Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Blonde Sisterhood

A hectic and tiring week has come to an end.  Sam is doing really well.  Yesterday he was rolling in the cool grass and later he was counter-surfing--All good signs!  After a long conversation with a friend, who I consider an expert on natural and holistic treatment for dogs, my optimism and focus has returned.  In the past I've had pretty good success in using Chinese herbs and I have no reason to not hope for this same success in using them for Sam too.  He'll begin taking them today.
On the flip-side, the unwanted affection and attention of Casanova Lucas for the fair and lovely Annie has finally waned. Persuading Lucas that Annie was not the girl for him, happened in the most unusual way.  Annie, unable to convince him herself that his advances were unwanted not just by her, but by all of us, we had an  intervention.  The intervention was not something that Carl or I did, but something Sheba did.  Sheba as you recall is our youngest Golden, and she is not afraid to stand up for herself or even start a fight. On Wednesday, for some reason anytime that Lucas got near Annie, Sheba began getting into the middle of the two, would growl at Lucas, and with that, Lucas would walk away from both of them.  This is something I've never seen Sheba do, and I can only conclude that 'the blonde-sisterhood' is just standing up for one another and sticking together!
~Sheba and Annie, the Blonde Sisterhood~


  1. YAY to the Blonde Sisterhood!! That's great news, I was worried that the lovestruck Lucas wouldn't get the message and Annie would have to be rehomed.

    Keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts to Sam, who looks so gorgeous in that happy photo.


  2. Double awesome! I'm so glad you're feeling optimistic about Sam. Hopefully you'll have success with the Chinese herbs. And how great is that that Sheba stepped in and helped Annie with Lucas. Yay for the sisterhood!!

  3. girls have to stick together! wonderful story!

  4. Wouldn't that be wonderful for Sam?!!! And the girls...well, what can I say...peas in a pod!...:)JP

  5. I do hope Sam gets better ! Girls gota stick together ! Have a good day !

  6. Wonderful work, Sheba! You were a perfect friend to help.


  7. That's what friends are for!

  8. I'm glad to hear Sheba stepped in to let Lucas know what the appropriate behavior was towards Annie. I think it's cool that Sheba could "say" what Annie wasn't able to.


  9. oh joyous post for me!
    to know that beautiful annie and poor old lucas can both stay in their good loving home ...
    just a heartfelt sigh of relief.
    thank heaven for sheba. the dog world is simply incredible. and unless we're with them on a truly day to day close environment ... we just don't get to see it.
    i have good feelings about sam. you are so wise. holistic is always better if possible! healing thoughts and love to him abound.
    look at wilf!!! miracles happen.
    love to you dear heart,
    tammy j

  10. Kudos to the Blond Sisterhood.

  11. WOW that is amazing. Well I don't think it is cuz I know we dogs can fix things. But MOM was very impressed.

  12. awesome, on both counts! go sheba! i am so grateful to her for saving a bad situation!

  13. I love the blonde sisterhood!!!! Way to go Sheba... I hope that Lucas keeps your message in mind!

    We had a dog friend who used to like to be "amorous" with K incessantly. When R reached about a year old, he took matters into his own paws. He'd behave just as you described Sheba doing for Annie... and it worked here just as well!

    It's really amazing to watch dogs take care of each other, isn't it?

  14. I'm thrilled to hear this, Kim. Dogs are so interesting. Angel has brought up Samson so well, he will not walk past her, unless invited. He will not go to the front door as we do, because Angel will keep him at a distance. I so wish I was that good at training a puppy! I am happy that it looks like both dogs can now stay with you. Good girl, Sheba.

  15. Hi Kim, You can't know how thrilled I am to hear this-been praying you wouldn't need to find another home for Annie. Way to go Sheba. You will have to keep us posted on the herbs-I haven't done chinese herbs before but totally believe in herbal medicine, in fact prefer it. Sending love your way today.

