Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lucas and Carl's Week Ends

To begin this post, I will again THANK YOU ALL for your good thoughts and prayers for Carl! They worked because everything went really, really well and part of the repair to his ankle that was planned did not have to be done. If there was any glitch in the day it began in the waiting room where I waited an hour after Carl's doctor spoke to me about the surgery, to find out when Carl would be taken to his room--A nurse told me a room wasn't ready yet, and I was assured they would let me know when he was taken to his room.  I really didn't want to keep bothering the staff, so I waited until the 2nd hour passed before I asked again.  I was told by another nurse that they were still waiting for a room for Carl and that they would certainly let me know when he was taken to his room.  Shortly afterwards I got a phone call from Carl asking where I was.  He'd been in his room for over an hour and had even been given lunch.  We both wondered if anyone ever tried to let me know....
The day ended on a good note with Lucas as well.  Some of you may know that he has been on the 'available dog page' of the website for the rescue that I volunteer with for a year.  Of course we really care very much about Lucas, but for several reasons I felt that if there was someone else who could give Lucas a good forever home, then perhaps he should go there. But there has not been a single person who has expressed an interest in the senior dog with no teeth that is obsessed with cats. Now at about 14 years old, Lucas is showing his age just a little bit. Because of his age, the length of time he has been with us and a few other things it has been decided that Lucas will remain with us for the rest of his life.  This means that Lucas is now a 'full fledged member' of the gang at Golden Pines.
On our wall hangs a large picture frame that holds the photos in chronological order of each and every dog (and cat) that has 'officially' been part of our household.  Lucas's picture is on the bottom right between Todd's and Annie's.  For whatever reason I added his several months ago.  I think this was always how it was meant to be. 


  1. Glad things went well for Carl, NOW GET UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR POOCHIES, THEY MISS YOU.

    Lucas, see good things do come to good guys, now you have a furever home with all your pals and a pac member!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Welcome Home Lucas

  2. So glad Carl is doing well. Lucas looks wonderful as a part of your beautiful pack!!
    That frame is awesome with all the "family" pics.

  3. Hospitals can be the worst with communication:-/ I think yours is the best home for Lucas for the rest of his life. The cat will be fine, as they always are.

  4. Glad that Carl is okay and healing can now take place without interference! Why is it that when you ask something people tell you a load of twaddle! the irritating thing is you know deep down that is happening when they say the words: 'oh yes, we will let you know'! Grrrr, more annoying when you know beforehand what is going to happen. Have a peace filled and happy weekend all :)

  5. I am so glad to hear the good news about Carl, Kim! I will keep you guys in my prayers for his continued recovery.
    I am also happy to hear about Lucas! Life is mysterious sometimes isn't it? I would love to have a pup again but right now with 12 rescued cats it would be a challenge for a poor dog to fit in with this crazy crew. Maybe after I move to Missouri next year I can add a rescued dog to the mix.
    Take care Kim and many good thoughts sent your way today!
    Tina xo

  6. Great news for Carl and Lucas! I hope that Carl will be up and running in ni time. As for Lucas showing signs of his age... just bring him home a few kittens to play with. : )
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. yay for carl!

    and YAY for lucas! i was sad when you felt you needed to find him another home - because of the cat. i understood. so glad he has settled in to stay!

  8. We're so happy for Carl and Lucas. We also hope you can get some rest while all this is going on.

  9. Great news about both of your boys!

  10. So glad that everything went so well. Except the waiting. Lucas you knew you were home all a long didn't you. What a beautiful wall! Just brings lots of smiles.

  11. Great news! I'm so happy for Lucas that he has his final home now. Lucky one..

  12. oh kim.
    from the moment I saw him lying there with his little paw over his head ... as if to help stop the pain in his mouth ... I fell in love.
    I think to send him off to strangers at this point in his life would amount to cruelty. and we all know. you are NOT cruel!
    so glad he's now really a member.
    and maybe even in your heart too.
    and as for carl ~ RELIEF and good news. and my thoughts ~ he is NOT a number on your chart you people!
    he is CARL. just another example of customer service these days. whether in a hospital or somewhere in france profonde! LOL.

  13. So glad to hear all is going well ! Lovely frame full of beauty's ! Hope you have a good weekend .

  14. I'm so glad that Carl is OK and that you finally connected in the hospital. And Lucas, how great is that. I love it that he gets to stay with you. I think you knew this would happen. I feel about him as I do about Soldier, both old dogs who had it tough in the first part of their lives, but then got it so much better for their old age. I think the two of them would get along great.

  15. Great news about keeping Lucas. That is wonderful. Glad Carl's ankle challenges are looking good. LOVE the picture frame. I am surprised how many I recognize.

    Easton sends Roooooooooos to all and a special kiss for Annie.

  16. So good to hear that Carl i s doing well. I know how frustrating it can be "to just wait" , but then to find out they never even let you know!!! But, at least he is this far in his recovery.
    And Sweet little Lucas. What a great dog. I know he was a little challenging in the beginning with the cat and Annie. But with a golden, it seems to just add to their endearing eccentricity!
    Love, Love, Love, the wonderful collage of all of your -goldens, I mean dogs and cats. Just priceless.
    Gus' Mom

  17. Well done to all with the possible exception of the hospital administration. You're right . Some things are meant to be. Man proposes, life disposes.

