Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Another Day!

Carl has been out of town this week, and I've been playing the role of "single parent." I'm not sure if we started out on the right foot (paw?) or not because on Tuesday morning at 5:30 Sam started his usual barking, and barking and barking for us to get up and moving (or get his breakfast!). Then Tanner who always stays close to the house, decided he was feeling a bit independent and he took off--Rudi & Sheba found and shared "rabbit-jellybeans" and CarrieAnne rolled in something & needed a bath--Should I have been surprised when I turned on the hose there was a new ugly bug on the house that kind of creeped me out--But in the midst of my trying to round up everyone I looked over and standing in the middle of the driveway alone was Cowboy looking totally confused as if he was wondering just what the heck was going on--I decided there was no need to wonder what was happening, it was just another day at our house!

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