Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Handsome Houseguest

I can't believe that it's Thanksgiving Day, and we're just less than a month away from Christmas.  With the warm temperatures we're having today, it is not feeling quite like the holidays.
Later this afternoon we'll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the home of our good friends and their family.  My rolls for the meal are all baked and ready.
Until it's time to leave, we've just been enjoying a nice, quiet day at home.
Since Monday we've had a houseguest.  His name is Berkley and we're keeping him for another foster home until Sunday when they return from the holiday. Knowing how much I love the senior boys, the foster home said to me, and a couple of other people from the rescue that they were afraid I'd not want to give him back.  Now I ask you, with a face like Berkley's, (below) should they be worried?
~Our Handsome Houseguest, Berkley~
Despite what I think of this most handsome boy, and how easy going he is, Berkley is not staying. There really is no more room at the Inn -- Is there?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Resisted Everything -- Almost!

I returned yesterday afternoon from my overnight trip to see our good friend, "Sid" in Pennsylvania. Having lost her Golden about a year ago, she recently added a new addition to her home, and Sid was anxious for me to meet her new girl, Gracie.
Anytime I have the chance to get together with my friend, I know it's going to be a great time.  This trip was no exception.  We had a fun day catching up, and we took advantage of the beautiful day to drive around Lancaster and see a few places I'd not gone to before.

I had no idea that there was not one covered bridge in Lancaster.
But there are two
And you can still drive across both.  
My friend wanted to use the day to get ready for Thanksgiving, and pick up a few things for the dinner she's planning at her home.  That meant several stops at a few of her favorite places.

First on the list, were pretzels at the Hammond Pretzel Company.
Then we were off to the bakeries.  Despite how good everything looked, I resisted buying anything here.
And here...
And here too.
One of our last stops was the "Wilbur Chocolate Company.  Where, I am not kidding, the air outside smelled like chocolate,  Again, I resisted buying anything.  
Despite there being a great selection.  
But the one thing I just had to buy was this monkey hat. Dusty didn't seem to mind wearing it.
But when I put it on Todd, he made it pretty clear that he wished it was one purchase I had resisted!

It didn't last long, and as soon as I removed the hat,
Todd's dignity was quickly restored!
I hope you've had a good weekend!  

Friday, November 20, 2015

He's a Good Boy

~Cissy on Thursday afternoon~
We're at the end of our week with what I hope is our phone and internet problems all sorted out.  We've also gotten our hot water heater fixed, and Sherlock is pretty much all settled in.
This week he remembered his house-manners and he's had no accidents (knock on wood) in about the last 3 days.  He still has to learn that the lovely Ms. Yellow is to be looked at and not touched or chased -- And I do think that if Sherlock wanted to make a meal out of her, he would have done that by now.  However, I still don't totally trust him around her, so we're still watching him very closely and treating/or rewarding him when he turns and walks away from her. I'm still trying to decide about his hearing.  I'm pretty convinced that he can't hear much if anything.  I also think that he's afraid of getting left outside because he'll go out, "do his business" and come back to the door to be let back in pretty quickly.
This shows that Sherlock has at some point, lived inside.  He knows all about sleeping by a bed, and that the refrigerator is where the food is. Sherlock also knows about begging and how to endear himself; he'll rest his head on my leg and just look up at me with his big, hopeful eyes.  I'll pet him and tell him "he's a good boy"  Then he'll go and lay down.  
Enjoy your weekend...  
~Another "good boy" at our house"  
I'm off this morning for an overnight road trip!
See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting to Know Sherlock

~A freshly groomed Todd on Thursday~
Despite our internet being spotty at best since Friday, (knock on wood that it's easily and quickly resolved), its been a quiet weekend.  Our crew meeting Sherlock the newcomer, as hoped was thankfully, uneventful.  He's been easily accepted into the group, which is great news, and always a relief.  
Some of you mentioned in my last post, that maybe Sherlock's reasons for not responding to us, may be because of his hearing, or possibly because he doesn't understand English.  Both are possibilities.  Golden Retrievers rescued from the streets and shelters of Istanbul, Turkey earlier this summer were flown to a rescue in Atlanta.  The dogs had to be taught English, and their caretakers a few Turkish words. I think you'll agree that we will just have to get to know him better to hopefully figure it out.  
What I do know is Sherlock really is a nice boy.  He follows us all around the house and the yard, and is interested in whatever we're doing.  He is rough around the edges, and needs (re) training on his house-manners -- It's all no doubt from being a stray and outside for an extended period of time.  He's also a bit too interested in the cats, so we'll work on curbing his over interest in them.  But all in all, I think he's going to be okay.

I hope you have a good week!