Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will They Stay and the Stray

Another non-eventful but busy work week coming to an end. I thought Spring was going to remain, but Old Man Winter remains tough and determined and is threatening us with snow flurries for the weekend.

 I've been waiting to hear back from the rescue about our foster boys, The Chub Brothers, Bubba and Toby. No, we've not officially adopted them and so they are still 'owned' by the rescue. I've known since they got here last June that they probably weren't going anywhere, but I just never did anything to make sure they would be staying.  Then when I wasn't asked for several months about them, along with all that was going on with Hamlet and Tanner, it just was easier to put it all on the back-burner.  But I came back onto the rescues radar a couple of weeks ago when I was asked about them, and if or when they would be put up for adoption, since that's the goal.  However we're facing a dilemma with Bubba. For one day about every 2 months or so, he'll have 2-3 grand-mal seizures. I've spoken to my vet about them, and I don't feel like it's time yet to put him on medication for them; but I know there may well be a time when the seizures will become more frequent and he will need to be. Along with Toby he is also unable to do flights of stairs. 

The 'adoptability' of both dogs in my mind is in question. The Chub brothers are a bonded pair and so one cannot be adopted without the other.  Can anyone be found (beside me) willing to take on a pair of 11 year olds that can't do stairs and one that has medical issues?  Add to that the expense of nearly $100 monthly for Bubba's medication for arthritis.  Having placed dogs for about 10 years now, I have my doubts about someone being found that will fill the needs for both these boys.  Thinking ahead, I know that we can't incur the expense of both dogs.  But I have offered to adopt Toby and take on his expenses if the rescue will allow Bubba to remain in our home as a 'long term foster dog.'  Meaning that he would remain in our home for the rest of his life and all his medical expenses would be paid for by the rescue.  I felt it was a fair offer.  However I know how the rescue sometimes operates and I know that 'politics' always goes along with this type of thing (which is why I prefer to stay on the sidelines) so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I've heard from no one. 

In other news, the 'stray cat' that I last saw in January sometime has returned.  I was so happy to see it!!  It came close to the house so this is the first time I've gotten a really good look at it.  I think that it's a pretty cat and a relatively young cat too.  And while this picture doesn't really show it, it's a little on the thin side as well.  The poor thing was eating the bird seed and stalking birds--So guess what I did?  Yes, even though I knew it would run off, I sent Carl out right away with a plate of food for it.    

Paws crossed for 'it' to find the food
and that the Chub Brothers can stay with us... 


  1. He or she IS a beautiful cat!!! I hope it continues to stay around and be fed.

    I hope your 11 yr old boys can stay. I don't believe anyone would give them the love, care, attention (and meds) they need like you do. I'll say some prayers for your little brood...

  2. There is no better place for all three of these animals! Heaven!

  3. I think your offer was a fair one. They'd be stupid to turn you down.

    Hope the kitty comes with you!

  4. Just love all the old Golden faces at your blog. Looks like last week was llama week all around.

    Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

  5. i certainly feel that your offer regarding the chubs is very fair and humane and most definitely in the best interest of the dogs.

    congratulations on you 'new' kitty!


  6. Very pretty little cat.

    I do hope the boys can stay. It would be a shame to separate them at their ages. Morgan is on arthritis meds that cost about that each month, not to mention her anxiety drugs that run about the same. I wish we could put her on our health insurance.

  7. I sure hope the boys can just stay with you and they just keep taking care of expenses. They really close to not adoptable, with Bubba's seizures. (Poor Guy)

    That kitty is awfully cute, I like the dirty nose, of course, it may just be a dirty nose.... I hope you can tame it enough so it will come and eat daily and maybe take up residence.

  8. Your offer sounds sooooooo GOOD - I hope they take you up on it - sending crossed paws. That kitty is so pretty - again... crossed paws!
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  9. Oh, that cat is beautiful! What a great picture you were able to get. I do hope the Chub brothers get to stay. Your offer was more than fair, I thought. We're crossing our fingers and paws.

  10. I, too, hope that the Chub Brothers will get to stay. Kitty too! I'm so glad that he, or she, has shown up again. Just keep putting that food out, same time every day and, gradually, the cat will figure it out. Or, the raccoon, or the possum, or the squirrels, or the crows, or the starlings will.

  11. We hope that things can be worked out that the boys can stay with you. At their ages it would be very hard for them to adjust again to a different home.
    I hope the Rescue takes you up on the offer, because if they have the well beings of the Dogs # 1 on their priority list, it should be a no brainer.

    Glad the kitty survived the winter and glad you feeding him/her.

    Hamish & Sophie

  12. Hi Kim
    I just left you a comment,, but I think it did not save. Blogger kicked me out.
    I think the brother should stat with you too.
    And kit kat- i bet it did enjoy that meal.. i just bet.

  13. That is a VERY beautiful stray cat!!! Looks nothing like a stray infact. It looks clean. And that head of his is gorgeous! WOW!!

  14. Hope it all works out for the best for you.I will send some of our sunshine your way.We've had a lovely warm week here.Bella got into a field of cows the other day, rolled on a cowpat and got covered in it! :0)

  15. Your new found feline friend is gorgeous and apparently can feel all the love radiating from you and your home. Fostering is so difficult at times yet the rewards are many! I hope that Rescue doesn't let the politics get in the way. I mean, after all, they are "rescue."...:)JP

  16. Kim, reading your foster stories warms my heart - it's wonderful to know there are good people like you in the world.

