Saturday, October 20, 2012

New In Town

Move over brown-marmorated-stinkbug, there's a new bug in town, and it's a lot better looking than you!
Yesterday we were bombarded by the fall arrival of the 'Asian Lady Beetle' looking for a warm place to spend the winter.  By last evening, the sunny side of our barn was covered with them.  But unlike my despised nemesis, the stink-bug, which is harmless and dies in cold temperatures, the lady-beetles do live through the winter, and they can and do sting.  Fortunately they seem to be attracted to the barns light color and we've not had many around the house--At least not yet.
There is also a new alliance between dogs.  This week Todd and Charlie have found common ground to dig up. The two together have excavated several places in the yard.  Both being terriers, I'm not sure who is the better digger.
Todd is better at not getting caught but the last round went to Charlie who was without question the dirtier of the two!
This weekend is going to be spent filling in those holes really well, and finishing up the fall yard work.  We have some beautiful fall colors right now, so it'll be nice for all of us to spend time outdoors.  
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those are some beautiful fall foliages! I can't believe how many buggies you have around too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my ya think Charlie has been digging lol Oh they are both so cute ! Lovely photos. We are still in the Box Elder Bug invasion but it is slowing down . I have seen a few Lady bugs but not like last year . They seem to invade ever few years here ! Hope they don't get to bad for you there ! Have a good day !

  3. Your fall colors are gorgeous! I can imagine how much fun the dogs can have with that ground just a little bit wet and smelling so diggable in this cooler weather.

  4. I think I would still prefer the lady beetles! Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Greetings From the little lady beatles, ya ya ya... Oh those silly Terriers, but those faces, to cute....Such beautiful scenery out your way...would love to come for a visit to Golden Pines...Enjoy the weekend...Hugs Francine.

  6. And the dogs are the perfect fall colors to match the yard work.

    We used to have a Lab that dug holes, once she started, she would not quit.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Diggers... what can I say?

    The area looks so pretty, nice for you to be able to go outside and play - and relax!

  8. such pretty colors!

    your post reminded me of my friends that moved to virginia to work in the DC area. their first fall they were inundated w/ the ladybugs - thought their house was built on a nest or something. they tried to hand-pick them out of the house and release them. after about the first 200, they resorted to the vacuum hose. :)

  9. We had a few of those bugs last weekend but not as many as you. Look at those sweet pups!

  10. Oh, those beetles drive us crazy, too! I can't stand them, but this year, wouldn't you know, we have stink bugs all over?! Darn it!

    I hope you all enjoy your time outside together this weekend. It looks like Todd and Charlie will be able to keep themselves busy! lol

  11. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    OMD, Asian stinging lady bugs, EWWWW... I think we may have them as well. Mom remembers dealing with them in the garden.

    What spectacular foliage! I think I may have joined Todd and Charlie... I like to dig sometimes, given the opportunity.

    Enjoy the fresh air.

  12. Oh we've got those and box elder bugs to boot!!
    Charlie and Todd what a silly pair--they do look pleased with their efforts however :)

  13. Oh my gosh! Todd and Charlie just make me laugh!

  14. Your autumn colours are lovely, and what else would 2 little boys do but get dirty?i have not heard os stinky bugs down here, other than the green ones on vege plants, and not on walls, thank goodness. Cheers from Jean.

  15. Oh that stinkbug is a riot! A homely little critter! And yes, those beetles are such a nuisance. Beautiful pictures!

  16. Awww, looks like Todd and Charlie have had a fine old time. Perhaps you could train them to dig where you want to put in cool and useful would that Your Fall colours look wonderful and I love that barn in the second to last picture, what a great shape it is.

  17. Todd and Chrarlie look so happy with themselves. hehhehe
    Our bug problem....Boxelder Bugs. They are harmless but a real pain with they are so many out them.

  18. they are late this year the lady bugs, they have just started coming around here as well.

    Gill in Canada

  19. Thanks for your support with Samson. I loved your five-year post below. And those bugs look cute, almost like lady bugs, but I guess they are not. Samson likes to dig too, being so white he's always getting busted.

