Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Week of Highs and Lows

I really look forward to Thursday's when the week finally slows down.  I can catch up on my blog-reading and things around the house. 

Hamlet has had his highs and lows this week.  The high came when I thought that the tumor had started to heal.  But a low came when we were gone, he lost the shoe he now wears to keep him from being able to scratch himself, which he did.  I think the more he scratched, the more it bothered him and the more he couldn't leave it alone. He's really gouged the tumor and it bled for a long time. I almost thought I was going to have to take him in. But it did stop and today it does look a little better.  I'm hopeful that it'll be okay, but I just don't know.

There has been no contact from Fred's realtor about our buying additional property.  I do think they're going to see if they can sell the entire 10 acres and not break up the parcel; I guess I don't blame them.  The easement was finished on Monday evening.  Let the selling traffic begin...I can't wait...

Another issue with my sister threw me into a tail-spin last evening.  I'll spare you the family drama and just say that I picked myself up, and was reminded of the kindness of friends both that I've met, and those who come to me from cyber-space.

The dogs always have a way of providing a much needed lift.  We enjoyed a walk, and Sheba and Rudi shared a stick.  It was good to be outside enjoying the fresh fall air and I felt better about everything.   
The day stayed on course when the mailman drove into our driveway while we were outside.  I wished I'd been able to take a picture as the dogs mobbed his truck!  He stopped mid way up the drive, leaned out of the truck and handed me a package. 

I was excited to see that it was from our friend Sugar the Golden Retriever and her Mom   I have been admiring the tasty and healthy treats that they bake up and was so excited by a gift of them for our crew. 
We did a couple of rounds of treats because they're healthy after all--Carl said they smelled so good that he wanted to try one--The dogs LOVED them, and I did too because they were baked with love and given in kindness!

Thank-you Sugar and Sugar's Mom!  We so appreciate your thinking of us, and sharing these wonderful treats!!  You can find out more about them by going to their blogSugar and her Chef-Mom are on a little Thanksgiving break for now, but you can still stop by their blog and take a look around.  

Finally, I will end this post with this picture that I took of  'my boys' Tanner (left) and Hamlet while they were waiting on their treats.  I so love the look on their sweet white faces. 


  1. I'm sorry for the rough spots you had to endure this week, but glad to know that you had canine and human friends to help lift your spirits. I'd say that looks like a pretty happy bunch of Dogs, as well!

    Wishing you a wonderful (and peaceful) weekend...

  2. I love the photos of your whole crew. You have so many beautiful dogs! Wow! I actually didn't realize how many goldens you have!

    I love the final photo of Hamlet and Tanner. They look so intent and so happy.

    I'm thinking of Hamlet. It's so tough to protect our dogs from themselves sometimes, don't you think? That's exactly our challenge with K right now so I understand.

  3. It must be total bliss in your household, each & everyone one of them have such angelic faces.
    I so wish Fred would get his finger out & sell you the land....greedy bloke.

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful! I hope your weekend and the coming week improve in all ways. Give Hamlet a big hug from Charlie & me.
    - Anne

  5. Tina from Tillamook (Oregon)Fri Nov 19, 02:25:00 AM

    I so love the sweet look on the boys faces - anticipation!!
    Bless you for all you do for the beautiful goldens - you & Carl are AWESOME!!!!!!

  6. That picture of the full family sitting waiting for their treats is the best I've seen all year. Dear old Hamlet.

  7. Hope you have been able to get some rest and that you will have a good weekend. The gift of cookies was a treat in itself. Love the bottom photo of Tanner and Hamlet. Do hope you are able to buy some of the property and glad to hear you are not letting family problems make you feel bad. I know it is hard to keep negative things away. Hugs.

  8. oh ! what wonderful photographs of your doggy crew !you can tell it was some tasty tit bit !

  9. Sorry to read that Hamlet is struggling with more healing, it's ongoing, but he seems to handle it extremely well.
    What a trooper.
    What a lovely surprise, a bag of treats for your doggies, you can see the excitement on those angelic faces.
    What a special life you lead.....
    Hugs to the babies ;)

  10. I too love that photo, so sweet.

    When the UPS man comes to the house, he brings a dog biscuit with him, which I have always thought was so nice of him. Granted Molly shouldn't have it, as she is allergic to regular dog biscuits, but I always let her have it!!

