Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Perfect Snow-Day

 We may have gotten a day off work because of the snowstorm today, but Old Man Winter is working overtime!  Snow has fallen all day, and temperatures are predicted to plummet into the single digits.
However nothing could stop us from enjoying time outside today.  Several times I bundled up and with my cameras all charged, the dogs and I played outside in the snow.
Josh (left) and Sheba think that a game of frisbee is fun in any weather!  
When we got cold, okay, when "I" got cold, we went inside.
Of course no snow day is complete without the proper snow-day food. We enjoyed biscuits and gravy for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and fresh baked cookies as a snack.  
It was, I think, a perfect snow day!
Whatever your weather was today, I hope it was a perfect day for you too!

**Thank-you all for your kind thoughts and healing vibes for our cat, CC.  Unfortunately she's not any better and is having problems standing.  The snow-covered roads wouldn't allow for a trip to the vet today, but thankfully CC is resting comfortably, and doesn't appear to be in any pain and will even purr when we hold her. ** 


  1. the dogs get positively giddy in fresh snow! so cute!!!

    i am sorry for cc. i hope you can take her to the vet when the roads clear.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun in the snow. Love all the cute doggie shots. They are all so cute with their noses covered in snow. So sorry for CC!
    We had a snow day, somewhat I left work early. Enjoy your week ahead!

  3. I really am hoping that CC will heal and get better soon.
    What a nice day for you and the dogs. We have been having rain all day and in the 70's. ARGGGG. I just would like for it to be nice and cold in the 60's. Yes cold for us to be in the low 60's.
    Stay warm. Ana

  4. Man....playing in the snow is a blast, and in the case of us Scotties, like Todd, your a snow plow!

    The Mad Scots

  5. The 1st photo is gorgeous like a Hallmark card.

    Oogie our cat when she was 13 she had kidney failure and we had to put her to sleep. We got Oogie for our daughter when she was 3 y.o. It was such a hard decision, to do the right thing on Oogie's behalf. My daughter cried for days and so did I. My heart was broken because I loved Oogie and it was broken even more because I knew how much my daughter loved her. I will be keeping you and CC in my prayers.

    Aroo to you,
    Sully and Robin

  6. Evening Kim, what a joy to see the dogs frolicking in the snow, wonderful snow day fun....those cookies look yummy, chocolate chip, mmmmmm, pray CC is ok..........Keep Cozy, Francine.

  7. I couldn't bring myself to go outside for more than a few minutes today. You are a very hardy soul, dear Kim.

    Been thinking of you and CC. Love to you all.

  8. Your dogs are definitely snow dogs! Nothing like a good romp in the snow . . .

  9. Oh wonderful photos . It is frigid here to but the sun has been shining and I bundled up to and went for a nice walk with our Miggs . Miggs loves the snow and cold . Sounds like a good snow day with the Yummies and the pooches . I am praying for CC .

  10. Kim, hold CC close, she will cherish your care and love, and her purrs tell you all this and more. Maybe the road is snow-bound for a reason, take care, enjoy the outdoors when able to, caring thoughts for you all, Jean.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day. We had the cold temps, our high was 19, but no snow to make it fun.

  12. What a wonderful day - right down to the chocolate chip cookies!

  13. Looks like you and the gang had a great snow day! We are looking for single digit temps tonight too. I think I am ready for spring to come now.

  14. Sweet Kim
    Were sorry to hear that CC is not improving. We know it breaks your heart to see this happen to her.
    We send comforting thoughts and peace to her- so that she feels the love you give to her. We know she does feel that peace-- we just ask for extra more.

    Your world is so beautiful. It would be hard to imagine having all that winter wonderland around us. What a wonderful day--- all the yummy foods and snacks,, and happy times with the dogs. The photos are so beautiful..
    love to all of you- especially CC.

  15. Such a day...we are getting it now!!! I just love it!!!
    The pictures of the dogs are so so so wonderful....it captures everything that makes us love them so...
    I'm so sorry c.c isn't doing well....I have 9 kitties...and I know exactly what your going through..just know so many of us out here really care and understand....xxxxx

  16. You have more snow than we do right now. Looks like all the dogs loved being out in it. So sorry to hear about CC.


  17. And the drier was full of towels and ran all day ?

  18. Biscuits? Pizza? Sounds perfect to us....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. It looks to be the perfect snow day!
    Warm and comforting purrrrs to CC.
    Sending love ..

  20. I hope CC is having a better day today. We seem to be having the same Artic winter weather. It is to cold for my paws and they say there is no change in sight for this cold. I like your coat Todd.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  21. Looks like dogs are having fun in the snow. I really like Todd's coat. Fun photos, which show that you have had a great day! I wish that the roads will be better there soon so you can take CC to the vet. I wish all the best to CC!♥

  22. The cookies made it perfect

    Stop on by for a visit

  23. Now that IS a lot of snow! Brrr. Glad you had fun with the dogs, they usually love snow playtime don't they....wonder do they try to eat snowballs! Thoughts are with CC.

  24. What great play time in the snow! It looks like everyone had a great day and had yummy treats too.

  25. That was a wonderful snow day, Kim and although CC doesn't appear to be in pain, I know you'll know when it's time. We always do...:)JP

  26. Snow days can be so much fun! I am so glad you and the dogs got to get out and enjoy it. I sure enjoyed the photos.
    Now you can get warm and snuggle with CC.

  27. I love snow - we haven't had a single flake this year and I feel cheated out of it. We had alot (for UK anyway!) last year and it was so much fun. I am sorry to hear about CC. xxx

  28. Love the doggy photos Kim! They're so cute with their snow covered muzzles. Keep warm!

  29. It looks like you live in a winter wonderland! My peep's name is Carrie Anne! Did you know there is a song with that name?

  30. Purring is good!!! Happy wouldn't even purr at the end!!

  31. It sounds like the perfect snow day. I love seeing the dogs out in all of that snow!

    I'm so sorry that CC hasn't improved.

  32. Sounds like most everyone had a great day.
    *hugs* ♥

  33. Made my morning to see all those happy, snowy faces and little Todd in his jacket! Cookies are looking mighty fine too :)

  34. Hi Kim, Sorry to hear that the Rock of GP, your CC, is feeling poorly. Easton and I had a discussion and decided to cross our collective paws to pray for her quick recovery. Healing thoughts out to CC and our wish that things warm up quickly at GP.

    Rooooooooooos ��

  35. They sure had fun! And, yes, Winter is for sure "working overtime".

  36. oh cc.
    little cc.
    everyone should have such love and care near the end of an old good life. my tears very near.
    then . . .
    up to look at the beautiful happy snow faces once more . . .
    wonder and wonderful!!!
    little carrie anne's face peeking between . . .
    all is good. and the food even better! XOXO

  37. I just get so cold looking at your photos. I'd have to watch the dogs through the windows.

    Monty and Harlow

  38. don't even know if you'll see this.
    just felt like stopping by and checking on little cc.
    my love to all those snuggled in the warmth and care of golden pines.
    xoxo ♥

  39. Hi Y'all!

    Oh wow! So much snow!!!

    I don't like stayin' out when it is cold and snowy. I always beat my Human back to the porch!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  40. Hi Kim, I love how the pack embraces the snow and has fun in it. Todd sure looks like he is in his element.
    We have sun here but snow promised for tomorrow night. For some reason, I am anxious for spring and we still have 3-4 mos before it arrives. Of course being stuck inside allows me to pack. I'm hoping CC remains comfortable, at least until you can get to the vet.


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