Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Glass Half Full Day

When I finished work on New Years Eve, I had grandiose plans for the three days that I had off work. To start, I was going to stay caught up on my blog reading, do things around the house, and then there were the 2 new shops that have opened in a nearby town that I wanted to check-out. It didn't matter (too much) that I had a spouse with a broken foot, he would be just fine....He wasn't fine....We spent an exhaustive entire New Years day at the hospital.  At the end of it, despite varying opinions that he should be admitted to the hospital, Carl and I were both on our way home. A stop at the Arby's drive-thru for our first meal of the day, we both thought the message on the cup summed it all up. We remain very grateful for all the well wishes and prayers from friends and family and we are thankful that Carl's injury was not more serious than it is.

Staying with the half-theme, the roofer came on New Years day and he is now about halfway way finished putting the new roof on our barn.  We just wonder now when he'll return to finish the other half.
Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone interested in adopting Humble. The family seemed like they may be a match until it was mentioned that their farm has about 15 cats. They felt that since the cats were outside, it wouldn't be an issue--Humble would have no doubt felt like she was in heaven to have that many cats around.  But with the current dogs allowed to be off lead, and the hope that Humble could be as well, I decided that they weren't a match for her. So, for now, Humble remains here with us, which of course is just fine.
While Carl stays in bed with his foot propped up, with the TV remote and his computer nearby, we are looking forward to a quiet day at home--And in keeping with the theme off the soda-cup, we are hoping it's a FULL glass kind of day--If Charlie could see, I think he'd agree to one too!  


  1. Half full is not all bad, leaves room for more good things. I am sure I would love to be with 15 cats. But MOM says that there would not be that many by theend of the day. Not sure what she means. Hope Carl is comfortable and heals up.

  2. Sure hope Carl `s foot heals up soon......glad Humble is still with yoU......also that the roofer finishes soon for you.....Enjoy the day Kim, always a pleasure to hear from you, Hugs Francine.

  3. Hi Kim - I am sorry to hear about Carl. I suppose he was 'lucky' to not be seriously injured. My Dad fell two stories once and landed in the flower bed next to his favourite radio which fell with him. all he cared about was that his radio was ok. Remarkably he was uninjured. It was the rest of us who were traumatised! Hope the rest of your week improves. We are going to choose our puppy this week - how in the world do you choose. I will want the whole litter!!

  4. Kim....hope Carl is improving and that you are having a Happy New Year.
    A full glass kind of day. Enjoy.

  5. Hope Carl's foot gets better soon. I also hope your glass ends up half full just like my water bowl!


  6. Half full is a whole lot better thanempty! I'm glad things are turning the corner and getting better, even if your days off didn't go the way you planned.

  7. I hope most of your coming days are half full and Carl heals quickly. No fun trying to get around on a broken foot.


  8. Sometimes it's hard to find the positive and it is those times when you must find the tiniest thing. Gratitude is like a snowball, the more you roll it, the bigger it gets. :-)

  9. Off leash... all the time... nah, the 15 cats, would have been fun though.

    How long will Carl be off the foot? Um, then he will have PT too, eh? I hope he's doing ok now.

    Think I would have a word with that roofer. He could have done it in one day with one helper.

  10. Oh poor Carl, I missed the post about his accident! I hope your days become glass half full very soon. There would have been carnage if Humble had gone to the farm with 15 cats, and I'm not sure who would have come off worst!!

    Happy New Year to you, dear Kim.


  11. Best wishes to Carl for a speedy recovery. Hope your 2013 is FULL to the brim with good things. x

  12. Wow 15 cats, Humble would have been exhausted with all that running.

  13. Carl, a half-full glass of something in your hand as you rest up, sounds good.Humble, be glad you are still in the wonderful care of Kim and all at GP.15 cats, their loss!! Kim, take care, and may the roofer be back so very soon,maybe this way he can claim travel charges for more than one trip!! Cheers from Jean

  14. Sorry that Carl hurt his foot so badly. WE hope it heals quickly.
    As for Humble, we think you made the best decision for her. I am sure the family was upset but it is Humble that really counts.

    You guys are great


  15. Barn roof looks great and the dogs look happy and healthy. Keep that foot up!

  16. I have said it before but I would kill for a real American barn.....

  17. How is Carl doing? Hope he's better now.

  18. I hope your roofers aren't coming from deepest France Profounde!! Carl! Stay off that foot!

  19. We like Gooses response, hal full is good, Tell Dad take care of that foot, he needs it. Hey got a question for Todd, needs an email and we don't do face book, could you send it to us at susie.sidebite(at)gmail(dot)com, thatway nobody will see it, tell you more with the emails!

    Susie & Bites

  20. I hope Carl is a better patient that Rob. When he's sick or injured, he's a pain in the butt.

    Though Humble might like a home with 15 cats, I'm glad he's staying with you till the right family comes along.

