Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog-Writers Block??!!

It has been over a week since I posted...I have decided that I'm experiencing a bit of writers block. I have never had a shortage of words before. I always joke that I can talk "for an hour just about the color orange." But for some reason, the words are just not coming even though there is a lot of inspiration around me to blog about.

We've had warm temps, and I could blog about the "sunshine on my shoulder making me happy..." But that would be using words already sung by John Denver.

The dogs are certainly a comedic source to tell "tails" of! I could write about how they are enjoying the warmer weather...

...and how "in-sync" they can be with one another...But I can't find the words to tell about it...

Then there's our cat CC. I could blog about how she never walks on the grass to get across the yard, but walks on the top rail of the fence instead, always stopping at the posts--I love how cats keep their balance and never fall. I could blog about how klutzy I was as a kid and never got picked for anything...But no, I'm just not in the mood to talk about it. Of course there are the signs of spring to tell about--My daffodils are coming up...
...I could blog about second chances like the one given to me by my Hydrangea. I set it out last year and despite my best effort, it didn't do so well. I was so glad to see that it's coming back this year to give me another chance!
I could post about the wild-life I so love seeing. But again the words elude me to even tell about the 2 owls we are hearing in the early morning hours; I even had one swoop just over me on Wednesday. The Red Wing Black-birds and the Canadian Geese have also returned. This past week we found a deer antler. I wonder if its from the beautiful buck we had around in the fall?

I did get a new camera yesterday. I've "semi-retired" my beloved 35mm camera, and am going towards being all digital. I wanted something to take the close-up pictures that I've been able to take with my "old" camera--The digital one I've been using does "okay," and time will tell if the new addition fits my amateur needs.
I did a lot of research of cameras that were in the range of what I could spend. After much thought, and reading lots of reviews I decided on the "Canon PowerShot." The reviews that say the "Canon PowerShot SX20 IS, can produce magnificent HD movies and dazzling photos--It has a high-powered 20x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, 12.1 Megapixels, a big 2.5-inch Vari-Angle LCD, Blink Detection and more..."

Maybe the "new toy" is what I need. I hope you'll stay tuned...I'm hoping inspiration and words return soon, I know I have so much more to say, don't I??


  1. Seems like you have plenty to blog about and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words,as they say!
    Lucky you...I'm sure you are going to get some great shots with your new camera!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. It might 'seem' like writers block, but it isn't! It's just...when you own food bowl is empty, there is not much you feel that you can offer. Be gentle on yourself! "Sam"s story was a lot to deal with!
    Sending you lots of restful licks! Time to simpy enjoy the sunshine and 'fill up' again.

  3. I know! Do a giveaway! I'm sure there are plenty out there who would love a golden retreiver! LOL

  4. I don't quite think 'writers block' is the word for it ;)
    It's always lovely to read what the cat and dogs are up to, they are such characters !
    Love that new camera, I should indulge but I'd have to learn all new instructions......
    I see your flowers popping up out of the warm soil, isn't it all so refreshingly beautiful !

  5. Sounds like you just did. Wordless Wednesday can be anyday!

  6. It seems to be going round at the moment. Lots of blogs posting about writers block and I'm really struggling because I have no photo inspiration - I'm still waiting for my replacement camera lens...

    But considering that was an uninspired post, I think it was actually pretty inspired! :-)

  7. Congratulations on getting a new camera to play with. I love my little digital camera. Love your photos today especially of the cat and dogs. You are such a card. You said more not saying it than many do when trying to say it.

  8. Who needs to write when a picture says a thousand words? Love your camera, and especially love the sunshine on your shoulder. I'm sure John Denver would be honored by your post!


  9. What an ingenious way to say a ton about "nothing" heheh!!! I love your style and what beautiful "objects" and plants and fur creatures you are seeing all around you there to "not" write about! Brilliant! And thanks for sharing!
    Hugs xo

  10. Dogs N'Sync don't need no words. Its enough to see happy dogs doing dog things.

  11. I think you've unblocked Kim! I look forward to the pictures from your new Canon! Thanks stumbling by my blog. I love just it when that happens! Enjoy this spring like weather. It feels SO good!!!

  12. Nice camera!
    And, I agree with everyone else, you seem to have unblocked the "blogger block". I have to say I can relate to this. I've been so busy my brain is mush...

  13. Your writer's block posts are as enjoyable as all your posts. Hope you have a nice weekend in the sunshine with your beautiful animals :)

  14. i can see how much the dogs are enjoying the sun! and such a cute kitty!!
    i'll stay tuned no matter how long it is between blogs!
    hope you love your new camera!

  15. I cannot wait to see photos from your new camera. I thought the old camera did super duper pictures.
    My mom is afrid of anything with instructions.(learning new stuff).
    We loved the picture of the kitty walking on the cat walk. Maybe she belongs in a circus.
    It is always interesting to see what plants survive the brittle cold and see them peek out of the dirt.
    I think they are brave.
    Sometimes I feel like you. Right now I feel that I have no more stories in my head to put in story land.
    I love to read everything you talk about- because it feels like home to me.

  16. Writers Block = Stunning Photos !

    Frankie our dainty cat does that - she won't touch the gravel path !

  17. Can't wait to see some pictures from your new camera.
    I didn't think you had any writer's block, you did a lovely post.

  18. Hi, good topic. I just found your site and I am already a fan. :]


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