Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Crew at Golden Pines

I realized its been a few weeks since I posted anything about our "core-group" of pups here at Golden Pines. So, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures that I've taken this week and just say that everyone is really doing well and are healthy (knock-on-wood). For the pictures I'll just tell you whose-who and let them speak for themselves.

For my gardening readers, at the end of the post is a picture of my clematis that was the first thing I planted when we moved to the country just over 2 years ago. Until today, it has never bloomed.
~~Left to right, Rudi, Hamlet, Josh, Charlie, Maguire and Sheba~~

Wendy SammyBall obsessed foster boy PatchI really love clematis! But I had a hard time finding the right spot to plant one at our last house because they like "cool feet and hot sun." I have always had the hot sun and no shade, until now. This one gets full sun, and its feet are kept cool.

I hope you've had a great weekend!!

THANKS as always for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad you did!!


  1. love the dogs all lined up on the porch! (ball obsession can be annoying...i've got one!)

  2. That is quite the handsome crew you have there. How in the world did you get them to all line up like that?

  3. The gang looks great !
    You can tell they all know they are loved, and so well-behaved around each other, I might add.
    You are a special couple, giving your all, to those 'goldies' you make my heart smile :)
    The clematis is gorgeous, it must be happy where it is planted, sometimes they take a few years to bloom.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  4. All your pups are so sweet! And your clematis is so beautiful!

    Hope you are having a good Sunday evening!
    xo Catherine

  5. That is a great looking bunch!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  6. Love the photos of your crew, they all look very huggable.
    The clematis is beautiful.

  7. Oh! They are so beautiful! No wonder you have so many, you can't pick just one! Sheba looks so queenly, and that Sammy looks like a nice laid back fellow! They all sleep in the bed with you? Haha!

    Your Clematis is very nice, looks like you have a lot of blooms coming!

    Have a nice evening!

  8. It's a golden sunrise! Plus sweet Charlie...hope we got that correct. But, couldn't imagine a better place for such beautiful pals, and amazing flowers.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. Beautiful pups, beautiful clematis! What GREAT photos of gorgeous flora and fauna! Love coming by but sorry we've missed a couple of posts! Hope you had a great weekend!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  10. What a GReat gang of khanines!

    Thanks fur sharing them AND the khlematis too!


  11. What a handsome looking bunch! Love the photo of them all lined up on the porch!

  12. That top photo has brought some laughter to our house this morning.

  13. Whew! NINE!...and I thought 4 was hard work! They are truly Goldens are!
    Sending lotaluv to you all.

  14. I just love the faces of all your pups! They are all so sweet!

    Your clematis looks way better than mine - but then, hubsters whacked if off a couple of times with the weed whacker!

  15. aww- all golden & loved by you x

  16. Those are very beautiful dogs, Kim, even more lovely than the flowers. hehe!

  17. That top photo is a beauty. Loving the clematis too.

  18. Beautiful...I have moved my clematis twice and still no blooms...haven't found the right spot yet.

    Oh, your pups are wonderful...thanks for sharing them all at once!
    Hugs and belly rubs to all,

  19. Loved reading your posts and learning that Hamlet and the rest of the Goldens are doing well. Laughed over your mouse and bug posts. Hope the stink bugs are leaving you alone. Maybe there is some kind of screening for the fireplace opening? Lovely flowers. That is a great photo of the group on the porch!

  20. Oh look at your lovely family. They all looks so content and healthy and happy. And so does your clematis. Those are such lovely flowers. Lucky you to have such a pretty one.

  21. Hi Kim!

    The dogs on the porch is a great pic! This might seem a funny thing to say, but I love old dog "eyebrows"! They give our pups such character in certain light. Gwen, as a retriever, has really developed them and I think it's quite dignified (even for a lady). :)

    The clematis looks great! The first house I owned in Missoula was loaded with them. Just a tip (and I don't know if this would work the same in your climate) I let them grow wild the first two years I lived in that house - never cutting them back. They grew, and bloomed, exponentially!



  22. And they all get along? Thay are beautiful, bet you get heaps of cuddles x

  23. THANKS everyone for your thoughts! We are really lucky in that all the dogs do get along. They do have their moments, but dog fights are very rare. It helps that they get lots of excercise and are older dogs.

  24. We love the family portrait a lot :)

  25. I know one shouldn't have favourites - but I definitely have a soft spot for Josh. He's such a handsome boy! :-)


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