Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glimpses of Fall

We had a much needed rainfall this morning. Everything was so quiet and I felt like everything was silently just soaking it up.

I am feeling a bit better than I was on Wednesday and Thursday. Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement and positive thoughts! Its been a nice quiet weekend and I'm feeling rested and a bit more optimistic. Carl was so nice and taught my Sunday school class for me, which I really appreciated!
I did notice this weekend that glimpses of fall are starting to show.
Most of the Black-eyed Susan's have only their black-eyes left...

Unfortunately the 'stinking-stink-bugs' are coming back in masses just to make my life miserable! The Hydrangea looks a little low...

Another sign of Fall are the the Canadian Geese overhead who are pointing the way to warmer weather! But I'm not sure that was south, or is it?
Our resident groundhog is "hogging" whatever he can find--Notice his cheeks have food in them.

The change of weather also means the shedding-begins for the dogs--Actually it's in full swing and I brushed (or Furminated) all this off Rudi this morning. I can feel a hairball coming on! Another sure sign of Fall is that football season has started!! My favorite team, the Washington Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys tonight!! I hope you've all had a great weekend--Are you seeing the start of the change of seasons too?


  1. Here too Kim, less bees buzzing around the sunflowers, cooler temps, grey skies and strangely even the sound of the train whistle seems more plaintive and lonely.
    The "Sleepy Hollow" time of year is definitely on the way here!
    Stay warm!
    Tina xo

  2. BOOOO to stinking-stink bugs ~ HOORAY for much needed rain! :)

    xo Catherine

  3. We are currently watching all the birds enjoying WET grass for the first time in weeks!

    It is such a sight to see!

    We are also watching golfers with umbrellas and some without -

    Another sight to see ;-)

  4. Hello Sue,
    I am sorry to "hear" that you have been a bit on the down side lately but I'm glad you were still able to take a few moments to see the beauty of the upcoming fall. I would've loved to have seen that groundhog; I happen to think they are super cute but apparently they don't want me to see them for very long. Maybe being accompanied by a coonhound doesn't help the situation though!
    I felt terrible when I cancelled my Pets Blogroll membership because I naively thought the website was a safe one. I have nothing personally against the webmaster but I do have issues with computer problems. Glad you ended your membership as well!

  5. Hi Kim!
    Yep, we got rain yesterday, was very welcome, but too late for a lot of things. Everything appears to have that "last leg" look.
    Haven't seen the geese go over yet, some of them actually winter here. Dumb birds......
    Yes the shedding continues, does it ever stop? Or do I have the wrong dogs?
    Have a peaceful day!

  6. So jealous of your greenery and the start of fall... It's still hot and dusty here! :-(

  7. Unfortunately, most of the greenery around here burned in the summer heat and grass and leaves are all crunchy brown color. But, Mom sure knows that it's shedding season. Tsar looks like a molting buffalo with clumps of hair falling off as he walks around.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  8. We seem to have bypassed fall completely and gone right to our usual grey, damp, cool winter weather. Too soon! We have too many outdoor projects that need dry weather waiting for completion. On the bright side, we're going to fire up the wood stove for the first time in months, to take the chill off the house and give us an excuse to snuggle near the warmth with our books and tea!

  9. We are thankful for any sign of cooler weather coming on!


  10. I'm glad you are feeling better. You do have a lot on your plate and sometimes we just need to rest. I love the groundhog. When I lived outside Princeton, we had a resident one too. And I must brush my dogs tomorrow. I'm glad Samson is in LA. He takes the prize in the fur department!--Inger

  11. You just reminded me....yesterday when I was out on the side of the house, I noticed a neighbor's tree across the way had turned a spectacular orange/red (very unusual colors for Montana).

    I will get a photo tomorrow!!

    Glad you are feeling better! :)


  12. I love the changing seasons and the cooler weather. No real rain here yet. That is an amazing amount of fur. Glad you are feeling better.

  13. Hi Kim
    I can feel the peace when we look at Golden Pines,,,,, and tonight I imagine that you are listeing to the crickets.
    I hope the autumn breeze can sooth all the frazzelness away from you.
    Tonight, I will make an effort to do the same myself.
    A rain came and watered the thirsty forest a few days ago,,, it was like a taste to their needeles, and a promise of rain to come..... the rain did not last, but it will be back.
    Blossoms on flowers are slowing down,,,,,but the yellow jackets are not!
    The Cananda Geese photo that you shared was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing,,,,,,
    my heart which also gets frazzeled needed to see the flight.....
    destination unknown,,,,
    what a stong leader, leading the way.
    The sun is slipping from the sky now,,,, I will go watch,,, and then who knows,,, maybe go watch the stars.
    Nitey nite

  14. It still feels like summertime here (yay!) but we have gotten several nice rains this week so things are greening up. My impatiens are still full and pink. No chill to the air, no slant to the sun. The only glimpse of fall is my decorating around the house!


  15. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    I was talking with a fellow who lives in one of the gathering places for migrating Canadian Geese the other day and he said that the geese were two weeks early this year. Uh oh...I sure hope that's not a sign of a hard winter ahead!

  16. Hi Kim,
    Glad to hear your spirits are picking up!

    The rain was wonderful! But, you know what that means, don't you? The grass will need to be cut.

    The signs of fall are all around us and early this year. What a stressful season for the trees. I'd go to sleep a little earlier than usual too if I were them!

    And, it's the lovely season of dogs blowing their coats - big time! But, and I think this is too cool, a woman who comes to our session told me to save the dog hair and she would spin and weave it! She made the most beautiful shawl from her Samoyed. Isn't that one of the most unusual things?

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

  17. Goldens and shedding, such an endearing quality. Furmenators are a great invention. Looks like you have enough fur for another Rudy. Lady started shedding her undercoat a couple of months ago. Seems to never end. We always have a central vac. With Golden, you sure need them. Happy you got some rain. Hope the Skins scalp the Cowboys. Looking pretty good so far. Our Seahawks won today....big.

  18. What the hell is a stinking stink bug???? LOL! Yes we're on the turn here too, Autumn is my favourite season. xxx

  19. Oh la la. The stink bugs are back here too. Never saw one in Scotland, must have been too cold, but they just thrive in France and Italy.

  20. Yes the changing season is in full swing here & I'm loving it - though not getting out walking due to Dillon's sore paw ( healing nicely but he is fed up too )

    Your blackeyed Susans are lovely. The Canada Geese are here in my field ! I love them though this morning it was the crows cawing & eating what the newly plowed field as turned up. The wood pigeons are cooing in there too !

  21. did I ever, this morning! All weekend it has been 97-99 degrees, and all of a sudden I walked out this morning and felt almost a cold breeze , dry breeze, on my face.
    It felt and smelled like fall.

  22. Yeah, um, how 'bout them Cowboys...tee hee hee hee

  23. Furminators, the greatest grooming tool known to man. Even my cats love being groomed with one of those, and the amount of hair that you can get off of a cat with that thing is simply amazing.

  24. I should spin you some yarn from your Goldens! I'd be happy to do it if you'd like me to...

  25. Wish we would get some rain! Our pond is so low we can almost walk across it! But, we do have plenty of fur around here!
    The Road Dogs

  26. Nancy, that is so very kind and sweet of you to offer to spin some yarn from my Goldens!! I think that would be really wonderful, but unfortunately, I lack the talent to knit or crochet...THANK YOU for the very gracious offer though!!!!


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