Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring!  I think it's time to come out of hibernation....  
And shake off that grumpy attitude and layers of clothing and get outside!  Despite being windy and a little cool, that's what we did today.
After the winter that has seemed to last forever, I think we all can agree that we deserve to enjoy the sunny days, warmer temperatures and everything else that spring brings.  I just know that very soon Todd's favorite spot by the honeysuckle will be green with fragrant blossoms.
But first we'll have to get past the latest forecast that there "might" be more snow at the start of next week.
I just hope the weathermen are wrong, and I hope your first day of spring was an enjoyable one!


  1. love seeing your pups. i do hope the weather will be kind to all of you.

  2. Great photographs. Yes, they are predicting the white stuff here Monday night. Gimme a break!

  3. I think we have not had any winter here in Miami. We have had hot summer days all year round. ARGHH. If only you could blow some of your cold weather our way. it would be greatly appreciated.
    Todd is such a cutie pie, whether he is sleeping or wide awake.

  4. I see that look in Todd's eye...ready for some back yard shenanigans! Hello Spring!!!

  5. We woke up to skittery snow this morning. That is just light stuff that blows around, so it didn't last! I hope thats IT though.

    Cheers and hugs to all the Golden Pines pups and peeps,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. Happy 1st day of Spring!! I hope the weatherman has the forecast wrong for Virginia.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Actually, today is the vernal equinox and tomorrow is the first full day of spring, but everybody wanted to celebrate today! I don't blame them. Winter was just way too long and brutal this year!

  8. Windy and a little cool sounds lights years better than arctic and snow.

  9. Your Cute puppydogs are enjoying the first day of Spring.. I hope the weathermen are wrong too.. I wish you and all the dogs a happy weekend!

  10. It's lovely to see the sunshine after this Winter...although we haven't had snow, it's been a very stormy one here. Hope you don't get too much snow early next week. Hugs to all the crew :-)

  11. Happy Spring to you Kim and your gang. And yes, we too in Philadelphia are hearing about potential nor'easter next week...

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  12. Looks like a lovely spring day we hope you enjoy the nice weather once it comes :) Milo & Jet

  13. Morning Kim, Happy Spring, looks so nice out your way. Cold, tons of snow still here. Always enjoy the pictures of the furry kids, Blessings Francine.

  14. frisbee time again!
    loving your celebration of spring
    pictures of the dogs!
    can't think of a better way to welcome a new season!
    snow next week for you?
    good grief charlie brown.

  15. Ours was warm and sunny, a perfect spring day. We hope your weatherman was wrong. Ours is most of the time.

  16. Just look at that sunshine! Before we know it, we will be complaining that it's too hot! :)

  17. Love your nice, sunny, happy pictures, Kim!!

    We did indeed have fresh snow when we woke up this morning but it's gone now. It's only supposed to get to 37 degrees today so that's not too warm but at least the sun is shining. We're supposed to have a cold weekend tho. *blah* Oh well... at least the 8ft snow mounds, on both sides of the drive, are history for this winter. For that I am grateful today!! :)

    Happy Friday!

    Love~ Andrea

  18. Adorable spring photos! Here in Finland we've STILL got snow, but well.. that's not a surprise here... I wish that it could even rain or it would come a bit warmer so the snow could FINALLY melt!

  19. Beautiful pictures, Kim. As my daughter Ansku above my comment seems to say, we still have snow :O( Let's hope the sun will shine and we can enjoy vernal days there and here. Happy weekend, Kim!

  20. That handsome boy, Todd, is adorable even when sprawled out napping! We are watching the same storm...let's hope it goes out to sea, Kim!!!...:)JP

  21. Well, at the very least we are both enjoying sunny skies! Happy Spring Kim!

  22. You hibernate? I'd be afraid of missing a lot.

  23. Happy Springtime to you! Your photos look so warm and happy! Your pups look content. It snowed here for the 1st day of spring but it's warm and sunny today!!!!! Thanks for the smile you gave me.

  24. We had snow on our first day of spring!!


  25. ohhh the honeysuckle- it won't be long now!


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