Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Weather--Good Weekend!!

Our weekend so far could not be more enjoyable!  On Saturday, warmth and bright sun allowed us to enjoy some extended time outdoors.  Despite the high winds, the dogs enjoyed a good round of frisbee.  I enjoyed a round of taking pictures with my new camera.  I'm still getting the hang of it because there is so much to learn!
Toby had a round of rolling in the grass...
In the evening we met up with good friends for dinner.  They are welcoming a new family member next week and are borrowing a few of our 'puppy things.' Their little boy will quickly outgrow them, but are needed none the less.  Below is a picture from when they went to meet the puppies.  
For dinner we ate a beautiful restaurant called 'Clydes of Willow Creek.'  The food is amazing and the setting is stunning.  The restaurant itself has a story to tell.  A restaurant group purchased a series of antique heavy timber structures, dating back to as far as 1780, that had been destined for the wrecking ball. These structures were photographed, labeled, disassembled, preserved, and stored for later restoration.  These four original antique buildings, have now been connected, and restored and represents the classic American Inn.  It boosts paintings of the hunt country, classic carriages and buggies and early American artwork along with other reproduced ells from the early days of our country.
Included within the restaurant is a structure known as 'The Chandler Barn, which was built c.1885. This amazing Victorian beauty has two elliptical cupolas, and was originally built for hay, feed, and stock. (The below picture is taken from their website)
It really is a lovely place to enjoy with our friends and spend a Saturday evening!  I hope you've had a good weekend too!


  1. We are experiencing great weather here too, Kim.

    Love the puppies, and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the weekend and get out with the hubby.

    Beautiful photography! :)

  2. What a wonderful place to have dinner at.

    The photo of the puppies is gorgeous, I'll take a couple please!!!

    The weather has been rotten so far thsi weekend, yesterday it was a hibernating day with glae force winds, bitter cold and snow.

    At least this morning the sune is sort of shining......

    Gill in Canada

  3. Our weather here is cloudy cold, windy and snow ! Love your photos ! The resturant looks and sounds amazing , We have a few families here that resque old buildings and referbish into shops for books, art gallery, tea room or a old country general store all with country charm! Have a wonderful day !

  4. That looks like a place that my husband and I would like to visit. I'm sure we could do that in a weekend from PA. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We're having a lovely springlike weekend here in North Georgia..picked daffodils yesterday!

  6. What a sweet puppies !! enjoy a happy from

  7. What an amazing restaurant. It's wonderful that it was saved.

    Your dogs look quite happy. :)

  8. The dogs look so happy. I am sure they are enjoying the nice weather.
    So fun to go out to dinner and enjoy a nice quiet evening with your loved ones.
    Sheba looks so happy with her frisbee. Roscoe loves frisbees but they do not last much. He chews on them and we have to throw them out because we are scared that he swallows a piece of plastic.
    Have a wonderful sunday.

  9. Oh Kim what a great way to start my Sunday! Who would not love to be in the middle of that playpen of "Golden Puppies"!
    The pics of the restaurant look so engaging and I would love to see photos of the old artwork they have displayed, is there a place where they have it posted?
    Still no significant snow here, how odd is this year? Hugs to all the puppies and have a wonderful Sunday!
    Tina xo

  10. though all my dogs have been "rescues" so have never bought one, i still like this quote "whoever said you can't buy happiness, forgot about little puppies!"
    love these photos (i think you've already mastered that camera!) and i also love the fact that you and carl had a beautiful, delicious time at the new restaurant discovery.
    tammy j

  11. It is always so good to see some of the dogs. They always make me smile. The puppies just about put me over the edge. :)

    What a beautiful place to dine. The story behind it is so interesting!

    Glad you're enjoying your weekend. Great job with your new camera!

  12. Don't you just hate for weekends like this to end. It's always great when the dogs can really get out and exercise; from the looks, they were loving it. What an adorable bundle of puppy love in the picture. I know they are going to have fun with the new pup. Love the history of the restaurant. Sounds like a good way to wrap up the day.

  13. Oh I do love those puppies! Your friends must be so excited about having one of them. As for your evening out at this beautiful place, I think I would have been too busy sketching it to eat!

  14. I think you always took great pictures.

    Love the pictures of some of the kids enjoying the wonderful sunshine nwe have been having. Jack and Jill enjoying it too. Sheba's leg looks good.

    Great restaurant! I could go there and not have to eat, love the history.

