Saturday, November 3, 2012

Many Thanks!

This week those of us in Hurricane Sandy's path were all humbled by nature's destructive power.  But watching the reports on TV of those who have helped those affected have been inspiring as well.  I know that our losses were really insignificant compared to those who lost everything.  But I have been grateful this week for the help we have received and the kindness and support of friends.
On Monday just before the storm really hit, I was almost home when a tree fell across the road.  Seemingly out of nowhere a couple of men showed up, jumped out of their truck with a chainsaw and made quick work cutting the tree out of the way.  (By the way, who of you carries a chainsaw?)
Today, a friend of ours came over and helped Carl cut up our pine tree that broke in half. We both really appreciated his help.
And I have appreciated your kind words and messages on the loss of our boy Sandy.  You've shared his loss with us and that has provided a great deal of comfort.
Finally throughout the stress of the week, I've been grateful for the comic relief of a little Scottie named Todd who has really, really tried to stay out of mischief.  
Something Todd does really well when he's sleeping!  
I hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. We've been thinking of you. We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. When we have tough times, comments, practical help, hugs and more from friends far away are all accepted and stored in our heart. Love the photo of Sandy with a frame of trees and branches.Beautiful,it says how much love he was given in his days with you. Greetings from Jean

  3. I've been thinking of you and others on the east coast. I'm glad that you're generally okay but still so sad about your Sandy.

    I'd say it's a smart person who carries a chain saw in their truck during a hurricane! I often think that we should carry one when we go camping in very remote places in our van. If a tree fell and closed the 4wd road to our campsite, we'd be stuck! We carry a bow saw but it's much slower.

  4. It is touching and give me hope when I see people come together and help one another. It is beauty a midst hard times. And you know that Todd just makes us smile. :)

  5. Oh boy, can I adopt Todd for a bit. OK maybe not, he is too cute to deal with Allred.

    We are so glad you have all that help, My Vickie was wondering how long it would take to clean up that big pine. What a loss though.

    A beautiful tree. We are sure it too will be greatly missed.

    Have a nice Sunday
    Bert and My Vickie

  6. I'm just getting your news about Sandy (your Sandy) now, and I am so sad. But as always, \I am also so, so glad there is someone in the world like you who is prepared to share her home and her heart with creatures who need both. Maybe you don't travel with a chainsaw, but you carry the biggest heart in the world with you wherever you go.

    I'm glad the storm didn't do too much damage where you are, and I hope the days ahead allow some time for healing for all. Love and hugs from us all at Mucky Boots.

  7. We are so sorry for the loss of YOUR Sandy but find some GReat solace that it came during Sandy's visit -

    I feel fortunate to have been off during the storm so I could follow it on FB and other outlets - felt 'good' to share with friends -

  8. If it was a pickup truck I think chainsaws are one of the accessories you can order with it ;-)

    Glad you have Todd to keep you entertained. I have to say we have been laughing and smiling a lot more since Millie came into our lives. Her nickname has quickly become Silly Millie!


  9. I think quite a few fellows carry a chain saw in their truck here in MN. Many people use wood heat as a back-up (or even the main event!)
    and its always good to find wood to cut and take, often doing someone else a big favor by doing so.


  10. You know, I really do not miss living in Virginia - even though we never experienced any major hurricanes the four years we lived there. I am glad to see that you are safe, and my thoughts are with you and your doggies!

  11. Todd is such a tonic. Sending love from across the pond x

  12. Don't worry, Todd. Scotties are SUPPOSED to chase cats!

    There are some great people in this world.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  13. Hi - I always find a renewal in my faith of the human race when people rally to help, not only in times of big catastrophes, but also in more personal ones as well. I find it comforting. Todd is so cute - I would love to be ab le to give him a big kiss. xxx

  14. Oh Todd, you're such a laugh!

  15. I'm so happy your getting some is a daunting task to clean up after these storms...we spent all day yesterday doing just you...we feel so lucky and also so heartbroken for the poor people who lost so very much...we humans are no match for mother nature...
    I love your new header picture..I've got to figure out how to do that!!! It looks wonderful!! Love that mr. Tod....

  16. First of all...who carries a chain saw in a truck? The Pres!! Secondly you were blessed as we were, Kim and lastly, 10 whole minutes?! Tell me has the cat ever "gotten" Todd?...:)JP

  17. You've all been in my thoughts and prayers and it looks as if you're "taking care of business". I hated to see that gorgeous pine destroyed but am so thankful that it didn't fall on anything or anyone.

