Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Runs

A co-workers birthday started my week off with a 'home run!'  I enjoy baking and so I volunteered to bring the office ceremonial birthday cake. I decided to do something a little different, so I brought cake bites.  Have you tried them? Cake bites have kind of taken the dessert world by storm. These bite-sized delicacies begin as rich cake blended with creamy icing to form a moist, decadent center. The cake-bites are then dipped in melted milk or white chocolate and hand-decorated--I think they create a great twist on a traditional favorite. All my co-workers loved them!
Outside this afternoon the temperatures feel like summer and is a home run too.  We have a number of hungry migrating birds around, and I almost missed this looper caterpillar looking more like part of a stem to avoid becoming it's own little (cake) bite.  
Also this afternoon while we were outside Sheba brought me a baseball she found.  I've no idea where she found it, where it would have come from or how it would have ended up in our yard.  It appears to be a home run ball that's signed by all the members of the team, including the coach.  I wish I knew who it belonged to so I could return it.  But who knows, maybe it'll be worth something some day!  
I hope you're having a week of 'home runs' too!


  1. Oh those things look awesome, bet we could eat them till we were sick.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  2. We hope you have an awesome weekend. Those cake bites look really delicious.


  3. Those cake bites look very yummy!

  4. oh good grief charlie brown.
    quit the dentist and open your own 'love bites shoppe'.
    YOU are that good! those are just
    and i love that sweet face looking up at you while you're holding her ball.
    not to mention mr puppy todd.
    he will always be the baby to me.

  5. Sheba looked like she won the lottery when she found the baseball.hehe. Those cakes make me feel hungry already and I just had lumch!


  6. Happy weekend Darling for all oud doggies ....and for you....xxxx

  7. Woof! Woof! Oh KIM those r DELISH! mom missed baking so much ... she getting lots of great ideas from pinterest. WOW hose could u loose a 1st home run ball. We r having a great week ... Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Oh, I have tried to make the cake bites before, and it just hasn't worked out for me. That Todd is looking just as handsome and mischevious as ever. I hope Sheba got a big pat on the head for finding the ball :)

  9. Haven't seen cake bites before....they look wonderful.

    Poor Logan, to lose your first home run ball.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. we call those cake pops here as they're often skewered on a stick like a popsicle or lolly-pop. :)

  11. Your cake bites look delicious! I have had them on a pop. Sooooo good! You should sell them!

  12. Oh boy those cake bites look fabulous! I've never made them but would love to. Would you share the recipe? My daughter loves to bake too and I know she would love these! That is so funny about the baseball Sheba found and that caterpillar, I almost missed it too!

  13. Hi Kim! Those 'cake bites' look good to me alright! What a good idea.
    It was also very warm here today too! Thanks for sending it our way....we owe you! lol
    That baseball is very interesting....someone by the name of Logan?
    And look at Todd! He looks so grown up now! What a handsome fella!

  14. Hey Kim, Your cake bites look so yummy and professional! I smiled when I saw the baseball since my newest grandson's name is Logan. I'm so glad you are having such a good week!
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  15. Well, I was going to comment but I have to RUN- need to go google "cake bites" and I'm NOT kidding!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  16. the cake bites look yummy, are they made with with a sponge cake crumbled up and mixed with frosting? Dd makes them as well.

    Gill in Canada

  17. Good to know that you had a good week. Those cake bites look really yummy. I would love to bite into one right now.
    My week has definitely not been a home run. More like a strike out. I have fibromyalgia and I just had an episode after being fine for about 6 weeks. I have been on meds and although they take the pain away, they make me dizzy all day. I am like a zombie.
    Have a great weekend. hope you find the owner of the ball. TFS. Ana

  18. Those cake bites look delish! How do you get them that shape? Is there a mold you use? That also looks like a lot of work, but I like the idea of a bite sized treat.


  19. Those cake bites look awesome. That's one thing I miss about working in a dental office - they love junk food and there is always an abundance of it!


  20. Hi Kim, oh my, those cake bites look soooo good, I would be popping those in my mouth like crazy, sweet tooth. I`ve also been enjoying all the migrating birds here, so many kinds, but guess they will be gone,North wind a blowin, flurries here tonight, yikes. Blessings Francine.

  21. Oh yum, those cake bites look great... Shame about the chocolate ones, not dog furiendly so I can't steal any...

  22. Oh Kim, those cakes look wonderful!! I can't stop thinking about them... The chocolate ones of course. Hmmm I wonder who lost their home run ball. Way to go Sheba!

  23. Oh those cake bites look and sound soo YUMMY ! I will have to try them one day ! WOW ! That's a cool baseball maybe worth something ya never know ! Lovely photos ! Have a great day !

  24. Your cake bites made us feel so hungry..... they are so pretty!! Recipe please.

    Funny about that ball huh??? Someone might be frantic looking for it!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  25. Way to balmy and warm for us the past two days... looking forward to it getting a bit cooler.

    Those cake bites are sooo cute!

  26. Now I'm drooling over cake bites.

    Don't you love when the dogs bring you a treasure they've unearthed?

  27. Ok, I just gotta say, I would have to eat two of those cake bites, because as soon as I eat something like that it goes to my a--, and I wouldn't want to walk around lopsided.

    Maybe put an ad in the paper for that ball, if it's a kid's first HR, he's got to be sick about losing it. Kind of looks like it is... Good girl, Sheba for finding it!

    Todd's looking good!

  28. This post just made me smile, and not only because I love cake bites! lol I love it when the world conspires to bring us random bits of happiness. :)

  29. Nice Find, Sheba!!!! Home Runs all around!

    I've never had a cake bite. I guess that I don't get out enough :)

  30. Looks like your week was more than a home run. I think it was a grand slam.

  31. Yummy, you gave mommy an idea. Dip them in melted carob for us doggies.

  32. Cake bites and a home run . All in one day. Mega-cool.

  33. I wonder if they can be made gluten free. ;-) They look divine.

  34. Hadn't heard of cake bites; they look delicious! Hmm.. you are only a couple of hours drive from us, we believe :)

    Have you considered calling the local schools or googling the baseball teams for the local schools to see if you can find the coach? Find the coach, find the player.

    Jed & Abby

  35. Oh yum!

    That looks delish...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  36. I just came inside from looking at the stars- yes the dippers!
    I cannot believe you made those beautiful cake bites! Gosh- we have never seen anything like them! They look soo good!
    That little Todd looks to me like he is enjoying the autumn, and looking for mischief! And someone (is that Sheba) wants you to throw that home run ball for them!
    Happy Weekend our friend!

  37. The baseball mystery. Congrats to Sheba. Cake bites sound yummy to me. Todd looks just like a scruffy little Scotty should. Hope your weekend is perfect.
    PS: the neighbors ... see, I told you they'd be nice!!

  38. Those cake bites look wonderful and the ball - so interesting !


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