  21. What a start to 2013, in the hospital, of all things! Glad to know that your husbands foot didn't need 'tampering with', bet he is too! Time must be laying heavy for him though. All good wishes being sent for a speedy recovery. And I hope the roofer returns - I have to say it is such a gorgeous looking barn (not sure your husband would feel that way at the moment though!).

  22. I do hope Carl is not having significant complications. We'll keep all fingers and paws crossed for an uneventful recovery.

  23. A positive attitude helps the healing! And a much better way to live too...with the head held up high so one can see where they are going!! Lucky Humble...all meant to be I'd say! And look at Charlie....where are my scissors!! lol

  24. Tell hubby to do just as the doctor ordered, Humble to be grateful for a Mom like you and Charlie to shake his head like the girls do!...:)JP

  25. oh no! shades of angus in france profonde! wondering when the roofer will return. and i thought it might only be in france. lol.
    15 cats!
    i think you made a wise decision for humble.
    envisioning a healing white light all around dear carl.
    tammy j

  26. Yup. Hope Carl is healing quickly!

    Just what size is that glass that's half full? So silly about limiting drink sizes in NY.

    Love the Half full outlook, Kim. *hugs* ♥ :o)

  27. Dear Kim, I hope you've got some movies to watch as well. I know your pack will be glad for the time with you both; just wish Carl hadn't taken that fall. I too am glad Humble is staying put-that many cats might confuse him-lol. So thankful for you all!
    Hugs, Noreen

  28. I like half full, like the others have mentioned, it does leave room for the good things.

    I sincerely hope that your husbands foot heals quickly...what a awful thing to happen to him.


  29. Hi Kim:

    So much for plans, thats sort of my experience too this week. All sorts of interruptive things when you have one or two things you want to do!

    We find a bag of colorful pills that you can buy almost anywhere help healing. (They are labeled M&M's in most places.) Careful not to overdose, thats all.

    Hugs all around,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  30. Sorry to hear about Carl's broken foot ~ glad that he is home recoving. It seems that just as we think we can relax... something happens. It's always that way around here.
    Humble would have been in crazy cat heaven! I know that you will find the perfect home for him. I wish I could take them all.. : )

    Although we can barely see those eyes.. Charlie sure looks serious.
    Happy new year.

  31. Paws crossed for Humble to find her furever home (just in case she isn't already living there).
    Don't even get me started about roofers.
    Will Carl have his foot propped up on Sunday as he watches the Redskins get pushed around like Bill Gates in a Sumo match!
    Hardy har har.
    Should be a great game.

  32. Humble is beautiful and Charlie just makes me smile!

    Don't forget to take care of yourself with everything going on, Kim!

  33. That's too cute about the cup setting the precedence for the day. I'm glad the dogs were in agreement. :) Funny - I had big plans for my little bit of time off and didn't seem to get much accomplished. Oh well. :)

  34. Hi Kim
    I hope that soon you will be able to go check out the new shops,, and see what kinds of bargains await you.
    Thank goodness you have a tv to help Carl be entertained- and hopefully some good stuff for him to watch.
    I hope you your days get fuller and fuller,,,, filled with good stuff.
    And I know that Humble is feeling the same way-- still happy to be with you until the right family comes along.
    I think Charlie is agreeing with you- about half full and full too,, he is satisfied as long as you are.

  35. Love the new header! You blog just plain makes my day.
    Hope Hubby is doing well..what a way to start the new year! At least he has some great company when you're at work while he's laid up.
    Wishing you the greatest year ever..many blessings to you and your family.

  36. Hope Carl improves quickly!

    Love your barn. And your new header!

    Happy New Year!!

  37. Hope Carl is feeling's not much fun to recuperate from one of those incidents. I once spent 12 weeks in a wheelchair with a cast covering my entire left leg all the way up to my waist. I'll never forget it. Hopefully the roofers will be back soon to finish up the roof! xo Jeanne

  38. Spending time at the hospital is never fun and New Years Day is particularly not fun. I know because I have been spending my holidays at the hospital with an ill family member. At least holidays mean closer I like your attitude of a glass full kind of day. :) Hope Carl is feeling better.

  39. Every day is a full glass day for your pups, Kim. Remember that. xo

  40. I got some mugs for my aunt and uncle for Christmas that say 'The cup is always half full' :) I hope Carl is doing well and that your barn roof is finished!

  41. Great reading on the cup. I think most our lives are half full half empty kind of days. Glad to know Carl is home and not in the hospital. That would definitely have taken a toll on you and the dogs.
    Humble is where she deserves to be, with loving and caring parents. You made the right decision. Charlie is so cute. Love the hair in his face. ANA


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