Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Heart Can't Say No

Saturday could not have been a more perfect day!  Bright sunshine and warmth, my favorite!  I finally was able to get my rain barrel set up for the year.  I figure with the strange weather we've been having, our summer is probably going to be one with lots of rain or none at all. The birds were feeling industrious too.  Each year as the dogs start to shed, I collect some of their hair and put it out for the birds to use in their nests. Yesterday the 'Titmouse' was collecting some.  I like the thought that the hair from my dogs will be keeping baby birds warm.

While a couple of the dogs watched from the porch, I also got some weeding done. Readers of this blog may recall that poison ivy and I don’t mix well.  I know that it's growing in my flower beds and I 'think' I know what it looks like.  While I avoided what I 'think' it is, I know that there was no way to not come in contact with it. I used a special soap to wash off the oils afterwards, and this morning despite a few blotches, I think I've avoided getting it....This time...Afterwards we took a walk up into the field in back of us.
Today is supposed to be a quiet one. We 'might' be getting a new addition to our crew in the next couple of days.  A senior Golden, who is about 13 years old, named Sandy needs a hospice-home without stairs for the time she has left. The rescue was unable to find a place for her to go and asked us. For once, I really, really resisted because our lives will be undergoing some changes over the next few months (I'll write about them very soon).  I asked them to work and find another place for Sandy.  The family from the rescue that has her, decided that they did not want her to stay with them, and the rescue was unable to find another foster home. The rescue communicates almost totally via e-mail.  So an unusual step was taken and an actual phone call was made to me to ask again.  I'd had a feeling this might happen and I'd already given it a lot of thought and discussed it at length with Carl.  So after talking to this volunteer about it and discussing how to get her here from the state of Delaware, I agreed.  Sandy is not in the best of condition right now.  But in my heart I knew that I couldn't say 'no' to a Golden Retriever that needs a place to go, especially one that's not feeling well.  Below is a picture of Hamlet this morning on the back porch.  As he stood there looking so relaxed and was sniffing the air, the feeling came over me that bringing Sandy here is the right thing to do.  


  1. You have such a big heart, Kim.

    Love that picture of the bird collecting soft dog hair nesting material. We do the same thing with our dog and bunny hair - the birds try and stuff almost too much into their beaks!


  2. fun to watcht he birds collect the fur! Neat idea to keep the baby birdies warm.
    Touching that you will give a needy golden a place to live. That really pulls at my heartstrings. It sounds like a sad prospect but you have a huge heart Kim, I can tell! Bless you for that and have a good day!!

  3. Once again you open your home and your heart to a beautiful Golden who needs your help. I look forward to meeting Sandy and getting to know her. I'll put on my suit of armor to protect me from the sadness that will inevitably follow...

    I hope you're saving some of those lovely golden locks for me!


  4. You, Carl and Hamlet made the right choice.

  5. Brilliant recycling putting the fur out for the birds! What a lovely thing to do for Hamlet, he will have the best of days with you we're sure, Dex & Louis x

  6. Samson could keep the birds in the entire canyon warm with his leftover fur. I love seeing Hamlet be well and enjoying his life so much with your help. And when you took in Sam, the Sam that belonged to the old lady, that was one of the kindest, sweetest things I can imagine. So Sandy will have a good place to stay and you will have no regrets. I know you would have wondered about her if you had managed to say no. All the best to Sandy and to you.--Inger

  7. God bless you, dear. :)

    love that little titmouse stuffing his beak! :)

  8. ah, kim, good for you! you have a beautiful soul and you will be blessed. i sure hope the news that you haven't shared will be good changes. good idea for the little birdies. you are so thoughtful!

  9. I love it that the little birds are going to have a nice warm nest thanks to all your dog's hair! Hmmm.... I wonder if they would like their nest smelling like a cat... probably not. ;)

    I look forward to meeting your new pup!
    xo Catherine

  10. Owwwwwww...what......a lovely golden !!...bring her sweet !! ..happy

  11. I love the idea of putting the dogs fur out for the birds, they are always stealing the moss basket liners from my flowers ;)
    What huge hearts you and Carl have taking in yet another needy Goldie, I'm sure Hamlet would approve.
    Stay away from the poison ivy/oak my fella had it yesterday !

