Monday, February 28, 2011

A Good Day to Play!

~Rudi/left - Josh on the right~

It was such a beautiful day in Virginia on Sunday!  The warmth of the sun and spring that was in the air truly energized all of us!  The dogs wanted to play a round of frisbee.  How did I know that?  Rudi magically found a frisbee that had been lost months ago. How do they find these things?  The first games of spring are always a lot of fun and I realized how much I''ve missed warm weather and just being outside

I did stop at the grocery store on the way home from church.  I never shop on Sunday, but I'd not gone on Saturday.  But as I was standing in the shorter express line of  '15 items or less,' I counted, and the person in front of me had 19.  Why do people do this?  I always think they need to have their rights read to them and they should be arrested and hauled off when this happens--But then as I was taking my things out of the basket, and counting, I realized I had 18.  I tried to hide the 3 little cans of cat food in case the person in back of me noticed...Maybe we shouldn't be so harsh with those that break that rule--At least not on such a beautiful spring day!  (Below: left Sheba - Rudi right)
I hope your week is off to a good start! 
(Below: Rudi) 


  1. It's nice to see the kids playing outside! On grass, nonetheless! I take it that the snow is just a white memory. It won't be long and somebody is going to have to mow that stuff! Everybody looks good in the pictures.

    Glad that you got some outdoor fun too and no hassle from you know who! I hope you feel better now!


  2. Hi Kim,
    I love the pictures of such happy dogs playing outside. Poor Sassy and Mabel will just have to wait until sunnier days to have such fun. It has been raining here in Pittsburgh---I mean really raining!!!! My backyard is an ocean. I swear I saw white caps eariler when the wind blew. We have all been awake since 3am--thunder, lightening and two dogs shaking in their boots does not make for good sleep :) Hopefully sunny days are ahead. Have a happy week

  3. Had to laugh at your rule-breaking self. Sorry about the sis thing. Truly...

    But the pix of your babies and their frisbees brought back such happy memories of when our Marigold was younger (and not so affected by arthritis). She LIVED by her Flippy Floppers! What joy!

  4. LOL> Hi Kim. At first I thought... uh oh. I've been guilty of having maybe one or two more items than I should in the express line. I started to shrink into my seat as I read on... then I was relieved to find out that you were disobeying as well. I pictured both of us in handcuffs and being shoved into the back of the police cruiser then whisked off to the big house.

    The kids look like their having a blast!! We had a beautiful day here in Western Maryland as well. Just think, spring is just around the corner. Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful photos of the frisbee kids, they look so happy!

    Every Spring Rosie Mae roots about in the garden and manages to find Huffalump, which is a manky bit of plastic that was a toy elephant in a previous life but has long since lost its head and feet. She greets this lump of plastic with the joy a mother greets her long lost child!

    Sorry to hear that the sister saga continues.


  6. What a beautiful day!!

    I wish I could fix things for your with your sister, but sometimes we just have to "let go and let God". Not having any siblings, it is hard for me to understand but I do empathize with you.

    The new look on your blog is great!! So much easier for my old eyes to read too.

    Have a great day,

  7. We had a warm weekend too but the sun was scarce. Very cold today and windy. We do appreciate the warm days amidst the cold ones. Warm weather and sunshine gives one a renewed feeling of hope for tomorrows. I think your sister and family need a bit of sunshine in their lives.

  8. Nothing like warm sunny days to lift the spirits. Weather here in Portland you ask? Rain, what else!

  9. Woof! Woof! You sure do having a great weather there. Frisbee is always a great Golden Play. Have a wonderful week. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. If I'm a few over the limit and there's no one in the 12 items or under line, I'll go there without hesitation. And, one time, I got really grumpy when the woman ahead of me in the express line had a full cart, only to find out that one of the store assistant managers had told her to go there.

    Lovely to see the dogs enjoying themselves.

  11. Sunshine, frisbees and happy dogs - lovely! When we first moved here to Mucky Boots, Frankie spent the first two weeks finding every bone, ball and toy left behind by the previous resident dogs. Dogs must have built-in radar of some kind...

    I'm so sorry about the ongoing problems with your sister and her family - sometimes when someone needs our participation in their ongoing drama and we try to withdraw, their efforts to suck us back in only get stronger. Stick to your guns - you're doing the right thing.

