Thursday, February 24, 2011

Behind and Burned Out

To start, my apologies for not visiting your blogs this week!  I so enjoy starting and ending my day by reading your posts and catching up on news in your corner of the world.  But this week something happened...

I didn't even enjoy my husbands birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant or a snowfall this week...
Picking up Carl's car from the repair shop today did little to lift my spirits...

I think my family drama, work, and the end of the winter, have left me tired and burned out.  The lack of sun shining days hasn't helped either!  I decided that nothing recharges your inner batteries better than getting away.  So, I tried to wrangle an invitation from my very good friend in Pennsylvania.  Despite dropping a number of hints, no offer to come and visit her was mentioned...So, it was time to go to another plan. 

I'd been thinking of a friend, Ginny that moved to Tennessee about 6 years ago.  She and her husband have a dog-friendly cabin that they rent out on their Llama farm.  Ginny has been asking me for several years to come down for a visit.  The cabin was available in a couple of weeks, Carl and I both got a few days off work, and so I made the reservation.  It's all set.  We'll take the dogs with us that can't be trusted at home with the remote and the internet, and leave the others to be cared for by our dog-walker.  I can't wait!  

Knowing we're going to be getting away in a couple of weeks really lifts my spirits--That and lunch I had this afternoon with my two good friends.

Again, I'm sorry I've not visited your blogs this week. 
I look forward to getting all caught up on your news!!
~Am I the only one with problems seeing all the updates on my dashboard?~  
(Below: Tanner)


  1. I understand completely. I'm so glad that you took action and have something fun to look forward to. It's amazing how long I've been eyeing our vacation week in March, when we plan to retreat to the warm desert.

    Glad to see Tanner looking good.

  2. Oh Kim -- no need to apologize. I think all of are feeling or have felt the way you are right now. This winter has been a biatch, to put it nicely.

    With all of your responsibilities, I don't know how you do it all. Time away will certainly do you some good. Enjoy!

  3. Good for you Kim!! A few days away should bring you back refreshed and ready to start again!! Last year we never got a vacation and it has really taken its toll. This year will be different. Have fun... and relax!

  4. No worries what you need to do to take care of yourself.

  5. Getting away always lifts my spirits. I know you two will enjoy your time away from home for a few days.

  6. High time you had a break! Who are you bringing along, Tanner and Charlie? It sounds very exciting for you and Carl to get away from every thing!


  7. Oh Kim I hope you have a wonderful time. I must admit I am a bit jealous. I haven't been away in----well lets just say it has been a really long time. A cabin on a farm in Tennessee sounds so wonderful right now. Take lots of good books and just relax. Oh and don't forget to take lots of pictures---I always love to see your photos :)
    Have fun!!!!!!!


  8. Something to look forward to! Good for you! And no need to apologize! Sometimes I don't know how folks with jobs and full-time husbands manage to blog at all!

  9. Oh, hooray for getting away!!! I'm so happy for you, as I know exactly how you feel. I was in a slump after Christmas until I finally got to get away to my Sweetheart's for four days this past weekend and it did me a whole world of good. Don't worry about not visiting my blog, I totally understand and I look forward to your telling us about your time on the llama farm after your getaway there!

  10. Kim,
    We all need a break from time to time to keep us sane.
    Please take a lot of photos and give us your opinion on the accommodations.

    Sheila & Bob

  11. Burn out occurs quite frequently this time of year, I think. I'm glad that you are getting away for a while. I hope that it refreshes and recharges you. Don't worry about not visiting. We'll be around when you have time to stop by again.

  12. Man, do I understand burnout. At least you have a place to go and someone to go with.

    If the sun doesn't shine soon, I'm going to turn into Jack Nicholson in the Shining!!

    Have fun and come back refreshed!

  13. We understand - Mom's reader refuses to go below 500. She is so way behind on reading blogs!


  14. I wish you wouldn't worry about visiting all our blogs. Life happens, and I hope you always chose doing what you need to do to take care of yourself over catching up on your bloglist. We will still be here when you get back!

