Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Full Speed through Fall!

Full speed ahead through the fall! It's been warm the last few days, but the cold days are starting to outnumber the warm ones. I love that we've set the clocks back so we can get the dogs out earlier in the morning, but don't like driving home in dark from in the work. I'm constantly looking for deer to jump out in front of me, and I always am grateful when Carl and I get home safely. The leaves are also falling off the trees and a couple of the dogs have loved playing and rolling in them. We have a beautiful maple tree on the side of the house and this year its colors didn't seem as bright as our last 2 falls we've been here, it still had just as many leaves!

We officially adopted Tanner (who is about 13 years old & has glaucoma) at the beginning of November. It was just getting to be too much stress dealing with the rescue and the person who approved medical care. "She" was on her own ego trip and because we didn't get along, she always had the opinion that she knew the best treatment for Tanner, which was usually the opposite of what the vet and I felt was best for him. It's a positive move to be able to make the decisions for him that I know are best--An interesting caveat is that she resigned from the board of directors of the rescue last week...Thank-goodness!

Charlie was also groomed last week, and I think he looks great! I always think I like the shaggy-dog look best, but when he gets his new "do" I think he looks really cute! His coat when it's grown is so thick and I know he's hot under it all, even in the cooler temps. I refer to Charlie as "my little man." He is my defender and protector; I've never had a dog that was as loyal as he is, especially to "just" me! He came from Old English Sheepdog rescue about 4 years ago. I pulled him for them from a shelter in Berryville. We thought he was a sheepdog mix, and he turned out to be a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I wasn't really that taken by him at first. Charlie is so different than the Goldens because it's all about him, whereas with Goldens, it's all about you. I worked with Sheepdog rescue to try and place him, and after a couple of people said they thought he looked like he "belonged" to me, I finally gave in and took another look at the dog that had one blue eye...I've never looked back. I am crazy about him!


  1. Looks a lovely place, Kim. I'm from urban New Zealand, but we have some lovely rural settings too. I love the old verandas.



  2. that is so nice of you to adopt an older doggie. Our Molly is 5 years old and we wanted to adopt an older dog, not a puppy.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Kim,

    We have tried the Benedryl and it doesn't work. I am going to call the vet again and get the crazy pink steroid pills, and have her on them for the next few months. It won't kill her, as it will be a short term thing, maybe until Spring.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Kim,
    Love your site and the dogs
    are beautiful. I hope Tanner fits in. I really can't imagine how hard it must be for a dog to be blind and also 13 years old. I truly hope he was loved through those years.
    My Mother is going to love the God to Dog by W.J Francisco. I wish she was interested in the computer because I know that she would this blog.

  5. THANK YOU ALL for your comments!! It's so nice to hear from you! I appreciate your taking a moment to stop by and read about my "neck of the woods" because I have and do enoy reading about yours! :-)) -Kim-


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