Friday, April 9, 2010

Hamlet Says...

Hamlet says, "THANKS for sending all the good wishes, and there's no place like your own bed!!!"

As you can see, Hamlet is home, and is still pretty woozy. However, in his grogginess he thinks he stills needs to follow me around the house. So, I'm trying to stay put so he will. But that's quite an incision, isn't it?? I think it looks a bit like a zipper--Ouch!!!!!


  1. What a great dog! Already wanting to "do his job" by keeping an eye on mom!

    Yes, that is quite the "franken-cision", but he looks great!

    Thanks for keeping "us" in the loop. Wishing you a restful and uneventful weekend. :)


  2. That makes me hurt just looking at it! Hope he does well.


  3. Just like I thought it would look! Wow, his left front leg is going to be a bit sore too! What's he on for pain?
    Stay put, you're on nurse duty! and bring the water to him.....
    What a sweetie ..... I'm sure his is happy to be home!!
    Kisses to him.....

  4. Wow! That is a big incision but Hamlet needed to have the operation so he'd feel better and I hope he continues to heal properly. Get well soon, Hamlet!

    By the way, I started my 1st contest: I am giving away a personalized pet portrait and the drawing will be on April 15th. Come over to my blog for details!

  5. Kim-The meds that Hamlet is on is Tramadol (50mg) for pain, and he's continuing his 2 antibiotics zenequin (200 mg), once daily and clindamycin (150mg) twice daily. What do you think? Should he have Rimadyl too?? He's dragging his left foot just a little; I was told to expect that. He ate his "chicken soup" dinner that I made for him & he's drinking water when offered--Good idea to set it by him!

  6. Oh poor sweet Hamlet---that is quite an incision!!! I hope the weekend goes well for you both. Get a good book--snuggle up in a chair and relax with Hamlet relaxing beside you :)

  7. Oh Wow, what an incision poor guy, We know he is going to be getting the best care and all the love in the world and we wish him a speedy recovery.

  8. We are so glad Hamlet is doing well. That is one big
    incision. He looks so sweet and happy to be home.
    Lexi and her mom

  9. Oh my goodness - we're just catching up and I just read the last 3 posts - soooo wonderfully lucky that Hamlet has you for a wonderful momma. Poor pup - that IS some incision, but he WILL heal up. We are sending a zillion pawsitive golden vibes his way and will be thinking of you all lots and lots and lots.
    Big Hugs xoxoxox

  10. Poor guy, it looks awfully painful. I hope he heals quickly and bounces right back. I will keep him in my prayers for sure.

  11. Aww bless his heart! I hope he feels better very soon!

  12. OMD, did they take a Volkswagon out of him?? Poor baby. We are soooo happy he is home and as comfortable as can be. He is in such good hands. We are barking for you Hamlet # # # # # # # # # # Get well soon.

    # = bark of encouragement
    (just made that up!)

  13. The couple of times I have faced major health crises with pets have been so draining - so full of worry and fear and uncertainty. But mostly I remember the bone-deep relief when each of them finally came home. You're so right - there's no place like your own bed when you're sick, and when you're the human in charge there's nothing like seeing that beloved animal right where they belong, back at home. Yay Hamlet! What a good boy!

  14. Oooh that's one heck of an incision, but for his age he seems to have tolerated the surgery very well.
    Looks like he could sleep for a week, and no doubt will.
    Lovely to hear it was able to be removed, and now on to the healing...

  15. That SURE is some incision!


    We are glad to see him home!

    Paws khrossed fur his rekhovery to go furry well!


  16. Such good news that Hamlet is home in his own bed and can see his mama.
    That incision is monterous. But it is amazing how fast it can heal.
    We hope you and he are getting a little more sleeps now. Remember all his friends are keeping good thoughts and doggy prayers going to him, cause we love Hamlet so much. (and you too)

  17. Wow! That incision is pretty shocking, so glad that he isn't suffering as much as he looks like he should be (if that makes any sense!)

    Good old Hamlet! :-)

  18. Goodness that is some incision. You said he was having surgery but that's something else. Hope you're managing to de-stress just a little now the Prince is home.

  19. Hello Kim
    I finally had time to come by and say it was nice to see you recently ans what do I find but a ver tired and weary looking Hamlet with an enormous long incision in his soulder - but then I read the reason why and have to agree - it needed to be done and you went ahead and had it done.
    There are some very generous vets out there, so say thank you to the gentleman who operated on your lovely one for all he has done for him and others in the same situation
    I'm sure with time and all your help and care Hamlet will be out and about with the others running around like it had never happened.
    Take care

  20. that is one heck of an incision. He's not licking it or anything is he?

    What's the other dogs reactions to him? Glad he got through it.

    Gill in Canada

  21. Oh baby, that is a heartbreaker :( Take care sweet Hamlet. Get some rest. I'd dying just looking at the picture :(

  22. Oh, what a trooper! But, now he's home on his own bed with his "mom" by his side.
    I'm so happy that everything has gone so well.
    Now wishing Hamlet a speedy recovery!

  23. seding waggy tales & slobbery golden retriever kisses from Sam & Dillon - that scar will be quite a talking point !

  24. Get well soon, Hamlet!

    Liz and Tootie

  25. what a awful wound!!!!
    sending my best wishes! big hugs.xxxxxx

  26. oh my, When I first saw the picture, I thought the incision was leash across him!!!Geez, what an incision!! I am so glad he is home with his Mama and doing well..
    Sophie's Mom

  27. Kim,
    we've been missing in Bloggerland and we just read your last posts. Glad Hamlet is home with you. We'll keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Hope he has a speedy recovery!

  28. Poor baby! :-(

  29. Hang in there Hamlet - the ouchie will heal and you will enjoy spring soon enough.


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