Thursday, May 18, 2017

Settling Dust and a Rocky Creek Reunion

There has been dust blowing through my blog lately and I keep saying I'll get back to blogging when things settle down and the dust settles.  Then I saw this quote that reads in part,
" keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize this is it; the dust is your life going on..." 
I realized, that's what happening.  Life is going on as we settle into a new routine with Youngest Brother living with us. The dust will never settle the same again. But it has been a good change, and none of us have any regrets about those changes.  I know this is how it's meant to be and should be.

So thank you so much for sticking around even when I’ve been the worst blogger and not putting much attention into blogging.  It remains one of my goals and a priority to keep this blog going.  So for those of you that have stuck around when I’ve been the worst blogger, thank you! You are seriously the most loyal followers!  Your taking a moment to stop by,  leaving your thoughts and your friendship really mean so much to me!

So onto some news....  Last weekend, I packed up Todd and went to the Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion.
~A Scottie Angel on my shoulder for the drive~
This was our 3rd year that we've gone.
~A view of Rocky Creek Farm, Todd's birthplace~
It's great fun and always a chance to see friends, make new ones.    
~Todd, left, sharing a drink with family~
Rocky Creek Scotties has gone to Australia, and this year, two new family members from Australia came. One is the owner of Todd's nephew, and he has hopes of breeding Scotties in his corner of the world. And of course we always enjoy seeing Todd's Rocky Creek Mom, Lynn, pictured below.
All too soon, it was over and it was time to go.  Todd was really worn out afterwards, and ready for a nap.  
~Yes, that's a bow-tie on Todd~
Me, I wished I could have stayed longer.
But there is always next year.
~A barn at Rocky Creek~

Sunday, May 7, 2017

While the Sun Shines

It has been a mostly wet and rainy weekend.
However, we have needed the rain and got quite a bit during the week that was pretty intense at times. Our weather men who keep up with these kinds of things had been saying we needed it because there was a deficit.

I'm not sure how much we've gotten.  But it was enough to get some great muddy paw-prints.
And to get the grass to grow
and the prettier of the weeds too.

Today the sun came out for just a little while, so we took advantage of being outside.  
Until the chilly wind and the dark clouds rolled back in.  Again.
It was nice while it lasted.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Arrivals Settle In

I've been mentioning that we are in the midst of changes at our house, and the last of our changes (for now at least) arrived this past Sunday.

~On our road one day~
It all began last week when I was more than a little surprised by a visit from my oldest brother that lives nearly 900 miles (about 1450 kilometers) from me.  I had no idea that he was coming until he was nearly here. Oldest Brother is great fun, and he spent a couple of days with us, and then we were off on a road-trip to Kentucky.

Our trip to Kentucky was to help our youngest brother pack up all of his things to move here to Virginia.  Youngest Brother had been living alone (with Tubby the cat) in a small apartment since the passing of another brother and the sale of our parents home two years ago. With no one to rely on if needed in Kentucky, and with encouragement from myself, Oldest Brother, and Retired Brother, (who also lives here in Virginia), he decided to listen to his siblings, take a chance and come here.
~Packing up for the next chapter~ 
We have more than enough room, and with his new job not that far from us, he'll live with us for now.  Even though Youngest Brother is almost 15 years younger than me, we have always been close,  He and Carl get along really well too, which is why he's spent many vacations, etc., with us over the years.  My brothers and I, and of course Youngest Brother all agree that for him, living near family has more benefits than living alone more than 500 miles away.
~A stop on our way back to Virginia~
On the flip-side, there's our new arrival, Molly.  She's getting along very well with her new pack-mates, and is settling into her new routine.  I've taken to calling her "Molly Mouse" because of her smaller size, and because she's so quiet. I often find myself looking for her.  Outside, there are tail wags and she happily follows me around the yard. Her shyness is still evident, especially around Youngest Brother and Carl.  I have to wonder what her relationship has been with men that has made her hesitant and reluctant to be around them. Whatever has happened to make her feel that way, I'm hopeful we can figure it all out as we get to know this sweet little girl.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Molly Arrives at Golden Pines

I am just getting back from being out of town for a few days.  I'll tell you about it in my next post. Today I'd like to mark a new arrival and introduce you to Molly.

At 12 years old, she was turned over to the rescue along with another Golden named Kacee, who is 5 years old.  Both girls were given up because their owner no longer had the time for them because of additional work hours, and they wanted what was best for them both.  If possible, rescues will keep dogs that are bonded to one another, together.  However, Molly and Kacee were not and Kacee has gone to another foster home.

Because I was out of town, Molly had to spend a couple of days in boarding where unfortunately she developed stress colitis.  When I picked her up yesterday afternoon, she went right past me and to the door, letting us all know she was ready to leave!

When I got home with Molly, it was easy to see that she was nervous and unsure about what was happening to her.  I wanted to give her the chance to relax and so I let the other dogs look at her from the other side of the fence.
Molly's previous owners said that she is a bit shy by nature.  This meant that she wasn't very interested in the other dogs. But they are of course, very interested in her.
Of course Todd doesn't care or know anything about shyness, he really wanted to get to know the new girl.
Below is his reaction when she didn't notice him....
But Todd is right,  
We are all looking forward to getting to know Molly ...
and being part of her story. Welcome to Golden Pines, Molly!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Changes are Coming

To paraphrase an old saying: The only constant in life is change. And change is what has and is coming to Golden Pines.

