Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Peaceful Wednesday

Just as the work week got started it has come to an end for both Carl and I. On a cold dreary night in February as Carl was recovering from his first surgery and I was feeling the need to get away, a friend and I arranged for us to "escape" to their cabin in Tennessee. I planned it without Carl knowing about it, and just hoped he'd be recovered enough to go. It looked pretty doubtful when he had the second surgery, had to have the home nurses etc., but its all worked out. Cissy will be staying with a good friend who just happens to be my mentor when it comes to senior dogs; she is the reason why I felt inspired to take them in--Cissy will love her!
It was Cissy's turn at the vet on Monday. Both the vet and I are really happy with how her skin has healed.  Cissy's thyroid appears to be stable for now and she has even lost about 10 pounds (4.5 kg).  But unfortunately she has an infection that is really hanging on, so she'll be returning to the vet next week for another test which will help to decide what the next round of medications should be. Cissy takes it all in stride and is even taking 'cat stalking lessons' from Todd.
Today I am getting ready for our trip and my first day of vacation has gotten off to a beautiful start as I watched the sun rise slowly behind the trees as fog filled the field. The dogs were sniffing and rolling in the wet grass and the sound of the rooster crowing from the farm across the road could be heard among the birds that were just starting to sing.  In that moment I could feel the peace in the air. It was all a reminder of why I love the country and my life at Golden Pines.
 I hope your day is a peaceful one too!!  


  1. oh, i'm SO glad the end to the work schedule was for a good reason! made me worry for a second, there!

    so glad cissy is doing really well - considering. hope next week will bring a good medication, too.


  2. Looks like Cissy and Todd are hitting it off. I hope the vet can figure out her meds. She seems like a lovely dog. Have a great time at the cabin, you really deserve it. You and Carl have been through a lot this year.

  3. We hope you have a wonderful vacation!


  4. Hi Kim, I am so thankful that you and Carl are getting away to beautiful Tennessee. We love that state. Glad you have someone to take care of the pack too. I've missed connecting with you lately. I hope that you both have a restful and fun time away.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Enjoy that well deserved vacation Kim!

  6. I'm so happy that your trip has worked out for you. Sounds like Carl is mending well. Todd looks as if he is wondering if he is going to be a left-behinder.

  7. The photos of where you live are gorgeous, so pretty!

    Enjoy your very well deserved break - you'll have a rapturous welcome upon your return, that's for sure!

    ps Cissy is looking absolutely amazing, a different dog to the poor little soul of a few weeks ago. Well done for making such a difference to this sweet girl's life!

  8. Your dogs are cute, and how good the trip to the cabin will work out. I think it will be very restorative to your health, for both of you.

  9. Hope your vacation is wonderful, and the pack does alright, see you when you get back!

    The Mad Scots

  10. HAve fun on your vacation and glad to hear that Cissy is doing so well...and learning much needed stuff from Todd!! :-)
    Todd, you are very handsome!!

    Happy May Day
    Jazzi and Addi

  11. It is always good to get away for a bit, even if it is a day or two. Some 'down' time can really recharge the old batteries. That Cissy--she makes me smile. Look at that happy face--what a complete switch from her first day. And even that sweet bald butt makes me smile. She looks very, very happy.


  12. Enjoy your trip to the cabin, sounds great!
    Cissy looks better and better with each week. What is that pretty blue bird on the food block? It is very pretty. My favorite photo is the landscape witht he fog. So pretty, I can see why you love it there... snowed here again yesterday.

  13. Have a lovely time and a change of scenery.

  14. I would so love to live out in the country. I tell my husband all the time, we need to sell this house and buy in the country. Very peaceful and quiet. Here in the big city of Miami there is no peace and the people rude rude rude. YUCK. Hate it here.
    If this new job does not go well for him, he will take me up on my offer to sell here and buy in another completely different state and start over. I don't care the size of the home, I just want peace and quiet and tranquility. I don't even mind going back to work for this.
    Have fun on your vacation. Ana

  15. It's wonderful when things work out..meant to be! We know you'll have a fantastic time away.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Love Todd teaching Cissy to stalk the cat.

  16. Hi Kim, oh I am so happy for you and Carl to have a little getaway, you deserve it so much....sounds heavenly.......Cissy looks so much better, taking lessons from Todd, cute..........enjoy time at the cabin, take lots of pictures, Hugs Francine.

  17. oh dear heart.
    if ever there was a person who needed a vacation and deserved one
    it's you and carl!
    and look at that little cissy face.
    i agree with the other tammy on here. the difference in her earlier pictures and these now are like night and day.
    and todd still suffers from a huge case of adorability!
    happy trip dear hear! xoxo

  18. I'm so glad that you and Carl are getting a vacation! I can only imagine how much logistics go into planning for one, with all of your dogs. Have a wonderful and restful one!

  19. I love it that you just made these arrangements for you and Carl to have a nice little vacation!

    I hope the weather is perfect for you and that you have lots of fun, a good relaxing time!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  20. Your dogs always have such expressive faces,Cissy`s eyes are so soulful looking...
    My best friend lives in Tenn on 90 acres & it is the most beautiful spot,in Kyles Ford.Hope you & Carl enjoy your retreat,you deserve it,your place at Golden Pines looks pretty special too!phyllis

  21. Aren't those reminders so unexpectedly beautiful? Have a great time on the vacation.

  22. What everyone else said. Have a wonderful, blessed vacation. ♥

    Hope things go well for Cissy, too. ♥

  23. Oh, Dear Kim...everything looks so peaceful and the dogs so dear...they are so blessed to have you and your loving care, dear friend!
    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing getaway!

  24. Have a great vacation. It is always so nice when the day starts out peaceful. Todd always looks like he has everything under control.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  25. Have a good time with your Hubby Kim!!!!
    We will be thinking good thoughts for you two!!

  26. Hi Kim
    Enjoy your vacation! It's wonderful to see Cissy getting around - paws crossed that her infection will be cured soon.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  27. Enjoy your much needed break.
    Cissy is looking much better :0)

  28. So happy to hear you two are able to get away for a vacation. Relax and enjoy.


  29. Certainly a well deserved break for both of you! Have a wonderful, relaxing time. Re-energize cause you know those left behind will be ever so over-excited when you return!

  30. How wonderful, have a lovely break and may the sunshine enhance each day with the joys of colours of Spring.

  31. Have a fabulous time Kim. You deserve it!

  32. We are sending lots of wishes that you and Carl will have a good time at the cabin.
    Cissy is so adorable and looks like she has cat watching perfected,, and I think Todd agrees.

  33. Oh so glad you are getting some time away. I hope it is a wonderful time and both of you return renewed and refreshed. The last photograph is awesome!


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