Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Best Day This Week

Todd's Rocky Creek Scottie Mom, Lynn, always says that "the best days are the days when puppies come." 
I wholeheartedly agree.  But at our house, the best day this week has been when the puppy named Cookie left to go to her forever home.
Because honestly, we are all exhausted.
~Cissy after dinner~
It goes without saying that I have no regrets in having Cookie here.  It was fun to have her around and have the chance to get to know her.  And the dogs didn't seem to mind her, which helped.  Cookie is smart, eager for attention, and she is a pup that is full of character and has a lot of potential. However, even though she was crated most of the time, she still put our household onto its ear, and threw off our schedule.  We all know, it's just what puppies do.
So, tonight there is peace and quiet, and maybe a little bit of silent celebrating; as we recharge and get a good nights sleep.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Arrival of Kingston & Cookie

I'm now a little bit behind, but on Thursday, as you know, via Lab Rescue comes Kingston!
After a brief introduction,
And a little watching out the window.
He slept the rest of the way home.
Kingston is pretty thin, and highlights his soul filled eyes that watch my every move as he follows me all over the house.  He's an easy going boy that is eager to please.  He also knows all the basics, and does as we ask him to do.
I'll also add that he's happy.  Really happy.  Which is why the end of his tail is bandaged.  He's got something called "happy tail,"  Happy tail, also known as kennel tail, is an injury caused when a dog wags or hits his tail consistently against hard objects, causing the tail to break open and bleed.  It's painful enough, and sometimes if it is not allowed to heal properly, the end of the tail will need to be removed. So, Kingston's tail will be bandaged for a few more days.
Kingston is getting along well with our crew.  Of course Todd did let him know to keep a respectable distance.  Kingston seems to respect that. Thankfully. And thankfully, I think Kingston is going to be okay here with us.    

And lets not forget that via the SPCA, Cookie, our little boarder that will be here until Tuesday.
After feeding her and getting her all settled into her crate last evening, Cookie quickly let us know her disapproval of the accommodations.  That disapproval continued through the evening.  At bedtime we took her into the bedroom, and put her into another crate.  It was also not to her liking.  But she slept for a couple of hours before whining, for what I think was to be taken out, which I did half-asleep 2-3 more times overnight.
Cookie has been napping most of the day. I'm glad that someone is getting their rest.
I just hope that all that sleeping doesn't mean Cookie is going to have fully charged puppy batteries tonight.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grandiose Plans

It's Thursday, the day I've looked forward to all week!  I've looked forward to it because I have the next 4 days off, and I have grandiose plans of things that I want to get done.

One is to give both Jake and Josh a bath.  Their harnesses have been washed and are ready to be put back onto clean dogs.  ***(Melanie, I left a note for you in my last post)** 
Then I've got dog-ears that need cleaning.  
Then of course, there are a few things around the house I really need to attend to that I've been putting off.  It's also berry-picking time!
I'v already made one cobbler, and would love to get enough berries for another.
But, Lab Rescue has contacted me about taking a new boy that is 11 years old.  His name is Kingston, and he's from a Maryland shelter. I've read a couple of reasons why he was taken there, from the family moving to not enough time.  Maybe it was both.  But he has markers of early kidney disease, and is on a special food.  So, Kingston will arrive later this afternoon.  I guess the bath for Jake and Josh can be put off for a little while.  
Then last evening I got a call from the SPCA.  They need a TEMPORARY foster home until Tuesday for a puppy who is having surgery today. She has a herniated umbilical cord and will also be spayed.  "Cookie" (don't you love that name?) will need to be crated, and kept quiet while she heals.  One of the directors for the SPCA is her "forever home" so she has a bright future ahead of her.
I think we have a busy "future weekend" ahead of us - there won't be much time to sit on the front porch,
Or go on any "tours."
 --The above sign was in our town-square that gave me and several others in town a good grin before it was removed by the "art" committee --

But I think it's going to be a good and long weekend!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Weekly Pup-Date

We round the corner to the end of another week.  Carl has returned from being out of town for a week, and I have finally gotten a moment to myself.  It was nice to have most of the morning to enjoy and get caught up on a few things.  I did take a little time this past week for a few photos from the front porch.  It's a nice view, that I don't take the time to enjoy often enough.
Even though it's obstructed at times.

Molly has been to the vet in the past week.  She needed a follow-up appointment to evaluate a tooth that another vet was recommending be extracted.  My vet, Dr. K., agrees that the tooth is broken.  It has already been approved by the rescue to be taken out and is scheduled to be done in a couple of weeks.

