Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunny and Yellow

A bright, warm and very sunny Saturday gave way to Sunday clouds with rain and perhaps snow in the coming week.  Whatever the weather, you can be sure that the very shaggy Todd will be outside in it, and will probably need another bath afterwards.  
I'm sorry that its been so long since I gave an update on how Sunny is doing.  As you  know he came to us in late July as a foster-dog.  We were told that he was 12 years old, and taken to the shelter by his owner who could no longer afford to care for him.  The dog I met in July is not 12 years old, and with all that happened, he has changed our household in a way that no dog ever has.
~Sunny in mid December~

Today Sunny is doing well.  He is still doesn't like the camera and he still doesn't like stressful situations where he feels the pressure to do something.  Fortunately, they don't happen often, but when they do, we leave him alone, we don't say anything and we give him a little space that allows him to make the decision to do what's asked of him.  We work very hard at keeping things positive and as routine as we can for Sunny. It seems to be working because the dog I have gotten to know seems happy and is very relaxed, smart, vocal, gentle and a very affectionate boy.  
Yes, we remain very mindful of what is below the surface.  But the dog that sleeps next to my bed, loves his head scratched and that will now go outside after dark, and plays with Todd was a dog worth saving.  He was truly a dog that did not deserve the bad hand he was dealt.  I have no regrets.
If there are any regrets it's that everything that happened with Sunny and the rescue may have ended 14 years of fostering for them.  We have not been asked to take a new senior dog since this happened in September. Perhaps there just haven't been any dogs that need us, I don't know. But I do know that I have to be rescuing something, it's part of who I am.  So, on Friday, we welcomed a new foster cat, a two year old little girl someone named Ms. Yellow.       Welcome to Golden Pines Ms. Yellow....


  1. What an Angel you are. The dogs are beautiful. Our two dogs Jake and Molly came from bad situations too but they have a loving home with us now. We have had Jake "The Farm Dog" 8 years and Molly coming up on three years in August. We love them both.

  2. I sure hope that rescue didn't abandon you because you followed your heart. You've seen so many rescues that I'd trust your judgement in a heartbeat. Sunny looks "Sunny" - what a handsome and happy looking guy. It sounds as if you've found a good way of keeping the pressure off for him, and I am so happy for you! (he really does look young - so you're giving him hopefully lots more years of happiness!).

    Welcome, lucky Mr. Yellow!

  3. Your HEART is GOLDEN, I am sure of it. Sunny and your new kitty have new better lives now, I tear up from happiness thinking about what you do.

  4. And we know how your heart is also Kim, its full of love. Your heart directed you to give a second chance to Sunny,,
    Some negative people may not have done that.
    But just look at Sunny now! You made a difference in his life- and he has made a difference in yours.
    We welcome the new little purry faced kitty- to Golden Pines,,, Oh I know the doggys are soo happy!
    Were right beside you all the way Kim!

  5. Sunny does look so happy. You gotta know I would trust you in these matter paws down!! Welcome Ms. Yellow.

  6. How exciting for the kitty (I wonder if Shadow will as taken with this one) and what a loss for the rescue if they couldn't see your years of experience was worth listening to!
    Thank you for continuing your efforts. I feel certain that you will rescue again whether with this rescue or another.
    Thank you thank you!

  7. You did the RIGHT thing and if a few noses are out of joint....well, they're only hurting other dogs who need foster care. (That makes us sad.)

    Another cat....Shadow will be happy.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  8. Glad that things have worked out with Sunny. He does seem like such a sweet dog, but of course all dogs are sweet in their own ways. Roscoe is not the friendliest dog but he is a great boy. At the dog park he does not play with the other dogs, he just sits next to me and wants to be left alone. Very over protected though with me, if any dog comes to where I am, he will stand across me to protect me. This is my fault though, for always having him with me, I try not to even get out of the house, so that I don't have to leave him alone. He is always lose on the house even when I go out. Has only torn 2 things and they have been off the christmas tree that he has knocked off with his tail. The shelter does not know what they are missing by not calling you and Carl to foster more dogs. But maybe this is for the best. GOD knows your hands are full with the ones you have.
    Have a great week. Ana

  9. Kim,
    Thanks so much for giving us an an update on Cissy and Sunny. Such good news confirms the love and attention that you and Carl have given them is such a blessing. Great pictures of Sunny! I know they were tough to get, but it certainly shows he is progressing.
    I certainly hope the rescue comes to their senses and asks you to again foster. I can't imagine that their pride would get in the way when needful dogs are losing out on such a wonderful opportunity at Golden Pines.
    How wonderful that Sunny is allowing himself to be loved. And Cissy, oh my, she doesnt hardly look like the same girl.
    How is Annie doing? last I remember, she was not eating well, despite the special diet.
    Welcome to Ms. Yellow! Now, I guess Shadow has a new reason to keep guard on the door. Loved the picture on the last post.
    You saved Sunny's life. You did what was right and the rescue will eventually realize that. They could not possibly be upset with you seeing the progress Sunny has made. Give it time.
    Gus' Mom

  10. I am sorry for the rescue that says " We cannot be wrong." You have shown your good judgement to work for Sunny. Arrange a talk with the rescue, just to clarify things?