  20. Sebastian is a digger, too, but the dirt doesn't stick to his smooth coat like it does to ours.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  21. Our of the twins, you met was constantly combating those lady bugs and stink bugs when she was up on the mountain. Now she's moving not too far from you, when their house is built....she's not going to be happy if those bugs followed her...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Good digging Todd and Charlie.

  22. Maybe the lady-bugs will gang up and rid you of your stink bug problem.. hope you're having a good weekend without any 'drama'.. all is quiet here.. just and gloomy

  23. Hi Kim, I love this post because just last night Hunter took his new rawhide outside and dug a hole and then came back inside dirty with a dirty bone. Had to wash his face-he needs a bath bad. As for ladybugs, I like them so much more than other bugs but never knew they could bite.
    Your colors are beautiful!
    Love, Noreen

  24. Heeheehee!!! good job Todd and Charlie, doing what we Terriers do best. Woooops, now it looks like a bath, sorry!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  25. Todd might not get caught in the act, but he can't deny participating when he is covered in dirt! We are hoping for some dry weather to get some yard work done too.


  26. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love your fall colors!

    Hmmm, did Todd stick to his political views after the last debate? Just wonderin'!

  27. Good to see Todd and Charlie having a good dig, I think they could both work on getting dirtier though!

  28. Digging pals are pals forever!

    So far we only have an invasion of box elder bugs, so slow and dopey!

    We also get lady bugs but none ever took a bite out of me!

    Happy Sunday!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  29. Oh Todd and Charlie digging a fox hole together buddies in destroying the yard. Fall colors seem prettier this year. We have wonderful color starting here in Cincinnati.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  30. Oh my.....I think the photo of Charlie is pretty darn cute. :) Ugh..we have been inundated with stink bugs as well. They seem to be everywhere! Beautiful photos.

  31. Isn't it funny how we can tolerate bugs a little easier when they are pretty? LOL!

    Oh my stars - those are some dirty pups! But they look like they had fun. :)

    xo Catherine

  32. I had no idea lady bugs sting.
    Our only invasion is a big bull moose who ate all the fall decorative pumpkins we put out!

  33. We've had those nasty Asian beetles up here and they do sting! As pretty as they are when you see them by the thousands, it does tend to freak me out. LOL

  34. you know that time-worn abbreviation? LOL?
    well. i really did LOL. am even still chuckling.
    that's almost as good as when todd
    decided to dig in your potted plant on the porch and track it all through the house! LOL.
    those pictures are priceless.
    i've always loved that little blue-eye brown eye mutt! he's a winner.
    and the other pictures of the goldens are just ... well. golden!
    i love golden pines. just love it.
    happinesss dear heart,
    tammy j

  35. Hey Kim,
    We have always had lady bugs here in Central AL. I have never known that they sting/bite. Will be more aware around them.
    The foliage in your neck of the woods is awesome and seems to be peaking. We noticed the beginnings when we were visiting Arlington earlier this month.
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and nature's display.
    Charlie and Todd remind me of two Labs in my house, Max and Jake.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures.


  36. I love the fall colors of the deciduous forests of the eastern US. I also dig your terriers. You gotta admit, they know what they like.

  37. We have lots of lady bugs in Montreal as well right now, but I had no clue that they could sting!

  38. We usually don't get those asian lady bugs here but one year we did and our whole house was covered in them. And yes, they do bite! How sweet that Todd and Charlie have formed a digging alliance. I laughed out loud at the pictures of them. You were right though, I think Charlie won the dirt battle! LOL!

  39. About 12 years ago, I lived in co-housing in Western Massachusetts. I helped the community sprinkle some kind of natural repelllent for Asian beetles which wreck havoc. They do more than sting: they destroy other vegetation.

    Your profile says you love to flower garden. do you vegie garden too? I could never just do flowers. I love growing, and then eating and sharing, food.

  40. 'Tree' I would love to have a vegetable garden, we certainly have enough room for one. We've just not taken the time to have one. We've been lucky in that the last couple of years I've relied on a farmer on our road that sells his produce really inexpensively and so I've been getting tomatoes, beans, and whatever else he's selling, including fresh eggs.

    We do try to use natural products on everything, including the dogs.

  41. Oh no! Not the Lady Bug!! How could 'she' turn into a malicious biting bug!! Maybe it is just the variety you mentioned, Kim....hope so!


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