Monday, July 28, 2014

The Power of Doing Nothing

I have done almost nothing over this four day break, and I needed it more than I knew. I've gotten up early to let the dogs out, and then I went back to bed, sleeping until I woke up and then I've taken several naps. It's all helped me to finally feel rested.
My time has been mostly my own. Since Thursday, I've only left home twice for short periods to do very limited shopping, and to take Gus to the vet to have his wound checked.  
Spending time at home is just what I've needed. I enjoy being with people and I enjoy the patients we see in our office, however, as you know, I was just worn out.
Tomorrow I'll go back to work feeling rested and ready to take on the world again.
Today will end with an unexpected and unplanned road trip this afternoon.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

If They Could Talk

While I continue to rest-up and catch up, here are some random photos from the last couple of days of our crew that if they could talk, I think this is what they might say.

Todd:  Why am I in "here" if my full food dish is up "there?"  There's something colossally wrong with that.  
Gus:  Look at me, I'm standing on all four feet by myself--
I may be rattling, but I'm still rolling!!
 I even tried to do the steps...
Sunny:  I must get away from the evil camera...
Cissy:  Is this my good side?
Ms. Yellow:  I'm so pretty, oh so pretty....
Charlie to Todd:  You can't have this most favorite bone.  
Todd:  But Charlie, I won't say please, but I am asking with bent back ears and a wagging tail.  
Josh:  I do love fresh greens but... 
the cat food is one of my very favorites!
Cricket:  I came back inside when you called, can I have a treat?  
Sheba on Thursday:  I'm feeling a little lighter and cooler for some reason.  
Charlie after his summer haircut: I feel good, like I knew that I would! 
Todd after he finally got his breakfast:  It was delicious and worth the wait!  
But why did you make me wait??
From ME:  Thank you for your kind, supportive, encouraging comments and messages on my last post ~ And thank-you again for taking time to visit my blog, read my posts and leave your thoughts.  I’m really grateful to all of you.  How did I get so lucky?  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life and Blogging

I love blogging. I look forward to reading blogs and love your photos and the glimpses into your lives and the wide range of topics from the weather to a new recipe you've tried.  I enjoy sharing with you things like the new critter that landed on our porch the other day (below) and telling you about the dogs.
~A Pandora sphinx moth on our porch~
As you know, I've had a lot going on recently. I'll admit to you that I'm very tired and worn out, and I’ve thought about taking a blogging break. Like you, I try very hard to balance blogging and living, and for the most part, I'm "mostly" doing it.  I know there are a lot of bloggers who, if they're not blogging every day, not tweeting, or not making whatever goal they feel they should be making, it causes them a lot of stress. I'm really trying to not be one of them.  We all know stressing and burning ourselves out doesn't get us where we want to be. And, I pride myself on never posting for the sake of it. I prefer to not write a post than do one that was half-hearted.
~Charlie's summer haircut~
However, just as I mentioned, right now there's a lot going on.  One is that along with Gus's wound, I'm really struggling to keep him up and mobile. When I left for work on Monday, he was fine. He was able to walk, and get himself outside.  But something changed during the time I was gone, because when I got home, he couldn't/wouldn't stand or walk.  Each day there has been a little bit of improvement.  He can almost stand on his own, but he's almost totally dependent on us to help get him up and outside and move him from place to place. I spoke to a holistic vet on Tuesday about Gus. She'll be coming next week to evaluate him and maybe do acupuncture. Also discussed was how Gus is coping with these recent changes.  Interesting that she would bring that up because I don't think Gus is coping well at all.  I would say that he's (understandably) frustrated.  He barks and whines a lot. I'm dosing him heavily on a couple of natural remedies to help relieve his stress. It seems to be working some, and he is seemingly a little more relaxed and content.  This afternoon Gus sees his regular vet to check his wound and we'll talk about whether this is the progression of his degenerative myleopathy, or something else.  I'm hoping Dr.C will have some thoughts and suggestions. I'll admit, this has me worried. But Gus is still wagging his tail so if he's not giving up, neither am I.  
Thank-you all for your kindness and friendship, and for being extremely supportive and understanding.  Please don't forget about "us" during this hectic time.  I have a three day weekend coming up, and I've got my fingers crossed that I'll get caught up on life and blogging.  But I'm frequently overly optimistic about what I can do in a weekend, so we'll see.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Official

Hard to believe it’s July, and typically our hottest days of the year, when our temperatures have struggled to reach 80. We enjoyed another beautiful, low-humidity day on Thursday, and Friday is expected to be similar. The heat and humidity will start its gradual return over the weekend, but the weathermen is saying that it won't "get its legs back" until next week -- And we're all okay with that!

The dogs are enjoying it, especially Charlie who is way past due for his summer haircut, which he'll get on Saturday.
Gus's pressure sore continues to heal and I'm so happy with how the wound is starting to look underneath the bandage.  I heard from the rescue this week, and it's official, Gus will spend the remainder of his life with us at Golden Pines.
As you know, the original vet that saw him said that she estimated he'd live 6 months or so.  The vet that first saw Gus about his pressure sore, saw no value in Gus at all.  But his current vet, Dr. C has become our hero for her great care, expertise, kindness and positive attitude that has restored my hope that this chapter in Gus's life, no matter how long it will be, can be one of comfort and contentment.
I hope your weekend is one of "comfort and contentment" too.
~Early morning in our yard~