Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Going to be a Better Day

Yesterday I woke up with another headache and it became one of those days where I not only acted crabby, but the bad-attitude seeped from my pores.  Am I the only one who has had days like that?  But even the dogs seemed to sense it, and kept a little bit of distance from me.  Except for Todd who is young and doesn't know any better.
I won't go into the reason of why I feel this way, but this was a weekend that I've looked forward to for a month--Our church is having a conference, and there are no regular meetings and I had plans.  Plans that for various reasons won't ever materialize because of my bad mood and a few other things. You can feel bad for me if you'd like........Okay, don't, it's really is okay.
This morning my bad mood is still hanging on just a bit.  But my headache is gone and I think today is going to be a better day...Today is going to be a better day...Today is going to be a better day...
I feel better already....Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Aww... isn't it hard to be in a bad mood when you have those sweet faces to look at? Hi Charlie!

  2. Oh poo, sorry you feel so blue...Sending you lots of love and licks from my "girlz"
    Bless ya.

  3. Been there , it sucks . I found out it was menopause I started that 6 years ago when I was 40 and still going through it ! Glad your headache is gone , hope your mood gets happy ! Nice photos . Try to have a good day !

  4. Scotties don't know danger, lol. Todd is so dang cute!

  5. Yes today will be better. MOM and I will keep you in our prayers. I think Todd thought he could make things better. I know that's what I do when MOM gets in a bad mood. It works most of the time.

  6. Dogs make all the difference!

  7. I always get a headache right before we have a storm... it's the barometric pressure that does it I think. Makes me kind of crabby too, so I can relate. Hope today is better for you. :-)

  8. Yes, I know how you're feeling. I think we all have 'those' days. I do hope today is better for you. Do something just for you. A bubble bath? A nap? Take care of YOU!

  9. I think some days everyone gets this, kind of like PMS on steroids. I had a bummer of a weekend myself, it's still trying to hang on... and I don't have a hormone in my body! I am on day 3 but it's petering out today. Mine started in Wal Mart... do you know what triggered it?

    I hope your day is better!
    Happy Sunday!

  10. Sometimes "those" days are caused by either being tired and/or not feeling up to par, Kim. So remember we all have them. Some simply refuse to admit it!...:)JP

  11. Sounds like you need a good dose of sunshine! Don't worry, you are not alone in the way you feel...

    The pups look great...they will win you over.

  12. Sometimes it is so hard to pull ourselves out of that 'funk' when we get into one. I seem to get them more now that I am at that know. Well...I think we can't beat ourselves up about it. Give ourselves permission to experience our feelings and then pick ourselves up and move on to a better day. So I wish for you a very happy and healthy day dear Kim!
    xo Catherine

  13. I've been sick for six week with this virus I can't seem to lick. But just looking at the sweet faces of your dogs made me feel a whole lot better. I know this is going to be a better day.

  14. Sorry you feel so crappy. Hope you snap out of it quickly. Dogs sense when something is wrong. My husband has been sick for the past 2 days and Roscoe does not leave his side.
    Hope they cheer you up soon so that what is left of the weekend can be a good one.
    TFS. ANA

  15. Glad that you're feeling better, Kim. I read that the pollen count is so high this year because of the warm temps - maybe you have allergies. At any rate, enjoy your day and hug your dogs - they always help.
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  16. I'm glad you're feeling better today Kim and don't worry, you are definitely not the only one who has days like that. We all have off days where we would just like to hide away somewhere so we can be grumpy in peace. And yes, they do usually happen when we would really, really like them not to. Or at least, in my case they usually do!

  17. sweet pups. today will be a better day...

  18. Oh Todd,
    James Taylor said it best:
    Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I love you, yes I do!!!
    To a better day, my friend, Kim!

  19. So sorry, we all go through these days and can really identify with you. They just aren't fun at all. I hope you are still on the mend and feeling pretty good by the time you read this. I know your pups will forgive you and just give you lots of lovin.

  20. Must be something in the air that blew this way!!! lol
    Oh well, can't be perfect all the time, can we!

  21. Wishing you a GREAT (or at least better) DAY!

  22. Everybody had those days. I blame everything on menopause myself. LOL! But you're right today is going to be a better day! Look at those sweet faces! :)

  23. When I feel like that,I take Bella for a nice long walk and soon my mood improves.
    Hope your spirits lift soon,and you enjoy the week to come.
    P.S. I LOVE TODD!!! :0)

  24. Hey, we all have bad days. No apologies. I just try to limit the amount of collateral damage (if you know what I mean). Of course, my Golden(s) always bring joy to the darkest thundercloud hanging over my head.

