Friday, December 25, 2009

On Christmas Morning, I wish...

On Christmas Morning,
I wish...

For every dog searching trash cans for breakfast,
a full bowl with his name printed in bright letters.

For every dog who slept fitfully last night, chained in a frozen yard, a soft, warm bed with a person snoring gently nearby.

For every shelter dog, spending Christmas morning in a soiled run, a forever home, filled with sounds and smells of family.
For every "Christmas" puppy given today, a tolerant, caring owner who won't abandon you as you grow into a real dog.

For every ailing pet, enough money for your owner to pay the bills to make you well.
For every lost dog, a clear, safe road, and well marked path, to lead you home.

For every old and tired friend, a warm fire, and a soft bed, to ease your aches and pains.
For every Heart Dog at the Bridge, a moment when you know that you are remembered today, missed again, and loved forever.

(Author unknown)


  1. Very touching. Thanks for sharing. I wish your wish to come true.

  2. Lovely wish and pics too. Thank you for sharing, and caring. Happy New Year : )0

    C-pup and her Golden rescuer folks.

  3. That is the most beautiful Christmas wish - thank you and happy holidays to you...

  4. Beautiful. I really enjoy the gorgeous pictures.

    Wishing you and your family along with all the fur family members a wonderful Christmas.
    A special link for the dogs. Hope you enjoy also.

  5. Oh, Kim...I wish that heart breaks for every dog/animal in those situations. Thank GOD for people like you. Hope you had a wonderful CHRISTmas filled with lots of joy. I love you, my friend ;)


  6. Nothing can bring sadness and tears to my eyes then thinking of a cold, lonely,and hungry dog.
    Lovely sentiments. I wish as you wish.
    I really look forward to reading your blog. It is sweet and touching and often very funny and relatable!!
    SOPHIE'S Mom

  7. What a perfect wish! I'm so glad you found my blog, and led me back to yours. I love your pictures and someday hope to be able to have my own Golden Pines...where I can rescue those most in need.

    You really, really warmed my heart!

    Sue & the gang

  8. that is a super post........

    Gill in Canada


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