Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hamlet Clears One Hurdle

Once again I'd like to thank-you for your remembering Hamlet today and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. I heard from the surgeon a little while ago that Hamlet has come through the surgery and was resting. He said it went as well as could be expected, and he had removed as much of the infected tissue and tumor as he could. Hamlet still has a few hurdles to get over, but I'm hopeful that we have cleared the biggest one with the surgery. I'm to call in the morning because he may be able to come home. 

As I mentioned earlier today, I met a friend for lunch whose dog was also having surgery. (Bella did just fine too!)  We met at a place in Purcellville called "Magnolias at the Mill."  The mill was built in 1905. It served in the production of pasture seed for the Contee Adam Seed Company, and was operated by the same family for three generations. In the middle of the last century, Loudoun County Dairy Business was booming and the mill filled the need for grass seed. During the second World War, much of the Virginia Orchard Grass seed produced here was shipped to Europe as packing for artillery shells and armaments. 'Magnolias' was also a flour mill in the 1940s.  It's a lovely place that still retains the original woodwork and equipment for the decor.  Lunch was delicious (a roasted pumpkin bisque to warm me up and flank-steak caesar salad) and the company of a good friend was enjoyable too.      

Afterwards I stopped by "Southern States" and once again admired the chicken houses...I still think I need chickens.  But I think (or rather I know) I need to get Hamlet home and back on his feet first. 

THANK YOU all again for your kindness, support and your friendship; it has provided so much comfort!   I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!     


  1. Thanks for the pupdates!

    Glad to see both did as well as could be expected!

    We are glad you were able to pass some time by reading about MFT Treks to The Tundra!

    Are you sure we are the ones you think of when you hit York OR the 87 traffic lights before you get passed it?


  2. Kim,
    1) YAY! Glad to hear positive news regarding Hamlet's first hurdle.

    2) You DO need chickens...just not right now. I always get baby chicks in the Spring and think that's the best time for them, which means you have another 4-5 months to think and plan for this.

  3. so glad Hamlet made the first hurdle! I've been thinking about him....

  4. I'm so glad to hear that he leaped the first hurdle. Fingers crossed he's home really soon!

    Those chicken houses are cool!!

  5. Oh Kim ~ I am so happy for you and Hamlet. I hope that everything keeps going well. It sounds like you had a lovely lunch with your friend in that beautiful and unique restaurant ~ good for you ~ you deserve it!

    I like those chicken coops ~ perhaps they could go on your Christmas list! ;)

    Big hugs for Hamlet!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  6. We are just catching up and are VERY happy to see Hamlet pulled through his surgery. Please keep us posted. Our paws are crossed and we are sending Golden healing missiles (hey, we aren't messing around) your way. No need to run for cover.

    It is always nice to reacquaint with a friend, especially when you are sharing so much in common today.

    We think chickens are deeeelicious. The eggs are good too.

  7. Good for Hamlet!!! I hope he can get lots of rest for healing...

    (And those chicken houses are adorable! I'd want a whole village!)

  8. We're glad to hear the surgery went well. When you see Hamlet, tell him that we're all thinking about him and hoping he feels better without that tumor.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  9. Oh, I happened upon your blog through another and it broke my heart to hear about Hamlet requiring surgery. We have a golden retriever named Hurricane and he's the love of our life. I will keep Hamlet in my thoughts and prayers...

  10. I'm glad to hear the news is positive and most definately in the right direction.
    Hamlet is a trooper, he'll do the best he can, of that I'm sure.
    In the meanwhile, I will continue to keep him in my prayers, and thoughts.
    What a lovely restaurant you visited, I bet the food was delicious !
    Hugs friend,

  11. So glad Hamlet is doing well, that is a big hurdle.
    What a neat place to go for lunch, if we are ever in that area that is the type of place we would love.
    Had never seen chicken coops like those pictured, looks like the chikens would be living the high life.

    Sheila & Bob

  12. I'm SO happy to hear that Hamlet's surgery went well. That has to be a tremendous relief for you! And what a lovely place to have lunch with a friend.

    Maybe someday, I'll come for a visit and we'll have lunch there. ;-)

    Awesome chicken houses! I was thinking that if I could learn to build portable chicken huts, that might be another good source of income. So many cities are fighting for the right to keep chickens now...

    Hugs to Hamlet and the rest of the crew!

    Happy Dreams to you ~

  13. I'm glad that Hamlet is past his first hurdle. Didn't realize that he'd have to stay overnight. You will be thinking of him all night, I'm sure.

