Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Feelings!

One of the first of many tenth-anniversary commemorations of the 9/11 terror attacks began today when almost 2,000 motorcyclists launched the America's 9/11 Ride.  It began in Shanksville Pennsylvania and will continue over the next three days taking them to the Pentagon and World Trade Center crash sites.  Part of their route brought them through Leesburg.  Even though I really wanted to get home, I quickly got Todd picked up from daycare and changed my route to be able to see them ride through town.  I'm so glad I did!  Along the way people stood with their flags waving and cheering as the motorcyclist rode by.  It was a good feeling!
When I got home, those 'good feelings' continued when I watched wild turkey's in our yard.    
Then I let the dogs out and CarrieAnne found something green and smelly to roll in and needed a bath...Good feeling gone...  
I hope you have a 'good-feeling' weekend!! 


  1. oh, that would have been thrilling to see! i love that you took pictures for us!

  2. Great photo! and love Todd's smile in the last shot!! Hope your good feeling continues throughout the weekend!

  3. Oh, yuk, CarrieAnne! Maybe that will be the only mess for the weekend!

    Neat, I hadn't heard of that ride. The only one I know of is the "Trail of Tears" ride.


  4. Great pics ... makes me feel good seeing them. And also seeing little Todd!

  5. Seeing all those motorcycles must have been something. Yuck to the green stuff.

  6. that Toddy should be in commercials
    that's all I'm saying

  7. Hi Kim
    Thank you for sharing and showing us photos of the motorcyclists.
    Its something we did not know goes on. It is awsome,, and I would have wanted to witness it too.

    The wild turkeys are beautiful. They look like they are doing a dance!

    Carrie Ann, oh gosh,, what is that stuff on her neck? I bet she got a nice bath and smells good now.
    I love her curls.... beautiful curls.
    And ohhhh Todd,,, you are stealing everyones hearts!
    We love you Golden Pines,, let the good feelings continue.
    Happy weekend,

  8. I think that is Peter Fonda waving at you! Happy weekend. Looks like Todd and the Goldies are gearing up for it. Happy kids.

  9. You just passed on all your good feeling to Carrie Anne!

    I LOVE that last picture with Todd, he looks like he's having a really good laugh about something!


  10. Enjoy a happy weekend from

  11. 10 years ! And 20 years since the Soviet Union collapsed . Time flies .

  12. Can't believe it's actually 10 years since....:( Glad you shared the photos of the bikes, must have been really something to watch! Sorry, you got faced with green stuff.

  13. Awesome photos ! We get alot of bikers here riding for what ever cause , we live near the shores of lake Erie and the town of Port Dover is biker haven its great to see these people on their bikes doing for a good cause ! Have a wonderful day !

  14. The motorcycles are amazing.
    *hugs* for CarrieAnne. Typical dog thing to do, haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kim! ♥

  15. Hi, I loved seeing the bikers-breath taking. The last photo of Todd looking at his sister cracks me up-such adoration.
    Have a wonderful weekend. We're off to a dog show-just being around dogs-my favorite thing to do. I'm taking the camera and will hopefully get some good photos.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  16. That last picture is wonderful! It must be heart-warming to have Todd in your pack right now.

    Cool motorcycles but yucky green stuff. K did something similar during our camping trip. It was a trick to figure out how to give her a bath without using up all our water supply!

  17. We are mulching, just came in for a quick break. It is a great feeling to get this done, and we have our little Sophie Parsons right at our side's, playing. Watching her have such a good time makes my day. Of coarse, she is in desperate need for a bath. Have a great week-end!

  18. That must have been quite a touching sight!

    CarrieAnne is our kind of dog. If you find something really nasty, roll in it!

  19. They had an article on TV about some riders from our area leaving for that ride. It surely must have been a sight to see. That last picture is too sweet for words. I hope that your weekend is just as sweet.

  20. Thank you for sharing the motorcyclists photo. It's wonderful that people still pay homage to those that perished on that day. We know what that green stuff is, ugh. We love seeing photos of Todd, although he looks so small next to the golden!

