Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Porch With Annie and Lucas

What was I saying about 'rhythm' in my last post?  I really thought I was going to find that on Saturday, because I had so much to do to get ready for my youngest brother who was due to arrive later in the day.  But some things are out of your control because our power went out, yet AGAIN!  It occurred to me as I was sitting there doing nothing, that you really don't need power to dust and clean, so that's what I did--Amazing how much you can get done without any distractions like a computer or television--I even went as far as to clean the rocking chairs on our front porch. Thankfully the power came on later in the afternoon before I got out the paint!

I finally was able to discuss the blood work results for Lucas and Annie who went to the vet last week.  The news for Annie is not the best.  If there was any good news, it was that her kidney values are unchanged from last month.  The bad news, is that her liver values continue to change.  We've put her on a liver supplement  called denamarin which raises antioxidant levels and has silybin to help improve liver function.  Paws crossed that it works for her.  All this is a reminder that when our pups are taking non-steroidal-anti- inflammatory medication like Annie was for an extended period, that regular blood work should be done to to make sure they are not damaging their kidneys and liver.  Unfortunately her previous owner didn't do this, and sadly this is the result.
The news for Lucas was mixed.  He has a high white blood cell count but where the infection is, is unclear.  He's on antibiotics for 2 weeks in hopes that will take care of it.  Lucas has been made available for adoption through the rescue I volunteer with, but so far, not a single call about him.  Even with the articles that have been written about him, no one has expressed an interest.  I know it's probably due to the limitations of his adoption.  Lucas as you may recall was a stray so he cannot be placed with young children because we don't know his history around them

Then there is Lucas's never ending fascination and obsession with the cat.  He and CC still have their moments when she's had enough, but they don't occur as often as they did at first and she allows Lucas to closely admire her, which he does every chance he gets.  

Our poor cat, CC, never gets a break, no matter where she is...
~Todd and CC this morning~
Enjoy your Sunday!!


  1. We are keeping our paws crossed for you guys! Have a good Sunday.

  2. Oh, that's not good news, so sorry...I hope that things will improve for the dogs.

    I had no idea about the NSAI,s will mention that to another dog owner.

    CC, looks like Boo from the back, what about the front?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. You, all, too, Kim. *hugs* ♥

  4. CC is a dog magnet and that's all there is to it...smiles!

  5. Your poor cat needs a very high roost that the dogs can't reach. Thanks for the cute photos:-)

  6. I know first hand that living without power does free up one's time to clean but it's so boring...

    Poor CC, no "alone" time!

  7. At our house it's the opposite - our cat Petunia just loooooves our Aussie Frankie, and will snuggle in as close as she can every chance she can.

    You do such a good job of caring for the four-legged members of your family. Thank you for the reminder about the blood work!

  8. well, i'm at least glad lucas is not as terrible with the cat as he was initially. i do hope everyone can reside in peace at your place. :)

  9. Maybe Lucas thinks he IS a cat! Its worrying when their blood work is not good. Hope they do OK. Lily. xxx

  10. SO glad your power came back on! It's just. too. HOT!!!
    Hope all is well with Annie and Lucas, and I have a feeling Lucas will be just fine in your home :) I(from limited experience) the mixed feelings that go along with fostering..they are yours, but not... *sigh*
    Your porch looks lovely and cool and a wonderful place for reflection..enjoy your brother's visit..

  11. I apologize for not "proofing" it should read, "I KNOW from limited experience* yikes!

  12. To paraphrase:

    Todd's in his Heaven and alls right with his world!

    Prayerful thoughs for the pups with bad numbers. We hope for the very best for them . . .and for you, too!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  13. cats do love to be admired....ha ha
    wishing you a peacefull week
    'cause you deserve it
    ..and that toddie
    oooo he's so cute

  14. Lucas is so wonderful. :-)) I love how he loves kitty cat.

  15. Hope all goes well with the meds for Annie and for Lucas. Wonder if Lucas had lived with a cat before in his life. Love your porch and the chairs, looks so relaxing I could sit there for hours...which no doubt you wish you could do

  16. Sending extra love to Annie and Lucas, I hope they feel ok.

    Todd looks as mischievous as always :)


  17. Hi Kim, Glad you were able to get your cleaning done while the power was out-I hate that! I think there are alot of animals/humans that have liver damage due to steroids etc. Maybe they'll come up with a pill for us that helps.
    Paws crossed for Annie & Lucas.
    Hugs today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  18. Good to know that Lucas has learned CC is the BOSS! As for Annie, perhaps this new medication will help. Hugs, Kim!..:)JP

  19. Poor Annie. We are definitely thinking about her. Poor C.C., reminds me of my Cait - just can't seem to get away from the boys. Happy Sunday!

  20. Paws are crossed for Annie and for Lucus. Gosh... I would adopt him in a heartbeat! Such a cutie!!!
    Todd and the cat are to cute ~ poor cat. lol.
    Have a great new week.

