Saturday, March 10, 2012

Those March Days

Charles Dickens perfectly described our weather when he wrote, "It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”  There have been times when I've forgotten that it's early spring and on chilly mornings like today, I'm reminded of it.  But I'm not the only one enjoying the warming temperatures.  I've seen the turtles sunning themselves on a log, and a snake (!!!) on its way somewhere that I hope is far away.

Lucas is doing really well and it goes without saying that I'm glad that the surgeries are behind him. As you may (or may not) know, a dog has 42 teeth.  People have 32 which includes the wisdom teeth.  Lucas has had 38 removed.  It's overwhelming, at least for me, to think about that number. But it had to be done, and I'm thankful that he has been able to have the treatment that he needed.  You may recall that Lucas's surgeries were not inexpensive and the total cost has been around $5000.  I was told this week that all of his dental work has been paid for from a special fund-raiser that the rescue held for him and other dogs have expensive medical needs.
This weekend you'll find me basking in the warmth of the spring sun, and in the reminder of the kindness and generosity of people who have helped to make a difference for Lucas. ~Enjoy your Saturday!!~


  1. Wonderful photos of the turtles and your cute dogs. Your handsome Lucas reminds me of my Goldie Girl. I am happy to hear he is doing well. Your Charlie is a cutie too. I am happy I came across your blog, great photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love the photo of the turtles on the log ! I am so glad to hear Lucas is doing well ! These dogs are so lucky and I bet thankful to have you !They are both sweet pooches ! Have a great day !

  3. So happy Lucas is doing well....he is a dear boy...and you are a wonderful mom!!!

  4. I know Lucas will feel so much better, once his mouth is healed and healthy. Thank you for taking such good care of him (and all the others!)

  5. How fortunate we (the dogs really) are that there are generous people in this world who can make surgeries like this possible. Sweet Lucas. Starting tomorrow we are supposed to be in the 60s and high 50s all week long. Yipeeeeee.

    Enjoy the sun!

  6. Enjoy the Springtime weather and get out and have fun!

  7. So glad Lucas is doing well, what a precious pic! Enjoy the spring weather!!

  8. So glad Lucas had his surgery and is definitely behind him. Most importantly he is doing fine and also it was paid for by generous donors.
    Enjoy your cold, warm, summer, spring, winter days. which ever it may be. We have had weird weather here in Florida as well.
    TFS. ANA

  9. oh joyous news!
    i kept going back yesterday... and now this morning a beautiful picture of that little lopsided grin and the best of news... that's it's over and that it was sucessful and covered.
    and pictures of your charlie with his one brown eye and one blue eye are always a special treat!
    now we will just await good news on the day care search for puppy todd.
    you, dear heart, deserve some coconut ice cream!
    love and hugs and a happy weekend,
    tammy j

  10. I'm so happy Lucas has the hard stuff behind him and can look forward to more comfortable, happy days with you and the gang!

  11. God bless you - and all those that contributed to lucas' fund. :)

  12. Good for Luca-no more pain!
    My parents had a rescue Golden. Her name was Lucy and when she was wandering the streets looking for food, she ate rocks! Destroyed her teeth and she also had to have a surgery to remove all the rocks from her stomach! My parents adopted her was 3 and she lived to be 15. A very happy life she had with them :)
    Have a fab weekend!
    xo, misha

  13. You write the most beautiful posts with such amazing photos! That's a lotta teefies to be extracted - bravo to the fundraisers who made the surgery pawsible - doggeh hugs to them. But you, Kim, take the pupcake in caring for these wonderful puppers. Hope the weather warms up more "in the shade"!
    Sammie and Avalon

  14. Horray for Diamond Luc and his successful surgeries. Also to the rescue organization who has stepped up to do such a wonderful thing. And last but not least to Golden Pines; the guardian angles of so many senior Goldens.

    Think Luc will stay?

    Roooooooooooooooooos from Easton

  15. Some people can be so cruel yet others so king and giving. I will never figure it all out...
    Warms my heart to hear Lucas is making a swift recovery. Yummy wet food to look forward to : )

  16. Watch out Charlie, now that it's getting warmer, your Mom is going to start thinking about shaving off your furs. It's happening here.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  17. Glad Lucas is doing OK..
    guess CC won't have to worry about Lucas biting her when he does his stalking of her..
    Its the same here.. stay in the sun and you're fine.. just a little cool in the shade.. but this week its suppose to get in the upper 70s..
    I'm not sure those are turtles in your pic.. they're terrapins.. LOL

  18. Way to go, Lucas! Now for some well-deserved pain-free days ahead for you!
    Look at all those turtles! We don't see those critters very much up here in Nova Scotia. What a sight to see, Kim.
    I think Sophie and Charlie would know what to do if they saw the doodle dance!