This past week, we had a new arrival.  This very special newcomer is the reason why I felt like we couldn't keep our foster-kitty, Mo.  His name is Tubby (after Tubby Smith, a former UK basketball coach)  and he's about 14 years old.
~Meet Tubby!~
Tubby is considered "family" because he used to belong to my Mother.  Since my Mom passed, Tubby has been cared for by my youngest brother that lives in Kentucky. Changes in his life have brought Tubby to live with us. Tubby has never really been around dogs, so we were concerned that he might not get along with them.  It turns out, Tubby isn't bothered the least bit by them. On the feline side, he and Ms. Yellow are learning to ignore one another. And he has claimed a favorite spot, on top of the kitchen cabinets, as his own.  All in all, I'm really pleased that this family member is settling into his new life with us so well.

Tubby is the precursor to a few other changes that I'll tell you about as they occur.  One change that we had this weekend was Max.  He was groomed.  I didn't take him to our "regular" groomer, but one that I knew would take her time and be careful with Max because of his knees.  What I didn't know is that she would sheer him like a sheep!  With cold temps the last couple of days, it had Max shivering so I put a shirt on him to keep him warm.  Poor Max....

Finally, I want to thank-you all for your kind and supportive comments during this "unfortunate incident" with Todd.  I saw my friend's daughter today, and thankfully her finger has healed nicely. Tomorrow morning the Department of Health comes for a last health-check of  Todd.
I am so looking forward to putting this whole event behind us.   

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ten Days!!

A new sign that I ordered arrived today, as a week that has been pretty low key is coming to an end.  
I did have one morning off work so the Department of Health from my county could come and see Todd.  Even though Animal Control considers the "biting incident" closed, the Department of Health has their procedures and protocol, which is to see for themselves that Todd is healthy, and confirm for their records that his rabies vaccination is up to date.
They also needed to let me know that Todd is to be confined at home for 10 days.
The agent from the Health Department will return next week.  He'll verify that Todd is still healthy and at that time, this whole unfortunate bite-incident should hopefully be behind us.

But I've never been so worried about keeping a dog healthy before!

Monday, April 17, 2017

"T" is for Todd and Trouble!

Well, what I'd hoped would be a quiet Easter weekend at home alone, didn't end up that way.
~An Easter gift from a talented friend~
I'll preface this by saying that those of you with Scotties, know that they are a bold and a dignified dog. And they can also be territorial - Todd is no exception to this.  He defends his territory against everything and anything.  When people come to see us, and he's outside he is barking and jumping up at the fence.  He does settle down a few minutes after their arrival.  But I always warn people to keep their hands away from him.

So, when a friend stopped by on Saturday with her adult daughter and the dogs were outside, she asked if she could pet them.  I told her "NO!" that Todd would probably bite her.  I even warned her a second time, and she did listen to my warning.  But there was a quilt laying over the fence, and as Todd was jumping up, he was grabbing it, and so my friends daughter reached over and pulled it back - And can you guess what happened next?  
Yes... At the moment she pulled the quilt back, Todd jumped up and he bit her, caught her "pinkie", whatever you say happened, it doesn't matter, the end result is the same, her finger was bloodied.  My heart sank when I saw it.  Inside we cleaned it off, and agreed that it needed medical attention.

I knew what this meant.  Anytime you need medical attention for a dog-bite, nip or whatever, a report is always filed in the county with Animal Control. I mentioned this to my friend and her daughter to let them know what to expect, and they told me they'd try to keep our names off of any report.  I appreciated they're saying that they would do that, but I knew that it may not be possible.  **And I'll just add here, that I would and do take full responsibility for anything our dogs do, no matter what or even who it may be.  And of course I offered to pay all medical expenses for my friend's daughter, but they graciously refused.  They have been very understanding, nice, etc.,  about it, and admit that a mistake was made in moving the quilt.

After my friend and her daughter left, the reality and what the consequences may be started to swirl in my mind as the "what if's" started to consume me.  A phone call a couple of hours later from my friend telling me that no stitches were needed, and her daughter was just fine was a relief to hear as well as her telling me that they'd not provided our information.

But another phone call from the Sheriff's Office in our county would come later. They had no choice but to file a bite-report against Todd.  My phone call from a deputy would come soon after and he told me that the entire incident did not meet the criteria of what a "dangerous dog" is defined as.  Todd is licensed in the county, up to date with vaccines, and the Deputy confirmed all of his information.  The case is (thankfully) considered closed.  But I've taken this very seriously and as a wake-up-call to not be so complacent when strangers are around because Todd does now have a "criminal record." And I know full well that IF there is a next time, we may not get off so easily now that we know that Todd's bite can be just as bad as his bark!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Catching Up to Easter

We all know spring has sprung, and April is already confirming what we already know, and that's that it's an unusually busy month at our house.
~Life is good....For Eva!~

Max (below) was released from the care of the orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago.  With the all clear, he'll finally be able to get that much needed visit to the groomer.
He really needs it!
Charlie had his spring hair-cut this past Thursday.
Bo has been enrolled in a "nose class" that began last week.  It's a very basic beginner class. He is the first blind dog that the instructor has had in any of her classes. The dogs attended the 2nd class.  We practiced their finding food-treats in boxes scattered in the ring.  Bo did better on his second try after I changed what he was looking to cheese-popcorn. I'm hoping the class will build his confidence and get him out of his shell.

We have also said good-bye, for the third time to our foster-kitty, Mo.  I know, I know, I should have (and was going to) adopt him.  But for several reasons that I'll tell you about in another post, we didn't. I have left the door open for him to return to us if it doesn't work out.
Carl has been out of town, and will be back on Monday. So Easter weekend will be a quiet one at our house.  I wonder what kind of trouble we will Todd can get into?