    Josh sure does resemble Easton. Twin sons from different Mothers!!

  25. Yes, I'm sorry to say I sometimes wake up in a rotten mood and everything and everyone annoys me. I can hear my voice sounding short and mean and I hate myself in those moods, but that doesn't seem to change the fact.

    Samba is the only one brave enough to approach me when I'm like that and she'll put that beautiful head in my lap and look at me with her big soft eyes and say, "Get over it!" That somehow usually helps.

    So here's a message from Samba, "Get over it!"

  26. Hi there, So very sorry to hear about your headache and the bad day. Yes, I think we all can relate. Of course, I bet your furbabies are trying to make you feel better. I'm doing fine but our house is so empty and quiet-I miss the sound of paws against the floor.
    Sending love to you today.

  27. Hi Kim
    Sometimes we all have those bad day, I do too. Sometimes they linger on for what seems forever.
    I hope some sun shine skys chased your blue mood away.
    And I understand when that mood gets in the way and ruins the whole days plans. Yup- it happens to us too, and the cats seem to scatter quicker until the mood passes.
    All those furry faces will make you better soon- we just bet!

  28. Sorry to hear about your headache, but glad it is better.!!
    you feel just as crabby as you need to..sometimes we just need to feel it to get past it..
    Take care, steal a little time for "you" and enjoy the pups and life as you can...
    Here's to happier times ahead!

  29. Hope today has indeed become a better day! My mom had one of those days yesterday.... funky days. But, indeed...a bluebird day today, with our green hills... hoping I can entice her in to a nice afternoon hike!

    Big hugs!
    Sierra Rose

  30. I hope you had a better day today. That Todd just gets cuter everyday. Oh who could be in a bad mood with the little face looking at you? :)

  31. Oh Kim, so sorry...and I DO know what you are talking about. I despise when you just feel that way and can't snap out of it. UGH! Just remember all those wonderful creatures you rescued and hopefully that will bring a smile to your face :)

  32. HATE those days when you can't account for your bad mood. But you've got the right attitude to get out of it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  33. You have the BEST nursemaids! They are all so sweet and I hope your day was better and better.

  34. Absolutely we all have these moments and moods. Sorry for your disappointment, headache and things going unplanned. Cute dog faces though. I love Todd!

  35. Chocolata cake....and that's all I have to say!

  36. Look on the bright side bad days and bad moods make you appreciate the good ones much more!

    Have a cheerful week........

  37. Oh, hope you are feeling much better ... those puppies smiles surely must help!

  38. Hi Kim,
    We all those kinds of days!! The dogs do help tho for me.
    Tom's sister has had another truck accident again!!! Tom has gone up to Ga to help!! Oh well~~~~~~

  39. Well, I hope it WAS a better day!


  40. I get those monster migraines every once in awhile and I just want to pull the covers over my head and shut out the world. I hope you are out of the woods today, Kim.

  41. I guess you missed my "Defeated and Lost" Post from about a month back.

    Yes, we all have bad days and act crabby, I do it quite frequently but I am now trying to throw some positive energy out there and not let the negativity get to me.

    Chin up friend, yes it will be a better day!!

  42. We all have those kinds of days is what I might to say!! LOL I get in a hurry!!
    Sooner or later we will have her animals that will come and live with us!!

  43. there was a very good line in an old very good movie with audrey hepburn... breakfast at tiffany's.
    she said "i have the mean reds."
    it's very different from having the blues.
    and like the chicken or the egg... which comes first? the mean reds bring on the headache? or the blasted headache brings on the mean reds? either way...
    so glad you're feeling better dear heart!
    love and hugs to you and your crew,
    tammy j
    ps... i see little lucas now has hardly any cheeks at all! how cute.
    and todd's little face is perfect medicine. joshua. sweet joshua and precious charlie.
    your cup runneth over!!!

  44. I hope your headache is now a distant memory and today was a GREAT day for you!

  45. OK, Kim, I know I'm a bit late with this advice, but... Next time your blue and have a headache get a bunch of your Todd photos and look at them until you crack that 1st smile. I bet you don't get to the 3rd one before that happens. Might not fix the headache but it will lighten your day some. :)


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