Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Cat-Food Intervention

As usual, it's the end of a crazy busy and cold week that I'm glad is over! I worked every day, and Carl left early each day because of a class. Today I doubt I'm even going to leave the confines of our property!! It's too cold anyway, and that gives me the perfect excuse to not venture out and maybe take a nap later.

I do want to thank those of you who left comments about Maguire; they really were a big help and helped me to see in my heart what is best for both of us. I do think I know what I'll do...However, out of some sense of fairness, and my commitment as a foster home, I feel like I need to see this whole thing through with the couple that are interested in him. If Maguire responds to them, and there is a real connection, I will consider letting him go....Stay tuned...

I did have an interesting conversation yesterday with one of the employees in the shop where I buy dog food. About 8 years ago, I committed myself to feeding our dogs a good quality and healthy diet. However, in all my efforts to make sure the dogs are getting a good diet, I've totally neglected our cat, CC. I won't tout any brand names here, but only say that I've been feeding her a very well known and popular brand, which is a food that she loves! "Jon" told me that the reason why she probably loves it so much is because it's full of carbohydrates and she's probably addicted to them. What?! My cat a carb-addict? Does she need an intervention and rehab program? He told me "yes" that at her age of 8, I should probably switch her to something that's a better quality, with very low carbs--So, yes, it was indeed intervention and rehab time for CC. I was given some samples to start her detox...I filled her bowl with one this morning. When I went back a few minutes later, she was sitting on the counter, (where she's fed) and the food was untouched. Determined to not give in to the very hungry cat that was no doubt planning which chair she was going to shred with her claws if I didn't feed her what she wanted, I didn't give in. Another trip back to the kitchen a bit later I found Rudi (looking a tad-bit guilty) with CC's empty bowl on the floor...Do you think that CC deliberately gave Rudi her food in hopes that I'd and fill it with her usual cuisine and also give me a second chance at not having my drapes shredded? Well, it worked, because that's what I did, and CC was very happy about it. She is now napping on our bed...I know I have to be strong, so we'll try it again later, yeah later...


  1. Oh bless her!! lovely cat!!

    Stay in and keep warm! xxx

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog - I will now start enjoying yours!

  3. I am not sure who is going to win in the battle of the new food. However, you have a heart of gold that is so soft, and most cats have a tough resolve. So, my guess is...CC!!
    I do believe the question of who is going to adopt Maguire has already been decided. Maguire has already been adopted by the heart of everyone. It is just not formal. and does love ever stand on formality?
    Maguire is your sweet boy, forever knowing security and contentment in your wonderful home.
    Sophie's Mom

  4. Dear Mom and Dad,
    I have tried to post a few times and not sure if it worked. Here's what I have to say.

    Please let me stay with you. We love each other too much to be apart.

    You are my home, my heart and my happy life.

    I would miss you all forever and ever if I had to live with anyone else!

    Please make me yours : ))


  5. .............well I can't follow the last post!]]
    If I was youI would buy another dog basket!

  6. It's very hard to discipline our beloved creatures with their food desires. I only wish someone were around me all day to do that with me!
    Okay, I don't know how Macguire got his sweet little paws on the keyboard but that has to be one of the best comments I've ever read. I think someone is trying to tell you something.

  7. that's so funny.......

    I didn't realise dogs like cat food?

    Gill in Canada

  8. Good luck with kitty and the food transition, and have a nice, cozy weekend :)

  9. If only Maguire was on this side of the Atlantic. What a cutie!

  10. Oh there is definitely an allience going on there !

    Cats can be so fussy - two of ours are but Billy the kit is our fat git !

    Dogs love cat food but it's not good for them...or is it the other way round with dog food being harmful to cats ?

    Our neighbour's dog nearly died over Christmas - he ate their daughter's chocolate. It is fatal to dogs - he only survived as he is huge. The Vet warned her about chewing gum & toothpaste too - they contain a chemical dogs love but it it's fatal - did you know that ? I didn't - not that Sam or Dill chew gum or brush their teeth for that matter !

  11. Oh my goodness! "Maguire's" comment made me cry! I'm such a sap!


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