Friday, September 2, 2011

Loss of Appetite

A doctor appointment took me to Reston Virginia, the place where our life in Virginia began in 1995.  We lived in what was then a 'small town,' for about a year before we moved to our last house the following year.  That small town has really grown into a large location for businesses and residences. The heart of the town is the Reston Town Center which has many upscale shops, restaurants and condominiums.  Large brand name companies such as Rolls-Royce North America and Google have offices in the town center.  I always look forward to going there and enjoying the shops that we don't have in the county where I live.
Unfortunately my doctor appointment didn't go all that well because the subject of my needing to lose a 'few pounds' was brought up.  I think that's just what doctors do.  I know in our office we stress brushing and flossing more to patients who are really doing pretty well.  But the subject of weight loss always bothers me.  So needless to say I was feeling a bit discouraged afterwards and I did the only thing I could do that just seemed to make sense...

I stopped at 'Einstein Brothers Bagels.'  
I hadn't been there since last year and 
I love their 'everything bagel' with cream cheese.  
   Then I went to 'Trader Joes.'
They have great produce and flowers!
The next stop was 'Whole Foods.'
They have a really nice bakery--Their cheese danish is a favorite!
Finally, I went to 'Wegmans' for the rest of the needed groceries.  
It's all good there!
When Carl got home from work he asked me what was for dinner.  For some reason, I wasn't hungry and didn't feel like cooking.  Doctor appointments do have a way of making you lose your appetite, don't they??        


  1. If I lived in the US
    I would look like shelley winters on steroids!

  2. Ha ha ha ha!! Reggie looks like he could manage a little snack though!


  3. Wow! Those shops all look amazing! Reggie made me laugh right out loud!

  4. What a delightful post! I can SO empathize with you. At least until my last couple of hospital stays. It seems that all the medical crisis have FINALLY effected my appetite. I believe I have lost between 20 and 25 pounds now! To be clear: I do not recommend repeated surgery, septic shock and breast cancer as a means for losing weight but we have to appreciate the good things where ever we can find them!

    Have a GREAT weekend and have a bagel for me...

  5. I was raised on a farm and The small farming town hubby is from and I eventually moved to as I got older is now a huge city of over 400 thousand people and two hours away from where we are now. Where we are now is farther south close to lake Erie and not very populated and the small farming towns and villages havent grown in years most here are populating to the north and east of Toronto Ontario we are in southwestern part of Ontario ! I hope it stays the way it is and the little town we go to never grows to a city ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. Lol...all that delicious food, no wonder you weren't hungry, it sounds just like something I would do, head to the bakery :)
    I've bought an exercise bicycle it arrives tomorrow, I surely hope it doesn't turn into a fancy clothes hanger as those in the past have !
    It's nice visiting the bustling city for the day, but ooh, so glad to return to the countryside.
    Hope you have a wonderful long Labor Day weekend, with the pack...

  7. LOL! should have tossed him a spare bagel and called it good! :)

  8. Oh Kim, You post was great, you are reading our mail, both mine & Sheila's.
    I became hungry just looking at your photos.
    Love the photo of Reggie, he doesn't look like he has lost his appetite.

    Sheila & Bob

  9. Sometimes I would like not to hear those three words, what's for dinner. AND I would like to answer, "Whatever you're fixing."

  10. LOL! Kim, You responded to the news the exact same way that I would- except I'd be focusing on chocolate eclairs and pizza.
    Hello Reggie (((HUGS)))!!

  11. So funny! Yes I agree,Dr's over do on the weight loss thing!

  12. I sure could stand to lose more than a few pounds, but nothing would have stopped me from doing a little of that shopping either! MMMmmmm!

    I sure hope the Dr. visit wasn't anything critical.

    Reggie looks like she's doing okay, she still playing 'Nana" to Todd?

    Have a wonderful weekend, the dentist does take off Labor Day - doesn't he?

  13. That's the perfect way to top off any dr appt!!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  14. I pretty much lived on bagels when I was a young adult - I sure couldn't do it anymore! That's what happens as we hit midlife, I guess...

  15. OMD how Reston has changed! SHE remembers when it first opened...the town centre and a few housing areas.

    Hope Carl took you out for dinner since you didn't feel like cooking.

    XXXOOO daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. The *everything* bagel is my fave too! YUM! After all that food shopping I wouldn't have been hungry either :)
    I hope you get to feeling better, sweet friend! Smooches to your brood!
    xo, misha

  17. Uhhh, no comment!!! BOL

    Doc knows best.