  21. The picture on the air conditioner is too cute!

    Hopefully Annie and Lucas can enjoy their senior years.

  22. Your dogs are keeping the cat on its toes... Good work.

  23. Poor CC! ha! At least Lucas doesn't seem to harass her as much. Hoping Annie and Lucas have some good news soon.

  24. Hi Kim, will keep both dogs in my prayers,bless them. Love your rockers on the porch, would love to come sit a spell with you and the pets. Blessings Francine.

  25. I too love the photo with Todd and CC,just so cute.

    Molly is on steroids and we just had bloodwork done her levels were above normal, so we have to watch her too.

    Gill in Canada

  26. I always end up chasing my tail when trying to get ready for company, you want everything spick and span...even if they are family members ;)
    It's frustrating knowing what's the best choice with medicine, risk the side-effects, or do without.
    Love your porch !

  27. Morgan has been taking Denamarin for two and a half months. We'll test in a couple weeks to see if it's had any effect on her liver enzyme levels. We have noticed a change in her since she's taken it. She's more alert and aware so it's been good for her, but it's so expensive!

    I'll let you know what her levels are and if it has done any good.

  28. Every cats be admired by all the canines!!LOL Pray the meds for Annie work. Have a great week Kim.

  29. I have to admit that I would also gaze (stalk) CC. I can't help it. Cats fascinate me.

  30. Hi Kim
    I hope you have a great time with your brother... We are also glad the electricity came back on!
    We are keeping our paws crossed for Annie and Lucas, that answers come as to what is making Lucas's blood results not be good. And that sweet Annie gets better.
    We love the sweet sweet photos of the furries- that you for always sharing with us. It make us feel like we are right there with you.

  31. Such a hard job you do!!!!!!! I know there are rewards....many but still very hard....poor mr. Lucas...if I didn't have 9 kitties ..I would take him...xxxxto you all!!

  32. Paws crossed here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  33. Sending extra hugs to Annie & Lucas - paws crossed by Neeli & Elle too.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  34. I've decided that Todd hangs out with CC because they are close in size. And maybe he just likes cats!!


  35. I sure hope Luca's numbers get better. I really like the pic with Lucas behind the cat. He has major willpower. Oh... Todd's the bomb.

  36. "Sigh" - yes, our senior dogs keep us on our toes with vet visits and processing the results. You have such a keen grasp on where they are and what they need - I'm confident both Annie (who I am totally, long distance in love with) and Lucas will continue to thrive. Roooooooooooos and belly rubs from us .... KT and Easton

  37. We lose power constantly in this little mountain-even on a sunny, clear day! The grid was built back in the 40's and has never been updated. Oy.
    I will keep Annie and Lucas in my prayers. Such sweethearts they are :)
    Hope you have a nice visit with your brother!!
    xo, misha

  38. No rest for CC! Poor thing! But I am sure she like her digs!
    Good luck to Annie and Lucas.

  39. We are keeping paws crossed for your pups!


  40. Dear Kim,

    I am in love with that final photo of the wonderful dog. Could you tell me what breed this is, and how old etc?
    Any help would be so appreciated. I lost my dog a few years ago and healing takes awhile, but your dog, pink tongue lolling out, touched my heart.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  41. You capture the character of your furry friends so well Kim...such cute photos! Thinking of you all,wish I was near you...I would adopt sweet Lucas for sure. :0)

  42. At least CC is dry... our dobermans used to lick our/their cat until it was wet. Love the photos!

  43. We also have our paws crossed, that Lucas 'just' had an infection that is already gone and that Annie will remain stable or even improve. Thanks for the reminder about the bloodwork; when one is juggling many issues and going to the vet constantly, sometimes important things fall through the cracks.

    Jed & Abby

  44. I agree about it being amazing how much we can get done when we unplug!

    I hope that both Annie and Lucas are doing better soon. Our K once damaged her liver by eating poisonous mushrooms. The vets started demarin immediately, and her liver bounced back. I'm hoping that the same is true for sweet Annie.

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  46. That is cute Todd and CC on the AC. If these storms would ever stop maybe we could get more of our rhythm back. Have a good week.
    Sweet William The Scot

  47. Prayers going out for Annie and Lucas...they are precious babies! And Todd?...he's just hilarious!

  48. I am in love with little Todd, What on earth is he??? What a face, what style, what a tongue! We lost our senior doggy recently and have been looking for someone to fill the gap he left behind. It is difficult to choose among so many wonderful breeds, but a little fellow like Todd might be a good fit. Of course, not YOUR Todd!

  49. We're keeping our paws and fingers crossed for Annie and hopefully Lucas' infection is cleared up by the antibiotics. I think Lucas has such an adorable face although I feel for poor CC never having any privacy. And Todd.....well that guy is just so darn cute! :)


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