    Gill in Canada

  11. What beautiful old silver doggie faces! Sorry you've had a rough week. Time to send goat kisses!

  12. I especially love the picture of Hamlet & Tanner - what sweet "white" faces. The group picture is awesome - as if they all posed for that special moment for the treats.

    Sending warm thoughts & prayers for Hamlet and the rest of your gang.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  13. Such a lovely post Kim. You are so fortunate to have such a great pack of dogs with you. And that last picture tells it all!!!

  14. Life does deal us some zingers, doesn't it?

    I only wish some of the people in our lives could be more like our dogs.

    Hugs to Hamlet, all of your sweet puppies, and to their big-hearted caregiver. :)


  15. Such beautiful and sweet pups! Love on 4 paws! Keep smiling, dearie! And kisses to Hamlet.

  16. I think as long as a golden can enjoy a treat, they are happy! Very nice pictures!

    We had some family issues too this week, that are going to make holidays very hard to deal with. We wish you the best!


  17. Hey there Kim...
    That pack of pooches you have there is too cute for words!!! They could cheer absolutely anyone up! Sorry about the downs this week - I hope things ease up for Hamlet and I hope that you weather the family storms...they are the worst!
    Sending lotsaluv for a happy weekend!
    (ps Sugar is so sweet!)

  18. Kim you have made my day with those wonderful pictures of the sweethearts waiting for treats! What a special and precious moment!
    I am praying for Hamlet and for the land for you and yours. Have a great weekend guys!
    Tina xo

  19. Awe, Tanner and Hamlet are so beautiful!! What a sweet gesture to send you those goodies for your kids. I will definately check out that site again... Have a great weekend... Hope you hear from the realator soon and it's good news!

  20. Sweet sweet faces. They all look so good waiting for their turn with the treats. How kind of Sugar (and her Mom) for sending them to you.

    Take care of yourself,


  21. Hi Kim, I'm so sorry about the family situation but so thankful you have such a loving pack of family members-they always bring me smiles.
    Have you tried an Elizabethian/cone collar? When our Reggie had eye surgery I had to get one because I wasn't sure whether he might scratch or if our Sadie might lick his eye. I got ours at a Petsmart or Petco(don't know whether you have these?)because it was cheaper than buying it at the vets. It helped a lot. I'm sending you big hugs today-you certainly don't need the hurt that humans can dish out.
    Love you!

  22. Kim, your canines are good relief for tail-spins. So much going on for you right now. Slurps, Tucker

  23. Sorry you've had your ups and downs this week...but look at all the love that surrounds you!

  24. I sorry you had a hard week. Family can take so much out of you.

    Do I count SIX pups? I didn't know you had that many! They sure look like they love those treats~!!

  25. We are sad about Hamlet. Poor guy is hurting and doesn't know better or why. Always love seeing pictures of the dogs. They look very happy and attentive to their new treats. Lady loves Sugar's baked goodies too. I thought the same thing Carl did. They're not bad!!

  26. Such a lovely picture of those eager little faces!
    Poor Hamlet..he is having a rough time bless him..and you too Kim.
    Thinking of you all. :0)

  27. Glad you have the good to balance that not so good! What a wonderful gift for both you and the pups! They truly enjoyed it... no doubt about that!