    As for those chicken houses, if Isobelle GoLightly's Lady sees them, she'll be wanting me to stuff one in the back of my Vibe, the next time I head down to Virginia to see my Aunt.

  14. So nice to hear Hamlet went through the surgery without problems. You guys have been much on my mind this day.

    Wow! Those are gorgeous chicken houses. I love the outside areas for gathering the eggs. Yes, you definitely need chickens.

    You don't have any dirty old egg sucking dogs, do you?

  15. So glad to hear Hamlet is doing well.. prayers continue for his healing and the road ahead!

  16. I'm so happy to hear Hamlet is doing well. Please keep us posted! I hope he gets to come home ASAP.

    Zona's Mom

  17. So far, so good Kim. Hamlet wants to come home too, you can bet on that!

  18. So glad Hamlet came through the surgery well. I know how scary this is. Thinking of you both! When you are ready, get those chickens, you will not regret it :)

  19. I know how nerve-wracking surgery days are. I am SO happy that Hamlet came through strongly and the surgery went well. I thought of you and him as I sat listening to the silence in our sleeping forest.

    Gentle hugs for your boy.

  20. I've been gone all day and just got home...couldn't wait to check on Hamlet...such a relief!

    Continuing to send positive, healing thoughts and hugs to you!

  21. So far, so good! Hope Hamlet had a good night and gets to come home on Sunday. Paws crossed for a speedy, pain-free healing.

    Have you ever raised chickens before? If not, you might be surprised at how much work it is. And you get attached to the little critters, whether you intend to or not, which means if they get sick, you're up all night trying to nurse them. They have individual personalities. Who's going to guard the coop from the foxes, raccoons, feral cats, etc.? [You think those boxes are tamper proof?] Of course if you've had chickens before, just ignore this.

    Jed & Abby.

  22. That's great news - thanks so much for keeping us updated! Here's hoping that Hamlet is soon resting comfortably at home, where I'm sure he most wants to be!

  23. Thinking about you and Hamlet and sending you both our best wishes.

    Riley and his mum

  24. Have been thinking of Hamlet so much...and this morning so happy when I read that he has got through the first hurdle.I'm sure with your tender care he will recover quickly. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way. :0)

  25. I'm so glad to hear Hamlet is doing well. I'm thinking of you both.

  26. Well done so far, Hamlet! I hope you get him home soon.

    I keep on toying with the idea of chickens but we are very 'foxy' round here and I know I'd get very attached to the silly little birds.........


  27. sending prayers your way that Hamlet has a speedy recovery and is back on his feet as soon as possible.

    Gill in Canada

  28. Kim,
    Hamlet was in my heart all day and I sent the best Karma his way.
    Really pleased that he is doing as well as can be for such a intensive operation on a older dog.
    Your pictures are just wonderful. What a amazing place to have lunch I would have just loved the place.
    Those chicken houses are by far the neatest and prettiest I have every seen.
    Makes me want to have chickens just so Hubby can build one!

  29. We are keeping our paws crossed for dear brave Hamlet. Glad you had someone to share the difficult day yesterday.

  30. Thanks for the update on Hamlet. Praying he continues to improve... I remember we used to have a chicken 'coop' when I was a little girl. Now, you're going to think this is crazy but..... I always loved the smell of the chicken coop. I know. Something wrong with that picture, right? lol. I think it was a feeling of love for pets, including the chickens that made me love the smell... who knows!? Anyway... hope you get your chicken house in the near future :)

  31. Hello Kim,

    I have just been catching up on blogs after a busy few weeks. So sorry to hear about Hamlet, but also glad to come back and join you at a point when things are looking more positive. Belated Happy thanksgiving and happy anniversary and sending lots of good thoughts for you and the dogs! Clare & Jim

  32. We have not stopped thinking about Hamlet. What a trooper he is. We will send healing thoughts to him as he gets stronger and better.
    Again, we will expect a miracle.
    You have given it all you can in trying to help this sweet boy.
    I know bloggy land has their circle of paws around him.
    As he rests and gets better, try to take some time for yourself to deep breathe at Golden Pines.
    The chicken houses are so cute...
    its nice to see chickens taken care of like this,,,, someone really cares a lot. I know you would too,
    hugs and healing paws to Hamlet

  33. so glad to know now that he made it through and is doing fine. That restaurant sounds fabulous, so does the lunch.
    and yes, you need chickens.