Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memories and a Trip Down Rural Route 54

I returned home from Kentucky yesterday evening. It was a wonderful visit!

A true highlight for me was a trip to where my Grandfather used to live. Growing up my siblings and I spent many, many days there fishing in the pond, (with a cane pole) playing in the woods and wading in the creek. I really do think that this is where I found my love of the country and the desire to live away from it all.
My Grandfather lived in a microscopic town called "Short Creek." But you have to go through the town of Leitchfield (pronounced Litch-field) to get there. I've not been in this direction in many years and wasn't sure I'd be able to find my way there. The road is now 4 lanes and looks very different.
Eventually it became the 2 lanes that I remembered...
Along the way there were many memories...The first one was this little drive-in called "Lakers." We sometimes would stop here on the way back from my Grandfathers. They had the best fish sandwiches! They also used to wait on you at your car--I suppose getting out of your car to eat is okay too!
I always marveled at the height of this bridge that the trains crossed--I wonder if they still do? (YIKES!!!!)
I was glad to see this company still in business. I remember asking my Grandfather what they did there, and he told us "they put the stingers in bees." Of course I believed him and marveled at their ability to do such a thing! This became a family joke for years.
I arrived in Leitchfield. In the south, many of the old towns have their courthouses in the middle of them. Once out of the "big city" it quickly gave way to old barns.
Farmed fields of soy beans... Tobacco (pictured in the front) and corn...
and more tobacco...

A final stop before getting to my Grandfathers was this little general store. It was owned by an elderly lady named "Tula" whose home was in the back of the store. She had small-circled wire-rim glasses, always wore a flowered-cotton dress with a full apron, and her hair was always kept in a bun with a hair-net. We would stop here and enjoy bottled soda and Cracker-Jacks that were usually stale and stuck together. Tula wouldn't allow us to take the bottles (the bottles were worth 5 cents each) so we had to quickly drink them there.
I will end today's post on that note. Tomorrow I will post about my visit to the place where my Grandfather's house used to stand. For me, it was an amazing and touching visit as I recalled many memories from my childhood and chatted with a few people that I'd forgotten about. I hope you'll come back tomorrow, I'd love to share them with you.
I am glad to be home, back to all the wagging-tails of our crew, and high-speed internet! I am also looking forward to catching up on your blogs!


  1. I imagine you had a welcoming chorus of "They're home!" when you walked in the door, and the usual hugs and kisses - or don't Goldens do that?

    So glad that the visit with your sister went well. Maybe best to start fresh....

    It's often odd to see all the changes that have taken place since our absence. It's like they should be the same as in our memories.

    The things that grandparents tell the little kids! That was a good one though. My Grandfather told my future BIL that he could plant corn flakes and get corn! Hee Hee. So far have not done that to any of my grand children....

    So good to have you home!!!

  2. Hi Kim,

    What a wonderful start to your story, I can hardly wait for the next post. Many of us have similar memories so this is one of those comfort stories. It is good to get away but it is best getting home.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Enjoyed reading your post and the pics. Glad you are renewing your relationship with your sister. You won't regret it.

  4. What a lovely trip full of memories! It must have been an emotional one for you in many ways.
    I love your grandad's sense of humour!
    Always great to get back home and to be greeted by your beloved goldens!
    Looking forward to 'part 2'!

    Bellaboo :o)

  5. It's always a joy to return home...
    Looks like a perfect country little town, the kind where you know everyone by name, and if you don't then at least a friendly wave.
    Kentucky, being about thirty miles North of me is one of the states I visit often, they have some of the quaintest towns, and shops.
    I'm glad it was a good trip for you, and look forward to more pictures.

  6. Kim,
    Enjoyed your post and photos, Sheila had many family members who lived in far Southern Illinois, and she went to a 1 room school house down there for a short time.
    It is wonderful to have those memories.

    Sheila & Bob

  7. Hi Kim,

    After being gone a few days myself, I had to go back quite a ways and catch up. Really, really enjoyed this particular post! Thanks for taking us along on the ride!


  8. Man, Kentucky looks beautiful! Isn't it nice to have warm memories?

    Puts the stingers in the bees...LOL!

  9. Kim,
    Glad your back and can't wait for you to share more memories from your childhood.
    Nice to hear you and your sister were able to have a good time and catch up on things. It's a start.
    I'm sure the dog's are very happy that you have returned also.

  10. A journey back to your childhood, full of memories. What a wonderful way to spend a vacation.

    I'm glad that you met with your sister, and that there is a good possibility that you will build a new relationship from the meeting.

    Can't wait to read your blog tomorrow.

  11. Wow Kim you brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the places in my life that are probably gone now too. I loved the bee story, lol. Your Grandfather must have been a card! I can hardly wait for tomorrow's installment. I love to hear family stories and memories, they mean so much and they always leave a lasting impression on me....
    Tina xo

  12. What a wonderful trip - glad things went well with your sister.

    Love the awnings on Tula's store.

  13. Woof! Woof! For sure the Golden Gang missed you so much and delighted that you're back. What a great trip ... lots of great precious memories. Thanks for sharing your photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. glad you're back safe and sound. Who looked after the dogs while you were away?

    Gill in Canada

  15. Welcome home Kim! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Looks like you have a lovely time and got to 'see' many memories. Good for you. I bet every furry face was happy you were home! :)

    Have a terrific evening!
    xo Catherine

  16. Thanks for sharing!

    I can't wait to read more!

  17. I can't wait for the next part....that was such a lovely post! xxx

  18. Glad to hear you had a great visit. We look forward to hearing about your Grandpa's place.


  19. looks lovely and pleased you had a good time!! xxx

  20. Such grand memories...nothing better than going on a trip!!

  21. oh, I just can't wait to hear the rest of the story and see more photos!!!! Hurry back!

  22. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Remembering how things were and how they are now,,,,fills our hearts with emotions.
    We read with such intensity, we did not want any distractions.
    As you painted the picture, we could feel all that you shared.
    thank you so much for sharing with us


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