  19. Hi Kim!

    I certainly agree with Mr. Dickens and we are indeed sharing similar weather.

    I've been enjoying your blog, but have been terrible about leaving comments. Sounds like all is well and I'm very happy Lucas is recovering well.

    Take care and enjoy some sunshine!


  20. There are some wonderful people out there--it warms the heart.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  21. Oh Kim, God is good that He not only provided people in your life to provide the funds but that Lucas is recovering and doing splendid!
    take good care...

  22. I am so glad the surgery went well for Lucas. And I'm glad you are having some good weather. Our deck is rather sheltered from the wind so I have spent many happy hours sitting out there in the sun.

  23. Boy Lucas, you and me buddy. restin up, eating ice cream. well, you get ice cream or you should, and all kinds of smoothies. I'll be thinking of you.

  24. It makes me smile real big and my heart all warm and fuzzy over the kindness of some to help so Lucas can enjoy his life.

  25. Yeaaa Lucas is better and all taken care of!
    We love the turtles and snake sunbathing! We hardly ever see a turtle- hardly ever!
    Lucas and Charlie are sooo adorable!
    Look at thos loving eyes!
    And yes, thanks to the donors who paid for Lucas's bill! Awsome!

  26. Glad to hear Lucas is doing well!

  27. Something special about the love and trust of a dog when they get to Lucas' age .

  28. What great pictures! I love the one of the turtles basking in the sun. You must be so glad Lucas surgery is behind him now. Nice to hear people can be so generous and he got the help needed. Lucas and Charlie are sweethearts! Enjoy the weekend!

  29. Oh those eyes. those wouldn't-hurt-a-flea eyes. so glad he's doing good! and "hi" Charlie! love the Dickens quote! And that turtle photo - wow!

  30. I imagine he is on soft food or at least soaked kibble? Poor punkin, but hopefully once he is completely healed he will no longer be in pain. :-)

    Hang tough Lucas!!

  31. I am so pleased of how Lucas is improving - he is indeed such a handsome fellow.

  32. I'm so glad Lucas is doing well after all he has gone through. Poor pup! It sounds like you are having some nice weather. Us too!
    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  33. Kim,
    Oh those turtles are just beautiful. I wish I was there to see them first hand.
    So glad Lucas is doing well after his surgery poor fellow doesn't have many teeth left and I'm sure his gums must be sore.
    Give him a hug for me.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the crew.

  34. Yay for Lucas...maybe he could get some dental implants?!?!? glad he is done with the surgeries and can get to healing.
    Love all the turtles, still a little too cool here as I haven't seen any of our out sunning on the pond banks yet.
    Have a great week Kim...

  35. So happy that Lucas is better. My Sugar Plum is now missing 14 of her teeth and I thought that was a lot! My gosh, how is Lucas eating?

  36. So happy that Lucas is doing well.

  37. With a name like Lucas, I knew he'd make it through with flying colors!...:)JP

  38. Charlie looks so relaxed and happy as he should!!!!

  39. That's a lot of missing teeth! Sam is down 2 - Monty managed to rip them out. He looks like he is doing well, otherwise.


  40. I hope by now Lucas is doing fine!

    Yes, we have been having some of those March days too. That wind is something else!

    I hope you had a good weekend!

  41. Bless u, Kim.Lucas looks peaceful now:) Hope he is feeling much better.
    Such beautiful spring pictures. I know exactly what u mean when u say 'summer in the sun n winter in the shade'...
    Love that header picture:)

  42. That's good news for Lucas. The Turtles are great ! It's been just like that here - sunny & hot but in the shade really chilly. Didn't stop hubby wearing shorts for the first time this year. Lots of people were. Joe remarked that it was still winter but it was so hot yesterday !

  43. It's wonderful to think of all those people giving money to help pay for Lucas' surgeries. They'll make such a difference to him. What a sweetie.

    Charlie looks as happy and handsome as ever.

    You (and Charles) could be more right about March. It's true here too but we don't have turtles (ever) or snakes (yet). For us, March through May involves huge snowstorms that melt within 48 hours. We got 5' of snow in May alone last year!


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