Thursday, April 8, 2010

Needed: Healing Energy & Positive Thoughts

This week was supposed to be a week where I could relax and do things around the house. I had grandioso plans. I have a few walls that need to be painted, and I have my flower gardens to clean out. Of course Kenzie was a thought as well. All your comments really helped. I decided that I would go ahead and see if we could "try her" here at our house. I was going to call Shirley and arrange to get her, but that little nagging voice kept telling me to wait...I stopped listening to that voice and decided to make the phone call, and I'm not kidding, just as I was going to make the call, the phone rang and it was my vet...

Hamlet as you may recall is a senior boy that came to us as a foster dog via the rescue last fall and we later adopted. He was left in a garage of a home that had been foreclosed on. You can read his story here:

Hamlet had a rather large lipoma on his shoulder when he came to us--You can kind of see it on the above picture. For those who may not know, a lipoma is a benign fatty growth. We had it aspirated to see if there was anything suspicious about the lump, and there wasn't, it was just big...However, over the last couple of months its grown and gotten tighter within the tissue of his shoulder; and about 2 weeks ago, it became infected. We hoped that 2 antibiotics would do the trick to get rid of the infection but it hasn't. My vet felt that Hamlet needed to see a surgeon about having it removed. (She wasn't comfortable doing it because of its size and location) I really don't like the idea of putting any dog under anesthesia, let alone one that is 13-14 years old, but there's really not any other choice.

I took Hamlet for a consultation on Wednesday. The first surgeon (recommended by my vet) listened to all of my concerns reassured me that it could be done safely, and gave me a quote for a little more than $3000 (£1950) needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed by that amount. I called a 2nd surgeon who happens to be one that I know from my time as president of the rescue. Dr. Walker, did all of our orthopedic surgeries for the rescue, (including my boy Josh and Maguire) and gave a very generous discount. I took Hamlet to see him in hopes that "maybe" he would be a little less expensive. We had the same discussion as I did with the first surgeon, and then we discussed the money. I showed him what my quote was from the first office and he told me he would do it for half. Needless to say, I was again overwhelmed, but this time by generosity! He told me that because I'd taken in Hamlet and so many other dogs, he wanted too.

Hamlet's surgery is scheduled for this afternoon. It goes without saying that I am really worried about him having such a tricky surgery at his age. So, I hope you'll send healing energy and positive thoughts for him that all will go well.

Finally where does this leave us with Kenzie?? Right now in the same place, because Hamlet has to be a priority. But maybe, just maybe I'll make that phone call and that'll change...


  1. Once again I find myself saying how lucky these boys are to have you. We will be thinking of you today and wishing Hamlet a speedy recovery. Clare & Jim

  2. Sending you and Hamlet lots of love. positive thoughts and light. I hope everything goes well this afternoon.

    Kenzie will be fine - you can review the situation when you know more. How about in te meantime, when you do (when!!?) get a spare minute, maybe you could look into just rehousing him? If things change then you can take him - if not, then at least you'll be easing your conscience by looking around on kenzie's behalf ;-)

    Thnking of you - Houdini

  3. We are sending all of our love and saying a prayer for Hamlet. He is so lucky to have you guys. The Vet is a saint....thank dog for him.

  4. Oh sweet Hamlet!!! We have you in our thoughts and blessings to all of you.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. The whole gang at Menagerie Manor send well wishes, thoughts, prayers and woofs from the girls. A speedy recovery dear Hamlet.

  6. Sending healing, comforting, positive thoughts to Hamlet.
    Keep us posted, please!

  7. Love and prayers to Hamlet for a uneventful surgery and quick recovery.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  8. I'll be praying. He'll do fine.

  9. my thoughts are with Kenzie...he'll be ok and it will be so nice to get that huge tumor off his side!!
    waiting anxiously for word!

  10. Prayers already said! Keep us posted.

  11. "+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"
    All positive Kim! Look at the love in that last can postitive things not happen here!!!

  12. Kim,

    Sending Hamlet lots of kisses and warm hugs.Hopefully you give him a special treat when He returns home.
    The pictures from your last post were fantastic especially the chocolate lab. Too cute to eat.

  13. We'll hold tight in our prayers and thoughts - sending lots of AIREZEN..

    There are good folks in the world still - lucky you've found one....


  14. Lots of warm, healing, peaceful thoughts from Mucky Boots, to everyone at Golden Pines, especially to Hamlet. I'm looking forward to hearing that all has gone well.

  15. Me and all my forest friends including Owlbert my owl friend are sending healing wishes, and good thoughts and good thoughts to sweet Hamlet.
    Please let us know how he is doing.
    Our paws as crossed as we send doggy prayers

  16. thanks for coming by. We read Hamlet's story and it always makes us sad when someone just abandons an animal to starve to death. We hope his surgery goes well and he has a rapid recovery.

  17. We are late in getting here today -

    BUT have our paws khrossed all the same!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  18. Such sweet pups ~ such trusting loving faces!

    It's so wonderful that you found someone to help. It's hard to put a price on helping our four legged friends and it pulls at our heart strings to have to choose. The world truly is a wonderful place when you hear stories like this! Foster animals, adoptions, reduced fees ~ it does a heart good! :)

    All the best wishes and warmest thoughts being sent to Hamlet!
    xo Catherine

    PS ~ thank you for your sweet words on my blog ~ I look forward to getting to know you better as well! Take care!

  19. Sending prayers and thoughts for Hamlet! xx

  20. Dearest Hamlet,
    Loads of healing karma is coming your way all night long and through the day. You sure have wonderful mom and dad peeps!!

    Get well woofs,
    Cheyanne R.G.

  21. how did it go? I hope he is fine? Saying a little prayer for him.

    Have you seen this blog:

    thought you might be interested.

    Gill in Canada

  22. I'm praying he's healing now. They all look so sweet - and you are to be highly commended for giving so much of your time and money to save these precious dogs.



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