Our other foster boy, Max is as you know ready for adoption to another family.
Despite getting four messages this week about it from the rescue, finally the words came to complete his write up for their website.  I know I was well past due getting it to them.  But I have to say, that in the end, it only irritated me to the point where it became a distraction, and it didn't get the words to come or the write up done any faster.  On the flip side, I'll admit to having been on the fence about keeping Max.  After nearly a year with us, how could we not be thinking about keeping him?  He's a silly, playful clown, that is smart, loyal and devoted.  He can also be a little grouchy towards the other dogs, especially Bo, who I think he sees as a total "subordinate" in the pack.  But after discussing it, we decided to let fate decide where Max will go.  I have a time limit in mind for our search, so lets roll the dice and see what the cosmos will bring.

Finally the end of our week brought a graduation of sorts.  Bo finished his "Beginner Nose Class."
I do have to say, that he wasn't as fast at finding the "scent" as Cocoa the Poodle ...
or as enthusiastic as Devon the Papillon.
And, I'll admit that I was discouraged when he wasn't. But the instructor and others in the class reminded me that Bo's reasons for being there were different than theirs - I took him to help engage and work his mind, have new experiences and try to get him out of his shell. Everyone in the class always cheered for Bo when he found "the scent" and everyone always gave him lots of attention.  I know that because of his past life, Bo will never be a "normal bouncy Lab" and will always be a bit withdrawn.  But I'm still proud of Bo, and I'm glad we took the class.  Who knows, maybe in the fall we'll take another one.

Maybe I should take Todd too?  He seems to be good at finding things!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Embracing Our Inner Homebody

There was a time when Saturday night was the night we went out and stayed up late.  But those days are long gone.  Now we have no energy for that kind of thing.

Saturday nights are less about the weekend, but more about giving in to the exhaustion that accompanies a busy week.
We truly embrace our inner homebody.
And I'm okay with that! 
~Foster kitty Charlie~
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Onward to June!

As I mentioned in my last post, Todd's family reunion ended much too soon.  Getting there late didn't help. But the Mom of "Todd's cousin, Daisy" had asked me if I'd like to stay her and her two (college aged) kids in a nearly 100 year old farmhouse they'd rented for the weekend.
~Todd hoping this isn't where he's sleeping!~
Of course I agreed, and enjoyed getting to know them a bit better.
~Early morning at the farm-house~ 
Back at home, we have welcomed a new foster kitty from the SPCA, named Charlie.  He was only supposed to be with us for a week. But he didn't like the family he was matched with, so that one week has now turned into two. He's afraid of the dogs, and so we're working on slow introductions to them.
This weekend marks the official start of summer, even though the weather has been cool and more spring like with rain and clouds every day.  I'm grateful that the hectic month of May is behind us. I'm also grateful that the circle of family has become a little wider at our house, and we've gotten to meet Molly and Charlie too.
~New Arrival in June, Molly~
Onward we go into June!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Settling Dust and a Rocky Creek Reunion

There has been dust blowing through my blog lately and I keep saying I'll get back to blogging when things settle down and the dust settles.  Then I saw this quote that reads in part,
"...you keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize this is it; the dust is your life going on..." 
I realized, that's what happening.  Life is going on as we settle into a new routine with Youngest Brother living with us. The dust will never settle the same again. But it has been a good change, and none of us have any regrets about those changes.  I know this is how it's meant to be and should be.

So thank you so much for sticking around even when I’ve been the worst blogger and not putting much attention into blogging.  It remains one of my goals and a priority to keep this blog going.  So for those of you that have stuck around when I’ve been the worst blogger, thank you! You are seriously the most loyal followers!  Your taking a moment to stop by,  leaving your thoughts and your friendship really mean so much to me!

So onto some news....  Last weekend, I packed up Todd and went to the Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion.
~A Scottie Angel on my shoulder for the drive~
This was our 3rd year that we've gone.
~A view of Rocky Creek Farm, Todd's birthplace~
It's great fun and always a chance to see friends, make new ones.    
~Todd, left, sharing a drink with family~
Rocky Creek Scotties has gone to Australia, and this year, two new family members from Australia came. One is the owner of Todd's nephew, and he has hopes of breeding Scotties in his corner of the world. And of course we always enjoy seeing Todd's Rocky Creek Mom, Lynn, pictured below.
All too soon, it was over and it was time to go.  Todd was really worn out afterwards, and ready for a nap.  
~Yes, that's a bow-tie on Todd~
Me, I wished I could have stayed longer.
But there is always next year.
~A barn at Rocky Creek~