Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hole Digging Scottie Knows

Sam's visit to the vet went as expected; it is just as I thought, a root abscess.  Surgery to remove 1-2 teeth is scheduled for Wednesday.  He'll also have his teeth cleaned and any others removed that could become problems down the road for him.  Sam is about 13 years old, and for the 3 years that we've had him, he's always been healthy.  Knowing this, I'm optimistic that the surgery can be done safely, but I have to be honest in that I'm worried.  Worried because there is another lump in the very back of his mouth.  After an aspirate was done I'm hopeful that it's what my vet says it might be, which is just a blocked salivary gland and not something really serious.

With the confirmation that Sam needs surgery, I was feeling a bit down.  When we got home it helped to sit on the porch and soak up the warmth of afternoon sun with the dogs and recharge my batteries. There's nothing like the peace of the outdoors and the sound of ripping paper to clear your mind.  That and...
Later being given a half eaten 1-dollar bill.  The 10 dollars that was with it is nowhere to be found.  
I'm sure Charlie hasn't seen it.  
But why do I have a feeling that my muddy-faced, hole digging Scottie may know where it is?  


  1. Maybe the 10er is buried in the yard somewhere. Otherwise given will probably turn up somewhere, but wont' be salvageable. That was a very expensive toy Todd!


  2. they have a way of cheering us up, even if they're naughty!

    sorry sam needs surgery, but i hope he will come thru it fine and dandy!

  3. Oh, That is funny. We know that Todd knows but he isnt gonna tell you, lol


  4. that made me laugh! I know it probably didn't you at the time but perhaps later...

  5. Sorry you are feeling down! Sending hugs and licks and good thoughts for the surgery!

  6. That dog (Todd) should be prescribed as an ANTIDEPRESSANT!

    Just think, someday, you'll be digging up a garden or planting a tree or a flower and you (or somebody else in the future ~ who will wonder "what NUT buried money in their backyard"!) will find a buried treasure!

    I find the warmth of the sun, soaking into my body (at least before the heat of summer) to be the most soothing feeling in the world. It FEELS like healing.

    Hugs, Dear Friend and have a happy weekend. Sammy'll be great...

  7. Dear Kim,

    Would you be so kind as to add "Canine Comments ~ aka: SPEAK!" to your blog roll? Mom says that EVERYONE in the WORLD reads your blog and I think some of them might like MY blog too because I talk about dogs (since I AM a dog!)) all the time. And my Mom rescues dogs (kind of like YOU) too. And she takes lots of PICTURES of us dogs and lets me post them on MY blog. I think we should have named the blog: "HERO's Blog", but Mom said we have to let Bella and Sable and the rescue dogs talk sometimes too! But it's MOSTLY my blog, so I do most of the talking. Mom says that sometimes I tend to go on and on and on but I don't know WHAT she's talking about!


    P.S. That Wendy-girl of yours is very pretty...


  8. Oh Kim, sorry you are feeling blue again. Gotta admit that Todd is funny and his job has got to be "The Golden Pines Jester" I'm just sure of it.
    Hope the rest of the weekend doesn't cost too much!!

  9. Hope all goes well for Sam on Wednesday. As for the missing money!..oh dear.

  10. We think you should check the yard. He may leave change for you this week.
    Morgan and the Porties

  11. ha! i like what sue said.
    that face. that adorable muddy nasty naughty little face.
    whatcha gonna do? you just gotta laugh. and that's his specialty.
    my best healing thoughts and heart wishes to sam. i'll be thinking of him all the time. be well darling sam.
    and ps...
    i think charlie looks a little guilty too!
    tammy j

  12. Charlie is definitely innocent !

  13. My furry sister Nala had oral surgery last year when she was 13, and everything went very well. We will keep our paws crossed for Sam! :)

    PSsss... be sure to check my post tomorrow. :)

    Woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  14. When Bandit was alive, he ate $12.00 and most of my driver's license. So you're still a dollar ahead. I so hope that Sam will be OK and that the surgery will be uneventful.

  15. Well one can't be cross re the cash with faces like that!

    Hugs for the op!

    Love Leanne

  16. Sorry to hear about Sam's surgery. Hope everything goes well with him.
    Can't believe Todd ate half of the dollar bill. Hope you find the 10. LOL.

  17. Time for these puppies to let you catch a break. I'm going to have a good bill coming up for Abbe (horse), who has been off and on lame. I don't think it ever ends if we are going to have animals. Sorry about the money that disappeared. It's a good thing you were able to have a little recovery time on the porch. Right now it's raining here and on Monday we could get snow!