    What a cute cat!! I love how the white goes up its nose and between its eyes.

    Have a great day,

  17. Cats are very good at finding food, so I expect he or she will be back. :)
    May take a while for it to get used to you.

    And good luck with your dogs! I hope the rescue will agree to 50/50 expenses vet wise. ♥

  18. Kim, my cats are well fed every day and still eat bird seed and stalk birds. Go figure.

    I hope things work out for the boys. It would be a shame if politics got in the way of common sense. Hugs.

  19. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everything!

    Oh I hope kitty eats the food. Look at how cute s/he is! That' little block spot on her nose ~ adorable!!!

    Wishing you a happy weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  20. i hope the rescue will agree to your offer. you have such a good heart! and the beautiful kitty...each time you put food out, call kitty kitty. that way it will know and eventually stay closer to your home and know when feed time is so the raccoons, etc won't get it...kitty will come around and choose you soon. i can tell....he/she is so sweet!

  21. Since Scout came to live with me at the age of three (he'll be 11 in August) he's had a seizure every 3-4 months. During those events he still knows me and sees me but they are frightening to me because I love him so much. In all this time the frequency has not increased but I did find one 'marker' if you want to call it that. If there has been a long time between his meals it seems to bring one on. Don't know why. So, I give him a 'baby' milk bone several times a day and adjust his mealtime kibble accordingly. I may be dreaming but it honestly does seem to help lessen the instance of the events.

    As for the kitty. I am hoping and praying that the little one finds the food and 'gentles' to you. My heart literally breaks for stray cats. I look around me and see my kitties sleeping in baskets lined with blankets - full tummies - clean costs and peaceful faces. Cats are so small. They shouldn't be off in this world of ours with no one to love them.

  22. Ah... politics! They break your head or your heart. Stay as calm and cool as possible and let events play out. I really can't see what else they can do except eventually agree with your offer. Can you set a live trap for the cat? It is so sad when animals are abandoned. Hope the cat learns to show up for meals and you can catch it and fix it and end up with an outside cat at your Golden Pines. All dogs should have a cat friend. Take care, dear, and enjoy the day. hugs xxx

  23. The Chub Brothers! They are such handsome boys!

    I think your offer is a fair one, especially in this economic environment. I would love to see "The Chubs" stay with you! That would be excellent!


  24. Now that I own two dogs I know how expensive vet bills can be. I think your offer was very generous. Beautiful cat.

  25. They are yours anyway... you might want to let the rescue know! :)


  26. Yes, yes, we have to pray for the brothers to get to stay with you. It sounds like such a fair deal to me. The cat is absolutely gorgeous! I hope it stays as well.--Inger

  27. Epilepsy is not fun. Our Ginger had late onset epilepsy which started around age 10. Once the effects of the seizures outweighed the med side effects, we started the meds and that helped a lot. I had her on melatonin also, which is said to help. There are some great resources and online groups out there if you get to the point that you need some support or advice!

    I'm not sure how I missed that some (all?) of your dogs are fosters! What an amazing thing you are doing for these dogs!!! Please keep us posted on the rescue's response. I hope both get to stay with you!

  28. I hope the 'brothers' get to live their lives with you Kim!
    And the cat is adorable!

  29. I'm sure the The Chub Brothers scenario will work out fine. I know it must be so difficult to take on these dogs and have this kind of thing happen. On a lighter note: the kitty looks like a darling beautiful markings.

  30. You have the biggest heart in the world! Bless you on behalf of all animal lovers. Fingers and paws crossed here that all works out.

  31. It certainly is a good looking cat! Good luck with the Chub brothers!

  32. Hope the rescue realize that you are the forever home for the Chub brothers.

  33. Yes, it was a fair offer !! And that's a very lucky cat!!

  34. Fingers and paws crossed. I'm sure it will all work out!

    We have a permanent stray feline here, too! I called the local humane society and put an add in the paper, but, not surprising, no one claimed her. So, she's ours, but since I'm really allergic to cats, she'll have to be an outdoor kitty. She's gotten so comfortable here that she'll come get me if I'm late feeding her!

    Good luck with everything!

  35. Hi Kim, keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out for you ... :0)

    Shirl x

  36. Absolutely hoping for the Chub brothers to stay and what a beautiful cat. Hoping he/she finds the food.
    Thinking of you...

  37. That is one bee-yoo-ti-ful kitty! If "it" knows what's good for it, it will definitely hang out at your place! Your offer regarding the Chub Bros. is definitely a generous one and absolutely fair. Plus, those boys need to be with you. If the rescue really wants to help dogs, they need to take you up on it. If for some bizarre reason they don't, let us know and we will all send in letters and sign petitions.

    The Road Dogs

  38. Kim you and your precious "crew" are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    I have had experiences with rescue networks also, some wonderful but quite a few that had me ready to chew my left foot off!
    I know one thing for sure, that all the babies that come under your purview are lucky indeed and they know it too!
    Have a wonderful weekend! (all of you)!
    Tina xo


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