Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August!

~Sheba after rolling in the wet grass~
A very happy August to you!  The days have flown and July is finished whether I was prepared to be done with it or not.  I'm surprised how much too quickly summer seems to be fading.  
It seems like my flowers were just beginning to bloom and now I'm noticing petals on the ground and the butterflies are combing the Joe-Pye-Weed.
But what I love about August is that there is still time--Still time to work on the projects that need to be done before cooler weather and winter sets in, and there is still plenty of time to enjoy being outside in the sun!
I hope you've had a good week!  In my next post I'll have to tell you about the little bit of trouble new-boy-Sunny had with our dog-walker this week. Thankfully no one was hurt...seriously....


  1. Everybody looks so happy and smilin' in this post! I know! Can you even believe it is August already! Each year goes faster! I hope nobody got hurt in the dog walker incident!

  2. That's the good thing about us pups. We just take each day as it comes and don't worry about tomorrow!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  3. Bella loves a good roll too..but it's usually on something smelly and revolting!
    Hope August brings happy days for you all.

    Bellaboo X

  4. Happy August Kim, flowers are looking great as is Todd, :) Sheba very wet looking after a wet roll in the grass, guess feels good.....Enjoy The Weekend, Francine.

  5. We have had a good July too. Lots of sunny weather, which makes a change for England in Summer!!! lol.

    Now you say about Sunny me wondering?

  6. oh, dear. sunny...

    love the wet hair look from happy rolling. :)

  7. I'll be a happy gal once all of summer is over with. On to the golds, reds and oranges of autumn that breathe new life into my soul.

  8. We think of August as our last chance month. After we play during June and July and enjoy the flowers and sunshine, August is the month we need to clear away the blooms and get ready for the change of seasons.

  9. We've had such weird weather this spring and summer that it's hard to believe it's August already.

  10. Dear Blogfriend,
    your pictures are so nice.Yes August is a time there is summer ,but we know,time will change soon.
    I wait for the news of Sunny BOY.
    Greetings and hugs,
    i am glad that i found your wonderful blog!

  11. Aw.. Sheba looks so relaxed and happy! Summer sure flies. It's amazing. It seems to go faster than any other season... :)

    I'm glad no one was hurt too.

  12. Todd looks pleased with himself, truly they all look happy. We have had lovely low humidity weather here in Cincinnati, hope you are having it also. Sweet William's last x-ray shows the stress fracture has healed. But the vet has warned it will probably come back because of the deformity. So I kind of have the make the decision to keep him a couch potato or let him live life which would probably be a short one. I know you know those hard decisions.
    Thanks for remembering us Kim.
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. I'm with you Kim, Summer is going by much too quickly!

  14. Hi Y'all!

    Just tryin' to catch up with y'all.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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