Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Home for Humble

Another whirlwind couple of days! Carl had surgery on Friday to repair his heel and ankle that were broken when he slipped off our barn in December. The surgery scheduled for early in the afternoon was delayed and at 9:30 last night we were leaving the hospital for a two-hour drive home on snowy roads.

Today started early when the phone rang at 7:30 and it was the repairman who was coming to fix a problem with our new heating/air system. He told me he was on his way and would arrive at 8 o'clock. He finally came at 10; better late than never I suppose.
With a new thermostat put in for our heating system, I was on the road with Humble. I'd taken her last week to meet someone who was just approved to adopt from the rescue.  I really hoped the two would be a match because I thought they were perfect for one another. Unfortunately, she is still mourning the loss of her Golden from several months ago and even though she thought she was ready for a new addition, in the end, she decided that she wasn't.  Humble is such a nice dog, and I have to admit that it had me rethinking my request to the rescue to move her to a new foster home. But a couple of more fights, one that occurred while our dog-walker was here and another with Sheba and Annie who was trying to step over her, I knew she had to go. Her new foster home (also) looks perfect from the outside. She has very recently lost her Golden  and unlike the previous lady that we met, she is so, so excited that Humble is coming to live with her. I am hopeful that the two will find a connection and forge a bond with one another.
This afternoon our house feels quiet and a little emptier. Carl is resting the dogs are also napping nearby. I hope it stays this way.  


  1. Hi Kim, so glad Carl had his surgery, will keep him in my prayers, also will keep Humble in them, pray she will find her forever home soon.....Blessings Francine.

  2. I hope Humble's new home works out. A little quiet sounds like a good thing to me. We don't have quiet with two puppies around. Today they met a couple of the big dogs. The pups were thrilled, the big dogs weren't so sure and one jumped onto the couch to get out of their way.

  3. I am very hopeful for Humble too. How hard to make these visits and get rejected.

    Did she make fights when she first came to your house?

    Bless you Kim, for all you do for the pups. Blessings on Carl too for a quick recovery!


  4. Speedy recovery to Carl, lots of foot up in the air rest !
    I hope the new home works out for Humble, she just needs to find her niche...
    Stay warm !

  5. i think Humbles' new foster will work out perfect!....good grief girl, i hope things start to settle in a bit for you!!

  6. Kim, decisions like this are so hard, always, best hopes for Humble and her new home, after a loss it is so hard to think about another one in the home. Carl, recover well. Cheers from Jean.

  7. i agree with the first commenter - do you ever get any rest? i hope carl's surgery went very well and his recuperation is complete and quick!

    i do hope humble will be loved and adored. :) fighting in a household with as many dogs as you have is not good. well, it never is...

  8. Wishing sweet Humble every happiness in her new forever home.

    Best wishes to Carl for a speedy recovery. Maybe you too can put for feet up for a while?!


  9. sweet little territorial humble!
    now maybe she'll be totally happy and content. i so hope she is.

    it seems that they delayed carl's surgery a very long time after his fall! i thought they do it right away. i hope all is well.

    and thank you for the picture of my darling lucas. he just touched me from the very beginning with all his bad teeth and his lopsided smile and how he would rest his head on your leg. thank you for keeping him. try to rest dear heart. you deserve a YEAR at a spa!

  10. Healing thoughts & prayers for Carl... and may this be a good fit for Humble. Fighting is not good... for anybody in the household... & not fair for anybody either. It will work out for Humble. I have a good feeling. :)

    Now rest those weary bones, my dear!


  11. Do hope Humble settles in okay, it sounds like a good placement.

  12. I bet Carl welcomes the quieter house. I hope his healing goes quickly. You'll have a lot to take care of with the dogs and Carl, but try to take it easy.


  13. I hope Humble and his new Mama do well together ! Hope for a fast recovery for your Carl . Now would you go and rest please you are such a busy lady you make me feel tired lol ! Have a good evening !

