Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If I Only Had a Brain!

It has been a crazy week already for me! I can't believe that it's "just" Tuesday! I have to work every day this week because our office manager is off for a week. It's not a problem to work at the front desk. But it means that I don't get my day off this week, and I have to get to work early to open the office and stay late to close it.

Carl is working a late schedule this week so of course I was in a rush to get out of the office and get home. But this evening before I could head home I had to stop and get food for the dogs. I glanced at my watch and knew that if I didn't chat with the employees in the shop like I usually do, I could be home by 7:00. So, I rushed in, picked up what I needed, and didn't even wait for the offer to carry my bags of food to my van. I had a spot right up front so I was going to quickly be on my way...At least that was the plan...When I pushed the button on my key to unlock the door, nothing happened. I tried it again, and again, and again, and nothing happened. I'd noticed the last week or so that it hasn't been working that well, and so it didn't take long to conclude that the battery for the key must be dead, giving me no way to get into my van. I tried to get in touch with Carl, but was unable. I was really trying to keep my composure. But I have to admit that it was getting increasingly difficult because all the stress I've been feeling the last couple of days was finally starting to get to me. I know they could see me from inside the shop because "Jon" who is the manager came out and asked me if everything was okay. I was nearly in tears as I explained to him about my dead key battery and not being able to get into my van. He looked at my key and very kindly and carefully paused for a moment and then asked me if I'd tried putting the key into the door to unlock it....Oh...I guess I forgot that it works that way too...I'm sure they're having a good laugh at my expense at "Whole Pet" and you can laugh too if you'd like--It's really okay because I deserve it! Besides I really needed a laugh today as well, even one at myself is okay because it has made me feel better! Laughter really is the best medicine!!


  1. Oh no!!!! It's 2am here & you made me laugh so loudly the dog woke up & is looking strangely at me!!! So funny.....(sorry!) xxxxxxx

  2. Oh good, I'm not the only one who has done that!!!

  3. Oh, I'm ashamed to be laughing! I'm glad it all worked out...

  4. Oh you poor dear! What a predicament! I wouldn't have thought to put the key in the lock either hee hee!!! Hope you've recovered and gotten some rest!
    Sammie and Mom

  5. I had to laugh. We do get attached to our modern way of doing things, don't we?!

  6. As I was reading this blog entry, I was thinking, "But what about the key?" Glad someone else thought that, too!

    Hang in there! It can only get better!



  7. Woof! Woof! NO WORRIES at all. That's the reason why my mom always say to herself BREATH n your mind will be clear n will know exactly what to do. Hope you made yourself a great dinner. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. But I'm sure you felt such RELIEF when you realized you could get in your car after all!! Thanks for the smile....we've all been there. Hope the rest of the week goes a little smoother.


  9. Well, Kim, at least it was YOUR car! I tried to get into what I thought was MY trunk. How come so many cars back ends look alike?

    Get some sleep, dream of your long weekend :-)

  10. Hi Kim
    We have never experienced the dead key battery thing yet, but thank you for bringing to my mind that it can happen. We just got our first car that has "one of those crazy keys" and I am not looking forward to learning all it can or cannot do.
    That will be all i need to happen is for the key to go dead- but thank goodness there is a key hole in the door- well i guess there is, i better go look now!
    I am glad it all turned out okay.
    That part of your week- at least.

  11. You have already written the screen play for every bloggy friend who reads this post (you perfectly predicted my reactions as I read your post), so there's only this to say: did you tell this story to the dogs when you got home? I can see them and hear them now, "Where have you been Mom, we is hungry" woof woof - would be their lines in your "hurry up world" of a movie. Glad no one starved to death. Chill, they can wait an extra hour. They really do understand. But, now that I think of it, I'd love to see those faces on video when you walk in late; clamoring for your attention and doing their chow-chow dances.