  18. Bummer that Sam needs surgery ... hoping all goes well and nothing serious. That little Scottie! He is such a rascal ... but how can one ever stay mad at him for very long!

  19. LOL!! Oh my! Todd.. in trouble again!

    Charlie, sweetie... where are your eyes? I guess this way you can say "I didn't see a thing..." and be safe in keeping out of this money mystery thing.

  20. This gang is a hoot! I just love 'em. Hope Sam does well.

  21. Poor Sam. We hope everything works out for the old fellow.

    Hey, paper is paper. Maybe the 10 was just buried and will show up after a good rain!

    Love those muddy mouths.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. Maybe you will have a money tree growing soon.

  23. That's funny...they're worse than kids because they can't answer you..they just sit there and look cute!!

  24. Sorry, I can't help but laugh about the chewed up money!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for dear Sam.


  25. Oh.. how can you possibly blame that innocent, sweet thang???? BOL

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  26. "Who, me?!" lol
    Look at those eyes! Todd, you did it again!

  27. Glad it was just an abscess and lets hope it is what your Vet thought! As for the little one...well, all I can say is he's even cuter when he's dirty!...:)JP

  28. At least Todd knows the value of a dollar. Here's hoping the extraction goes well. Paws and fingers crossed here.

  29. Uh oh! Todd is a real stinker, I love to hear about his antics.

  30. Sending good thoughts Sam's way. You are a worrier like me. :-)

  31. Hi, Your post gave me a smile; today I am really missing pups and after watching Kathleen Coy's video on K, I almost lost it...what a wonderful likeness she painted. I know we'll get home and start the search but for now, I'm so thankful to have friends who post the antics of their furbabies....thank you Kim and Todd.
    Hugs, Noreen

  32. Boy, if only Goose's premise were scientifically viable! We think if you take at least half of a damaged bill into a bank, they will exchange it for a whole one because the Treasury lets/makes them. You might need to have the whole serial number.

    We're so sorry Sam needs surgery. Hope it goes well and that the second lump is 'just' a blocked salivary gland that is easily cured. We'll be keeping our paws crossed for him.

    Jed & Abby

  33. Hi Sammy I am sending you lots of love and healing thoughts for you on Wednesday. I am keeping my paws crossed that everything goes perfect, and no more issues that need to be taken care of.
    I also and sending your mom lots of love so she feels better and less stressed.... I know all these worrys pull you down,,,
    and little Todd- why don't you just go dig up the rest of the money?

  34. It's too bad Sam has to go for surgery. At least you caught it now and got him in. My late basset Barney's abscess had actually spread to his eye socket before I knew and he had six teeth removed. Your a good Momma and I'm sure Sam will do well. Thank goodness for your comical relief Todd, who apparently thinks your made of money! LOL!

  35. What an innocent face on that money eater.

  36. In Todd's defense, I have to say I have spent $10.00 on a toy that a Scottie has destroyed just as quickly!!

    Prayers for Sam's speedy recovery.


  37. Hello Kim,

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it gave me a much needed boost :o)

    I'm sure that Sam will be fine, it is more than likely just a cyst he has back there.

    Now as for that Scottie, I'm sure he does know where the 10$ bill is. Figures he would give you back the 1$ and keep the 10$. He sure knows how to keep you and us entertained!

  38. Heavens, how we love that Todd! Keeping our paws crossed for a successful surgery.

    Buzzy, Pips, and Camille

  39. Oh no!!! Well...who may show up in about 24 hours...or however long it takes for stuff to pass through pup's system. LOL!

    Sending good thoughts for Sam's surgery to go well.
    xo Catherine

  40. BOL!! "There's nothing like the peace of the outdoors and the sound of ripping paper to clear your mind...."

  41. Yikes a money

    Hope Sam's surgery goes well.

  42. Paws crossed for Sam that all goes well with his dental surgery.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  43. I feel for you. My little Sugar Plum had to have 12 teeth pulled and most of them had been broken off so she had to have surgery to get the roots out. It took so much longer than expected. I was really worried because she is 10 years old, BUT, she came though it with flying colors and so will Sam. Keep us posted!

  44. Oh Todd! You should at least poop out some change!

    Seem like you just can't catch a break, one surgery after another. We will be praying that Sam does well.

  45. We'll be thinking of Sam. I hope that all goes smoothly. And we hope that lump is just no big deal.

    I once found coyote poop with about $20 of mangled bills embedded in it. I guess money tastes good to canines!

  46. Well Todd you got more value for the bang with the $10.
    Sweet William The Scot

  47. by the look in Todd's eyes butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!!!

    He's a funny little boy.



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