  12. My dogs are good at finding lost toys, usually glowballs, because they're the ones that hide them in the first place. I seldom put toys under the bed or behind the couch.

    Family can be a real drag. I got another nasty surprise from mine this weekend, too. Why do I still let them get to me?

  13. I love the last picture of Rudy. How proud he looks! And so happy too! Hope you are feeling good today and that you have a great day. I should say evening, I guess since you are ahead of me.--Inger

  14. Glad that you enjoyed the dogs so much and as for your sister, that's rough on you...I can hear it. Now for the item count in the checkout line, let's face it...YOU are one of those!!!! Only kidding!...:)JP

  15. I don't know, Kim. I think 3 cans of cat food really only counts as one big can, so I think you might have been okay. :)

    The dogs look so much happier, now that Spring has found its way to your home. We are still waiting for that one day of 70 degrees. Then I'll feel like Spring is here!

    Hope the rest of your day is a happy one!

  16. How lucky you are to have wonderful weather enought to play! If we went out, not only would it be cold and damp, bt we have mud so deep you'd sink to your knees!!
    As for the 12 items or's happened to me too. I think I don't have much and then I count only CATEGORIES not total items. Example, 3 cans of corn = one item. (I do try really...) I had 4 bags of ice one time and a lady tried to cut ahead of me saying my cart was "too full " to be in that lane. lol!

  17. Pups and frisbees ~ now that is a 'feel good' sight to see! Cute!
    xo Catherine

  18. I love seeing the pups playing gleefully outdoors! I'm glad that they found their frisbee!

    Very funny story about the number of items. When I have a bunch of bananas, I count it as one item but should it be seven? I always wonder what other people are thinking...

  19. What beautiful, healthy, happy dogs! I think getting out in the fresh air and sunshine could be the best thing for you. It's got to be difficult to think of anything (or anyone) bad when playing with that joyful bunch of Goldens.

    I hope you get lots more time to play this week!

  20. Yes! Get out and play in the sun and have fun!
    I'm feeling depressed and burned out too... we all have seem to have family or some kind of troubles... so fun in the sun seems a good antidote. I'll take the same steps when the sun shows up again. Don't worry about answering and reading blogs... take care of yourself. Be happy!

  21. Kim,
    Your post and the tiredness in your voice made me think of this I had put on my facebook status: An old man once said ...There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.
    ...thinking of you!

  22. The ol' grocery store interrogation stressful! It happens everywhere...I think it's a conspiracy devised by the grocery stores of the world to, for some reason, irritate the humans and whip them into submission...get their money and be done with them! Ever had a sale item in the express line that doesn't show up in their cavernous computer inventory....oh you haven't...just wait!

  23. Thank you so much for visiting me, Kim, and introducing me to your delightful blog. As an owner of just one Golden (owner isn't quite the right word, is it? Caretaker or maid might fit better:)), I'm enjoying reading about the antics of your crew and seeing the photos of your lovely canine family. Looks like they're making the most of a beautiful spring day. It's not spring in Illinois yet, but we've had a couple of warmer days, and Sophie has been delighted to find all her toys that had been buried under the snow this winter:)

  24. Spring is in the air and Frisbee is a Spring game for sure!!!!
    I love watching dogs play with a Frisbee!!
    I have never had a dog who cared anything for one!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  25. What a lovely, sunshiney day:) :)
    Your fur-kids look so happy and content playing outside.

    Btw, could you hide those tins of cat food?

    Thanks a lot for your wishes:) Wish you lived closure, if only for THAT cake **wink**

  26. I just love these photos of your beautiful dogs happy, healthy, and having fun playing outside. I'm so glad Sunday was warm and pretty so the dogs could have a good time.

  27. Hi Kim
    The photos of the "fur kids" are so beautiful. You got some great shots of happiness. Their eyes are sparkling and they just look happy.

    I feel the same way KB when she was concerned if the bananas counted as 1 or 7, I worry about such stuff,,, or for instance a bag of oranges..!

    Were sorry your sister and her kids are at it again,,, how exhaughsting that saga is... but we love you, and that is all that matters!

  28. Hey, our older shepherd brothers used to have those floppy frisbees! They LOVED them! None of us really like frisbees. Too much like work :) Looks like you had a fun day!

    The Road Dogs


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