Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Conversational Snow

The week as always is off to a running start. On the schedule tomorrow is Lucas's second surgery to have the remaining un-salvageable teeth removed. I've been assured that the length of time that he's to be under the anesthetic will be shorter than last.  I'm hopeful that will be the case, and everything will go well.

Winter has also returned.  Today it's bright and clear but we are having a blast of cold wind and temperatures below freezing, reminding me again how stubborn Old Man Winter can be about leaving.  Yesterday we had what the weathermen call 'conversational snow.,'  I've never heard that term before but it apparently means that it amounts to nothing more than a conversation.  Where do they get these terms?

I was told yesterday that Todd's day-camp where he's been going for several months is closing.  I was so disappointed to be told that.  They were a top-notch place that truly made a difference for my shy, but energetic and playful boy.  It hit all the notes as far as care of the dogs, playtime, nap-time (can you believe they had down-time for all the dogs?) and the staff was the best. While its only been open for less than a year, apparently their closing has something to do with the landlord of the building.  I've decided that he was obviously not a dog-lover, because he made it impossible and very expensive for them to continue to be in business.  I really want Todd to continue to play with other dogs and be around different people.  So once again my search for the perfect place will begin.


  1. Weathermen, and people in general today it seems, enjoy making up terms.

    Sorry to hear about Todd's daycare place. Too bad they can't find another place to open their business.

    Good luck finding a new one. *Hugs*

  2. I tell my husband these weather people are full of bolony. They can't ever get it right. I don't understand with all the technology today.
    Sorry to hear about Todd. He is so cute. Love that picture of him in the basket. Don't worry you will find a good place for him.
    I will have Luca's in my prayers. I hope all goes well for him.
    Have a good week, even thought it seems it has gotten started with a rough ride.

  3. Mother Nature seems to playing tricks on us here . I am sorry to hear that Todds day care is closing hope you find one thats just as good ! Hope all goes well for Lucas. Have a good day !

  4. I am so sorry that your doggie daycare is closing. To bad you don't live close to me. Then Todd can come with me to Bert's Vickie's place. It's GREAT.
    We will keep Lucas in our prayers.

  5. Wishing you and Todd much luck in finding another NICE daycare for him. What a bummer.

  6. Hey there Kim,
    I'm sorry to hear about Todd's day-care...hopefully you'll find something equally inspiring.
    Thinking of Lucas too.
    Keep warm.
    Sending lotsaluv

  7. Hope you find another nice daycare for Todd soon,he looks so cute in the basket! Half the time I watch the weather forecast I'm still no wiser as to what it's going to be like! :0)

  8. You are SUCH a good dog-Mama!

    I like the idea of conversational snow! I think all snow should be just that!

    You should get a break in the next day or two as it's supposed to get into the FIFTIES here today!

    A walking we will go....

  9. I wish I lived near you so I could take care of Todd! I'd love it.

    Good luck to your boy, Lucas!

  10. Can't believe a commercial landlord is discouraging ANY business in these economic times. I'll tell you the story about something similar in Phoenix. End result was completely opposite.

  11. We have had three close in our area as well. One because of poor buisness and the other two had landlord problems.

  12. good luck to sweet lucas! sorry about todd's daycare. i know you both enjoyed that place!

  13. You'll find a place for Todd, I'm sure of it.

  14. I hope all goes well for Lucas and he heals quickly again!

    Sorry about Todd's daycare, I hope you find another one soon. Have you talked to any of their other patrons to see what they are going to do? I would think if they had a going business, they would try to find another building and not just quit!

    We're in transitional weather, soon it will be just plain hot.

  15. O no !! poor Todd....why do i live so far away darling.......??? you could bring Todd by me....love ...xxx...

  16. Too bad about Todd's daycare! As for the weather, just make it up as you go along! BOL!

  17. Oh, we hope they can find a new building. Just when you find the perfect place....typical.

    We've never heard about conversational snow either.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. Funny, we have had the same 'conversation' here for the past few days!! Winter is having it's last hoorah in Nova Scotia
    Too bad about the day care....hope there is something comparable there for you!

  19. Oklahoma has had beautiful weater lately. In fact, the weatherman says that spring has come three weeks early. I've had a chance to get out and clean out flowerbeds. To bad about the doggie daycare. Hope you find a good one.

  20. Oklahoma has had beautiful weater lately. In fact, the weatherman says that spring has come three weeks early. I've had a chance to get out and clean out flowerbeds. To bad about the doggie daycare. Hope you find a good one.

  21. Good luck to Lucas. We're sure he'll be glad to have this finished.

  22. Sad to hear that they are closing. Hope they can find another place.
    And that Todd .... cute overload!

  23. Hi Kim
    We will keep Lucas in our thoughts for tomorrows surgery,,
    And we will keep you in our heart and thoughts too.
    That is awful about the day care! We just knew Todd had such a good time there.
    We are having a few dustings of snow flakes around here. Maybe more tonight,,.what do weathermen really know?

  24. Here's wishing Lucas a calm, uneventful day !

  25. So sad to read of Todd's play centre closing down, it is so cruel and I sincerely hope the folk will find another venue very quickly.

    Nature and her elements can be so unpredictable and whilst Spring wishes to make an appearance, such is stealth of winter waiting to pounce once again.

  26. such a shame about Todd's day care.

    My friend Jane had a great video on her blog and I thought of you: http://swiftsuresongbird.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-are-my-chances.html

    Anyone who owns a dog will love this video.


  27. Best of luck to Lucas today. Keep us posted. Too bad about the daycare. The picture of Todd is precious.

  28. look at that baby in a basket!
    i so hope you can find another day care that is worthy of this little guy. i think he has a special heart. he came to you to lift yours when you had so much loss.
    i am praying for our beloved lucas. he will know much pain again, but soon he can really truly enjoy his food and life!
    tammy j

  29. Oh my, sorry about losing the daycare for Todd, but I know that you will find the perfect place for him. I didn't read this until after Lucas was probably all finished with his dental work. I know everything will turn out okay. My Sugar had quite a bit of dental work done last week. I felt so sorry for her, she looked so pitiful, but she is so much better now. Take care!

  30. Conversational snow? That's a made up dumb term.

    I'm sorry Todd's daycare is closing, it's a really adorable picture of him in the basket.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  31. I hope that all goes well with sweet Lucas. I'm so glad that he's getting the care that he needs.

    As for Todd's daycare, I remember when you searched and searched and finally found it. What a bummer that it's closing. It did seem perfect.


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