  12. Hi, this is my first time here:) Nice to 'meet' you! Beautiful Goldens you have. Hamlet is so handsome and I'm sure Sandy will love her new environment once she arrives:)

  13. I love how you make dog hair donations to the birds for their nests, what a brilliant idea!

    I think you made the right decision about Sandy too. It's always so hard to say 'no' to an animal in need...which is why I steer clear of cat rescue sites lest I be tempted to take on another that I can't afford right now!

  14. I love knowing that a golden in true need of a home always has one at Golden Pines! Can't wait to meet her.
    - Anne

  15. Kim,
    God Bless you, Sandy will have love during whatever time she is given.
    Thank You.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  16. I am in awe of you and Carl - not much more to say. Seeing Hamlet and knowing how important those little things are to a senior Golden - relaxing, sniffing the air, a scratch behind the ear. Just to give a sick old dog a few more weeks or months or ? to experience that. Considering all the unconditional love they have doled out in their

  17. How good of you to give Sandy a safe, loving place to live out her remaining time.

    I hope your coming changes are happy ones.

  18. I look forward to hearing about this new senior addition to your home!

    Love the idea of putting the dog hair in the suet cage...

  19. You would not be able to sleep if you did not take Sandy. Whatever time he has left should be spent at heaven on earth.

  20. The titmouse with a mouthful of golden hair is hilarious! :)

    I hope all works out with Sandy.

  21. Oh YES...the right decision for certain! You have the magic touch and everyone knows it. The dog fur for the birds is so special. We tried coloured yarn one year in the hopes we would see a bespectacled nest on the property. No luck...oh well!

  22. God bless you! I love this last pic of Hamlet! ;D

  23. You have such a tender, compassionate heart. It would have surprised me if you had said no.

  24. hmm hmm hmm, you better watch out for that poison ivy! Maybe next time wear some gloves???

    Birds and dogs are looking cute!

    p.s. thanks for you sweet comment!

  25. That is so wonderful that you are able to welcome needy dogs into your home. Someday I hope to do the same.

    Paige & Simba

  26. Over and over again you open your heart and your home to a creature in need, despite the toll it must take on you. You are a hero, Kim, plain and simple.

  27. Kim
    Your post brought tears to our eyes, as we see you giving so much.
    And we all know that the love at Golden Pines is what will make a doggy life the best. No matter how much time anyone has,,,,the love at your home is what matters.
    You and Carl have a love that just does not exist anywhere,,,,
    I always tell you,, that you have wings,,,,
    "Bless the Angels"

    The photo of the little birdie getting fur,,is so precious
    we send love

  28. Great idea on what to do with the extra hair! Love the pictures - what a great crew!

  29. You and Carl have hearts of gold. Here's to your generosity and to Sandy.

  30. In my dictionary next to the word "hero" I wrote "Kim and Carl".

  31. Kim, when I hear the expression "a heart as big as all outdoors" I think of you and your Carl! I know the Lord has many blessing in store for your home because you have generously given of yourselves to His most vulnerable and innocent creatures! You and your "crew" are in my prayers everyday.
    Tina xo

  32. I love how you make your decisions with your heart and not your head Kim.

  33. Hi there Kim...
    I've been away for a while and am catching up on the past few days on your blog.
    Your heart remains so true to our golden friends. I am so sorry to hear about Sandy's cancerous tumours. I know you are going to the vet with her, first thing this morning...I will be thinking and hoping for the best outcome. I simply can't believe the generosity and warm heart that you have. You certainly are an amazing person - who, unlike us, holds up in difficult times.
    Please give Sandy a special hug from us.
    Also...that picture of TANNER!!! Wow! What a wonderful and beautiful surprise. I know how that such a gesture can uplift one immensely - afterall, I received the 'MAXTERPIECE' over a year ago and it has never failed to touch me - on a daily basis. The painting of Tanner must be a testimony to your awesome spirit.
    I am sure the Goldens are uniting in a collective:
    "Thank you to our Doggie Angel!!!"
    Sending lotsaluv from all of us,


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