Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Neck of the Woods

Today, I just thought I'd take you on a small tour of my neck of the woods--A couple of the pictures were taken in the fall, but most were taken today. Everything is not that pretty right now, but it'll give you an idea...

Lovettsville is not a big town...It's about 2 hours from Washington DC and almost an hour from Dulles Airport--I've no idea how many miles that is. In Northern Virginia everyone measures the distance to everything by how long it takes to get there in traffic. I don't know why, we just do. We're also very close to the Maryland border--This is the Potomac River this morning.
Lovettsville does have a few shops, a few places to eat, but no grocery store, which is what it really needs! The busiest place seems to be the 7-11 (below). A new post office is being built right in back of it. The current one is not open that often, so I wonder if the "new digs" will encourage the current postal workers to want to work more?

New homes are also being built. They seem a bit close together. I wonder why people would move all the way to Lovettsville and then live so close to their neighbors? That was why we moved here--To get away from all the people...Okay, and to have more room for the dogs.

We live just out of town on Mountain Road.

Mountain Road does have an old stone Methodist church that was built in the late 1800's. They always have the most interesting "thoughts" on their sign....One in the fall said "Fall Leaves, but Jesus Never Will." The one they have now (below) is a bit more direct.

Our road is home to several farms. We have cows that graze across the road from us and the peacocks and guineas sometimes wander into our yard.

This is our part of Mountain Road--You can barely see our driveway entrance on the left by the phone pole.

Below is the front and back of our house. We have two large fenced areas for the dogs, but we still take them for walks every day. We have a small two story barn too. I don't go in there much because it's the home to a couple of mice. I wanted them evicted and even bought the needed "items" to get rid of them, but Carl (husband) insisted that they be able to remain. We all know that they either invite their friends or make new ones, so when that happens, I will be able to gloat and say "I told you so."

Below is the view today from our front porch. We have a very laid back life that has given us the space we needed and the privacy I was craving. I love living in the country away from the rush of traffic and crowds of people. We feel very fortunate to live where we do...Life is good...Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Thanks for the tour..breathtaking pictures. They look like postcard pictures.

  2. Oh Kim I really enjoyed the tour of your town and your property!! I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh and it seems that each year brings more and more development. I do like having the convenience of grocery shopping just around the corner but at times I long for the peacefulness of the country. Your home is lovely. The front porch is so very welcoming. I had to smile about the mice in the barn. I have a little storage shed in our yard that seems to become the home for all homeless mice. I don't like to go in there either--only long enough to retrieve the lawnmower. I send my 18 year old son---he is much braver than me :)Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  3. your space looks wonderful! i crave open spaces and no people...some day!
    now how about a tour from the inside!?
    have a great weekend!

  4. stunning! privacy is bliss isnt it!! xxx

  5. Woof! Woof! Hi There I'm Sugar. LOVELY Thanks for sharing the photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. i would KILL for a barn like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi! It is me Tweedles.
    Where have you been all my life? I feel like Alice in Wonderland, and I just woke up on your door step.
    I love visiting your home- your land, your barn, your sky, your mountains. I spent some time getting aquainted. I read some of your beautiful words.
    You have such a nice bloggie. And guess what? I will be back.
    PS i loved the doggies in the christmas card pic.

  8. oh thank you for showing us.

    I love wooden houses but like all the new building here they do seem very close. ( mind you we are semi detatched - can't get closer than that - we can hear our neighbours through the walls !! )

    I'd love more space - your place looks magical.

    We had a neighbour who put up little notes about Jesus on his gate !

  9. Kim,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed the tour of your hometown and your home. You live in such a lovely place. The farm is just wonderful. This sounds like a fantastic place to live. Thanks for sharing this tour with us.

  10. you live in a really pretty place. You seem to have got rid of a lot of your snow?

    Gill in Canada

  11. Kim,

    Beautiful pictures.
    We built our house in the country on 12 acres of land with a beautiful stream running behind. After living in a subdivision for over 20 years I would never return to living in the city. I hate even driving into work ever day.
    Do you have any owl's in your woods?
    I'm crazy about this species and would love any feed back you have about them in your area.

  12. *Sigh!* Our place is a little bit country, but nothing like that. That's exactly what Mike and I would love to have some day...with all the animals, too. I told you so about Maguire. I could never adopt an older pet like that. It's not that I wouldn't want to. But I don't think I could take the heart break at having him for such a short time after falling for him. I wish you the best of luck with the future!


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