Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Word of the Day

Our word of the day is 'blustery.'  Our wanna-be-blizzard that brought hardly any snow did bring with it a nearly intolerable blast of winter!  High gusty winds have kept our temperatures below freezing all day.  
But the forecast is for the warm spring like weather to return as we head into the first part of the week.  
Looking at the calendar, it's easy enough to see that February is quickly slipping away along with any hope I have for a good snowfall.  But there is still two more weeks, so I won't give up yet.  
Today has been a quiet day that is being spent inside where it's warm.  I think I'll throw an extra dog on the bed and take a nap!  I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!!


  1. Oh what a sweet Ria...happy new week

  2. Good to know you are about to get some warmer weather...lovely to see the photos of Charlie and CarrieAnne, but oh my heart is still with Todd, goodness I love that little chap.

  3. Kim,
    Tried to post to your blog and I don't think it worked so I'll try again.
    We got blasted last night with lots of snow ,high winds and cold temp. I bet the crew would have a blast in the huge snow drift we have right now.
    Glad the vet was able to save some of Lucas teeth, he doesn't look too bad to be wearing the cone of shame.
    Todd looks very tired and comfortable lying in bed for his afternoon nap.
    Oh I wish I was Todd right about now.

  4. The wind looks to be really blowing Todd's hair around. So cute!

    Enjoy your nap!

  5. I'm piled high with cats right now myself!!!

  6. Dog pile on the bed! woo hoo that sounds like fun.

  7. Is a good thing Todd has some weight on him - he looks like he's about to be blown away! I wonder what he's smelling, with his nose to the wind?

  8. Now that is my type of Sunday activity and my type of nap. With Reggie being older, I find he likes to snuggle up against me on the bed-thus keeping me warm(sometimes too warm). Have a wonderful evening my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Tell me about it!

    It was painful to watch the gas gauge as I traveled to Hagerstown and back -

    Oh well - FUR a good cause, eh?

    Stay warm!

  10. Yes this was a 'nap' type of day for us too! Just ask Sophie!
    We got RAIN and no snow at all but our neighbouring province of New Brunswick got hammered with lots of the white stuff!

  11. We have a light snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. If it sticks I'll be surprised.

  12. Todd can come and keep my feet warm any day! :0)

  13. That Charlie is one cute fellow and it looks like he is quite comfy in the light dusting of snow...

    Happy Cuddling!

    -Bart and Ruby, expert cuddlers

  14. All I can say is that it's a good thing Todd is part of YOUR family and not MINE, because if he lived with me he would be getting away with an awful lot - how do you resist his unbelievable cuteness?!!

  15. It was really cold and windy here today, too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  16. Lovely photos ! Awesome header photo ! It had been snowing here since Friday and just let up this afternoon the temps are minus 15 with the wind chill ! Miggy loves it she comes in all cover in snow and snow balls stuck to her long fur most of the time we have to forse her to come in ! Have a great day !

  17. I enjoyed a 2 dog nap this afternoon in front of the wood stove...just one of those kind of days.
    Have a great week Kim and company.

  18. Too funny Kim....Sophie...come here...Kim just threw another dog on the!

  19. We had the coldest winds I can remember having in a very long time yesterday. I stopped by and checked on your baby and his mouth yesterday, but didn't have time to comment. I want to steal Todd away from you, he looks like he is soooo full of personality, just like my Sophie.

  20. Who said it is 65 degrees at 7PM here??? Have you no sensitivity?
    PS: Easton is NOT complaining.
    Nor is KT
    Bundle up kids, 3 dog night.

  21. Great photos of the dogs! It's that kind of cold, blustery day here too. I could use a nice, furry friend like one of those!

  22. I'm almost embarrassed to say that on the cold nights we've had (and this has been a pretty mild winter here in central AR), we've had 3 cats and two dogs piling in with us!
    So glad Lucas came through the dental surgery without complications! He looks like such a sweet thing--reminds me of our "Prince" who lived to be 16 yrs. old. I still miss him so!

  23. OMG ~ that picture of Todd is TOO PRECIOUS!

    Happy Dreams!

  24. There is still time for snow- so don't give up!
    I see it is very cold at Golden Pines,. and it warmed here after the morning frost melted.
    Yes, you might need a few doggys on the bed to nap with - to keep you warm!

  25. With a coat that thick Charlie can enjoy the cold !

  26. It was quite cold and blustery here yesterday as well, but today it is already feeling warmer, it was up to -11 Celsius when I left for work this morning. Nothing like a Canadian to put 'cold' into perspective :o)

  27. charlie lying in the snow almost looks to have a little pon in him!
    baby rascal todd makes me yawn!
    he's a brave wee scotsman sitting there in the wind by the fence. and sweet carrie anne whose name i love... she just looks beautiful there. and knowing full well she's having her picture taken!
    hugs to our recovering boy lucas. and all the crew... even carl. lol.
    love to you dear heart,
    tammy j
    and ps.. i too love your new header!

  28. Don't speak so soon. SHE's known some very snowy Marches in NoVa.

    Tood looks like he is exhausted.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  29. Hi Gang!! We hope you get some more snow - we love seeing all the snowy pics from our friends across the pond. Great to see photo's of the little guy - butter wouldn't melt in that last one! Di x

  30. We had a cold weekend, but today it is warmer and sunny. Makes me think of Spring!

    Wonderful pictures of your dogs on a relaxing Sunday.

  31. kim, I never asked you... why did you call him Todd?

  32. HOw great that you are having a peaceful day, wind and all. It's really windy here too, up to 50 MPH and cold. But no snow here either. I'm hoping, but who knows. Todd is so adorable.

  33. hAHAHA... I like that, thow an extra dog on the bed..
    I love Gracie on the bed in the winter months but once summer comes I about die!!! (she doesn't care)

  34. LOL .... hope that extra dog provided you lots of warmth!

  35. wow, guys you look so handsome today, and you have a nice weather too, I'm glad to see it! Happy Valentine's day!

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  36. Your plans for a cozy weekend sound delightful!
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  37. Todd looks exhausted...must be all that cold air! I think I'm in love with Charlie...:)JP

  38. Woof! Woof! We also had snow over the weekend n it was cold. LOVE your new blog header. Sending you lots of Golden LOVE. Happy Valentine's Day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  39. As Daisy noted above, some of our snowiest winter storms in the mega-D.C. area have come in late Feb. and early March. Personally, we're hoping not this winter.

    Hope Lucas is doing well. Tell him Jed has practically lived in his Cone for the past year and he's learned to cope just fine. And Lucas will probably be out of his Cone before Jed, at the rate things are going. We're keeping our paws crossed for Lucas. How are the girls getting along now?

    Jed & Abby

  40. I love it - an extra dog on the bed for a nap!!!!!

    We humans love snuggling with our K. She's so affectionate and so soft. We noticed that she lets out little contented sighs while she naps alone. My husband says that it's because she gets to "snuggle with K" all the time!


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