Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Eyes on Tanner

No one loves a good snow fall more than I do!  But the warmer temps this week have me hoping that the winter is finally behind us.  The signs of spring are starting to appear everywhere.  Birds can now be heard singing in the morning.  And yesterday on the way to work, I saw my first groundhog.  Today, Charlie is at the groomers for his 'spring do.'  The groomer, Irina, who is originally from Romania, with her heavy accent scolded me for waiting so long to bring him in and for the extra weight he's put on over the winter.  Her 'lecture' ended with giving me free samples of a lower calorie kibble to try.

Once back home, Carl and I did a little bit of yard clean up.  Yesterday Rudi and Sheba found a dead mole in the yard that they both of course rolled on.  Carl was unable to find it again and I told him to take Rudi with him, and she'd show him where it was.  Not really believing me, he took her with him--As you can see in the picture, thrilled with the chance to roll on the mole again, she took him right to it.     

Tanner started his new medication on Monday.  The medication called 'Doxepin' has antihistamine effects in dogs but is labeled as an antidepressant.  As you know, his getting overly excited is when he has problems breathing.  So our hope is this medication will alleviate that.  So far, I've no idea if it's working or not. His breathing still sounds the same to me.  The precautions and side effects in taking the medication warn against his drinking and driving while taking it.  It also says that when taking Doxepin suicidal thoughts could develop.  I'm wondering how I will know if Tanner develops that urge to 'end it all?'  Will he start jumping off the three steps into the garage? Start tightening his collar?  Develop this urge to run out in front of cars?  How will I know?  I guess we'll all just have to keep an eye on him...

(Hamlet, front--Tanner foreground)


  1. Anxiously awaiting the "New" and "improved" Charlie!

    EW, Yep Rudi could show Carl, LOL! Another bath or Oust?

    You really will have to keep a stern eye on Tanner, who knows what the old fellow will think of "to end it all"? :-) Keep him in the back seat!

    How is Hamlet doing? Still on the herbs? Any sign of that bleep growth?

    Just what would you do if you didn't have all those dogs?

  2. Hey Tanner.... promise not to go suicidal on us, okay? Rowdy would miss seeing your purdy face.

    Hope the meds help!


  3. That post really made me laugh, thank you!

    Wishing dear Tanner well on his new medication.


  4. LOL> I don't think Tanner will decide to end it all... Now Charlie, on the other hand, when he learns that he's on a diet- may find no reason to go on. Oh, I can't wait to see his new look.

    Every time I see Hamlet's sweet face my heart melts. I'm almost sure my Granddog Ginger is going to look like that when she gets older.

  5. OMG! Thank you so much for the great BELLY LAUGH!

    Somebody must have pu8t something in your coffee this morning...

    As much as I love Tanner (who am I fooling? I love them ALL!), that Hamlet is one stunningly beautiful Golden Retriever!


  6. Roll in the mole! Roll in the mole!! Rudi just paid for her care!

    Tanner and Hamlet look just adorable!!

  7. You should probably keep him from operating heavy machinery and power tools, too.

    I love it! We can call it 'Roll on a Mole' day. My group would certainly like to join in.

  8. Thanks for the laugh. Sometimes we worry so much about our pets and their conditions and then their medications for conditions... Nice that you can keep a sense of humor about your muttly crew!

  9. Kim, I was scrolling down in aniticpation for a pic of the 'new' Charlie but it's not there!!!! :-(

    Lets hope the new meds do the job for Tanner hun. Spring is defo in the air, here in the UK too.

    So groundhogs do exist then, I thought they were made up for the film. Is there such a beast as 'Punxsutawney Phil' then ???

    Have a lovely weekend. Sue

  10. We are getting signs of spring too! Can just feel the difference from a week ago! Yeah!
    Now watch Tanner very closely especially if he jumps into the driver's seat!!

  11. Thanks for the laugh, or both of them, I should say. The picture of Rudi rolling is beyond funny. And, if Tanner starts showing depression symptoms, I want to see a video of it.

    You know, some day I want a dog. I can't have one now, because Becky Cat is too much of a chicken. But, when I can have one, your blog has made sure that one of the breeds that I will be considering is the Golden. All of yours just seem like such wonderful dogs.

  12. Boy, I hate it when they roll in DEAD things...They think it's the Perfume of Angels...Wish they'd understand!!! Just part of being a DOG I guess...
    Wishing Tanner success with the Meds.
    Just make sure he doesn't DRIVE the car when your NOT around!!! (AND drinking before)

    The temps. are stirring up SPRING things in all the 4 footed creatures outside..Saw my first flock of Robins..Nights will be a bit too cool for them though...

    Take Care

  13. Eww!!! I don't know which would be worse...having one of the dogs roll on a dead critter or rolling in poo? Our family dogs rolled in and ate poo a few times and ick, ick, ick!!!

    I sure hope Tanner does well on his medication and as for the suicidal thoughts...make sure he chews before swallowing!!! ;o)

  14. Kim,
    I have to agree with Bobbi on one account; whenever I see Hamlet my heart just oozes and melts into a puddle...that is one sweet insightful dog!
    Tanner, well let's see, I've heard that if he changes friends...will that help? or perhaps sleeping too much or too little? Keep a close eye on him but I don't think you have much to worry about.
    Poor Charlie...losing his hair AND a diet; now that sounds like some signs you need to watch out for!

  15. Lots of love to you and all your critters, Kim. Tanner knows how good he has it at your house, so no thoughts on ending it all from him. I hope the meds help him with his problem though. And I can't wait either for pics of Charlie.--Inger

  16. Ha! That was funny!! Poor Tanner. Guess he'll have to hand over the keys for good. Your dogs are so beautiful. I just love seeing the photographs. Friday is here - whoo hoo!!

  17. After I read this, made and appointment to have Phoebe and Gucci groomed. Can't get an appointment until March 11th.

  18. It does get rather comical when I think about the things we do for our pets -- if only we took as good care of ourselves all the time. :)

  19. Tanner and Hamlet are both looking very patrician in that bottom photo. The medication must be doing something good. Who does Charlie, in his pre-groomed state, remind me of ?

  20. I don't know Kim ~ that looks like spring to me at your house. I still have so much snow! :(

    The side effects of that drug for Tanner ~ oh my stars ~ funny!

    It's the same as pet food when they make it "new and improved taste". Who tasted it to let the makers of the pet food know if tasted better? :)

    Have a terrific weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  21. It sounds like Irina speaks her mind! Actually, that's not a bad thing. I have a friend with whom I have a deal - I tell her if her dog is looking heavy and she tells me when my dogs look too thin (that's their tendency). We both live up to our ends of the bargain! It's hard to see a weight change when you spend everyday with a dog.

    I hope that Tanner's breathing improves. It sure sounds like a very scary thing. Two of my past dogs had the same laryngeal paralysis but it was never as accentuated as in Tanner.

  22. Oh man, this is going to be a big problem. Tanner won't be able to drive Charlie to McDonalds for his Big-a-Mac fix. Ya know, its always something.

  23. Maybe Tanners meds are flavored and make him happy. That would be nice- right?
    Did Charlie get his new hair cut?
    I think he would look adorable both ways. Fluffy or not..
    And,,,,what about the wonderful mole that everyone wanted to roll in? Did any little furry body have to get a bath to smell sweet and clean?

  24. it would be the drinking and driving I would be worried about.....LOL

    Gill in Canada


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