Saturday, November 12, 2011

The View from the Drivers Seat

Despite being past the peak season for the fall colors, Tennessee could not be more beautiful.  There is so much to look at and take pictures of--I'm getting better at taking them while I drive.  I just couldn't resist taking the one below of a farmer and his 2 dogs in an old Chevy pick-up.
I've no idea how many pictures of barns I've taken.  They are one of my favorite thing to take photos of.
      Scenery like this is as well.  

Of course it goes without saying that I really enjoy photographing the dogs while they are exploring and having fun.  Its been a little hard on this trip because they are constant motion.  But they do stop and recharge their batteries.
Todd has not missed a thing. 
  In true terrier form, he has loved and barked at all the sites and smells!
But I don't think Charlie knows if he's missing anything or not...
It's been a nice and relaxing trip to Tennessee. Tomorrow we head back to Virginia.  But today our goal is Ashevile North Carolina and maybe the Biltmore Estate.  We'll see where we end up.  Wherever we go, I will certainly be taking pictures of it.  Wherever your weekend takes you, I hope it's an enjoyable one!   


  1. That big pasture looks like a slice of heaven. All cows should be so lucky. Glad that your trip is going well and some of the pups were able to vacation with you.

  2. Oh, you're certainly in my neck of the woods now!!!! Come a couple hours south of Asheville and we'll have a pawty!!!!
    Have fun!

  3. the old truck, the old farmer... and two dogs sitting up just like old friends taking a ride. love it!
    our leaves have not even begun to change and it's the middle of november... get's stranger every year.
    beautiful pictures from your trip.
    tammy j

  4. Dogs LOVE to ride shotgun, don't they? Rowdy adores being in the front seat. It makes him feel all important!

  5. Love the llamas. Looks beautiful. We'd be taking pictures of barns, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  6. How nice to take a little road trip in a beautiful area with lots of photo ops. I'm waiting for our rain to pass through so I can go out and take photos too. Safe travels!

  7. glad you're having fun so far!

  8. You might be right about Charlie .

  9. These are some great photos. So glad you're having a good time! I hope it continues!

  10. Great photos, beautiful country, thanks for sharing.

    Sheila & Bob

  11. Glad that you finally got to take that delayed trip! Have a safe trip home!

  12. That old truck is priceless! I'm glad you and your crew are having such a good time. The picture of Josh sleeping is so sweet.

  13. Thanks for taking us along, Kim!!

  14. Love the truck pic. Not much better than a drive in the frount seat.

  15. Beautiful country - happy you guys are having such a good time. Don't see many pictures of Josh. He is a very handsome boy. If I remember correctly, he is mister quiet confidence.

    Rooooooooooooos to all from Easton

  16. BEAUTIFUL photographs! The farmer & dogs in the truck is priceless and Josh looks so soft and real that I want to HUG him!

    It sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I am so happy for you.

  17. Great pictures as always... have a safe and wonderful trip home!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  18. We're enjoying the photos!

  19. Love that last shot of the llamas. They are so pretty. Glad the doggies are loving the trip. You are in some pretty country. I know it is must still be gorgeous up there.

  20. What a great road trip, enjoy and can't wait to see more photos.

  21. Great photographs. I especially love the valley with the cows.

  22. Great shots, looks like a great road trip!

  23. Kim,
    Tried posting my last message and I don't think it work so I'll try again.
    Great pictures of your trip. The old barn and the farmer in the truck with his dogs is priceless.
    I also like taking pictures of old barns and house because I'm hoping to paint them one day. I figure down the road the houses may be torn down.
    You have a great eye for shooting just the perfect pictures.
    Enjoy you weekend with the crew.

  24. Hi there, You know how much I love Tennessee, thank you for the photos. Lovesd seeing all the sights. Have a great weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  25. Having a little trouble posting comments, so hope this goes through.

    I had to smile at your pictures of our fair State, the colors at this time of the year are breathtakingly gorgeous.
    What a great shot of the farmer in his truck, it made me feel warm and snuggly inside :)
    Enjoy your trip !

  26. What a beautiful area! Love that Chevy truck photo!

  27. We are keeping our paws crossed for Jake. Sounds like there is little to be done about his wrist walking at this point. We just hope he gets to enjoy some good years in a loving home.

    How many dogs get to go on vacation with you, and who takes care of the ones who stay home? How do you decide who gets to go? And how is Jasmine?

    Jed & Abby

  28. I love these pictures Kim! Gary likes to take pictures of barns too. The pictures of the dogs are so sweet. I love the one of Josh sleeping. He looks so peaceful. Glad you're having a good time on your trip. Be safe!

  29. It is so very beautiful there! I love the old barn photos... They seem to shout that they are the fabric of the old south.

  30. I've heard that Asheville is very dog friendly! I hope you make it there. I'm envious of all the pretty weather you're seeing. Have fun!

  31. Love the picture of the truck - reminds me of the book, Bridges of Madison County.

    Asheville is beautiful! Have a safe trip home, Kim, and don't you come by Richmond without stopping!

  32. When I was a girl, my family used to take road trips down to the Smokies & stay in Gatlingburg. What a beautiful area!
    - Anne

  33. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of it :o)

  34. This is a pretty cool picture of the farmer and dogs! It looks like such pretty country and glad to hear all are enjoying their time!

  35. Beautiful pictures Kim! Wish Neeli & I were there to see. Loved the picture of Josh sleeping.

    Looking forward to more sights!

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  36. What lovliness Kim and the dogs want a piece of the action as well...certainly not content to be left behind, are they?

  37. You really do have some beautiful colors there Kim! What pups wouldn't want to romp around out there? Lovely!

    xo Catherine

  38. OMG Josh asleep on the couch reminds me of Raider, it was HIS couch.
    When I sit on it I still feel like I need to ask his permission! LOL

    Llamas are so cute with those big brown eyes!

    Thank you for sharing your road trip!

  39. By looking at the photos- we felt like we were right there too,, in your beautiful world! So peaceful.
    So awsome.


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