Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good-Night Todd

We are having a pretty good week!  Our weather today resembles typical Portland, Maine weather at this time of year, and we're all okay with that!  Within the pack, the dogs continue to be on the mend and are in good spirits!  Cissy has a great appetite, and Sunny is behaving himself with the dog-walker.

Someone who is especially happy this week is Todd. 
Even though he is more than 2 years old (can you believe that??) he still sleeps in a crate at night by the bed and stays in one in the office during the day while we're away.  It's more out of habit than anything and the crates are 'golden size' so he has plenty of room. Todd will often just go into the crate when we're home and late at night, he'll just put himself to bed in the crate in the bedroom--When I come in, I just close the door. The other night, Todd decided he wanted to sleep on our bed.  He didn't even wake up and looked so comfortable that I didn't have the heart to move him. And he was actually really good and stayed on the bed all night.
The next night, it was exactly the same thing.  He again was really good, and never moved off the bed.
I wonder where he'll want to sleep tonight?  Something tells me Todd already knows the answer to that.


  1. oh, he's training you for a new gig. :) i'm glad he's being good, though.

    glad everyone is doing well!

  2. What a cutie he is. I'd definitely let him sleep with me.

  3. Yep, Todd's could S&#* looking Grin, we know where he's sleeping, Barharhar!!

    The Mad Scots

  4. He is so stinking cute. I would not have the heart to move him either. Maybe he has found himself a new bed and area to sleep in.

  5. I hope your bed is big enough- because I think Todd is claiming his right to it too.

  6. Haha. What a character. Great shot that last one. He definitely has something to say!

    Happy Thursday, Kim. ♥

  7. That last picture cracked us up! We're sure he's found his sleeping spot!

    SHE read the first sentence as tropical Portland, Maine...did a double take.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Great shots! Think he has your number now... Beware, LOL!

  9. Oh my goodness do I love this little chap. Just look at that face in the last photo, wonderful. Give him a big hug from me :)

  10. What a cute little boy. I love snuggling in bed with a furry warm little dog. Lily (and Luigi who says he always sleeps under the covers and maybe Todd should give that a go too!) xxx

  11. Todd is such a cutie! It must be a struggle not to give into that adorable face all the time. In this case, it's probably okay.

  12. I can't believe that Todd is 2! I remember when he arrived as a tiny puppy. Our dogs have made similar decisions on their own... when they're ready. I bet I know where Todd slept last night! What a cutie...

  13. Good night Todd sleep well on the big bed!!!!

  14. Todd is a super sweetie with an abundance of awesome personality! But why am i telling you that? Lol. Good night, sweetheart! Sleep well!

  15. Todd is such a character love the last photo you got of him.
    Love Leanne

  16. Good for Todd, he looks so comfortable!

  17. Love this! Way to go Todd! Hunter will often get off the bed in the early morning to spend the remaining time of his bed. In the winter, he snuggles right into my body for warmth. With being small, I don't mind at all-now if he was the size of a Golden I would put him onto his bed. So glad the pack is doing well.
    Hugs today.

  18. Sydney would like to sleep on the bed but she's a bed hog so she gets put in the chair. Fudge has been the bed dog lately.

  19. That last picture is awesome!! Yeah...I'm thinking that Todd has decided he likes that whole bed thing!! Both Chloe and LadyBug do too. she ages...moves around a LOT at seems she is restless or something...perhaps a little arthritis setting in. Glad to hear that all the dogs are doing well!! xo Jeanne

  20. How does that saying go? Give them your little finger and they'll eat up your hand, or something like that. Great to learn that you and the pack are having a good week.

  21. I cannot imagine our Goldens sleeping anywhere but in their crates. They fly down to them after their last break outside at night. Ellie uses hers a lot during the day or when we have noisy company. Lucy just uses hers for sleeping at night.

  22. OMG.
    oh dear heart.
    first ALWAYS good news to hear everyone and every golden and charlie and cc are okay! such good news today.
    the character.
    the todd.
    this is too priceless for words.
    and here I've used too many already!
    I laughed all through it.
    then the last picture.
    and your words.
    blew me away!
    LOVE and xoxox to you ALL.
    and special hugs to your
    forever puppy. you do know that don't you?

  23. I remember Sam doing that. It was the night my Dad died and Sam just jumped on the bed instead of going in his crate like he always did. He has never gone into a crate again.

    P.S. - I remember when Todd was a pup - I can't believe two years have already gone by.


  24. Come on over, can sleep with me anytime.

  25. I think Todd has you in the palm of his that a smirk on his face?


  26. Awwww....such a sweetie! Very cuddly to sleep with. :)
    Hope you and all the pups have a terrific weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  27. He is such a sweetheart!
    Mine sleep with me,can`t imagine any better way to keep cosy & warm,phyllis

  28. Todd is adorable!

    Stop on by for a visit

  29. Cute!! There is something very special about sleeping on the bed....the ultimate prize!!

  30. Hi Y'all!

    Hi Todd! I do the same thing you "used to do"...I love the privacy of my bedroom (crate). After all, the Humans have a bedroom of their I really don't understand why you suddenly like their bed?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  31. Hysterical! Love that wink!

  32. Bless him he knows wheres its softest :-) dee x


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