Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cissy's Spark

~Our  snow covered road on Monday~
I have really, really appreciated all the kind words and much needed good thoughts for our new addition, Cissy.  Despite the snowfall on Monday, she was taken to see the vet.  First up on the list was to cut Cissy's extremely long nails.  I'm not sure how many of you noticed in her first photos, but they were so long, she was unable to really walk because of their length.      
Cissy took everything in stride through the entire vets exam and only whined once when her nails were cut. Her blood work results were all returned on Tuesday and nothing in those results was 'normal or okay.'  The only good thing is, if there is one, and that's that Cissy did not test positive for heart-worm.  On Wednesday she returned to the vet where she spent the entire day for more testing.  Hopefully today we will find out those results which will be put it together with the blood work for a final diagnosis.
~On the way to the vet Wednesday morning~
Despite trying to tempt Cissy with the tastiest of treats and smelliest of foods, I've been unable to get her to eat a full meal.  She's just not feeling well enough.  .  
Cissy sleeps most of the time. She seems to really like being covered up, so I've been warming blankets and towels in the dryer to put on top of her.  
But when Cissy sees me she wags her hairless tail, and also did for the girls at the vets office yesterday too. Showing me that even though it's a little dim, she has a spark.  


  1. Oh Kim, my heart breaks for her.I hope you and your vet can work some magic to help her enjoy what time she has left.

  2. Thank you for the update Kim. I love that u cover her in warm blankets but breaks my heart that she feels that ill that she prob needs that. I try not to think about how her life would be if you hadn't stepped in.
    Bless your heart. Hope Carl is progressing. Please let us know when you have results and a prognosis for Cisdy

  3. My heart just melts for her. And for all the love you are "covering" her with. Know that she will continue being a part of our prayers. She is such a beauty. MOM and I can clearly see that.

  4. Oh the poor sweet girl, I hope there is going to be something that will make her feel better on the inside so she can show her spark on the outside. She looks so sweet all snuggled in her warm blankets.

  5. What a dear sweet old love.....
    she's lucky to have you...

  6. Sweet Cissy. Bless you for springing into action to take care of her. Your last photo made me smile.

  7. At least her tests can talk for her. She looks to be a sweet dog and I'm happy that you are seeing to her care now.

  8. Oh Kim, what a good girl, my tears will not stop rolling down my cheeks....Just do not understand cruel people......Dogs are such a sweet gift from heaven, no matter what they have been through, a tail still wags......Bless You my friend.....Hugs Francine.

  9. Cissy is such a sweetie. I hope the tests can find out what is ailing her and that there is something that can be done to make her feel better. She is so lucky to have you caring for her.


  10. Cissy, you just pull at my heart! Soak in the love, and feel better. Our paws are crossed for you!

  11. Thank you Kim for all the love and care you give Cissy and the rest of the pups!

    I'll keep sweet Cissy in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,


  12. Who could let that face get into that condition?? The only thing I'm incredibly thankful for is I KNOW she's going to get double love and care now that she's with you.

    Feel better, Cissy!

  13. Poor Cissy, I hope once you have a diagnosis the vet can do something to help her. I bet she's loving the attention you are lavishing on her.

    We will continue to keep the crew at Golden Pines in our prayers.

  14. We got her on the POTP list, its good she is starting to react, just needs LOTS of good loving, give her some Huggies and lovin from Us

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  15. It makes me sick that people can treat animals this way. I am glad she has you and that warm blanket now.

  16. I'm working on our income taxes today, so I am not really reading blogs. But I have been looking for an update on Cissy. I am so sorry to hear that so much is not good with her blood tests, but happy that she has taken to you. I knew she would. Then, whatever happens, she will have known love. And that is, after all, the greatest thing of all.

    I love the way the fur on the top of her head looks so soft and fluffy after her bath and grooming. You are such a wonderful person, Kim, and so are the people at the rescue. I could not think of anyone, except my friend Rachael, who would do this for Cissy. Most would just give her up for lost. But you have given her LOVE.

  17. Oh Cissy - you are a sweetheart; please get well.

  18. Looking at her my heart just drops . Poor girl has been through such an ordeal . I do not know how anyone could do this to a poor helpless creature . I hope her tests come back ok or of not it is all workable to restore some dignity for her ! I know with you and your clan she will have the best and happiest time of her life ! Hope you all have a good Easter weekend !