  15. The weather and weekend has been nice and quiet here.. glad the dogs could spend some time outdoors to stretch their legs.. except Todd who really doesn't have any legs compared to a golden.. glad you had a good weekend

  16. What I would give to see that collection of buildings! Could not be more impressed.

    Yes, you have got the knack of that camera...nice shots.

    All the pups look great. It is snowing here today so I won't be seeing the grass until later this afternoon when the temperature goes up. Merry-go-round and round.

  17. I want to come to Virginia and go out to eat with you!!!

    Heck! I'd go anywhere and go out to eat with ANYONE! :-)

    (did I mention that I never get to go out to eat?)

    I'm happy that you're having a happy weekend!

  18. It makes me so very happy to know that you are having a good weekend, that the dogs are enjoying themselves, that no one is ill, and the weather is nice. Enjoy your new camera. I have had mine for years now and haven't learned the half of what there is to learn.

  19. Which puppy is theirs......? It's difficult to tell where one finishes and the other begins!

    The restaurant looks wonderful, what a labour of love.

    Gorgeous photos, as always Kim.


  20. *sigh* marigold used to love playing with her flippy flopper frisbee... :)

  21. It sounds like you've had a great weekend! I absolutely love the concept of the restaurant you went to, any place that values heritage get a major thumbs up in my books!

  22. Hooray for an excellent weekend! Puppies, restaurant, good weather, new camera all comes together for the good!

    May they all be this way!

    Jo, Stella, Zkhat

  23. i have a thing for american bars......
    hummm a cold beer or even a whopper martini would be lovely

  24. gorgeous restaurant Kim...very pretty! and I think Sheba is ready for someone to play with her...

  25. The poem you left on Angus's blog was perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  26. beautiful inn.. I want to go hang out there!!!

  27. Good to see the pups outside and revelling in the warm temps.

    That's a beautiful restaurant!

    And of course, we must mention the puppy pile. So cute.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  28. So glad you are having a good weekend and that is one cute pile of pups!

  29. There's nothing like a bit of sun after rotten weather to make us remember the world is a wonderful place and we're lucky to be in it! Happy dogs rolling in the grass and gorgeous new puppies help, too!

  30. Hi Kim
    We had a nice day of no rain and no wind. It felt good to be outside too.
    The restuarant looks so cozy, and I bet their food was yummy.
    I am so glad you had a day outside to spend with the dogs, and learn more about your new camera!
    Good Times!

  31. First of all, Sheba and Josh, gorgeous! The puppies are as cute as they can be. The restaurant is beautiful. I'd love to visit it in person. Blessings!

  32. I'm coming to visit you! Warmth is a concept that I haven't experienced in a long time!!!!

    I love that photo of Toby rolling in the grass.

    I'm so glad that you had such a relaxing and fun weekend.

  33. Beautiful pictures, Kim!

    Where is the inn located that you were talking about? It sounds like a place I'd love!

  34. You do look like you are having some lovely weather. And look at all those adorable puppies! Sweet! That restaurant looks fantastic! A very cozy place to spend a Saturday evening with friends indeed! Wonderful!

    Have a terrific week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  35. Cool restaurant. Sounds like a nice weekend. We had on and off snow all weekend, which isn't going to stick around as temps are rising again tomorrow. We have had a different sort of winter.

  36. Sounds like a great week- end. Great puppy photo, made me smile.

  37. Love that idea of 'saving' old structures from the wrecking ball! And to see them put back together again must be something to see! The classic American Inn, a must, I am sure!
    Great photos of the dogs, Kim. Yes our wekend was a good one too.

  38. What a wonderful idea taking all the old wood and ideas, then making a new gathering place. Stunning pictures. Glad you are having nice weather. We are too at 98374. Easton loves his new MeMe and PaPa! Pictures soon.

  39. What a wonderful place to have dinner. I love the photos of the dogs. Looks as though they were having a good time. Glad you are having nice weather and able to get out and enjoy it.

  40. Puppiessss!! *SQUEEEE!* AH, Gotta hide this post from my mommy... hehe

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  41. Catching up here ... been a lazy girl! The weather looks wonderful there and sounds like a great weekend. Love that Sheba pic!

  42. Gotta say that sunny weather sure looks nice!
    A pile of puppies, what fun. Makes you wish you were there to kiss and cuddle all of them.
    That Inn is amazing. I love it when old buildings are resurected like that. They did a wonderful job.


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