  15. Sometimes life gets in the way of all the blogging goodwill. We always catch up. Its always on our mind. Love to the dogs from Lady.
    Best to everyone from KT.
    Have a great time on your special getaway.

  16. Sweet Kim
    First of all I am relieved to know that nothing bad has happened. It is time for you to take care of yourselves and get away from the hustles of life. The calmness will heal your soul and you will feel refreshed I am sure.
    We understand 100 percent how you are feeling. You are always there to help pull people out of their slumps. Your just a friend to all.
    I wish we could bring you some chicken soup and brownies,, cause you know what Kim?
    We love you...We are so blessed in knowing you.
    And so, we hope you and Carl... and the furrys who go with you,, have a good time.
    Let mother earth sooth you.

  17. Oh! Can I come along?

    Probably not, since Carl is, huh?
    OK, then how about:
    I think you must go over Minnesota on your way to Tennessee. You should stop by here for a couple of days too!

    Yeah. That sounds like a good plan! Or, if you'd rather take TWO vacations, you could wait until lambing and come at the end of April. We'll have lots adorable little lambs then and I hate lambing and always get depressed (I worry about my ewes & feel completely inadequate to care for them and their babies ~ I go through this every year!) during lambing.

  18. Hey there Kim...
    Yeah, we all go through those patches. With all that's been going on, I'm not surprised that you are fatigued. It's great that you are going on holiday - a change too is just as good as a holiday. No blogging = change!
    We love you.
    Sending lotsaluv

  19. Sounds like a perfect getaway! Yay! We need one here too :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  20. Dear Kim,
    With all you have going I'm surprised you don't book a retreat every week.

  21. I'm not surprised you're burnt out - wishing you a relaxing time away and that you revive your zest for life.


  22. That feeling is called February ! Glad you're going off for some excitement.

  23. You have the Winter blues and this is just what you need,something to look forward to..a lovely vacation!
    Hope you have a great time and RELAX! :0)

  24. You go and have a lovely break and as they say, recharge your batteries. It will do you the world of good.... sounds a lovely place to visit.

  25. Woof! Woof! No Worries at all ... us too have been behind n just casually reading blog posts when we have a moment. Carl's car looks good. Belated Happy Birthday to him. Hope the Golden Gang is doing well. Just think n look forward to future events/plans n you will not feel so burned out. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  26. I hope you have a terrific weekend Kim ~ recharge those batteries! :)
    xo Catherine

  27. Kim, I think we all have times like that when we just NEED to change things up a little. I have them too but I never get to go any where. I then have to get creative!!!
    Have a very good week-end dear friend!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  28. Kim enjoy your time away...somehow I know you will! I am so looking forward to Aruba this year!...:)JP

  29. Heaven's to Betsy, Dear...Life happens and we all know you care so all is well with the world. However, I'm sure it will be even better when you get away and have some time to yourself. Hang in there!!!

  30. This can be a very difficult time of the year Kim. And it is very understandable to be drained of energy.
    I love how a 'planned' future vacation can just be the trick to get us into a better gear! That will be great for you.

  31. you don't have to apologize to us...we have been and are in that place too. Sp lucky to be able to go...have a great break!

  32. oh'm so happy for you! Have a break very pleasant and happy, and helps them to renew their strength and heal the soul.
    Happy holidays!
    see you soon and take care.

  33. You sound like I feel Kim and I think the little mini vacation sounds like just the thing to recharge your batteries.
    You are not alone on falling behind on your blog visits. I too find myself overwhelmed often by the number of posts on my blog roll and the limited time I have to read them all. I do my best with the time I have to at least read the posts, but I don't always leave a comment.
    Enjoy your respite and think of us while you are relaxing!
    Tina xo

  34. Yay! Road trip! I know that always lifts my spirits. :) Glad you have the weather for it! Winter still has a pretty tight grip on us out here....


  35. The time away will be wonderful I'm sure. Glad you're taking some of the dogs with you so you don't have to worry about them racking up the pay-per-view movie bill!! :-) Relax, enjoy, and get rejuvenated.

  36. I hope your getaway helps you recharge your batteries!


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