming member of our household has got to be George.  Yes, he lets me know at mealtimes that I'm not getting his dinner to him fast enough, but for the most part, he's happy to just go with the flow.  George may not be the star of our household, but there is no doubt, that he has his place among our cast of characters.  He is liked and respected by the other dogs, including Todd.
This week, the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac was holding their annual "Specialty".  A "Specialty" show is an event limited to a single breed - In this case, it was Labrador Retrievers. One day during a lunch break, they have a "Rescue Parade." If you've never seen a rescue parade, and you get the chance, you need to go.  If not, you're missing out on what I think is something special.  As you can guess, the parade features dogs that have been rescued.  As their names are called, their age and rescue story is told as they walk around the show-ring. I have seen many rescue parades, and have even helped to organized them, but I've never actually been in one.  Until this week because I entered George.

This parade began with the several Labs, some who were trained by inmates, and are now working in drug-enforcement.  How wonderful that these dogs that came into the rescue, who may not have been suitable for the typical home because of their energy and overactive instincts have been given the chance to truly make a difference!
After the "working dogs" it was George's turn.  It's usually done by age, so at 14ish years old, he was the oldest in the parade.  
I've decided that if George has a bucket-list, he can now check off walking around the show ring, receiving applause from a crowd and getting a rosette.
In my book, George really is the best in show!  I hope you have a good weekend!!