Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Little Things

I'd like to thank-you all for your ideas to tempt Rudi to eat something.  Since Saturday evening she's been eating what are called 'Satin Balls,' which are considered a total canine diet.  They can be fed by themselves or as a supplement. Rudi seems to like them, and that's what's most important.  But I know that may change at any time, so the next trick I have up my sleeve to get her to eat is all ready, which will be baby food.  

This is the tenth day of grace with Rudi.  She seems to be feeling pretty well, because last evening she got the cat food bowl off the kitchen counter.  I know it may sound silly, but it's the little things like that, that I've missed her doing the most.  Yesterday for the first time she grabbed a frisbee off the work bench in the garage and wanted to play a round.  But knowing she would overdo it, as she always does, and with the heat, I reluctantly told her no.  I've decided that at times like this, it all comes down to the small and sometimes trivial things, that you didn't think meant much at the time, you suddenly realize you miss them the most.

I really do love the little things...

And this 'little thing' too!  Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. I'm very impressed by Rudi...and Todd could not be more adorable! You must be enjoying every moment.

  2. I just want to hug that sweet Rudi. Todd just makes me smile!

  3. Give Rudi a hug from us! ...Todd looks adorable!


  4. So glad Rudi is holding her own.....at this point I would feed her anything she wants! :)
    Hugs to the whole pack!

  5. Woof! Woof! ENJOY and appreciate the little things for some day you may look back and realize they were the BIG thing ... Sending lots of Golden LOVE to the Golden Pine Gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Ah yes! Satin Balls!

    The requests for recipes makes the rounds on SiberNet and The Belgian ListServ periodically!

    As for baby food, I was going to mention that one as well!

    Keep up the GReat work!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that she is doing well, Kim. Give her a pat from me, if you would. And, a little snuggle for that cutie, Todd.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Rudi is holding her own. I've never heard of 'satin balls' before.
    Oh Kim, Todd is just so adorable. I love seeing his sweet face! He looks like he might be waiting for a treat...

  9. blessed rudi... teaching us to enjoy life whatever the circumstance ... like beloved wilf the wonder dog!
    and as for that little mr charm in a pair of big ears... oh my.
    just oh my!
    tammy j

  10. oh bless sweet rudi!!! adore her spirit!

  11. Enjoy the little moments. The big moments will take care of themselves. Just a little frisbee toss would not hurt, just a short throw or two.... Stay happy, Rudi.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  12. Rudi certainly is an amazing lady :o) I love all the little things in life too!

  13. The night before we put Princess Allie down I cried and cried that "no one would be stealing socks anymore." It still makes me sad. I'm so glad Rudi is eating a little and still getting into a bit of mischief. Todd's pink ears are TOO cute :-)

    -Rottie Kisses

  14. Kim I am filled with joy this morning reading this post!
    A testament to the power of prayer. I know that there are many of us out here in Blogland who have been praying for your Rudi everyday and seeing prayer in action is a blessed thing!
    That little Todd is so cute it is painful! He must be such a joy to hold and watch.
    Many prayers and much love are sent to your home from mine this day.
    Tina xo

  15. Rudi is in the best possible hands, and he knows it...hence, his peace....

    Oh Todd, I wish I could get a hold of you, little one!!!

  16. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Rudi!

    Todd is so freaking cute it's hard to look at him! I want him!!!

  17. Kim, it is so wonderful that Rudi has been given this time and feeling better ... each day is a gift. And that little Todd character ... just want to squeeze him!

  18. Rudi and the small and trivial things . Perhaps in the great scheme of things they're not so small nor so trivial . Guess that's what makes the difference between a house and a home .

  19. Rudi truly has a fighting spirit...so impressed!
    and as for Todd-he really does look like a Todd!!!
    I agree it is the little things in life!

  20. Owwwwww...sweet Rudi...what a dog !!..i really like your puppy too...enjoy darling...have fun....love Ria....xxx...

  21. Hi there, I still feed Reggie his pill covered in peanut butter so whatever works for Rudi for today is best. Todd is so adorable Kim and I just know that his character will help you in the comming days.
    So glad you are walking in Grace for the moment.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. Those little signs from Rudi are telling you that you made the right decision to keep her with you for just a little bit longer. You gotta laugh that she got that cat bowl down!

    Todd is just too cute, look at that adorable little face (and those huge ears!).


  23. Each extra day with Rudi, is a special gift for both of you. Hmm... if the baby food doesn't work - how about some of those Fancy Feast cat food dinners? They look pretty good to me!

    You have the little spud's full attention there - are you holding up a goody? He sure is a cute one!

  24. Not trivial at all..these are the types of things that are important when the world teaches us otherwise..Your post touches my heart as you are touching all of your babies'hearts. Why do you think you are having so many days of grace with sweet Rudi. She feels the love and compassion.Love is so powerful.Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  25. I know exactly what you mean. When Monty was so terribly sick and I listened to him gasping for breath all night, I was delighted when he walked into the bathroom and stole some toilet paper. It had always been his only real secret passion and I tried to break him of his love of stealing it. But at that time it made me smile and cry at the same time.

  26. We continue to pray that Rudi has many more days of grace.
    As you say it is times like these that you really realize how important the "little things" are.
    We hope Todd is enjoying his new home and that he is bringing you and your family much happiness.

    Sheila & Bob

  27. Dear Kim

    First off, we are so sorry to hear about Hamlet. It is so tough to lose a loved pet and friend.

    Second, we're sorry to about Rudi's diagnosis. Cherish every day you have with her.

    Third, congrats on the new pup! He looks mischievous!

    We are happy to hear Rudi seems playful and good luck with getting her to eat!

    The CheeseHounds

    P.S. Could you re-email us your address. The email monster seems to have eaten it! me@moptoss.com

  28. Todd will help take care of you and Rudi! ...:)JP

  29. Happiness is in little things a Slovenian proverb says. The little things are really those which matter the most and that we miss the most as they are always there. I hope Rudi continues to do well.

    Todd... what a sweet little face!

  30. What a blessing to have more time with Rudi! Thanks for the pointer to "Satin Balls".

  31. Sweet Rudi! Keep your spirits up my friend :)
    Cute Todd! And, and wonderful all around us...bees, butterflies, blooms.... Ah, enjoy!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  32. Ah yes, enjoy these days. I lost my golden to the same awful terrible cancer. I didn't get those days, and I am very glad that you have them. (It was in her heart.) May you enjoy your days, and she will meet you, wagging her tail, on the other side. God bless. Amy

  33. Those Satin Balls have worked wonders for us in the past, too! I can tell you that one of those small things is just too cute for words! Look at the big ears on that small thing!

  34. Rudi is showing you that her world is all okay. She is at peace, and she is reflecting on her life.
    She has been so loved,, and that is what she is trying to tell you.
    She remembers the frisbee, and the cat food... and she needs for you to notice,, that she is reflecting and feeling good.. her Days of Grace are comforting her.

    That little Todd,,he certainly has crawled into all our hearts.
    Thank you Kim,, for being you,,
    and true.

  35. I know this will make you cry - it makes me cry, but Rudi will wait to make sure that Todd will be able to fill your heart before she can leave. That's what Java did - he was positive that Ruairi would be able to help us smile through the tears and laugh when when we were crying and then he told us he needed to leave. And once the two labs came to escort him to the other side, we knew we had made the right decision. Rudi will tell you when it's time - enjoy these days of grace - I'm so glad you are home with all of them.


  36. Such lovely photos and Todd is such a handsome boy!


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