  18. Hi Kim, Glad all turned out well....but happy tears Lucas gets to live out his life at Golden Pines....nothing could make me happier, I know he will be loved.....You are an Angel to me for taking in these old beauties that nobody wants, Bless your Heart, Francine.

  19. Great news. Glad Carl is sorted and Lucas has joined the pack officially.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    They lost our grandma in Fairfax Hospital. Our auntie had to go from room to room where she was shown old women and asked 'is this your mother?' They finally found her.

  20. Good grief! I'm glad it wasn't a major surgery that you had to sit and wait like that. Glad all went well, sans that.

    I'm so happy for Lucas. I know he's in the right home. Bless your heart, Kim.

  21. Hi Kim, I have two dogs vying for my attention right now so hope this comes out sounding logical. Firstly I am so happy about the news on Carl. I'm not surprised that Lucas' photo found its way into your forever gang-who could possibly ask for a better home than yours! Have a restful night.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. I'm glad things went well for Carl. :)

    And how wonderful for Lucas and for you that he'll spend the rest of his life with you. Many hugs for you and for him. I'm happy for you all!

  23. Glad to hear Carl is doing well. We had the same thing happen when my mom had one of her knees replaced (that they didn't let us know she was in her room). I finally went to the desk and asked. She was still quite groggy by the time we got up there so we didn't miss much.

    Congrats to Lucas for becoming an official full fledged member of the Golden Pines household. I'm sure the cats will get over it ;-)


  24. I hope Carl is up and about soon. I guess I didn't realize what a doozy of an injury it was! :o

    Glad to hear everything went well with Lucas. He looks like such a sweet dog and I'm glad he'll spend his days at Golden Pines. :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  25. We had that happen with my Mom too - the hospital sort of lost track of her.

    ...and Lucas? We knew he was meant to stay there! :D



  26. It is like Shakespeare's play "Alls Well that Ends Well"!

    I am happy Lucas gets to call Golden Pines home. It seems to me like moving and changing families would be one of the most confusing, upsetting things a dog knows and Lucas might even let up on the cats, he feels so fine!

    Get well to Carl and the very best to you, Kim.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  27. Oh I am so glad Lucas is there to stay. I know it is a lot of work and money but he belongs with you, really does.


  28. Kim, I so pleased to hear that Carl is doing so well. When does he get to come home?

    I have to wonder when I look at your lovely dogs which one is Cowboy?

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  29. So glad Carl did well with his surgery. His room looks so nice!
    Lucas is one lucky dog to have such a good home! I suspect you feel llucky to have him as well!

  30. I'm glad Lucas will be with someone who will love him for ever... :)

  31. Your hospital story sounds all to familiar. Hope all turns out OK.

    Congratulations to you and Lucas. Some things are just meant to be!

  32. You should see my big smile right now ... smiling about great outcomes, for Carl and for Lucas.

  33. Kim,
    Such great news all around for Carl and Lucas. I kind of knew Lucas was going to stay with you. I just love that picture frame with all your beauties.
    Hopefully Carl will be up and around and walking soon.
    Sending a four leaf clover your way for St. Patty's Day.
    Take Care.

  34. I'm so glad the surgery went well for Carl and wasn't as involved as they first thought! I hope he has a speedy recovery and is up and around very soon!

    I always knew that Lucas would be with you forever and I'm so glad that it has finally been made "official"! I love the picture frame with all the furbabies that have come into your lives, what a beautiful tribute to them!

    Sending big hugs for everyone there at Golden Pines!

  35. My goodness- what an interesting time for you and Carl. It sure tests patience (and patients) doesn't it? I have a similar story but was told I would be met with as soon as my husband's surgery was over.......a 30 minute surgery that I didn't hear about until 2 hours later. Ugh. :)
    Hooray for Lucas! He found the PERFECT forever home.

  36. We have a similar photo collection( minus the chickens)

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  38. Kim I think I KNEW that too! He belongs at Golden Pines!...:)JP

  39. So glad both are doing well. I'm a retired nurse, and I simply do not understand the lack of communication in hospitals these days. With today's technology it should be much better than it is.

  40. Woof! Woof! Golden Happy to know that Carl's surgery went well. Mom does not like hospitals ... Lucas is meant to be at Golden Pines. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  41. How did we miss this post?
    We are sorrys- but you knew we kept Carl in our prayers and hearts,, and you too- right?
    And the photo gallery- we love it.
    It is so heart felt and beautiful.
    So much love in your heart- we hope you feel out feelings of love.

  42. I'm glad that everything turned out OK for hubby and pup! It's very frustrating being forgotten in a hospital isn't it? But everything turned out in the end. It looks like Carl is laying back enjoying TV. Hope the hospital food is OK! :)

    Have a happy week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  43. So glad to hear all went well for Carl. I think Lucas is exactly where he is meant to be. :)

  44. So glad all went well for both your loved ones, Carl and Lucas! A speedy recovery for Carl and lucky Lucas to have a forever home with YOU!

  45. The title scared me. :-( But I'm very happy for all of you and hope that Carl will be home today!

  46. So glad to hear that all went well with Carl - speedy recovery wishes going his way.

    And great news about Lucas - welcome home friend!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  47. Oh! I always felt that Lucas would be a part of your forever family too! I just love him; his eyes are so expressive. What a sweetheart. And what a beautiful frame of happy dogs. And sure hope Carl will be completely recovered soon!


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