Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Stopping for Weather

It's now feeling like March because we had a cold frosty start to our day.  I turned the heat back on last night just to get the chill out of the air. For Wednesday, the warmth is forecasted to return.  This unpredictability of the weather makes me feel like Mother Nature may need some kind of an intervention to get our seasons back on track.  But whatever is happening with the weather, it's not stopping one of my favorite birds, the Eastern Phoebe, from building its nest above our garage door.
It's also not slowing down the new growth on the Forsythia bushes. The blossoms are falling off as this years leaves start to appear. 
The weather also doesn't stop Lucas from doing what he does best, watch CC.  Except in this picture, I think she's watching him!
In any weather, the antics of an energetic puppy named Todd don't stop either.  Except in this case, CarrieAnne's look did! 
Enjoy your Tuesday! 


  1. oh, the dynamics in your household every day must be amazing! :)

  2. The weather really is topsy turvy isn't it?
    It was warmer than Athens here today.
    Your pictures of the dogs make me smile.
    Enjoy your week. :0)

  3. The weather has been pretty confused in San Francisco this year, too! It barely rained all winter and now it is starting. Anyhoo, the look on kitty's face would make me slink away, that's FOR SURE!

  4. The forsythia petal pic is great!

    Maybe Lucas has a crush on CC? She sure is giving him the evil eye, isn't she?

    CarrieAnne seems to know how to manage that pup! Looks like you have a free-for-all going on there!

    So far so good, no frosts here - knock on wood! Usually we have a light one when the dogwood bloom, but they are so early - who knows what is going to happen?

  5. Kim,
    You are so lucky to be able to watch the Eastern Phoebe build it's nest. Right now it would be running for cover as we are in the middle of another snow storm. I so envy places that can start to move on with Spring without more snow:(
    I guess I'm just sick of looking at snow. I'll never get sick of looking at your crew, especially Todd. I think I'm in love with him as I know you are.
    Have a great day.

  6. Our mastiff and cats would never just eyeball each other like your two do - it would be all on a real cat and dog fight.

    Love Leanne

  7. We had a heavy frost here this morning. Great picture of the Eastern Phoebe!

  8. What wonderful pictures. I really like the one of CC.

  9. The nesting bird is awesome and The forsythia picture is a sure sign that warmer weather is here....

    However this may not be true in our still cold and wet Washington State!

  10. The weather here is unseasonably hot for the time of year, which leaves us thinking that perhaps we will pay for it in the summer,although we hope not and may be pleasantly surprised, who knows. I love that look on Todd's face, the 'Oh no I could be in trouble here' type of look.

  11. Love that yellow!

    Your animals always make me smile.

  12. We are having such beautiful weather here. I have had my windows open for days now.
    Lol, I love seeing what Todd is into. He looks like he is so full of personality, just like my Soph.

  13. Your picture of the birds nest is amazing. Great shot. Perfect I may say. It seems like Lucas was day dreaming while CC watched him. If looks would kill, I think Todd would be dead. Seems like Carrie Anne scared him.
    Have a great week.

  14. We have Black Phoebes and they nest here every year, but they have relocated very high under one of our eaves and I can't get photos inside the nest. They sure are busy birds and I just love them.

  15. Ms. Phoebe has built her nest in the exact same place (atop the flood light) the past 2 years!
    It was cooler here today too...
    Hugs and belly rubs to all!

  16. We are having the same type of weather as you are ! Awesome photos ! I love Forsythia bushes ! Have a good day !

  17. is little lucas's smile still lop sided? i thought that was cute. but then i remembered it was caused from swelling and pain! so i guess it's better if it's not so lop-sided.
    i follow a blog of a girl with a weim who is besotted with kitties. he just stares at them for ages. he loves them! such strange little quirks they have.
    i don't want todd to grow up so darned fast. stay puppy todd stay!
    love to you dear heart,
    tammy j

  18. Hi there dear friend, I loved seeing all that is happening in your yard and life. I've never seen this type of bird before and the bush is beautiful. Todd looks so attentive to CarrieAnne.
    Reggie is having a better day and I'm off to go buy some baby food for him. Thanks again for all your love & wisdom.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  19. Low, s Lucas feeling? Maybe he lived with a cat before and is trying to resume an old friendship.