    Always love the Reggie pix.
    And, my very favorite grocery store in the whole world....WEGMANS
    Wish we had them in Seattle.

  18. my grin is matching reggie's!
    delightful post in every way. now i'm gonna go find something to eat!
    i had to change my diet, rather (lifestyle), because of a heart thing (blockage, cholesterol, etc)
    so i went vegetarian first for 4 months then vegan these last 3. my extra weight just melted off and i didn't even try! i am getting used to it now and the heart tests are better and better. doctor didn't think i'd actually do it. i guess it really does work! just didn't want another stent. amazing how fear is a good incentive!
    but those bagels and cream cheese call my name. groan!
    tammy j

  19. Those desserts are to die for!!

  20. Yummers!!!!

    Whole Foods is a personal favorite of ours!

    The CheeseHounds

  21. Hi Kim, All those shops that called your name.. would be calling mine too! What a cute story! We all laughed..
    At first I was afraid something was wrong!
    My dr says the same thing,, and now its time for an appointment,,
    I always ask myself if I can loose 20 pounds in 3 weeks, to make him see how good I have been!
    Beautiful Reggie!!
    How gorgeous he and happy!

  22. I can't imagine why you'd lose your appetite! :P I'm glad you took the doctor's news all in stride!

  23. Dear Kim, I'm sorry your dr. appt went south and left you feeling discouraged-at least that is what I'm reading. I would have done the same thing, except for gluten free.You have Trader Joes-I'm jealous, we don't have them here but the closest one is in New Mexico. Glad you got some goodies though, the bagel sounded yummy.
    Love the photo of your Reggie.
    Kim, don't let your weekend be ruined, go out and play with the pups.
    Hugs and love, Noreen

  24. I love everything bagels too :) Don't you just hate those little weight reminders---a few years back one of the little girls I was babysitting gave me a big hug and said "I love you so much Mimi--you are so squishy" Just the look I am going for :) Oh well it's what's on the inside that counts--right? Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.
    PS I must admit I was glad to read this fun post--I was afraid one of the dogs had lost their appetite :)

  25. Ah, yes ... only thing missing was a stop at the Godiva store :)

    Hope you find a good daycare situation for Todd. Hope he soon matures enough that you can trust him at home with the pack and don't have to take him to day care at all. Mama would have had a jumping up and down hissy fit if anyone treated us that way.

    Jed & Abby

  26. I'm lookin' at your photos and sayin', been there I like it, been there and I like it and on and on. AND... We just got ourselves a Wegmans. Guess what? I Liked it. Oh my... You see Reggie, thats what I'm lookin' like right now.

  27. What a amzing shop !!.....and sweet Reggie !!

  28. Thanks for the laugh Kim! I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, so laughed extra hard at your ending. Have a great weekend!

  29. You have exactly the same reaction I do. Whenever someone tells me to lose weight, I immediately feel like I'm starving. I have to fall in "love" again. It's the only time my appetite disappears.

  30. We like your style Kim!! It looks worth a visit just for those delicious shops, we'd be there all day. Hope you've got your appetiti back now ;-) Di xxx

  31. lol.. Everything sounds so delicous! No supper tonight!

    Have a great Labor day weekend.

  32. This was funny Kim! Wish we had a 'Whole Foods' here!!!

  33. I can never pass up a bagel. As for weight loss, I can sing a song about that. I will join you in needing to lose a few pounds. And drs. ALWAYS leave me feeling as if I must be doing something wrong in life, not eating right, not taking care of myself, not walking enough or getting enough exercise, not, not, not...!! Sooo depressing. I never fail to come home and take a day to get over the devastation I feel after speaking to dentists and drs. alike. So you are definitely not alone. big hugs from a fellow "needing to lose a few pounds" blogger friend. :-) ~Debby

  34. Gee...we are SOOO like! My fav place is Trader Joe's and next is Whole Foods. Thanks for the giggle...we look at life the same way!

  35. I saw your title and came right over. You see - I've literally lost my appetite for about a week. But, your descriptions of all those yummy foods made me want to go raid the refrigerator!

    I do know how tough the whole issue is. I used to constantly fight the pounds that my body wanted to gain. But, I'm one of the fortunate few who turned out to have major hormonal issue. When it was fixed, my weight settled into a much healthier level. I do know how lucky that is...

  36. Sounds like a good day, I would love to see a Trader Joes.

  37. This post made me laugh out loud! I had the little hint about my weight the last time I saw my doctor..... thank you for the lovely comment on my blog re my embroidery. It is going to be a labour of love!


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