Monday, January 2, 2012

Inside Warmth

Finally, a cold front with some bite delivers a legitimate winter chill to start off this first week of 2012. Today outside temperatures will struggle to gain any forward momentum and the squirrels will also struggle to get the suet at the bird-feeders. Inside, the antics of a puppy bring warmth, as have your kind, thoughtful comments on the loss of Bubba.  I have felt comforted as I have read each and every one, and have been so grateful to receive them. I cannot thank you enough.   

Toby seems a bit 'misplaced,' which is totally understandable.  I can tell that he's missing Bubba.  For some reason, he won't eat in the place that he and Bubba shared.  So, I've moved where his bowl is, and we are giving him lots of reassurance as I know he is also mourning the loss.  Todd has been snuggling up to him, something he's not really done before.  It reminds me of what Charles Schultz who wrote the Peanuts comic strip once said about 'happiness being a warm puppy.'  Comfort can be found in one too.    

Today I have to return to the vet.  On Friday in the midst of what was happening with Bubba, there was another fight between CarrieAnne and Sheba.  Sheba's leg that had just healed was re-injured more severely this time.  The vet was able to suture everything together.  But she's not very encouraging because she's concerned that more surgery may be needed if there is not sufficient healing--That decision will be made today when the bandages are removed.  Over the weekend I've spoken with several  people about the situation.  There is a single 'trigger' that causes the fights. And because we know what that is and when it occurs, we will enlist the help of a dog-trainer to try and change and redirect both of them.  We are also using herbal remedies to reduce any stress--Theirs, not mine...Hmmmmm...Maybe I should try them too...   
I found out yesterday that the property that is behind us now has a contract on it.  
I didn't follow the time-honored southern tradition 
of having black-eyed peas for New Years, 
and I wonder what the year will bring. 


  1. So sorry Carrie Ann and Sheba are having disputes.

    I hope you can work it out with the trainers help.

    ENjoy the day

  2. It wasn't a good weekend for you, sorry. I hope Toby is eating enough. Todd is being so sweet, keeping him company. I didn't do the black-eyed pea thing either, was craving spaghetti, maybe the gods of the South won't get too mad. ;-)

  3. I never knew about the black-eyed peas until someone told me the other day. I've never had them, at least that I can recall.
    I hope you can resolve the issues with the dogs. I'm sure it is so unsettling and worrisome for you.
    Todd is adorable and has such an infectious joy that I'm sure he will help everyone's hearts to heal. Wishing you more joy and less sadness in 2012:-)

  4. Bless that little Todd's heart! Taking care of his pal during this difficult time is so sweet.

    I'm sorry about the girl's fighting like they are! Poor Sheba. I do hope you can get that issue resolved soon.

    Take care of yourself, Kim. You must not forget about you!

  5. Can't those girls just get along? I hope your training methods work -- not so fun to have discord in the house.

    And bless that lil' Todd -- he's trying to help you give comfort as best he can. :)

  6. Adding Todd to the mix was probably one of the best things you've ever done?? What an angel! Happy New year Kim!

  7. Oh boy. As if you did not have enough on your plate already with the loss of Bubba. Now the girls are wanting attention and negative attention. Hope the trainer can help. Todd is so cute trying to keep toby company while mourning the loss of his furry friend. I hope that today while at the vet you receive some good news. Good luck with Sheba.

    TFS. ANA

  8. For Toby, there is a Bach Flower Remedy for grief called Star of Bethlehem that helped my shepherd last summer when we lost her lifetime companion. You just put a few drops in the water bowl.

  9. I absolutely love the way Todd understands Toby's loss, and Carrie Ann/Sheba sure need to give you a break. Jill, who has Belle at my house, just lost her golden and is looking to rescue another. It won't be long before she finds one. I referred her to your blog and hope she gets in touch.

  10. Bless little Todd. What a compassionate pup.
    We are praying for the best for the rest as well.

  11. i hate to hear about the continuing dog fights and injuries! good luck with that! and God bless Todd and his understanding puppy soul...

  12. What a blessing Todd has turned out to be. Hoping the girls get sorted out soon and that you have a minute to let your heart heal.

  13. Oh Kim! It has been too long, and send my condolences to you and the pack about Bubba. Todd is amazing; but it seems that dogs know how to lend themselves to help overcome misery. Also so sorry to hear about the in-fighting. Sometimes Sammie lashes out at lil Ava if she's been puppy-pestering too much, but so far we've been able to catch and stop the action immediately. Hope the injuries heal fast. And also sorry to read that the land behind you has a contract; you always have so much on your plate, Kim. Do take care, get some rest - you must be exhausted.
    Thinking of you much...
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  14. Was Toby there when Bubba died? I had two dogs that grieved so when they lost their friends that they became sick. After that I always take the best friend to the vet's and let them say goodbye. It seems that sniffing their friend helps them and shortens the grieving process.

    Todd senses the loss and is doing his part to help. Aren't dogs wonderful?

  15. I'm afraid that the new year will bring more of the same...Joy and Sorrow. The best that we can hope for is that the Joy outweighs the sorry and they we have the strength to carry on!

    I truly don't know how you are coping with your fighting girls! I think that if I had dogs that were actually injuring each other ~ one would be gone. I just can't deal with violence...

    Thank God you got Todd when you did! What a blessing he's been to you (in spite of his messes!) and to the other dogs.

    Hang in there my Friend. One day at a time and don't forget that you are loved!