  20. we have had a cold snap as well now, which is such a shame after last week....


  21. Poor Todd, he just wants to play. We suppose chasing CC is out of the question.

    Mother Nature's been a bit crazy here too. Could it be she's suffering dementia?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. You are so far ahead of us...-4C here...brrr!

  23. I tell you Kim that you take the best animal shots on the block!! Look at the expressions on CC's and Todd's faces!
    It was -3C (windchill -15C) here today! So much for an early spring....hope it doesn't kill the buds!

  24. Our Forsythia bush didn't bloom much this year. Hubby will not admit that he chopped it last fall, but I know he did! :P I love this time of year when everything is waking up!

  25. Absolutely LOVE the forsythia picture.
    Thanks for sharing everything with us. :o)

  26. The weather deterred Mom from the shorts and skorts BUT she did keep the flip flops fur our walks!


  27. Kim, no wonder you smile so much!...:)JP

  28. Who is that playing bitey face with Carrie Anne? Looks like Todd wanted in on the action, but CA had other ideas. He's starting to grow on me!!!

  29. I love your pictures, Kim! You blog always makes me smile.

  30. Hi Kim
    Isn't mother earth painting a masterpiece with all these changes? We just don't know what to expect next. Maybe you are right- an intervention is needed!
    That is so exciting about the Phoebe building her nest! Oh that makes us happy too!
    Your Forsythia bushes are sooo beatiful! What a popouri of color!
    And of course all the color of the furries golden furs,, and CC too!

  31. The picture of Lucas is priceless - wonderful.

  32. Crazy crazy weather. Your pups look so adorable together.

  33. I really like the forsythia photo. Todd's my favorite, do you have his ears tied up?

  34. It was cold, damp and chilly here too today, we even got a bit of snow! On another note, I love your photos of the Phoebe and the Forsythia bushes!

  35. Looks like things are normal at your house these days. That's good.

  36. We had to turn the heat back on too. I know it is only March, but :( . Sounds like things are interesting as always at your house.

  37. So many antics in your home! Never a dull moment!

  38. I wasn't particularly thrilled with having to turn the furnace back on after having shut it off for almost a month! I have to admit, the fireplace was nice though.

    I love the Phoebe building it's nest. It looks like there's moss in it.

    The forsythia photo just took my breath away...

    Oh yeah ~ the dogs (and cat) are cute too! ;-)

  39. I always feel like I'm 'coming home' when I visit your blog, Kim. There is such warmth and love which oozes from your pages. Love that little feathered friend..and the furry ones too, of course.
    Seasons are changing here too. For us, the Autumn colours will be the highlight of our environment. The early morning chill is upon us already, as is the darkening skies.
    Enjoy your spring and your beautiful family.
    With love
    MAXMOM and the gang IN SOUTH AFRICA

  40. CC's look would make a great poster titled "You’re a special kind of stupid.....aren’t you”?

  41. We've had the longest spring ever here... it started last November! Enjoy the pretty birds and the new blooms! They are a wonder to behold!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  42. CarrieAnne giving Todd 'the look' is priceless!! This made me laugh.. Have a good weekend Kim!

  43. Lots of fun photos and antics! Haha! Oh yes, winning the lottery. Wouldn't that be grand? Our lotteries don't get up to those big dollars. It's only 20 million tonight. Oh well, I guess that will have to do. :)
    Happy weekend Kim and four legged friends!
    xo Catherine

  44. Beautiful photos! Love the Phoebe and the Forsythia is fabulous! Funny Todd...and oh Lucas...I think it's only that he has a crush on CC too. oh Lucas!


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