  19. What a sweetheart. I send you the best of luck and my prayers for you both!

  20. Her tail and feet were the first things I noticed. I don't know why but I always look at a dogs feet to see if they are being well cared for. I groom Rykers feet every other week.
    What a sweet soul she is. Sure hope she does well!

  21. there is nobody in this world busier than you. no. i mean it. an injured husband. a fulltime job. all the regular house duties. all the other dogs. and you give them ALL! the best medical and technical care available.
    you can only stretch yourself so far.
    i wish i were closer to just sit and hold her head and stroke her lovingly for long and long.
    i doubt she's ever had that in her entire life. judging from the way "they" didn't take care of her simplest needs.
    and right now she needs that as much as she needs the vet i would say.
    i could break "their" kneecaps with a ball bat.
    i'm sorry if i offend. but i could.
    there is NO EXCUSE to treat any living creature like that.
    NONE. and broken kneecaps aren't even really enough in my book.
    well. rant over.
    love to you dear heart.
    cannot wait for the next update.
    stay strong. godspeed.
    love on her as much as you can in the seconds you have to spare!
    and i know full well you do that.
    she knows you're her ANGEL. she just can't believe it yet. xoxo

  22. It must all seem so strange to her at the moment. Hopefully her diagnosis will mean her treatment can be given, for whatever she needs, and Cissy will feel better soon.

  23. Hi Kim, Another Golden sweetie for you to love on and show how good life can be. What a dear sweet face she has-oh what a terrible life she has lived. Hoping that the vet can extend her life so she can know that not all people are cruel. Well done my friend.
    Hugs to all of you at G.P.

  24. oh kim - cissy brings tears to my eyes. thank you for giving her love and a soft bed and warm blankets.

  25. What a darling girl, and a tail wagging, surely ,just the smallest sign.When Hugh was in the hospital ED after his heart attack, there was a huge cabinet, like a fridge, iwht a glass door, only in reverse, heated sheets, cuddly rugs, and IV fluids, all kept to a certain warm temperature.So I'm sure the warm blankets for Cissy will be so helpful and comforting. You are indeed giving her the very best, and she will know this.How can anyone be so cruel is quite beyond my thoughts.Easter Greetings to you, and all at your home, from Jean. p.s. Carl, hope you are doing well too!!!

  26. we are so hoping Cissy can bounce back - all of our prayers and any leftover Karma I can muster thrown her way.

  27. Kim,
    Thanks for the up-date on Cissy.
    Her nails where a real mess. What is wrong with pet owners that don't do the basic needs for their pets! She looks to have a little spark in her eye in some of the photo's, maybe it's the sparkle of being cared for and loved.
    Love the touch with the warm towel.
    Hope you, Carl and the crew have a wonderful Easter and you get chocolate!

  28. I have everything crossed for Cissy. She couldn't be in better hands. x

  29. I did notice the nails, but the poor girl looked like she couldn't stand anyone saying anything bad about her. She is too sweet. We are thinking of her and sending her hugs and love.


  30. Come on Cissy! You sweet girl.

  31. I love that she shows her love and gratitude to you and senses that the vet is there to help her. She NEEDS and is obviously, receiving the tlc to help her thrive. Cissy, despite her ill health, appears to be resting well. She looks so comfortable with her her warm covers. This is probably the firs time in a long while that she has had a soft, warm bed. Cissy knows that she doesn't have to be afraid or feel miserable as we can see she did in her before pictures. She needs this restorative sleep so badly. Hopefully when she regains some of her strength, she will feel like eating more.
    We are so grateful that all of you are giving her a safe haven. all of you will be in our prayers and for a good diagnosis.
    Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Gus's Mom

  32. Sweet and special spark! Cissy, you are safe, you are loved - rest and repair your little soul.

    We all love you.

    (and we all love you too Kim!).


  33. This just makes me so mad and so sad! She really is a beauty and I am so grateful to you for loving and caring for her the way you do!

  34. Poor sweet Cissy...It makes me cry to just look at those nails....Sending her lots of good healing thoughts

  35. My heart breaks for this sweetheart of a girl. I love her so very much. I used to wish when i was a little girl.. 5 or 6.. that i could make our animals pain or old age go away with just enough hugs and love. (I wished that with people too.) Of course it isn't true, but the little girl in this 49 year old still wishes it was. Cissy knows you love her, and that matters... sending many hugs long distance.