    As always, I love seeing "sweet" little Todd.


  18. There really are some wonderful people in this world, despite all the bad news we hear everyday about the not so good ones. I guess living in the country, especially during a hurricane is grounds for carrying a chainsaw! So glad he was there at the right time! Love the picture of Sandy, he looks so comfortable there among the pines, I'm sure he truly enjoyed his life there in your little piece of heaven. And yes, terriers were born to chase cats, just ask my two! Take care and give all the furbabies a hug for me!

  19. Morning Kim, so sad all that devastation from storm Sandy....can' t believe what those people nice people helping people, as it should be.......Your lose makes me sad about beautiful boy Sandy but so thankful he was so loved by many throwaways unloved........Oh that boy Todd, love that could you not???? Enjoy the day....Blessings Francine.

  20. todd the devil dog is an angel in disguise. :)

  21. love that little sign kim...loved it

  22. Woof Todd,

    So sorry about your mate Sandy. Anyway, hope all is well on your side and everyone is keeping safe from hurricane Sandy.

    Love the photo of you with the message!


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  24. How incredible that when the tree came down over the road there was someone there to deal with it, how amazing is that! As for your little mischief Todd, well, don't you just love him, he is so loveable. The photo with his sign is brilliant.

  25. That's what country folk do , help each other out ! Todd you are a card . Hope you and your clan have a good day !

  26. Hi there, So thankful there are those who stop to help and lend a hand. Wishing I was close so I could help as well. I love Todd's spunk!
    He probably felt you need so humor.
    I have only found ideas on dog cards when I went onto the web-but nothing that is really cute like yours was. Of course, I did have grown children making fun of me the other night for wanting to send doggy cards to our blogging friends. Hummmmm.
    Lots of love,

  27. So wonderful to see neighbor helping neighbor.

  28. I love the new header!

    Glad that life is getting back to normal after the storm.

    Poor kitty. How does he deal with being the object of Todd's interest?

  29. I love the new header!

    Glad to hear that life is getting back to normal after the storm.

    Poor kitty. How does he deal with being the object of Todd's interest?

  30. OH. THAT. TODD!!!! How is it possible to adore that face I've never met??

  31. Hi Y'all!

    Todd, that's a great pic of you sleepin'!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  32. Aw, just read your news on Sandy the dog. So sorry for your loss. Take care...

  33. Sometimes a knight in shining armor comes with a chainsaw!!! Still sending your healing and loving hugs over Sandy.
    As for Todd, I've said it before I love him--he is indeed a gift!!

  34. Love the photo of Todd with his sign around his neck!

  35. oh bless you for that photo of toddie

  36. Thankfully you made it through...sorry about the loss of the tree, and the barn roof parts....this has been one terrible storm.

    It's great to see the marathoners get together to help out in the area of the city that needed it so much...people are really wonderful in a crisis.


  37. Your photos are brilliant! Hope you have a great week

  38. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    Yes, I'm glad you have felt the kindness of others in the storm's aftermath. We have the same here after our Hurricanes. Kind of renews your faith in others.

    Most welcome, we understand the sadness of our fur family members crossing over. You brought such joy and quality of life while Sandy was with you.

    Thank heavens for Todd, we K9s do have a way for providing what you humans need!

  39. PHEW......all the trees can come falling down as long as everyone is OK! Imagine having a chainsaw in your vehicle...heehaw!

  40. I remember how happy I was when you first decided to get Todd. I knew that you were committed to the older dogs and that meant living through so many losses. And I knew that getting a little terrier puppy would be just about the best thing in the world for you. I knew he would make the pain of loss more bearable. He would make you smile, for sure. And I am so happy that's just what happened.

  41. We think about all of you at Golden Pines all every day!
    and we are so thankful you are okay.
    Thank goodness for kindness that people have in their heart- to offer help.
    We are constantly sending you love so that your hearts will heal....
    You gave Sandy such a loving home.

  42. There are good folks all around us! Glad you are surrounded by them. 40 minutes! That's awesome Todd!

  43. this post made me smile then laugh on all levels.
    that you got 'instant help!'
    and littlest todd and his sign.
    it looks like a mug shot.
    pardon the pun!
    still thinking of sweet sandy at the rainbow bridge.
    he can see now.

  44. Todd's photo made us laugh!

    We're so glad people were kind and helpful to you. It's great how people do that when something like Sandy hits.

    your pal,


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