Sunday, January 12, 2014

McDonalds Anyone?

It was an early start on Saturday with a vet appointment for Cissy at 9 o'clock, and Shadow was along because I was doing a home visit for the rescue afterwards.  I'd left a little bit early because of the pouring ran, but I decided I'd stop by McDonalds and grab a quick breakfast.  Of course on the drive-thru speaker there was someone who I'm quite sure had never used it before.  I placed my order and it took about a full minute for her to understand “plain sausage biscuit and a diet coke”.  She asks if I want the meal with a hash-brown, and I tell her “no” but I see that a hash-brown has been added anyway--I bear with it and go to the window to pay and sort it out. It gets figured out, and I drive ahead and I wait and I wait... I finally receive my bag and when I get on the road I look inside the bag and OF COURSE, there's no biscuit, but a breakfast wrap and a hash-brown.  I decide to go back, even though I have to drive 2 blocks, sit at a light and make a u-turn to do it. I finally get back to the McDonalds, park, go inside and ask for my correct order. The lady at the counter looks totally puzzled, disappears to the back and returns with a bag and many apologies. Of course it's not really a problem -- I'm not upset at all, I'm just someone who just wants the right order.  By now I'm really running late, and I have to get going.  I get back on the road, and look in the bag, and what do you think I got?  A Sausage McMuffin with egg, and a hash-brown.  I know, why didn’t I check the bag before I left?  

Fortunately Cissy's vet visit went pretty well, even though she does have a really ugly ear infection and is now on antibiotics.
Afterwards we were running late (again) and it was Shadow's turn to help me do the home-visit. The family are two-time adopters from the rescue, and have a nine-month old baby and hope to adopt a young dog from the rescue.  **(NOT Shadow)**   Even though we've only had Shadow since late September, there's no doubt that he is a very, very gentle dog; but I have to admit that I was more than a little bit nervous with him around the baby, especially when they kept putting the baby right in his face. However,  I think I would have felt that way if they'd done that with any of our dogs.
With the vet and home visit and other errands checked off our list, it's now lunchtime and I'm really hungry. Cissy and Shadow could use some water, and we're about 20 minutes from home.  McDonalds is right up ahead, and yes, I'm really tempted, but it's still pouring rain, I'm tired, and I think it's best to just drive past.  I just don't have the energy.


  1. i'm laughing. i'd have just given up, but glad you went back - even THEN they got it wrong. *sigh*

  2. Gaaak! I hate getting the wrong order! Sometimes I don't realize I have a coffee instead of a tea until I get all the way to my office. I guess it's a lesson to learn to have a sniff or a peak before we leave the drive up window! LOL!
    xo Catherine

  3. Wow, what a dining experience.. I try to avoid McDonalds at all cost. Their food tends to make my stomach upset afterwards. Love your cute doggies, will Shadow be adopted? Have a great evening and week ahead!

  4. At least the fellow in the first photo can make sure he gets the right meal!! Shadow, one beautiful face. and as for the drive-in, I would avoid at all costs, a bit like the lady who ordered bacon, with no egg, was told she had to have the egg, it was built into the charge, so she said " I'll take it in the shell, thank you!!" Hope you have recovered from all the upsets, cheers, Jean.

  5. Crazy! so many times I have to correct something because people just don't pay attention!

    Why would anyone push their baby in the face of ANY dog?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. We haven't been to a McDonalds or BK or any burger place in years we like to go to our Tim Horton's when out and about and they are pretty good so far with orders , hope when you and if you go there next time they get your order right ! Glad to hear Cissy's vet visit went well and her ear infection gets better ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  7. Mc Donalds always has just the right thing to eat- if you get what you ordered at least! But for a quick fix- their the place to stop!
    After all- who wants to be hungry!

  8. I so wish we were close. I didn't realize Shadow could be adopted. He'd fit right into our mellow little pack.

    Hope all is well.

    PS: I seldom go to MacDoggles, but half the time I don't get what I order.

  9. ***When you do a home visit for the rescue, you're asked to take a dog along, and Shadow went with me as that dog--He belongs to us, and is NOT available for adoption. ***

  10. I just saw your last comment - I was puzzled because I didn't think that Shadow was available for adoption.

    I'd be nervous with any dog having a baby pushed close to his face. It sounds like this family wasn't particularly dog-savvy.

    The McDonald's story was too funny. Believe it or not, I had a similar experience at a *pharmacy* recently, being given the wrong Rx twice. Now, I will always check it before I walk away.

