Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sam Arrives at Golden Pines

In his much younger days Sam was said to be a maniac. He was a bit territorial, leash aggressive and didn't get along that well with other dogs. He chewed everything and anything including doors and trim and even a garage door. He got into the trash and stole food off the counter. The dog that is laying on the floor in my living room is no longer this dog. He days of bolting through an open door and running off are now memories for him. He has problems walking because of arthritis and may even have a slight problem with incontinence. He is also a bit confused and I know he doesn't quite understand what has happened to him. But there is still a spark there. He tried to chase the cat and even tried a little bit of 'dominance' over Hamlet...He fell to the floor...twice...Poor Sam...Poor Hamlet. But there's no question that Sam has been well cared for. His coat is neat, nails are trimmed and his teeth look good too. When I spoke with Doris last evening, I promised her I'd let her know how he was doing, and that when she got all settled, we'd arrange something where she could see him. I know that the rescue won't approve of that, but I doubt I'll even let them know. Doris was there when Sam needed someone and made a difference for him. She dearly loves Sam and I know is very concerned about him. I can't and won't be heartless in this whole thing.

Tanner's vet visit went well. His eyes are just fine, pressure is normal in his good eye, and not able to be measured in the eye he has no site in. We're just to really watch him for any dramatic changes and not to vary his routine. My vet thinks he's in pretty good shape.

Hamlet on the other hand...I've been in a bit of denial about the return of the tumor. But it's time to face the reality and that's that it is bigger than I thought it was. It's not bigger than it was originally, but it is pretty deep within the tissue of his shoulder and extends up under his front leg. My vet doesn't think that doing the surgery again is going to work. So much tissue was removed in the first surgery and if we do the surgery again, because it came back so quickly, it would no doubt return and we'd be having the same discussion. We both agree that it's a good idea to be proactive and so I'll be making an appointment with the holistic vet to see what she has in her bag of tricks for us to try. Hamlet otherwise is healthy.

It was a very busy day. Carl worked on getting our barn-doors ready to be repainted and after Sam was settled I did some late afternoon errands. The day ended on a very quiet note, everyone was worn out from a game of frisbee and a couple of good long walks. All was quiet and then I heard Sam harassing the cat...Yes, that spark is still there and there are a couple of things he's going to have to learn--Can you teach an old dog a new trick?


  1. Sam sounds like a MUCH younger Merdie and Khousin Sierra ;=)

    The stories The Doggy Nanny tells about them make Sibes look innocent!

    Thanks again fur helping Sam -

    Sorry about the tumour but holistikh sounds like a GReat plan!


  2. You must have the patience of a saint. How on earth do you remember all their names??? Hope you have a big house or you're soon going to have to extend! xxx

  3. What a funny world. We spoke about you, Sam and Doris last night. Kindness is like a candle glowing in the dark - it's visible from a great distance.

  4. Sam is a beauty and looking quite stressed, which is normal...he'll settle in with time...
    i agree with you not to go through another surgery, too invasive...
    glad the eyes are ok...
    you got your hands full girl! hang in there!!

  5. Kim,
    Just catching up on your posts and I'm certain Sam is going to fit in just fine even with the cat eventually.
    I'm sure this has been a big relief to Doris knowing you are looking after Sam.
    You are truly the kindest person and always doing the right thing.
    I'm know down the road that Doris and Sam will have a visit because of your kindness.

  6. I imagine the cat might teach Sam a trick or two!! Bless your heart for taking Sam - I know Doris really appreciates it.

  7. Good Morning Kim,
    It has been some time since my last visit. Things are beginning to settle down in my life and I am once again ready to visit my blogland friends. I grabbed my cup of coffee and began my visit to your blog. Wow so much has happened since my last visit. I really enjoyed my stay as always. Welcome to Sam---you always touch my heart with your willingness to help a Golden in need. I am sure both Sam and Doris are so grateful for you. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing Sunday and I will once again look forward to my visits to Golden Pines.

  8. Woof! Woof! Wow can't believe that Sam is 15 yrs old and Doris is 88. That's wonderful n hoping for Doris recovery. YES I do agree in this case being heartless is not an option. I'm sure that Sam fulfills Doris's daily life (n the other way around too). Glad to her Tanner's vet visit went well. Life is Good at Golden Pines. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. An answer to your last question is it has worked with my husband but it's not an easy task. Ha.

  10. Good Morning Kim, I think I am awake. You really have your house full now! Is your house shaped like a shoe in the back?
    Glad Sam is settling in, Do you have two Sam's now or am I delusional and not properly awake? CC better watch out, but maybe CC will teach him a lesson.
    Poor Hamlet, I hope the holistic vet can do something. Is it just a big old fatty tumor or ???
    Good that Tanner is doing well, just getting old, every body does.
    I hope you have a very nice and quiet Sunday!


  11. Awwww, Kim, he's lovely. And Doris must be so relieved to know that Sam is going to be loved and cared for, all during his last days.

    You always do good things for the dogs you take in. But, sometimes, you must wonder about what the people who once owned them were thinking. With Sam, you are doing a good thing for dog, and his human.