    In the meantime, whoopee for Mr. Yellow and hope all works well with him.

    Cheers and hugs,


  11. I is really too bad for the dogs that the rescue people cannot admit to being wrong. Sunny looks to be doing very well! I also agree that you have a GOLDEN heart!! Mr. Yellow will add joy to your household as well...I am sure of it! Hope things are well Kim!
    Jeanne and the girlz

  12. Kim, it is so nice to hear Sunny is adjusting well.. I am sure he is a good boy just like all your other wonderful dogs. He just needed to be loved. I hope the dogs will always be rescued and you are so kind to rescue the cute Ms Yellow. Have a happy week!

  13. Kim, they need you too much to abandon you!! I'm sure you will introducing us to new Goldens soon!!

    Todd is wearing a nice winter coat - I think they need it for the weather we have been having. When Spring comes, he can take it off.


  14. Morning, Kim, so happy Sunny is doing so well, but you are such a kind, loving person so no wonder......Sweet kitty, God Bless you and Golden Pines, Hugs Francine.

  15. Thank you thank you for the update on Sunny. He has his cheering section here in the midwest. It is truly wonderful what you have done with him. Maybe it was fate that his former owner said he was a senior so he would end up with the one person who could help him. I hope that one day the rescue rethinks penalizing other seniors because you chose to save one dog.

  16. Bless your heart for taking care and saving these poor, I wanted animals.

    Ms. Yellow does not look like she wanted to be disturbed.

  17. You make such a big difference in the animals you open up your heart & home to,it is about them,not the shelter.Seeing the transformations you & your husband make in their lives is truly an inspiration & we all love you for giving the animals a chance to be loved.I am sure they will come to you soon with another golden.Have a great week,Kim.

  18. I hope it hasn't ended your connection to the rescue - I love seeing how the Golden's come alive once they arrive at your house. I know our rescue is going through some quiet times right now - hopefully it just means there aren't that many Golden's in need of homes.

    Monty and Harlow

  19. Lucky cat, that Ms. Yellow! Happy Monday to you and your critter crew, Kim. xo

  20. sunny doesn't even look 6 yrs old! i am so glad he has blossomed and relaxed under your care. you stuck your neck out for him and saved him.

    and bless that little new cat houseguest!

  21. I'm happy you and Sunny met and Sunny got a second chance. Ms Yellow looks charming!

  22. Lovely week your pictures !!...x !

  23. So glad Sunny is doing well and Ms Yellow is beautiful!

  24. I'm so glad you made the decision to keep Sunny and I'm sorry that the rescue didn't agree with you. I would say that ANY rescue would be delighted to have such a wonderful, caring person to foster. But I'm glad you found a way to continue your passion.

    Every single pet that ever enters your home is lucky to have you.

  25. if the rescue people are that shallow and holding of a grudge because they were not RIGHT after all. . . then i have lost respect for them.
    no excuses for them please.
    they should be more dedicated to the SAVING part. not the laying down the edict part regardless.
    bless sunny.
    and you.

  26. Kim,
    Sunny seems happy and very playful which I'm sure Todd just loves. Such sweet pictures.
    And yes welcome Ms. Yellow!!
    Oh those eyes, don't you just wonder what they have seen in her life.
    Hopeful the crew will all love her too.

  27. You did right by Sunny. Now you can help our some very needy cats. Does your area have a Scottie rescue? Just saying... :)

  28. Kim, I want to do a little dance and sing...I KNEW IT,, I KNEW IT! keep working with him! Copper has turned out to be "quite the boy". As for Mrs yellow...she is in good hands...does Charlie like her?...:)JP

  29. Sunny is such a handsome fellow. I shudder to think how close he came to an unnecessary end. Kudos to you and Carl for following your instincts and saving this beautiful dog.

  30. I can't imagine that something happened to cause the rescue to stop calling you, Kim. It is their loss if that is the case.

    I hope you are able to find Ms Yellow a home soon.

    And I agree with Ryker. Perhaps there is another rescue. Or an animal shelter that could use a foster home. There are several around here always asking.

    *hugs* God bless. Hopefully Sunny will come round completely; but you have done wonders with him for sure.

    Have a great week!

  31. I love Ms Yellow! I'd like to take her home myself....

  32. Sunny is a beautiful dog and I'm so glad he has a happy life at Golden Pines!

  33. Hi Y'all!

    So happy Sunny found y'all. Hope y'all find more seniors to rescue. It seems so sad that so many seniors have nowhere to go and their lives end prematurely in a shelter.

    As for kitty, all I can say is "THOSE EYES!!!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  34. I love scruffy Todd - he looks sooooo happy! I bet Ms. Yellow is excited to be with your family. My peep said rescue people are fickle. You followed your heart, and it was 100% correct.

  35. Howdy Mates. So glad to hear about Sunny. Sounds like you understand his needs really well now and that must make him feel wonderful. Sorry to hear the Rescue place hasn't contacted you. It's a shame if they are being narky, especially for the dogs needing your care. Welcome to Miss Yellow. She looks a darling. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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