  11. *hugs* ♥
    I hope the new week treats you well, Kim.

  12. Oh Kim, how crazy, cannot even get a simple order right, sigh.......sweet furry faces, hugs to you and them, Francine.

  13. Oh Kim :-) Always check the bag ... its a good lesson to learn. So glad Cissy 's vet visit went well. We have a feeling that Shadow will be staying at Golden Pines. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  14. What a day! I have to say my MOM never goes back. Butt if it is something I can eat she gives it to me. Win win for me, a car ride and an egg.


  15. And all along I thought it was the stupid people that live here in Miami, which by the way most do not speak english much less understand it. URGH. I hate that. I am Cuban even though I was born their I came to this country when i was only 38 days olds, but it burns me inside that they hire people that can't understand you and can't speak the language. I try and avoid going thru drive thrus as much as I can.
    Have a great week and hope your days are dry. We have 80 degree weather. I would not mind alittle cold over here. would you please send us some of yours.

  16. BOL mom said she feels your pain about McDonalds.

    Aroo to you,

  17. You would think with all the advancements in technology these days that someone could invent one of those drive up systems you could actually understand someone through. Glad things turned out okay with the vet visit and home visit.


  18. There's something really difficult about speaking to a disembodied voice through a metal thing that suddenly makes you very hard of hearing. We try and avoid it as much as possible, but nine year old boys do tend to want to go of we're in the vicinity!

  19. Following such a trying day, pup-kisses are the perfect tonic.
    Sending hugs ...

  20. Another of those strange universal truths. Water for the dogs always takes precedence over food for the humans.

  21. Of course the water for the dogs is the most important thing!!
    Thanks thanks thanks for your visit, it has been so long!!
    So happy!!!

  22. poor little cissy.
    their ear infections must surely hurt as much as ours do! maybe with spring coming she will be pain free soon and enjoy life again. even if it is only long naps in the wonderful sunshine.

    can't feel that a home with a new baby is a good match for a new dog too. for many reasons.

    what is there about shadow and that face? so adorable.
    makes up for stupid mistakes at macdonald's! xo ♥

  23. I don't get mad...I just don't go back.!..good dogs around kids but putting a nine month old right on the dog's face is a little too much, I think! ...:)JP

  24. I so dislike when those convenient meals become inconvenient! We just had issues with our local Jack in the Box!

    Will the rescue place a young dog with that couple? It seems that might be a recipe for disaster?

    Monty and Harlow

  25. The meal thing is annoying as is the people putting their baby in the dog's face. I would be uncomfortable too and sadly, in my book I wouldn't recommend them getting a dog. I know, I'm bad.

    Hope the weekend ended better than it started.

  26. I thought i was the only one who always got the wrong order at drive thru. It's like they have my picture with the caption: This person needs hash browns whether she knows it or not.

  27. We hate getting the wrong order too but we usually just eat the wrong one. It is rare we go back like you did. It sounds like you had one busy, busy day.

  28. I don't have the patience for those "fast food" joints...not fast when they can't get your order right!
    Oh, btw, our US Chickens will now be sent to China for processing and the returned to us and used in all kinds of things like chicken nuggets, chicken soups, etc. Now I don't feed Ryker anything from China and do you think I want to eat it? Not!

  29. When I read the title and then saw the hawk, I thought the post would be about how the hawks use urban bird feeders for fast food. Might be a good idea to keep a supply of snacks in your car.

  30. What a time! Once my sister went to the McDonalds drive thru, gave her order, paid, and then drove away... without getting her order. We still laugh about that. LOL.
    Love seeing the pictures.

  31. Oh ((((((Kim)))))... how frustrating!!

    Whenever we get anything like that, before the guy or gal hands me our order, I always say: "Would you please check inside the bag to make sure my order's correct? I live quite a ways away & won't be able to come back." The employee always says sure... looks inside the bag... looks up at the order screen... and says "Yep, everything's right!" and it is. Unless the employee caught it before handing me the bag. :-)

    Maybe you can try that next time?

    Praying for all your needs, my friend. You & your beloved furry family members are always one of the top on my prayer list.

    Love ya~ Andrea

  32. Getting an order right can be so frustrating. I go to Micky D's for a rest stop, anymore.

  33. Hi Y'all!

    Oh, no! My Humans used to go to McD's, but after some bad experiences they no longer even try them. There are only certain Hardees where they will stop. So far those stores haven't messed up the plain sausage biscuit and coffee request.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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