  16. With some guys.. it takes awhile for the saying.. "No means NO" to sink in.. hopefull the sisterhood stays intact and there won't be anymore problems that arise from you new Casanova lover

  17. ha ha...ya got to love those blondes

  18. That is so awesome. I love it. The name is perfect. This posting has really made me laugh.
    I hope the herbs will help Sam. I am still praying.
    TFS. Ana

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Isn't that just wonderful!! I love it. Hi Kim, I have missed you very much. I know, in your world, that you are so busy that you don't miss me , but that is alright,
    I miss you!!!

  20. Yeaaa Sheba!! You go girl!
    Blonde Sisterhood rocks!

    And of course the chinese herbs!!
    Of course they will work!
    I am glad Sammy is feeling good!

  21. YAY!! for the sisterhood!! You can keep the Vicks in your back pocket for now!!


  22. That is great about Sheba and Annie. :o)

    Would like to know more about holistic medicine for pets, too.
    Good luck! ♥

  23. Oh that's just what girlfriends do for one another!! So Cute!! Good luck with the herbs. Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Well Done, Sheba! And great news Sam. Sounds like your shopping trolley wheels are all going in the same direction at the moment.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  25. Good job, Sheba!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  26. You already know that I think any Golden Sisterhood ROCKS!!!

    Positive thoughts for Sam.

  27. Hi Y'all,

    Hoppin' by to say "hello" and see how y'all are doing. So happy for Annie that she found a protector in Sheba. Thank you Sheba. Lucas, learn to be a gentleman. Also happy Sam is feelin' better.

    Your weather will be hot soon enough. Welcome the rain. We've been in drought in much of the southeast for several years now, longer in some areas.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  28. Lucas is quite a game old boy . I'm sure he'll get over it !

  29. YAY for Sheba!!! This means Annie can stay. I'm so happy.

    As for Sammy, I love the idea of the chinese herbs. Do you have someone to prescribe them for you? I have the name of a holistic vet in MA that I'm sure would help.

  30. YAY Sheba!
    It's good to know that some degree of aggressiveness can be beneficial! :-)

    Fingers crossed that the herbal meds will keep Sammy going for a LONG time. It's nice to be able to use something that doesn't cause the dog (especially an older dog!) more pain or distress while it's fighting the good fight!

    Keep Smiling!

  31. Good for Sheba!! That is so funny. A girl needs more "sisters" like that. :-)

  32. Good for Sheba! Hurray for sticking together...Kim your flowers for Leontien are lovely!

  33. Sheba and Annie are beautiful

    Stop on by for a visit

  34. Three cheers for Sheba! Perhaps the cat should enlist her protective services, too, so Lucas can keep his happy home. Paws crossed for Sam!

    Jed & Abby

  35. Girl power! Hope the herbs help Sam.

  36. Glad the girls took matters into their own paws and set the boy straight. We have similar situations around here. While I'm trying to figure out what to do, the dogs do it themselves.

  37. Fingers and paws crossed for Sam. Go Annie & Sheba!

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  38. I pray things will work out for Sam with the herbs.
    Isn`t that something how dogs seem to understand situations & how to handle problems.I`m always amazed at their thinking process.

  39. Woohoo, to the Blonde Sisterhood!!! We blondes gotta stick together! You go girl!!! :o)

    My prayers are with Sam and that the Chinese herbs work well for him. He looks so happy in the pic.

    God bless ya and ahve a fantastic day sweetie!!! :o)

  40. Amazing how dogs can speak with no words, isn't it?

  41. Dogs are so amazing and continually surprise us with their intelligence and logicing skills. Someone once told me that dogs (animals) don't have the ability to logic and think their way through anything. I TOTALLY disagreed and said they simply hadn't been around them enough to see that they did. Glad the problem worked itself out for you!

    I just came across a video that reminded me of you all, I wondered if you had seen it yet, so I had to get on here and share. I hope it comes through. Funny how I was thinking about how great dogs can logic through a situation, then came to visit your site and found this post!
    Here is the video:


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