    Hugs to all,
    Linda, Abby & Arlo

  21. Hi Kim and Pups,
    Love the pictures!! Don't love the thought of giving a dog a bath tho!!! My old back is not up to it!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week-end!!
    Love from us, Tinker and Fern

  22. I just read about you losing Rudi!! I am so sorry Kim!!
    I know you knew it was coming but it still hurts so bad when it does come!!
    Glad you have Todd around to help you through it!! He'll do it!!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  23. I'm sure it made you so proud to be an American. I bet it was awesome.

  24. That must have been impressive to see...and LOUD!!!

  25. Dropping off some weekend woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  26. I think Todd is laughing that Carrie Ann rolled in some slimy green stuff.

  27. We had 2,500 motorcyclists motor through our neighborhood yesterday, according to Maryland State Police. Photo on the front page of Frederick News Post. Incredible. Your Todd gave me my first LOL today Kim. Thanks.

  28. i love this whole post! the beautiful bikers and of course the puppies ... even the green-stuff roller! she then looks damp and clean and so proud of herself!
    and the last picture of the two of them laughing... well...
    hugs to all,
    tammy j

  29. Hey, Kim, thanks for the tips on getting rid of the flies..I'll let you know.
    That's pretty impressive with all those motorcycles..heart warming to hear about the bystanders!

  30. Our aunties were there in the crowd in Leesburg!

    Lucky CarrieAnne--until the bath part.

    Does Todd think he'll grow up to be a Golden?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  31. Gosh ~ all those bikes are something to see! Hope the pups got smelling better! ;)
    xo Catherine

  32. I took part in Rolling Thunder in 1999 -- 3000 miles on the back of a small HD. No wonder my back is messed up. It's a thrill to see so many bikes on the road, heading for one destination. Love these photos, Kim. :)

  33. Hey Kim, You golden lover you. I had two beautiful golden retreivers abandoned at my place this weekend. I thought of you.

    I wish I could keep them both but I am way past what the law allows. Not to worry, I'll find them wonderful homes, I just thought of you and how much you would have loved meeting them.

    Oh my, people are so cruel to just tie up and abandoned the sweet and pure things of this world.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Berts My Vickie

  34. Golly, I love your doggies' smiles!

    I bet that procession was awesome to watch.

    Have a great weekend, yourself, and also, the week to come!

  35. We wnated to see how little Todd was getting on, what a great photo of him, what is he saying we wonder? What a sight and sound that must have been, and where has that time gone?
    Finally we completely understand the need to roll in delicious smells, what we can't understand is you humans need to cover it up with the smelly shampoo...humans, they take a LOT of training :-)

  36. Kim, it seems that I have missed much in the week that I have not been blogging nor visiting every one else. I just read the post on losing Rudi, and I am so sorry to hear that. I know that we have to let them all gone at some point, but nothing ever prepares us for how painful it actually is. I loved how you wrote about Rudi, your deep affection for her, and her wild exuberant affection for you and for life itself. Some times those pets and children who are most difficult to love, touch the deepest chords in our hearts. You gave Rudi a wonderful life after all the hardships that she had in the beginning, let that be a comfort to you and a consolation. I can totally understand why you needed to just step back from the usual daily routine of things. I am much like that, needing to hide away within myself to let things heal. But, from your most recent post, I see that the spark is coming back once again. That train of motorcycles is just fabulous, what a sight, reminds me of one similar that I saw many years ago here in the mountains of Germany, and lost count of how many there were after 800! What a sight that was. I feel so bad that I have not been by to visit for so long, so was not able to give my sympathies at the time for Rudi. My thoughts go out to you now though. big comforting hugs coming your way from afar, Debby

  37. Kim, thanks so much for sharing your great images. It's truly powerful when you see so many people gathering around the same cause - what a brilliant way to commenmorate 9/11.
    Please give all your blessed beauties a kiss from me!

  38. OMGoodness!! That last picture is priceless!!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack


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