  12. I don't think I could separate Doris and Sam either - sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you.


  13. Welcome to Sam! I know he'll enjoy the company, even if he is not the "only child" anymore! Glad to hear you will help Doris see her beloved Sam again...seems only right.

  14. Kim it is always so wonderful to read your blog!
    Doris and Sam need to see each other even if the rescue network doesn't approve, I think your ideas are better! You have a special connection with these Goldens that many people can't understand. Your decisions for them will be the right one! Hugs all around!
    Tina xo

  15. Sam sure doesn't look 15! You can tell by his eyes that he was 'full of it' when he was younger though. :-) Thank you so much for what you are doing for Sam and for Doris. You have truly made a positive difference in two lives today. I hope that Hamlet can be helped too. He is such a sweet looking fellow.

  16. Hi Kim! Thanks for helping Sam! Hope the holistic vet can helping Hamlet! Have a good Sunday!

  17. I'm so glad that Sam arrived and seems to still have some spunk left in him. I'm looking forward to hearing about a future reunion with Doris. It is comforting for me to know that there are kind persons like you out there to help these senior dogs.--Inger

  18. Hello Sam, welcome to Golden Pines. Lady and I look forward to getting to know you and watching your new adventure unfold. Maintaining Sam's connection to Doris is the right thing to do. We know she earned it and can't help her physical condition at 88. Considering the complexity of the situation with Sam, his introduction into your pack seemed to me to be pretty non-eventful.

    Hamlet - Good idea about consulting a holistic vet. No use taking a knife to him again at his age.

    Woofs and belly rubs to the gang,

    KT and Lady

  19. It's wonderful that you have been able to take on Sam and that Doris will still be able to see him.I think it is so sad when the elderly have to be parted from their beloved animals.Sam is in the best hands now and will spend the rest of his days happy and secure.

    Bellaboo :o)

  20. It's so hard when our four legged friends don't feel well and can't tell us what's wrong. But mean while, everyone seems to be getting lots of love ~ well that's the most important thing isn't it?

    Big hug to you Kim, Carl and all your pups ~ and the kitties being harrassed as well! :)

    xo Catherine

  21. Hi Kim
    A mighty busy weekend you had.
    Sam looks so kind. And he is also looking safe!

    I hope you make some progress with the holistic vet to help Hamlet.
    What the vet said about Tanner sounded okay too- right?

    I knew from long ago that every doggy that needs resueing would want the rescuer to be you.
    Have a restful night

  22. aw Bless him - just like my Sam just a shadow of the magnificent swimmer & diver he was.
    Did you know that once Retrievers were bred to bring in the fishing nets ? Sam was living proof of this heritage - he brought up a whole net full of old oyster shells once !!!

  23. Your description of Sam's younger life was fun to read and I'm sure he still remembers those days or else he wouldn't be chasing your cat every once in awhile! How great that you have the space for so many dogs who need a safe place to rest and be cared for!

  24. I am sure the cat and Sam will settle the pecking order really soon..
    Sounds like everyone is settling...of course I would do the same thing and let Sam visit with his human, if possible...therapy for both.

  25. Sam looks really lovely. Have been playing "catchup" with your blog and found the whole incident re the pear quite scary! So pleased it all turned out alright for you both. Loved your visiting toad!

  26. Wow, I'm so behind on your blog!
    First off, I'm glad all turned out well for Rudi. I can't imagine the feeling of panic you were experiencing!
    Poor Hamlet - my thoughts are with you and I'm sending good energy your way for both of you. He has such a beautiful face...
    Sam - he's gonna be a stinker, isn't he? Gotta love that senior spunk!

  27. kim
    can you post on the subject of lead (leash) aggression and territorial behaviour???

  28. So very endearing. Both Doris and Sam must be extremely proud of you. and very thankful too.
    good to hear about Tanner. Hope Hamlet is doing Ok.
    wag from Bud n Gin

  29. kim
    thank you for stopping by my sister's blog..Iappreciate it

  30. Oh Sam, welcome to Golden Pines - you are so handsome. We hope everything goes well with Tanner. You are the best...

  31. Welcome Sam! Sam does not look his age at all. Hope that Cat does decide to teach Sam some tricks of her own.

  32. its my first time here in your blog, im so impressed with all the golden retrievers that you rescued and given a great second chance of having a home and family. Golden Retriever are awesome dogs. new follower, jazevox

  33. I admire you so much. I can't image the worry, care and concern you have with the dogs you have let alone the people connected to them. You certainly have my respect and admiration. Hope you take time out for yourself to have some fun. Hope all goes smoothly for you all.

  34. Sams younger days definetly sound like Simba now! Except for when Simba is sick and laying around, of course. Sam is precious! I am glad that you have found a spark left in him, and hopefully he'll be able to enjoy his time at Golden Pines. You are doing the right thing by letting Doris see him. I can't imagine what she must have gone through to say goodbye.

    I will pray for You and for Hamlet as you see the holistic vet. Lets hope she can help him!!

    Oh! -- and yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! :-)

  35. My rescue (English Bulldog) turned seven this year and I am hoping that exercise, balanced diet and social interaction will help slow the aging process. Thank for sharing your story--but, more importantly, thank you rescuing and giving a wonderful home to these animals.


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