  16. I tried them, but I don't like black-eyed peas. :/
    I am hopeful that God will bless you all. *hugs* ♥
    I hope something can be done about Carrie Ann and Sheba.

  17. Hi there, Sending lots of hugs your way today; make sure you give Todd and Toby extra treats from me o.k. I'm glad you'll connect with a trainer and that you already know what triggers Sheba and CarrieAnne; hopefully you will be able to remedy it easily. I sure wish we were buying the land behind you-I'd love having you as a neighbor.
    Lots of love, Noreen & Reggie

  18. Kim,
    Todd is the angel and we all know it now. What a little sweet heart to cuddle up with Toby in his time of need.
    You were so right on in getting a little puppy, and the intermixing really has been eye opening.
    Love the shot of the squirrel trying to get a bite to eat.

  19. What, no hoppin' John for New Years? Hope you have a good year anyway....

    Daisy, who is now top dog will not eat in Kendra's spot, but has taken over the small rug that was Kendra's. Glad Todd has decided to give some attention to Toby, hope he appreciates it.

    Good luck on the fighting girls. Bella and Roxy get into some doozies, no damage though. Daisy or I break them up.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  20. Sorry that two of your family do not see eye to eye sometimes...such is life aye, people and animals alike!, but I do hope you resolve the situation. Absolutely LOVE that Todd is helping Toby and staying by his side like he is.

  21. Oh so sorry about Bubba...and our hearts ache for Toby. Yet, they smile seeing little Todd stepping in to lighten up Toby's sad eyes.

    Hoping that Sheba and Carrie Ann can truly find a place to be neutral towards each other. With all the love and furries sharing one special property, it is a blessing when all can find peace.

    Big hugs!
    Sierra Rose

  22. Hopefully Todd will help Toby get back on track and the trainer will be able to help you! At least you know what the trigger is.

  23. Oh, another fight was about the last thing you needed. I hope you can get it worked out between them. Soldier and Samson walk together on leashes and Samson is very attentive, kisses Soldier, and so on. But then there are the triggers and I am not taking any chances now that Soldier is doing so well. So we keep them separate for now at least. I learned about the blackeyed peas last year from you and made sure my husband cooked some for us. Still, I wish you all the best for the new year. And, yes, I am so sure that Todd will help Toby. And you too. There is nothing like a warm puppy...Mr. Schultze was so right.

  24. I have always found a warm puppy is the best cure for a broken heart!
    Hugs to you sweet lady!

  25. I hope the trainer will be able to help Carrie Ann and Sheba. One time Delilah snapped at Sampson and that was when I was sorting chicken necks. Since that one time I have not allowed them in the room with me when I sort. :-) Knowing what the trigger is will definitely help you manage it.

    I didn't eat the black-eyed peas yesterday either. I thought about it, but then it went completely out of my head.

    I am praying for a peaceful and happy 2012 for the crew at Golden Pines.

  26. Todd has his own 'job' to do! I tell you they have more than we think they do as far as intuition goes.
    Good luck with the trainer and the vet's!

  27. Those pictures of Todd and Toby are just too sweet. :)

  28. I hope things start to even out for you, the pups get along and everyone stays in good health. Hopefully, the sale falls thru on the property, too!


  29. How sweet that Todd is comforting Toby. The girls are scrapping again!? So sorry to hear that. Time to hunker down for the winter blast. Hope all is calm at GPs.

  30. What a sweet puppy Todd is. Seeing Toby in need of a snuggle, Todd complies. It's heart warming after all that you've been through.

    I'm so sorry about Sheba. I hope that you got good news today... My fingers are crossed.

  31. I missed your post yesterday of what happened with Bubba. I am so very sorry for your loss. I feel for Toby as I well remember Stewie in mourning for Annie. He lost all interest in playing and took to wanting to stay in his crate and sleep. The bond between two pups can be very strong and it certainly takes time and lots of TLC from us their furfamily.

    Also hoping that the pup squabbling settles down.....take care and hang in there.

  32. Sweet Kim
    Its late and maybe you are all peacefully asleep.
    We are sending good wishes for Sheba vet visit, and for her healing.
    Todd is so so loving- and he seems to be trying to help.
    Bless them all.
    We send love

  33. I hope calm will be restored very soon.Your pictures melt my heart Kim...healing thoughts are coming your way.We have very high winds today,Bella is curled up cosy in her bed this morning after our blustery walk. :0)

  34. Oh, those girls! Sure hope you can stop their bickering.
    Such a sweet soul, that little Todd giving comfort to Toby. Hope everyone heals quickly.

  35. Just getting caught up on blogs. I'm so sorry to read of your loss of Bubba. Sorry to hear about the girls continual fighting too. And poor Toby.....I hope things start looking up for them all.

  36. Joy and sadness go hand in hand, and for your other family members too.They will grieve, but cannot put it into words.Your love will shine through,memories will be there forever, and friends will send love, and care and share in your loss.I send caring sharing love to you and yours from Jean in NZ

  37. Bless Todd's loving heart; glad he's giving comfort to Toby. So sorry about the girls; sure hope the dog trainer can help.

    Jed & Abby

  38. Leave it to Tody, what a good pup he is!
    This is going to be a better year for both of us, I can feel it. you just hang in there. And give Todd and Toby a big hug from us!

  39. I love that photo of Toby and Todd.

    Woofs & hugs to all of you! :)

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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