  36. If anyone can give her some happiness, it's you and your crew, Kim.
    *hugs* God Bless and Happy Easter. ♥

  37. I just feel so bad for cissy!! But thats great that she moves her tail and hopefully for her time left, she can be Happy and loved!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  38. Cissy is basking in the shower of love that she is receiving. She is soaking in the love- and resting. She is feeling all this love that you and vets people are showering upon her.
    Thank goodness Kim- thank goodness you cared and you said yes- for no matter how long- you and Carl have made a difference in how Cissys little heart and mind are feeling.
    She has a loving home- thank you my
    angel friends. Blessed are you!

  39. My heart breaks for her too. People can be such monsters sometimes. I am so very glad that she is with you in your warm home being loved. That is truly the very best medicine for her. So glad she is showing you a little spark. She is in my prayers. Thank God for you, Kim, and for all you do for these angels.
    Xo Jeanne

  40. Oh Kim, Warm Blankets!!! Now to me that is just the ultimate and that Cissy loves it is even more

    I am really happy for her that you are getting her vet care and you can start her out on some therapies, maybe, (I hope so!)

    Looking forward to Cissy's next happy installment!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat who want Carl to know we are wishing him well too!

  41. Kim, you are a saint!! God bless you with the very best He has to give... because YOU surely give YOUR best with each & every rescue. You warm my heart, dear one!


  42. Cissy looks so adorable. It's heartbreaking that some people treat animals so badly. They should be put in a jail! I hope Cissy will get better. Have a Happy Easter with your adorable hairy friends! Hugs from Finland.

  43. Bless you for caring, and for giving poor old Cissy all the comforts of home.

  44. May the spark, ignite the joy of life once again. We treasure so much their affection and devotion and the attention of warm towels and blankets show how much we care for our loyal friends.

    Blessings to you all.

  45. Sweet little girl -- I want to hug her right now and you! xo

  46. God bless you & Cissy, Kim. Neeli & Elle send extra wags to her and hope that she'll find some comfort soon.

    Wishing you & Carl a blessed Easter.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  47. Woof! Woof! Oh that was sweet of her. Hope the tests were good. Lots of Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines Gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  48. Kim, Cissy is precious with her understanding eyes. She knows you are trying to help her.


  49. With all the love and attention you are giving this sweet pup I just know she is going to bounce back soon. What a dear dear girl.

    Sending you many hugs Kim!
    xo Catherine

  50. Ah...what a sweet old girl. I'm in tears for her dear heart. I'm so glad she found your love and sweet caring. Esp. the warm blankets and all that means in regards to what Cissy can sense. Bless you.


  51. Oh those toenails says it all. What neglect the poor old girl has had.

    I bet she appreciates those towels warmed from the dryer.

    Love Leanne

  52. There is such an air of a long and painful journey on her face. She is so lucky to have met you and to be in your care :)

  53. That poor old girl......Happy!!!

  54. Cissy can sleep easily because she's safe, warm and surrounded by love. That's what counts. But we do hope she's feeling better soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  55. I agree with Scotsmad! Cissy can sleep because she is not only safe, warm, and loved but she's also relaxed! What a wonderful thing you are doing for her! Bless you!

  56. Oh Kim, My heat brakes for Cissy!!! That poor poor baby!!! Thank you Kim you are an angel!!!
    Hope Carl is doing better and better!!!

  57. Thanks for sharing her spark -

    AND for helping to light it ;-)

  58. Cissy is so very fortunate to have found a loving family! Through my tears I am sending healing hugs your way.
    With much love...
    Judy ♥

  59. Oh Kim, we are only catching up. Welcome Cissy. My gosh, tears welled looking at this dear, sweet old girl. That old face brought back memories of our old girl Kara and how wonderful the seniors are. We have paws crossed Cissy's health improves and she enjoys all the love you so obviously have to give her. Well done mate. Sending you a special hug for being so so kind. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  60. I was getting a little choky reading about Cissy. Then I you told us she wagged her tail... I smiled.

  61. Those nails alone make me want to cry

    Stop on by for a visit

  62. Stopping by to wish you a very Happy and blessed Easter!! xo Jeanne

  63. Cissy is amazing that she still is able to love people after being so neglected. Bless all at Golden Pine this Easter. Happy Easter Kim.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  64. She is SUCH a SWEETHEART! Those darned toenails look painful and I am assuming they were cut way back on her vet visit. That alone would help her to feel a bit better. Hope she is doing well today. xox


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