  12. I think they khall THAT a blonde moment!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo khould while away the hours...khonversing with the flowers

  13. Its amazing how we've become so accustomed to pushing a button that old ways don't come natural anymore. I would probably never have thought of actually putting the key in the lock either. I notice your key has a panic button on it, mine doesn't but I will tell you something I once read that may be of help to your readers and I guess it depends on where you part your car and stuff but as I say I once read that when you go to bed at night to take your car keys with you and then if you ever wake to hear someone breaking in to your house or something go to the window and press the panic button on your car keys and with luck your car will do whatever it does when it panics and this will either alert the neighbours or frighten off the intruder.

  14. I could just imagine your panic at that moment..I would have felt the same.My OH works on cars and some of the modern ones don't even have a key,just a card thingy...modern technology eh?
    Glad you were able to see the funny side and it cheered you up.

    Bellaboo :0)

  15. Your key episode has had us chuckling away. Also reminded us to check on our batteries.

  16. oh Kim, sounds exactly like something i would do!!! you poor thing....amazing what stress can do to us....hopefully the rest of the week will go by fast!
    thanks for the update on the boys!
    hang in there....

  17. Oh goodness! That episode sounds very familiar! Glad it all worked out. =)

  18. Oh, I've done that too. That feeling of panic is horrible, isn't it. Wipes away your brain, and turns it into a mushy pile of jello. I did, eventually, remember about using the actual key, and I won't ever forget again. Bet you won't either.

  19. I know how that goes - when your busy and hurrying and something goes wrong and you panic. I will let you in on a little secret though... My husband has done the same thing! LOL!

    Sam's Mom, Christine

  20. Hi Kim
    Thanks for the chuckle this morning:) I have had the moment where I tried clicking the key, inserting it into "my" car and being frustrated that it wouldn't fit in. Of course not, it wasn't my car - just one that looked like mine!

    Hope the rest of your week is better.

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  21. well you and I must have some of the same brain material and stress level, because as I was reading I was thinking you poor thing, I wonder how it will all work out, and not ONE time did I think about using the actual key.
    So glad you shared this because honestly, I can so see myself crying in a parking lot somewhere holding on to my dead key clicker and not thinking to use the key.

  22. The key was THE key:)) This was funny to read and it was funny for you to share.. I am sure it was not that funny when it actually took place. Sometimes the obvious just eludes us... it's how this technology affects us... it is NOT our fault!

  23. I didn't even realize those things have batteries! Thanks for this cautionary tale -- I'm sure it's about to happen to me too (it's been over 4 years) and now I'll know what to do.--Inger

  24. Oh Kim! Don't worry about being forgetful! It happens to everybody!!!! Momma loses her keys almost every week!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

    P.S. You can have the rain if you want it cause we're sick of it!

  25. I'm sure I would have done exactly the same thing as you!! How soon we forget that keys unlock doors.

    Hope your stress levels decrease as the week goes by.


  26. After I stopped smiling, I went outside to try my key in the SUV's door :)
    Sometimes the writing on the wall is not as it used to be ...
    I hope the stress level goes down soon, and you can get back to what you love the most, taking care of the fur babies...
    Glad I am able to stop by and visit once again.

  27. Oh how funny ! Do you know - I've never even thought that the key thing had batteries !!! but then, I'm not a driver.

  28. Kim,
    Thanks for my morning laugh, sorry it was at your expense. Hubby's new truck has a key like that so of course I have the second key and can never get the doors to open. I'll just stick to my one key opens them all car.
    Hope you have a great long weekend and can enjoy some Independence day celebrations.

  29. Thanks for the smile. As I read your story, I thought "maybe she could get a new battery and a little screwdriver at the drugstore, so she could get back in her car..." -- it never occurred to me, either, that you could just put the key in the lock! :)
    - Anne

  30. we have all been there...we are all air heads!!!( sometimes)

  31. Oh bless you Kim. I know that feeling well. Not being in control and able to think rationally. Deep breaths and try to have some 'me time'...I know, easier said then done. S x


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