  28. Hello Kim :)
    Gosh it has been a long time since I have written you comment on your blog. I have been reading and I do think of you often. It is usually when my golden girl, Mabel and I are snuggling I think how much fun it would be to have all of your golden friends to snuggle with. I am so sorry that Hamlet is having such a hard time--it must break your heart. I love the picture of Hamlet and Tanner--so so sweet!!! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend and a Blessed Thanksgiving.
    your friend

  29. What beautiful pictures. So full of sweetness and love. Sending positive thoughts for dear Hamlet.

  30. I love the photos of the dogs waiting for their treats :o)

  31. I can feel the love in the faces of all those fur babies.
    What precious photos of that "special moment" as the cookies came out of the bag.
    Imagine the smells and fragrance!
    The gift of the cookies from Sugars mom was like a touch from heaven,, wasn't it?
    I bet those doggys thought so.
    Just when you needed that special touch on your shoulder, it happened.
    We again thank you for the special touch you sent to us,,,, the precious leaves from Golden Pines.
    And "that touch" came at just the right time.
    I have never seen such beautiful photos of Goldens, as the ones your camera takes.
    Huggs to all the furries and to you.
    Have a nice weekend,,,,
    and remember we are thankful to have you in our world

  32. We visited once before about 6 weeks ago and somehow never made our way back until today. We're so very sorry to learn of Hamlet's illness. We wish him as many days of grace as possible. It's hard to keep them from self-treating a wound or illness in a canine fashion, unhelpful as that often is. But a dog has to be a dog. What else can he be?

    Mama adopted us 6 years ago, when she got too old to adequately care for the Great Danes she shared most of her life with. She volunteered with Great Dane Rescue for many years and she adopted the elderly, abused and/or infirm Danes that otherwise wouldn't have found homes. She found that the obvious pain of adopting older dogs is the short amount of time they have left. The blessing is their gentle wisdom, their graceful acceptance, and their gratitude for moments of simple happiness - a sunny place to nap, a tummy rub, the unexpected treat of something nommy falling on the floor. And the knowing that, no matter what came before, at the end of their lives they were loved and cherished.

    Just skimming through the past couple of months of your posts, it's clear you and your dogs have shared this experience, too.

    So we'll be holding you and Hamlet in our hearts and wishing him a good journey, surrounded by love.

    Jed & Abby - and their mama

  33. Oh just look at your Golden herd & your sweet Wheatan right in there too ! What a picture !
    Family dramas are draining I know but getting out in the fresh air is so cathartic. I sat on the sea wall & closed my eyes & listened to the waves crashing in & out wonderful sound. Dillon had to wait a few moments while I sat quietly.

    We saw an old Goldie just like Sam
    & I said Sam's name & Dillon tried to pull me over to the dog. I don't know whether he was remembering Sam or just wanted to sniff the other dog but it was a sweet moment.

  34. Woof! Woof! Yes we are on a holiday break but just want to make sure you received the treats. Very sweet photos ... it brought us tears and a big SMILE. Glad to see Hamlet. Precious Golden Faces. Sending you and the Golden Gang lots of Golden LOVE and Woofs, Sugar

  35. I am sure that I have asked you before... but looking at all of thosedogs together

    I must ask you again

    how do you cope with the occassional fight?

  36. our mail man has started to bring a milkbone each time he carries a package to the door. Bird loves him.
    I hope your weekend gets better. The leaves appear gorgeous in your pictures. Ours are on the cusp of turning...

  37. oops, Blogger erased my comment. Our mailman brings Bird a milkbone when he has a package.
    I hope your weekend gets better, and I hope Mr. Hamlet feels better and stops scratching.
    Your leaves look gorgeous. Ours are on the cusp of turning, I think.

  38. I love the pictures of the whole gang waiting for their treats! Priceless!

    Sending positive thoughts your way for you and the whole gang.

  39. I know those intense gazes. I see them when special treats appear. My husband does taste all dog treats that come into the house. He says some are really good, others rather plain.

    Poor Hamlet, old age isn't easy. We're thinking about him.

  40. Kim,
    Those pictures are priceless!!
    Sorry to hear you are having such a a crappy time with everything else.
    That was so sweet of Sugar and Sugar's Mom to bake those treats for the dogs. Told you, you are special!

  41. Be still my the Mom's beatin heart! She is glowin from gazin upon the Tanner and Hamlet!

    What handsome boys!!!

    My the Mom wishes she knew more about Hamlet's situation. She has done tons of research on tumors and the whatnot... Have you investigated holistic treatment? It's all so complicated. And ever fing depends on so many other fings, but GEE... I just wish we could help!

    wif love from the Luke


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