  14. I really hope it works out for Humble. I know how hard it is when dogs don't get along.
    Hope Carl heals quickly!

  15. I wonder why Humble is so snarky? We wish her the best in her new foster home.


  16. We really hope that this all works out for Humble!! Everyone needs their own spot.

    Jazzi and Addi

  17. Both Humble and your husband are in our prayers.

    Bert and My Vicke

  18. The love and care you give to those beauties is unlimited, and the love they give back is priceless.

    Sounds like a very busy week, now take a breath, and relax. Glad to hear that you husband is home safely.


  19. Too bad about the first lady, this one sounds good, Humble deserves a place of her own.

    Poor Carl, that does not look like it's going to be fun. Crutches? With dogs? I hope nothing else gets broken.

    Did you EVER get that roof fixed?

    Glad you are finally having a quiet moment, get some rest!

  20. So glad the surgery went well.

    I hope you can find time to rest, just like lovely Lucas.

    Crossing my fingers for Humble!

  21. I sure do wish the very best for Humble. And I hope Carl gets some rest (you as well) and he heals up good as new. And I just have to say again, Thank you for all you do to care and love those beautiful dogs.

  22. I hope Carl is doing well and Humble is going to be happy in her new home.
    Yep! You are always busy.

  23. Hi there Kim
    Thanks for the wonderful 'chat' this morning - it was so great to 'talk' realtime...:)
    I'm so glad that thinks seem to have worked out with will certainly put your heart to rest.
    Glad Carl is home too..Wow, isn't it amazing how disruptive a fall can be at our age.
    Sending lots of love to you, to Carl, to the terriers and to the Goldens at Golden Pines.

  24. Time for some rest and recuperation.

  25. What a great to recover from surgery--with lots of dogs to sleep with you!

    We hope Humble's new living arrangement works out. She must be so confused.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  26. Sure hope that Carl is able to get some rest while recuperating. Prayers headed your way. Hope you get some rest too!! I sure do hope that Humble's new home works must be difficult for them to keep getting bounced around.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
    xo Jeanne

  27. Give your husband a hug, and tell him that I hope that he is truly on the mend now that he's had surgery.

  28. It sounds like you are all due for a day of rest. This sounds like a good move for Humble and everyone will be happier for it.

  29. Dear Kim, I hope Carl's recovery will be uneventful and speedy. Thank you so much for taking time out from your own very, very busy life to think of me and send prayers my way. I will never forget that.

    I also hope that Humble will find a permanent home, that her new foster parents perhaps will fall so much in love with her they decide to adopt her. Your dogs are too old to be fighting. I have to keep Samson and Soldier apart, because of Samson's agression toward Soldier, whose back got so badly injured in a fight with Samson. Soldier is too old and I just can't take any risks. But it is a hassle to live in a sort of divided household. So you did the best thing for all the dogs.

  30. Hi Kim. So glad Carls surgery went well. Now, may the remainder of your winter go smoothly and peacefully without incident! Enjoy your peace!

  31. Woof! Woof! Sending Lots of Golden healing Thoughts to Carl. (Oh that's the reason why you were in the hospital). Hope Humble's new home will be good. How the van? Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines Gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  32. I hope that Carl recovers quickly and that Humble has found a wonderful home. You are tireless... as far as I can tell!

  33. I'm glad Carl's surgery went well. I imagine you will be very happy once he is completely better. It must be very hard on you handling everything.

    What I love best about you Kim is your ability to put the dog's welfare over your own heart. I know how much you cared for Humble, but you also knew she'd do better with another household. Not everyone can do that. I will always say there is a special place in Heaven for people like Kim. xoxo

  34. I hope Carl is feeling better now the surgery is over.
    And hopefully your heater is working better now.
    We are happy for Humble

  35. I hope it stays this way too! I agree with John's comment - do you ever rest? :) Happy Carl is on the mend, I'm sure it's very painful. I just love, love, LOVE the photos.

  36. What a lovely name she has. I hope she settles in her new home soon.

  37. So glad you stopped by! Oh my, things have certainly been so busy at your home. Hope hubby is comfortable and heals quickly. And hoping Hubble's new home is the final one.

  38. Hi Y'all!

    Surgeries never happen when scheduled, according to my glad to hear y'all arrived home safely in that terrible weather! At least we didn't have snow...hardly any rain...mostly wind...

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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